Most Korean Fire Noodles Ever Eaten (x15 Packs) | 불닭 볶음면 도전

  • Published on Jul 21, 2019
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    Revisiting the Korean Fire Noodle Challenge 4 years later!! Just.. a whole ton more!
    Most people have tried 1 pack, a handful have dared to do a whole 5-pack, most I've ever seen is 6 by Zach Choi (, but no one has ever eaten 15 before!! Can I manage the heat? Watch and see.
    Watch the last Korean Fire Noodle Challenge I did!!
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  • Kajol Gianchandani
    Kajol Gianchandani 23 minutes ago

    V v v unhealthy

  • BuZ
    BuZ 51 minute ago

    *15X packets*
    *rectum has left the chat*

  • Silas Robbe
    Silas Robbe 51 minute ago +1


  • theonesaiyangod fgohan

    The spice level wont change beacause irs the same spice the quantity of the spices is tricking your mind into thinking it's more spicy

  • Emmaus Solomon
    Emmaus Solomon Hour ago

    You look like a clown with that on your mouth 😂😂😂

  • Chaylak85
    Chaylak85 Hour ago

    O.c yiyo yiyo kilo almiyo

  • Binh Nguyen
    Binh Nguyen Hour ago

    Mean while when I eat a eighth of a jalapeño I get a heat stroke

  • παναγωτις μαραθιας


  • XDwar hackXD
    XDwar hackXD Hour ago this is the world record

  • Ruby Roberts
    Ruby Roberts Hour ago

    Speed eaters be making my stomach hurt. I’ve eaten those noodles and I’ve also eaten the 2X spicy ones and they’re no joke, but these ones tasty salty to me so that made me not wanna eat it in general.

  • Cee Vaiphei
    Cee Vaiphei Hour ago

    Bravo brother Well done.... 😊👍

  • Tushar Chauhan
    Tushar Chauhan Hour ago

    how can you even eat 15 packet of noddles bro you are totally insane😱😱

  • Rock IZHere
    Rock IZHere Hour ago

    Hell In is Belly

  • Abdulrahim Askar
    Abdulrahim Askar Hour ago

    I think he eats and shits at the same time, that way he doesn't feel full

  • L4 INDIA
    L4 INDIA 2 hours ago +1

    I was surprised to read the video title , and then I realised we are talking MATT STONIE .

  • BabyVi200
    BabyVi200 2 hours ago

    Hell yeah joker! Hahaa.. lets try daebak ghost pepper noodles after this pls!

  • K
    K 2 hours ago

    don't worry his toilet is fine.

  • 김밥
    김밥 2 hours ago

    대단한 인재로구만

  • Xandrick wade
    Xandrick wade 2 hours ago

    try the samyang x2 not x4 cause the x2 is hotter than the x4 idk why but the x2 is just soo SPICY

  • Samil Yaman
    Samil Yaman 2 hours ago

    Bok ye amina kodumun oglu

  • Ahmet Vural
    Ahmet Vural 3 hours ago

    Aç köpek

  • 이앵
    이앵 3 hours ago

    매운거 그것도 갑작스럽게 많이먹으면 토하는데 괜찮으세요?

  • Jeffrey Goins
    Jeffrey Goins 3 hours ago

    Give me some lol

  • Fidel Ababiel Putra
    Fidel Ababiel Putra 3 hours ago

    Jadi laper njir --"

  • Leilani Brittingham
    Leilani Brittingham 3 hours ago

    *eats 15 spicy noodles*
    *Toilet has left the chat*

  • Bubble Tea
    Bubble Tea 3 hours ago

    Can u do Chellenge 👻
    🔥🔥 -Malaysia noodles😎😎
    Who agree "LIKE"😏

  • khushi rani
    khushi rani 3 hours ago

    গ্যাস হইলে বোঝবা মনু

  • What Z
    What Z 3 hours ago

    Good luck with a spicy asshole when you poop

  • Gunjidmaa Ishdorj
    Gunjidmaa Ishdorj 3 hours ago


  • foxinho82
    foxinho82 4 hours ago

    Greatest of all times

  • 성이름
    성이름 4 hours ago

    Are you okay your ...........hole?

