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How to Write & Hide A Diary

  • Published on Jan 16, 2015
  • Tips and tricks on writing a diary and hiding it safely! This will be useful for those of you who want to start writing a diary for the new year!

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  • Oussema Ben Soltana
    Oussema Ben Soltana Year ago +2593

    girl: I saw this video and learned how to hide my diary
    mom: I saw this video and learned where to find my daughter's diary

    • 🌊AUQAJenkins🌊
      🌊AUQAJenkins🌊 3 months ago


      RUWAN CHAMARA 3 months ago


    • ZenItsu
      ZenItsu 4 months ago

      Lmao 😂

    • Sana Ahmed
      Sana Ahmed 5 months ago +1

      Same but I still had interest in writing diary when I was younger for fun but now it seems to be important 😉
      But still happy to know that someone like me is there...😁😁😁

    • Ambika Swamy
      Ambika Swamy 5 months ago


  • Le Only Potato
    Le Only Potato 5 years ago +90

    I can never put my deepest secrets in a diary knowing my mom will read it 😂

    • BTS💜Army
      BTS💜Army 23 days ago +2

      Me but i wrote little secret

    • Gurnoor singh Khalsa
      Gurnoor singh Khalsa Month ago +1

      your right

    • Oscar M
      Oscar M 3 years ago +6

      @Help Me their mom could break it

    • Help Me
      Help Me 4 years ago +3

      Le Only Potato that's why you buy a lock and key for prevent that from happening.

  • enqikhaw
    enqikhaw Year ago +383

    The fact that i can put my diary, without locks, on a table freely without having to worry about my family members reading it is ssooooo goood. They respect me. I love them so much

    • pupper
      pupper 19 hours ago

      I put my secrets in my diary and I'm dumb enough to place it on the piano and my brother will open it to the exact page that I written about my private stuff like.... hekk it💩

    • crazy insaan
      crazy insaan 4 days ago

      Why u searched for it then

    • Marzhea Jackson
      Marzhea Jackson 7 days ago

      Glad you can because I can’t I got a sister and a dad TRUST ME..pffff

    • It’s just Ashley
      It’s just Ashley 8 days ago

      @GioJT use google translate

    • It’s just Ashley
      It’s just Ashley 8 days ago

      Me too! But I hide it for fun 😂😂

  • Angelika Delfin Barrio
    Angelika Delfin Barrio 9 months ago +198

    I'm always scared to write my own thoughts and feeling because everytime my mother would find out that I made diary, she's making fun of the things I write :(

    • Life goes on with BTS💜💜
      Life goes on with BTS💜💜 15 minutes ago +2

      @BTS💜Army yes I am lucky

    • Life goes on with BTS💜💜
      Life goes on with BTS💜💜 15 minutes ago +1

      @BTS💜Army I am BTS army girl too and at first I don't tell my parents that I am a BTS army and when my cousin gifted me bts merch then my mom know that I am army I was scared that my mom scold me but she doesn't say anything

    • BTS💜Army
      BTS💜Army 26 minutes ago

      @Life goes on with BTS💜💜 you are such a lucky guy. I am a BTS fan but my parents didn't even know that and if I ask them to buy me a bts hoodie they said what is this no no I wouldn't buy this I am feel pity for myself 😭😭

    • Life goes on with BTS💜💜
      Life goes on with BTS💜💜 48 minutes ago +1

      @BTS💜Army my parents are so good my mom gifted me my diary yesterday and today I wrote something personal in my diary and my mom says that you can do whatever you want and they buy me a bts hoodie and a bts mug 😁 omg I am so happy

    • BTS💜Army
      BTS💜Army 11 days ago +1

      @sai yes

  • azn vibe
    azn vibe 5 years ago +1209

    I was writing in my diary cause I finished my test, my teacher looked at me , I saw in the corner of my eye and then she snapped my diary right out my hand..I was like NOOO, she flipped threw the diary and my tear fell down my cheek ( cause I hated my teacher and I wrote crap about her) so that left me inside for all recess for 2 weeks, I was like, it's not my fault you took and ready my diary.

