Brian Windhorst on LeBron's free agency: 'Everything is on the table' | The Jump | ESPN


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  • Tony Ngo
    Tony Ngo 6 days ago

    Windhorst is so fat

  • FARivera
    FARivera 6 days ago

    Lebron to Phi!

  • Dockaveli Tha Don
    Dockaveli Tha Don 7 days ago

    everyone's taking about Stephen curry's warriors vs MJ's bulls. if LeBron goes to Chicago he'll beat the warriors and everyone would be talking about LeBron James'bulls vs MJ's bulls. thus putting him back in line to be the goat🐐

  • Dockaveli Tha Don
    Dockaveli Tha Don 7 days ago

    Chicago bulls never lost in the finals, the NBA won't let them go back unless they'll win it. if LeBron James doesn't go there, it's over for him and for them.

    LE GOAT 7 days ago

    Y’all fools he’s staying in Cleveland

  • sarfaraz rahman
    sarfaraz rahman 8 days ago

    Those who ar watching in England, Brian looks like Peter Kay 😁😁😁

  • Madge Lewis
    Madge Lewis 8 days ago +44

    *Hi dudе, аnуоnе hеrе wаnt tо 4.d.d.ult Chаt with Ме? I will dо аnуthing tо Маkе уоu fun*
    *I'М sо h.о.r.n.у аnd nееd уоur hоt bоdу tоnight, Рlеаsе сhаt Ме hеrе* ⇛

  • 3 Thugs
    3 Thugs 9 days ago

    i think he's leaving but he will come back in the last season or two season of his career.

  • Nathan Moboto
    Nathan Moboto 9 days ago +1

    This question is not about the topic so here me out:Does Kobe have 5 rings?

  • Raymond_j_moreno
    Raymond_j_moreno 9 days ago

    He not staying Cleveland there ain't shit there

  • Dönkë BossMaine
    Dönkë BossMaine 9 days ago


  • IWreckLobbies
    IWreckLobbies 10 days ago

    No one knows more than brian windhorst. He literally always has a mouthful of lebrons balls.

  • Dane Hart
    Dane Hart 10 days ago

    bron be point man in SA perfect for him

  • Studyo Gangsta
    Studyo Gangsta 10 days ago

    If I wanna hear what a no-neck thinks...I'll talk to Jabba the hut, thank you!!!

  • Naguess
    Naguess 10 days ago

    Lebron to SA sounds good but not sure if Greg and king can go together.I mean they respect the hell out of each other but Greg is the only coach who call timeout at jumpball so that’s two great personalities clashes.I may be wrong but infront of Greg no player is bigger than himself or SA organisation

  • iolo9982
    iolo9982 10 days ago

    We had a chicken amd egg problem till brian ate it

  • Rambo Tan
    Rambo Tan 10 days ago

    nobody is talking about the GSW recent championship.. i wonder why??

  • James Williams
    James Williams 11 days ago


  • Sci_Fly15
    Sci_Fly15 11 days ago

    Isnt Lilliard elgible to be moved too? if SA can get Lilliard at the PG spot and get LBJ and keep Leonard and Aldridge they would have a dangerous team

  • cmlamont1
    cmlamont1 11 days ago +1

    Jonah Hill all over LeBron!

  • MyMrRasta
    MyMrRasta 11 days ago +1

    Miami’s waiting 🙌🏽

  • A T
    A T 11 days ago

    i hate the idea of it as a lakers fan, but watch. he's going to sign for boston. they have the most assests for a realistic CLe build. and its his best chance at a finals. mark my words.

  • 5timeAcademyAwardwinner Kirk Lazarus

    Brian " the no neck " Windhorst strikes again !!!

  • William Phelps
    William Phelps 11 days ago

    Windhorst is so fat cause his stomach is full of LeBron James’ cum

  • chazz Lucas
    chazz Lucas 11 days ago

    As a 6ers Fan i don't want him !!!! I mean it .... He is the best in the NBA right now, there is no doubt about it..... But this is Embiid and Simmons team.... They will get it done, with another piece or two .... But i am not paying a 33 year old man 30+ million dollars.... Sorry : (

  • A AH
    A AH 11 days ago +1

    shit I thought that was ralphie may rip

  • Ken R
    Ken R 11 days ago

    I want to see Lebron play for Popovich.