  • ،، ،،
    ،، ،، 4 hours ago

    وصخ الله يعز النعمه

  • yahya yahya
    yahya yahya 4 hours ago


  • 박테런
    박테런 4 hours ago


  • Jaya D'piercenight
    Jaya D'piercenight 4 hours ago

    Good luck on your ass dude

  • Damber
    Damber 4 hours ago

    Yo i dont wanna See his next shit Must be a fat one

  • Jenny Sangaj
    Jenny Sangaj 5 hours ago


  • 99999999 subs with no video ok

    im have imposible quest for you eat fire nodle 20x in 15 minute with no drink

  • King Chris A
    King Chris A 5 hours ago

    That face at 7:12 tho 😂😂

  • Eric Akahoua
    Eric Akahoua 5 hours ago

    Wow bravo 🎉🎊

    BTS ARMY 5 hours ago

    I just tried this shit last night and my asshole wept this morning.

  • Magnet Cube
    Magnet Cube 5 hours ago

    2019 Guinness World Eating spicy noodle. Matt Stonie😱😱

  • Abdul Mohaimin
    Abdul Mohaimin 5 hours ago +1

    Well done Now complete the second task lose your weight

  • Arnold Zapata
    Arnold Zapata 5 hours ago

    You dont get fat

  • Bullets Guru pb46
    Bullets Guru pb46 5 hours ago

    Kannah cho dhua ladh dinde ne

  • Bullets Guru pb46
    Bullets Guru pb46 5 hours ago

    Apa mangvaye si amazon toh 750rs de 2pc paye si

  • Alexander Agung Wirabumi
    Alexander Agung Wirabumi 6 hours ago +1

    From Indonesia🇮🇩, yang suka Samyang삼양.... like 👍👍👍

  • Cup Head
    Cup Head 6 hours ago +4

    your basic fart can destroy the whole area 51

  • Linah Wanjiku
    Linah Wanjiku 6 hours ago

    You just increased greenhouse gases by 1000% thank you for your contribution to climate change #unep

  • King Estrella
    King Estrella 6 hours ago

    Your like a clown

  • 박상희
    박상희 6 hours ago

    그러다 죽을수도 있어요

  • 꼬부기
    꼬부기 6 hours ago

    와 형 존경해요

  • Jr Ajero
    Jr Ajero 6 hours ago

    wow incredible 😮😮😮

  • Xaviera #
    Xaviera # 6 hours ago

    waawww gw makan 1 bungkus bisa untuk berdua,, dan bisa setengah jam makan ny 😂😂😂...

  • Lea Azleah Md.Fazli
    Lea Azleah Md.Fazli 6 hours ago

    My goodness! Your mouth looks like Joker at the end 😂

  • Kaki Like Video Malaysia


  • 위너사랑해요
    위너사랑해요 7 hours ago

    When the noodles touches your lip, your lip will BURN!!!

  • Noryn Zara
    Noryn Zara 7 hours ago

    how can people can eat so much? I only eat 1 and so full

  • Gacha BP
    Gacha BP 7 hours ago

    Your dog is looking at you like: hey I want to eat spicy noodles too.
    Him: no Im eats it all sorry.
    Dog: I don't give a sh*t.😂😂

  • Mina El berrhouti
    Mina El berrhouti 7 hours ago


  • White DOG
    White DOG 7 hours ago

    Buhay pa kaya to.😂

  • Toiyebo Yepthomi
    Toiyebo Yepthomi 8 hours ago


  • the brothers
    the brothers 8 hours ago

    Matt anus has left the earth after eating 15 spicy noodle packet

  • MercX SM
    MercX SM 8 hours ago

    His home will be now Dragon Ball Z

  • 勇士
    勇士 8 hours ago


    PURPLE PEACH 8 hours ago

    OMG!😮 Just WOW😲

  • Mr. Moonlight
    Mr. Moonlight 9 hours ago

    id rather die than getting in ur bath dude

  • Jhzyl Carbon
    Jhzyl Carbon 9 hours ago

    What the

  • dodge power real dipper

    I bet your asshole was on fire the next day lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rosalinda Saculo
    Rosalinda Saculo 9 hours ago

    Almoranas is waving u

  • Mina El berrhouti
    Mina El berrhouti 9 hours ago


  • 김도한
    김도한 9 hours ago

    이게 뭐 맵다고 난리야 ㅋㅋ

  • GotSomething FF
    GotSomething FF 9 hours ago


  • Austin Yang
    Austin Yang 9 hours ago

    You must take some mad shits 😂 #Stillloveuourvideos

  • Kaleb Fischer
    Kaleb Fischer 9 hours ago

    This man is an absolute Beast no joke!!