    • Naffisa Abedin
      Naffisa Abedin 29 days ago

      @Help Me I mean that’s true but it’s possible they like taking it everywhere maybe even to keep it safe.

    • Tyler
      Tyler Month ago

      My teacher actually did temporarily confiscate a notebook I was writing a screenplay in, but I realized how lucky I was that it wasn’t my actual diary. He read the entire thing which is basically an invasion of privacy.

    • Shrivardhan Suresh
      Shrivardhan Suresh Month ago

      @Angelika Haufe Which country/school are you from ?

    • Tyler
      Tyler 2 months ago

      Lmao I had a close call, my math teacher almost found a notebook I had full of furries :/

      YADVI NAIK MAKES 3 months ago

      This teachersssss😤😤

  • DreamCatcher
    DreamCatcher 2 years ago +69

    Mom's manage to find everything we try to hide somehow....she is the real sherlock😂😂

    • syeda NH
      syeda NH 4 months ago +1

      Yeah true!!!

    • Abigail Ocean
      Abigail Ocean 2 years ago +2

      I can so relate to u girl👍😂😂😂😂😒

  • Francene
    Francene 4 years ago +300

    When I was little, I had a few different diaries that I actually wrote in quite a lot, but I stopped writing in them. I am now in 8th grade and I started writing another diary because sometimes you just need to let your feelings out, but I'm just worried that my twin or someone else will find it and read it if I ever bring it to school because people are jerks. I have a sketchbook and people always try to steal it and look at my drawings even when I say no, so If I ever bring my diary to school someone is ought to steal and read it😔

    • Tyler
      Tyler 28 days ago

      My best friend almost stole my sketchbook and showed it to everyone, I can’t even describe how close he was to doing that. Literally got injured trying to get it back.

    • Jelly_axzyy
      Jelly_axzyy 5 months ago

      I don't get why they try to see your art even tho you said no

    • sabina bastola
      sabina bastola 10 months ago

      Same to mee

    • Kyrmina G
      Kyrmina G Year ago

      @Kkdoglover 1 yessss

    • Kkdoglover 1
      Kkdoglover 1 2 years ago +12

      Ikr !! But just get one with a lock or write in invisible ink ! Or create you own alphabet so no one can understand what you're writing! Within a couple of days of practising you will become fluent in your very own alphabet

  • Jolly James
    Jolly James 3 years ago +269

    The guy who proposed me stole my diary and read everything along with his friend.He returned me after few months...I thought my diary had missed somewhere else
    He did a wrong thing right????
    I hate him

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 days ago

      @Meghana Manugula I was planning to photograph my notebooks, but I realized someone could just read it by looking through my photo history.

    • Jeffin Jacob Sunny
      Jeffin Jacob Sunny 5 months ago

      @nmuസാധാരണ jolly പോലെ ഒള്ള പേരൊക്കെ മലയാളികൾക്ക് ആണല്ലോ

    • nmu
      nmu 5 months ago

      @Jeffin Jacob Sunny എന്റപൊന്നേ മലയാളി ഇവിടേം? ആ ചേച്ചി മലയാളി ആണെന്നെങ്ങനെ മനസിലായി?

    • Jeffin Jacob Sunny
      Jeffin Jacob Sunny 6 months ago

      Anyways, ippo ningal engane pone? Njan arnnel aa propose cheythavan aayitt appol thanne break up cheyth poyene karanam diary nammade private stuff Alle ath njan allathe vere aarum kanaruthenn enikke ind

    • Xx_Aestethic_xX
      Xx_Aestethic_xX 7 months ago

      @Meghana Manugula I don't write a diary but I do write research diaries

  • akoninn
    akoninn 5 years ago +24

    Hey thanks for the advice! The most helpful advice that you gave me is writing my diary in the current day. I've lost interest in my diary for a long while because I had to keep catching up the days and I guess you made a good point of writing in the current day! :D

  • David Matthews
    David Matthews 2 years ago +38

    I got really angry with my brother when I found out he’d read my diary. That was a long time ago though. 42 years later the diary is 14 million words and therefore difficult to hide.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 days ago