  • Ben Gotti
    Ben Gotti 11 days ago

    Brian Windhorst aka Jonah Hill

  • Toni Frierson
    Toni Frierson 11 days ago

    Brian looks like a fat dyke

  • Jardz
    Jardz 11 days ago

    Lebron needs to submit to the coach! that's his only chance to win another ring. Don't play with the "LEBRON" system follows the coach's system.

  • PB L
    PB L 11 days ago

    Even though I think Houston provides him the best chance to beat the Warriors, the more I think about LeBron in San Antonio, the more it intrigues me. First, if he goes there, Kawhi Leonard stays. Also, like T-Mac said, and others have said, he would finally get the chance to play for an elite coach. The other thing is, especially in his 2nd stint in Cleveland, LeBron has been accused of being GM James and Coach James. In San Antonio, that won't happen. He will be told to play basketball and let Pop and the Spurs front office make the decisions and that could be the best thing that has ever happened to him.

  • Johan Pacheco
    Johan Pacheco 11 days ago

    Cleveland browns, les go

  • Serial lova/Cheerios
    Serial lova/Cheerios 12 days ago

    It's Parrrris 😂👆🥋✊

  • Andy Hsia
    Andy Hsia 12 days ago

    He won't go the SA. 15 years and never once had great coach. That's not by accident. He wants to be the headline and dominate the narrative. It's a shame. Could have been the GOAT.

  • bogen broom
    bogen broom 12 days ago

    Free. TOMMY Robinson........

  • Ethan G.
    Ethan G. 12 days ago

    If lbj joins GSW, that will be a sign of the times

  • ironaddicted
    ironaddicted 12 days ago +1

    Brian looks like an overgrown fat annoying 10 year old

    Brande MIDGETT-CROSBY 12 days ago

    Brian that’s a white mans perspective he ain’t calling kd. He’s from Akron.

    Brande MIDGETT-CROSBY 12 days ago

    He needs an elite coach that will force him to actually play in a system

  • G Don
    G Don 12 days ago

    Lebron should just take the first move judging from his past actions and if he stayed it would be a bad move if winning the chip is his most realstic concern. Cavs organization has consistently shown the kind of player of management they had over the years since lebron rirst came and left and even after he came back. They suck at it so Lebron should just leave if he wants to win more chips.

  • neversayjello
    neversayjello 12 days ago

    chris paul, paul george, lebron James, James harden,

  • neversayjello
    neversayjello 12 days ago

    GSW, this is for you!!

  • Charles Hall
    Charles Hall 12 days ago +1

    He should go to new Orleans....its gonna get nasty...

  • M1596 1
    M1596 1 12 days ago

    That peter Kay?

  • Jack Salonsky
    Jack Salonsky 12 days ago +1


  • Erik Hopkins
    Erik Hopkins 12 days ago NOW he needs to be coached by an elite coach?

  • MAX AJ
    MAX AJ 12 days ago

    Spurs ? How u gonna coach greatness? Yes he respects pop but it seems like he dont like to be told what to do because he knows what to do .. he been through it all thats why he so great

  • Vern Pascal
    Vern Pascal 12 days ago

    LeBron go to LA- I like this starting five-Lonzo and Ingram at guard-LBJ and Randle at Forward-Lopez at center with Kuzma, Thomas coming off the bench.

  • schmetty mcshmettington

    This is the formula to a championship team 3 all stars with a group of role players that can knock down shots and a pretty deep bench bron this yr had no bench and not another all 🌟 oh n Durant is a 🐍

  • garymagr81
    garymagr81 12 days ago

    I think the ideal situation is to stay n The Land. He must meet w the owner and GM and pick their brain. I'd say fire Tyron Lue , blow the team up. I'd keep Kyle Korver , Nance , Clarkson is a work in progress trade Tristan Kardashian trade him to the Clippers for DeAndre Jordan trade Kevin Love out west for CJ McCollum go after Boogie Cousins n free agency let him sign a 1 year deal and see what that #8 pick can get you a good player or use it as bait

  • dtate796
    dtate796 12 days ago +1

    Waitress: would that be the t bone steak or the horsemeat? Winhorst: everything on the damn table!!!!