      Bro 14 million words, how do you even fit that much into a diary

    • David Matthews
      David Matthews Year ago +5

      사랑wanda I spend the first couple of hours of the day writing. It’s my thing :)

    • 사랑wanda
      사랑wanda Year ago +6

      14 million?! Wow

  • Jungkook Is Bae
    Jungkook Is Bae 4 years ago +681

    To all the ones who bring their diary to school
    Cover it with something... Like it says "Harry Potter LAAABBBB"
    Then skip 3 pages then on the 3 pages write harry potter stuff

    ALSO: Use code names

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 days ago

      I don’t even label my diary, I keep it in my backpack and never show it to anyone, didn’t have any problems at all.

    • Chicken noodle sope
      Chicken noodle sope 7 months ago

      ARMY!!!!!!! 💜 And A Potterhead!!!!!

      LEGEND'S NEVER DIE ⚔️ 7 months ago

      Jungkook is Bae. ........ Jk

    • 0t7 Unnie💜
      0t7 Unnie💜 9 months ago

      Hey.....i fell the happiest when i see some army comments

    • PoutyMochi彡
      PoutyMochi彡 10 months ago

      Wassup Army ?

  • Ditzy Rose
    Ditzy Rose 3 years ago +1

    Wow, the advice you've given is something that I, as a long-term diary keeper (As in since before I even knew how to spell), had to slowly develope over time. I'm sure you'll be saving a lot of people from the headache of learning this over years and years. :)

  • MakiMaki
    MakiMaki 7 years ago +1703

    My Mom found my diary once. And she found out about my bullying. Not that I'm not grateful but MY DIARY IS PRIVATE MOM

  • EdouBunny
    EdouBunny 5 years ago

    I'll point something out, not everyone will feel too overwhelmed and not want to write, when trying to keep up certain events if they haven't written for a while. I do that a lot, and it makes me feel excited to write my thoughts I was never able to or felt too lazy to about past events.

  • Ram
    Ram 2 years ago +246

    *I've made a Secret Code Language for my Diary so i Don't Care About Hideing my Diary* 😸

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 days ago

      I was actually planning on doing this with one of my diaries, but I didn’t do it. And I seriously regretted it when it got snatched, that won’t happen again.

    • Pink Perfume Fairy
      Pink Perfume Fairy 23 days ago

      @Maxisntemo just say nonsense so she will believe it lol

    • Moonlight babe
      Moonlight babe Month ago +1

      girl same

    • Day Naomi
      Day Naomi 2 months ago +1

      @꧁☆•AisHH•☆꧂ can't even imagine 😂💔

    • ꧁☆•AisHH•☆꧂
      ꧁☆•AisHH•☆꧂ 2 months ago +1

      @Day Naomi and I wrote soooo many hate things about my family if they scold me or beat me , I dont know what happens if they read

  • Priti Mayekar
    Priti Mayekar 9 months ago +1

    You just explained very well girl! Thanks for these one!

  • Kris Z
    Kris Z 5 years ago +924

    How to hide it? Pff..just ask Light Yagami

    • 2021ACC
      2021ACC 6 months ago +2

      Right. You have watched death note?

    • it's about drive
      it's about drive 6 months ago +1

      I am justice

    • PoutyMochi彡
      PoutyMochi彡 10 months ago +1

      Omg right 😹

    • random guy
      random guy 10 months ago

      @Mustafa Hussain okay

    • Mustafa Hussain
      Mustafa Hussain 10 months ago +1

      @random guybasically kills criminals with genius plans, watch the anime...youll love it if u like phycological

  • Koemi 01
    Koemi 01 2 years ago +2

    I’ve been writing in diaries for the past 4 years. If anyone in my family finds them I’d mentally die, I write EVERYTHING like my thoughts, feelings, events, secrets... The older entries are so embarrassing and full of angst though, sometimes I just want to burn them but the other side of me thinks it’ll be cool to look back on when I’m like 70.

  • Chessy Turner
    Chessy Turner 4 years ago +1

    Hiding behind a picture frame is genius!! Great video Rafi xx

  • Haijime Kokonoi
    Haijime Kokonoi 3 years ago +1

    Inspired me to write in my diary more! 💖

  • sharneh is over it
    sharneh is over it 4 years ago

    I am new to your channel I subscribed and although I don't keep a 'diary' I have an art journal, everyday I draw 1 or 2 pictures, sometimes I write poetry about what time of year it is or how I'm feeling. I enjoyed the video!! ♥️

  • hanako kuna
    hanako kuna Year ago

    This is amazing! I love this, this gave me information for my dairy! Thank you 🥺🥺

    • RafiRaffee
      RafiRaffee  Year ago

      You're welcome! Thanks for watching!

  • Sans Aka
    Sans Aka 5 years ago +6

    I always loose interest in writing my journal but thanks for the advice! This is my first time watching your videos and I just subscribed to you. Thank you!

  • Srta. Woods
    Srta. Woods 5 years ago

    I have all Emily The Strange's books!! They really inspired me to start writing a diary since I was little and I still write my thoughts ^_^

  • luvhm
    luvhm 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for making this video! I need to watch this because my younger sister loves to sneak and read my diary. 😭

  • Just cee xo
    Just cee xo 3 years ago

    I wrote three diaries so far and my first one was a unicorn one that said love. I loved that thing because I would bring it to school to pour my feelings out when my friends were being fake and two boys were next to me while I was writing and they snatched it and tossed it around the classroom and when I finally got it back,the pages were messed up and they were falling out and I was so mad because not only that but all of my secret CRUSHES were in there! So to get revenge,I punched one in the head and I poured juice in the other ones hair haha suckers

  • Damsel and Angel
    Damsel and Angel 4 years ago

    Nice video and tips! I too have diary writing habit for a few years now 😊

  • Simika
    Simika 18 days ago +1

    When I write my diary, I write it for my future self instead of using a nickname. It's like: "Hey hello future me! This is what I've had on my mind lately...". It's because I know I'll read it someday and I'll have answers that I didn't have back when I was writing it.
    Also, it feels amazing reading it years later and knowing it was a message from past you to future you.

  • Sasu123456789x1
    Sasu123456789x1 5 years ago

    Super great video, been wanting to write in a journal cause its actually good for you. :)

  • Ahany ym
    Ahany ym 6 years ago +5

    I have 9 diaries so far. I started writing when I was a freshman in high school : I write every day! It's so helpful and romantic to keep your life between pages.

    • Tyler
      Tyler 11 days ago

      Yeah, I have 2 notebooks, one is for my diary, one is for writing scripts and stuff

    • Daksh Vlogs
      Daksh Vlogs Year ago +2

      I am a freshman in highschool and I've started writing from yesterday and it's fun

    KAVITA MISHRA Year ago +1

    Thanks for such a helpful content and the picture frame idea was really amazing

  • frantastique
    frantastique Year ago

    As a teen, I had to go live with an aunt, far away from my family. I was used to keep my diary on my desk or under my mattress, but it was never because I was afraid of my mom or dad reading my stuff. But my aunt did. No matter where I hid it she looked for it and read it. And I only got to know because she commented stuff to my cousin and she would randomly get upset at me. It was an awful period of my life where I got no privacy and was the moment I was most frustrated and lonely, and needed to write a lot. I missed my family, my old friends and my house. But I was always afraid of mentioning anything. In the end I took my diary to school sometimes. And also invented new names for everyone. Now I read those diaries and I can't remember who was who, since it's been more than 15 years.
    Girls, if you lack privacy I recommend you to use codes or carry your diary with you. I wish you the luck of having a trustful family, like mine, and never experience the betrayal of your secrets being exposed like it happened to me with my aunt.
    Happy day to everyone.

  • Abdul Wasey
    Abdul Wasey Year ago +3

    I also write a diary but not like this😅but I will follow these tips from now on.... thanks for sharing ❤️

  • LpsCollette Music vids & series

    Omg thank you so much for making this video! Now I can start writing in a diary again! I will subscribe I promise!