  • garymagr81
    garymagr81 12 days ago

    Yea the culture n San Antonio isnt a fit for LeBron yea he will benefit from being coached by pop but for 15 LeBron has done what he wanted to do will he co exist w what things not being his way

  • jonmel
    jonmel 12 days ago

    I know it won’t happen but please comes to the bulls

  • mcfowlerman
    mcfowlerman 12 days ago

    Man KD sucks. No wonder he needed to join the 73 win team that won the title without him that he also choked a 3-1 lead against the year before to play with 3 all stars and another mvp to win something. Snake KD will never get the respect his talents deserve, he is just so weak mentally. Sucks.

  • Denied Anal
    Denied Anal 12 days ago

    Tbh i would want him play on the pelicans

  • cuzakuru
    cuzakuru 12 days ago

    butterball has no idea

  • Dervint
    Dervint 12 days ago +1

    When I looked at the title photo I thought it was Jonah Hill

  • Peter Jeong
    Peter Jeong 12 days ago

    if he goes to SAS with Kawhi and lamarcus. they'd be favorites.

  • Miguel Perez
    Miguel Perez 12 days ago

    For some reason i dont think he will mesh well with kawai

  • Martin Lujan
    Martin Lujan 12 days ago

    Brian has lequeen nuts so far down his throat that nick wright jealous

  • Battle Rap Is Dead Tre

    Wherever lebron goes it will be a mess , book it

  • snake man
    snake man 12 days ago

    He not going to golden state or to the spurs cause he do not like to be coach he going to Houston or Boston

  • Sven Schutrups
    Sven Schutrups 12 days ago

    The Cavs should trade K. Love for a top 10 pick. If he is leaving.

  • Chooby Chooby
    Chooby Chooby 12 days ago

    is lebron coachable....? Pop or not

  • Oscar Arredondo
    Oscar Arredondo 12 days ago

    Lebron is trying to win Rings now at all costs, all the loyalty talk needs to go out the window and he needs to play in a mega team led by him.

  • Jay Graham
    Jay Graham 12 days ago

    yess!!! thank you tracy spurs is the spot if he wants to win

  • Lords of the Long Box
    Lords of the Long Box 12 days ago

    Windhorst owes his entire career to Lebron.

  • Michael Cuellar
    Michael Cuellar 12 days ago

    I agree with Tracy go to San Antonio

  • Margwafingzz JKSA
    Margwafingzz JKSA 12 days ago

    what the hell is this "BRONBALL" man.. there was a time when Spurs 4-0 them.. People were saying, wtf lebron is not taking the ball,Lebron is always passing the ball, his not taking shots a lot. Now that he did all of those, people will have this Bronball?? Come on. Look how many times he tried to SPOON FED his entire team mates in CLE and still cant get their shots?.. tsk.. tsk.. tsk..

  • Margwafingzz JKSA
    Margwafingzz JKSA 12 days ago

    if Lebron still wants to improve his craft, (does he need it?), he should go to Spurs.. Coach Pop will squeeze every ounce of his knowledge about playing baaketball and put it right where it should be use.. He make Superstars out of scratch man. But obviously, this will go then whether he wants his legacy in cleveland, or choose Spurs..eitherway, i am a forever fan of #kingjames wherever you go..

  • Polo22546
    Polo22546 12 days ago

    Every time Lebron loses I have to listen to Brian Fathorse talk! SMH.

  • Wrangler Cycling
    Wrangler Cycling 12 days ago

    Cavs should bring Westbrook, Kway & PG13

  • jeepney joyride
    jeepney joyride 12 days ago

    please in san antonio...