  • Priscilla Ruiz
    Priscilla Ruiz 5 years ago

    hey rafi this actually helped a lot! I'm always so uninspired but that scrap book diary sort of idea is awesome because I have a lot of keepsakes but that's really smart

  • popsiclefresh
    popsiclefresh 2 years ago +3

    This video was really cute Lmao. I just finished my first diary journal and plan on continuing in another

  • Yeasmin Khatun
    Yeasmin Khatun 2 years ago

    Oh, thank you so much for giving me so many ideas to hide my diary❤❤❤

  • yvette suarez
    yvette suarez 5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing your advice about hiding your diary. 👍❤

  • Poornima juratagi

    Thank you so much
    This inspired me to write my own diary😄

  • Lucia Lanczová
    Lucia Lanczová 2 years ago +4

    O love that book. Emily is such an interesting character! Also thank you for some tips, I have not written in my diary päsť couple days....

  • Kat Cabula
    Kat Cabula 5 years ago

    I love your advice. Very insightful video.

  • Vincenzo
    Vincenzo 2 years ago +275

    I got the interest from watching The Vampire Diaries 😂

    NIMRAT SINGH 8 months ago +1

    I am literally surprised to see that these many people write diary 😳
    I too tried to write diary but on mobile by installing an app but then I left because it is too difficult to write something about daily normal life and also to find time to write. But now I would again make diary and write poems in that 😊

  • ShadowGirl 92336
    ShadowGirl 92336 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tips on how to write a diary and where to hide it it really helped me a lot now nobody will ever know my secrets

  • Vaishnavi
    Vaishnavi 3 months ago +1

    I love to write diaries. But i felt uncomfortable with hiding bcoz I'm scared some might read it.
    Great idea for hiding.

  • Kent Valencia
    Kent Valencia 4 years ago

    Very helpful! Thanks😄

  • Malaika Ashanti
    Malaika Ashanti 6 years ago +644

    I love the picture frame idea.

  • FoxyKale
    FoxyKale 9 months ago +2

    Thank you! I needed to hide my diary and how to write in it because my little brother found it so thank you very much!

  • StarryPeace Moon!
    StarryPeace Moon! 5 years ago

    Thanks this video got me interested in hiding my diaries but my parents and others always seem to find them! So I actually posted them on my channels! So they can be viewed by all!

  • Love Struck
    Love Struck Year ago +1

    There is no right or wrong way of writing a diary, just as long as you just speak your truth, write down what’s on your mind, your feelings, what’s bothering you on paper, you would feel relieved.

    It’s yours and it should feel like it belongs to you. Don’t write for others, WRITE TO PLEASE YOURSELF

  • it's mumu
    it's mumu 4 months ago +1

    I used to write diaries and I was very good at it, but after my parents found it I stopped for a year and then i started again, then they found my new diary and I stopped. It's been 6 years and I've finally decided to write a diary again. Especially since I'm in my teenage years and a lot of my development as a person would happen rn, so I think it's great to have a diary where I can put everything in and for my future self to be able to read.

  • Mil lie
    Mil lie 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for this. I’m going to start writing soon. I’ll subscribe😁😁 Also, why didn’t you try reading Anne Franks diary? 🙂

  • Maki_Tomato
    Maki_Tomato 2 years ago +180

    *I will never write DIARIES again*

    But still watching this though

    • Meghana Manugula
      Meghana Manugula Year ago +1

      one took pics of my diary.........................I'm very angry ,,,,,,,,,,,so that situation makes me to create my own language and i have done with it ,,,now no one can read my diary except my language formulae.................later i use to write again in English to improve my self...........after many hursts heartbroken in my life experience i was writing my diary as self improvement by myself comparing to yesterday's performance
      i was writing diary from class 4 or 5 to till now,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I'm 10 class now..........i cant express my feelings now ,,,,,,,writing those situations and reading it again makes you to realize those mistakes,,and every pain ,every hard time will make you strong,,,,,i will write my mistakes of that day what are the does and don'ts in diary and tick it up after completing.........u know what when i was in class 8 [present 10] i will write the whole thing in the diary as a story and pick up imp words from it and i will keep it as the TITLE OF MY STORY so that when i read the title i can easily recollect everything .....and link it 1 day to other ...past to present how much i improved developed in my life!!!!!! thank you god for this experiences

    • 1 3
      1 3 Year ago +1

      @Hannan what code?? Plz teach

    • Hannan
      Hannan Year ago +4

      @Pavel Uzea Same but my mom can't i have a code.