  • Edsall Walker IV
    Edsall Walker IV 12 days ago

    What about Steve Kerr as an elite coach

  • Raphael Valenti
    Raphael Valenti 12 days ago

    LeBron, I have the perfect place for you: Australia.
    Yeah, that's right. We're trying to recruit LeBron James

  • Paulo Lyra
    Paulo Lyra 12 days ago

    LeBron, Kawhi and Aldridge 😍😍😍 #GoSpursGo

  • James Cline
    James Cline 12 days ago

    And get cousins

  • James Cline
    James Cline 12 days ago

    Why can't k leanord come to cavs trade love and smith

  • TheHasta666
    TheHasta666 12 days ago

    KD will never leave the GSW next year to team up with LeBron. He just doesn't have the balls. Plus everything to lose.

  • colin crow
    colin crow 12 days ago

    Hes not calling kd

  • robert bytyqi
    robert bytyqi 12 days ago

    Lebron to Toronto is actually a good fit

  • Jon.o
    Jon.o 13 days ago

    the fat guy is always so smug

  • Chance Hebert
    Chance Hebert 13 days ago

    Gsw just won the championship and this is what they talk about, smh

  • Brian McFarland
    Brian McFarland 13 days ago

    If LEBRON JAMES goes to the warriors
    1 Javal Mccgee
    2 Kevin Durant
    3 LeBron James
    4 Seth Curry
    5 Andre Iguodala DAM can't beat em JOIN EM wow #LebronJames

  • Mizanur Hussain
    Mizanur Hussain 13 days ago

    Vince hates that fat mofo

  • rand0md00d
    rand0md00d 13 days ago

    I can legit see Pop benching Lebron until his ego's under control.

  • TheJking85
    TheJking85 13 days ago +1

    "Everything is on the table."
    Except LeBron's fourth championship ring :)

  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner 13 days ago

    If he go to the warriors I would stop looking at the NBA!

  • Dipak Bhandari
    Dipak Bhandari 13 days ago

    Probably if Paul George came to Cleveland that’s enough but I don’t think so possible so either rockets or spurs is much better for king James.

  • Adrian Perry
    Adrian Perry 13 days ago

    Can someone please do a Saturday night live skit on Brian Winhurst at a buffet or something? I promise it will be a classic !

  • Brown Osarenkhoe
    Brown Osarenkhoe 13 days ago

    Windhorst wants to put bron and durant together 😂😂😂😂😂 still lose to Curry and klay coz we gonna get kawhi or ad

  • Joe M
    Joe M 13 days ago

    Pelicans with AD. Imagine LeBron & Davis together

  • Z Fiasco
    Z Fiasco 13 days ago

    Lebron should go to Brooklyn and team up with Jay-z & Beyonce those 3 forces would be unstoppable!

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson 13 days ago

    San Antonio? He should go to Houston instead or just stay in Cleveland and wait out for some trades.

  • Scott Hayashi
    Scott Hayashi 13 days ago

    That old saying, "If you can't beat them, join them.

  • O ESP
    O ESP 13 days ago

    Lebron stalker talking smart again🤔🤔🤔

  • SheMeHer
    SheMeHer 13 days ago

    ѕтay r goιn тнe ѕpυrѕ....ι really wanna ѕee нιм wιт мy pelѕ вυт we ĸnw тнaт'ѕ noт gonna нappen

  • Sammy Wingz
    Sammy Wingz 13 days ago

    The hate is sooo real damn!!! So y’all ok with KD joining LBJ, but mad af that he joined Steph? Foh! Lmbao! Muphuccas love to hate on Golden State! We had losings seasons and through the draft built something so special KD wanted to be part of it! So fuck all y’all!!! Us dub fans g’on enjoy this shit until the wheels fall off ya dig!!!! #TownBidness 😈🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  • Kim Vann
    Kim Vann 13 days ago

    Come to join Celtics you will the beast nobody beat you next 2year contract

  • Andreas Marantz
    Andreas Marantz 13 days ago

    Just here too see Jonah hill? ..