    • Pavel Uzea
      Pavel Uzea Year ago +1

      Same cuz my mom loves reading it

    • cries in poor
      cries in poor Year ago +7

      Your secret is easily leaked. Happened to me once, now everyone knows my sexuality. I'm still traumatized about that...

  • Sareem
    Sareem 9 months ago +1

    I wanna start to write diary because I read first of Dork Diaries . It's very interesting. Now I can't get the other parts of books, I just listen to it's podcasts on Spotify. It's superb. You should try as well

  • Crafting*Gymnastics*Alyssa

    That helps a lot, thank you!!

  • Bonita Ramadhani
    Bonita Ramadhani 7 years ago +44

    For me, you are a master in this topic. Master.. m(_ _)m
    I used to write diary often when I was in junior high. Even though it was just some sentences for one day. Now, I only have journals. I write anything that I wanna write, just.. random. Consist of diary, random thoughts, dreams, ideas, and other random things. But I write rarely now.. not everyday. Want to start to write often again (everyday if I could). But sometimes I get so.. lazy to write..
    Thanks so much for reminding me about this activity. Writing journal really helps me. I can know myself better and how I developed. Yosh! Time to start writing again! Tonight!

    By the way, I just keep my journal upon my bed. There's no one who has read it, I think.. But when my friends come, I hide it in my **censored** (I wrote it before, ups.. I forgot that someone can see it hahaha)

    • RafiRaffee
      RafiRaffee  7 years ago +3

      @***** Ehehehe~ thanks a lot, Boncch! Perhaps one day we could take turns reading our old diaries just for laughs hahaha! The things we wrote when we were younger tend to be so embarrassingly funny!-(๑☆‿ ☆#)ᕗ

      I'll go to your house and find your diary, Boncch. I'LL FIND IT. BEWARE! ψ(`∇´)ψ

  • beth
    beth 2 years ago +140

    Dear diary,
    My teenage angst has a body count.

    • Moshitsuki
      Moshitsuki 5 months ago +2

      Because of Veronica it made me want to start a diary, actually. 😂

  • Harshita Kumar
    Harshita Kumar 8 months ago +2

    I watched this video 2 years ago when I was in middle school. I literally downloaded the whole video and watched it every day continuously! lol I am not even exaggerating XD ! and now I'm back! ily RACHEL ! ❤❤

  • Third Temple
    Third Temple 4 years ago

    Thanks this was really useful for hiding my journal

  • taygarner11
    taygarner11 2 years ago +1

    Thank you for this video it was sooo helpful!!!

  • Detective Celestrius
    Detective Celestrius 6 years ago +185

    Hi , this is the first video of your's that I've seen and I really loved it . I have troubles writing in my diary and your video really helps alot . Thank you so much .

    • Aimee Townend
      Aimee Townend 4 years ago

      Detective Celestrius same

    • It's the under dogs!
      It's the under dogs! 5 years ago +7

      Same same 😔

    • K Manjunath
      K Manjunath 5 years ago +6

      +Detective Celestrius me too. this video is the first one and I loved it a lot :)

    • RafiRaffee
      RafiRaffee  6 years ago +4

      +Detective Celestrius You're welcome. ~(˘▾˘~) Thanks for watching.

  • Mean Girls
    Mean Girls 5 years ago +14

    I love your background music from Harvest Moon! Also I found this helpful!

    • t0mxx_
      t0mxx_ Year ago

      harvestmoon back to nature right?😭😭

  • ReadingFandom 4Life
    ReadingFandom 4Life 4 years ago +2

    I had a diary from third grade to 5th grade. I wrote a lot of my thoughts in it. ALOT OF PERSONAL THINGS. I went to go see my dad in New York and when I came back it was gone and I asked my mom where it was and she looked mad and she didn't say anything

  • Mukesh TRIPATHI
    Mukesh TRIPATHI 3 years ago +10

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