• Published on May 21, 2018
  • What do kids do when they get 100 dollars to buy whatever they want? Find out in What Would My Kid Do?!
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    Tida and Jordyn from Kids React are given 100 dollars in a grocery
    store, can their parents and you at home guess what they buy?
    Note: These episodes were made with help from Facebook, and only now were we able to release them here on TheXvid! Thanks for the support!
    Featuring from Kids React:
    Jordyn and her Mom Keyla
    Tida and her Mom Y
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    Narrator - Ben M Waller
    Executive Producer - Benny Fine
    Executive Producer - Rafi Fine
    VP of Production - Nick Bergthold
    Producer- Ben M. Waller
    Producer- Ashim Ahuja
    Director of Production - Drew Roder
    Director of Post Production - Adam Speas
    Post Production Supervisor - David Valbuena
    Coordinator - Karina Farah
    PA - Julia Ray
    PA - Max Hollingshead
    DOP - Stephen Ling
    Cam Op -Kevin Kim
    1st AC - Lauren Guiteras
    2nd AC - Nathan Saks
    Sound Mixer - Kyle McLane
    Sound Mixer - Mey Chan
    Key Grip - Jack Ho
    Set Teacher - Joyce Sprott
    Editor - Taylor S Barrett
    Assistant Editor - Chris Hwa
    Colorist - Stephen Ling
    GFX - William Hyler
    Sound Design and Mix - Jacob Houchen
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  • FBE
    FBE  Year ago +741

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  • Emma Campos
    Emma Campos Year ago +5

    I’ve been subscribed to this channel since forever and these kids don’t grow up, is that even possible?

  • Jordan
    Jordan Year ago +9

    Jordyn is adorable omg
    All Jordans are amazing

  • Greta Rodriguez
    Greta Rodriguez Year ago +11

    Why dont you do it bacwards what will my parents do like if you agree

  • cadence's slime
    cadence's slime Year ago +1

    If I had that I will buy funyuns because I love them and I rarely get them

  • iiPhone - Selling bo2 infections for 900 dollers

    Give me $100 and you know I’m getting dem vbucks

  • Black night
    Black night Year ago +4

    How do I get on this show

  • Evelyn Vazquez
    Evelyn Vazquez Year ago +6

    Jordan is so cute and adorable😍. Like if you agree.

  • SuspiciousSoda
    SuspiciousSoda Year ago +7

    I would buy a 100$ Amazon gift card

  • Rich McKinstry
    Rich McKinstry Year ago

    Oh my gosh

  • Mighty
    Mighty Year ago +3

    This is relatable

  • Doraemon Philippines Official

    I'd rather buy a PlayStation Gift Card

  • Bella Wieganders
    Bella Wieganders Year ago +1

    Please do another one but I want to be on it

  • Low-LowXb
    Low-LowXb Year ago +3

    Buy VBucks

  • Whydon’tweaddict
    Whydon’tweaddict Year ago +1

    Plz do another one!!!!!!( With me!)

  • StacyFire
    StacyFire Year ago +5

    If i got $100 i would go strait to the video games.

  • isabella
    isabella Year ago

    I’d buy a visa gift card of 50

  • Annabeth Chase
    Annabeth Chase Year ago +2951

    We saw two things happen today that have never happened before in this series.
    1) A parent answering all 5 questions correctly.
    2) A kid spending less than $90

  • luka bazooka
    luka bazooka Year ago +3

    I would buy fortnite skins

  • Spectrum HD
    Spectrum HD Year ago +2

    Please react to Tnt boys

  • Itz Marissa
    Itz Marissa Year ago +206

    "Its the Asian in her" 😂 ME

  • Pam Hill
    Pam Hill Year ago +1


  • k bye
    k bye Year ago +5

    Jordyn is so adorable omg

  • Asbjørn Christensen

    Both of them seem like really good kids

  • The only Palestine
    The only Palestine Year ago +5

    Tida's fav cookie is...UHhhhhhhHHhhHh oreos,she Loves them and she told me she runs out of oreos so fast because the whole family loves them

  • Abhi Gamer was taken


  • Camila Roman
    Camila Roman Year ago +4

    More what whould my kid do

  • 【YouTuber Girly】
    【YouTuber Girly】 Year ago +10

    Thats Asian moms,one time I had a cold and I was video calling ny mom and she asked:Do you have a cold?
    I was do you know?
    Mom:I hear it in your voice

    • 04
      04 Year ago

      【TheXvidr Girly】 it's not that hard to tell if you have a cold xD

  • Amor Guevarra
    Amor Guevarra Year ago +13

    No Offense though, But I haven't hear a name that is just the letter Y.

  • Senux 8
    Senux 8 Year ago +8

    Come on that’s not fair Asian parents are extremely noisy when it comes to their kids.

  • noodle -_-
    noodle -_- Year ago +5

    Lol i love jordan

  • Shido Kim
    Shido Kim Year ago +3

    Asian mom that is

  • Joshua Policher
    Joshua Policher Year ago +5

    Hi im *_E_*

  • CrimsonBuilder Huynh

    I wonder where Jordan gets all those ones in her wallet from🤫🤔🤔🤔

    • CrimsonBuilder Huynh
      CrimsonBuilder Huynh Year ago

      Funaroma lol

    • Funaroma
      Funaroma Year ago

      CrimsonBuilder Huynh lmao I know what you meant I was just joking

    • CrimsonBuilder Huynh
      CrimsonBuilder Huynh Year ago +1

      Funaroma lol we all know the real reason but your not old enough😂

    • Funaroma
      Funaroma Year ago

      CrimsonBuilder Huynh from doing chores??? My little bro has 5 dollars in ones

  • Glittery Girl
    Glittery Girl Year ago +3

    I wish I could be a reactor. But I can't cuz I live in Michigan so far away. Like cross country

  • water wolf
    water wolf Year ago +14

    When I was 10 I got 100 dollars for my birthday and I saved it rarely used it and second gessed what I bought before I bought it.

    I just bought Pokemon cards lots and lots of Pokemon cards.

  • Crxzyz
    Crxzyz Year ago +8

    Vbucks i would buy

    • A Ninja
      A Ninja Year ago +1

      DoPe_PrOdUcTiOnS_ course you would

  • XxhasoonxX 88
    XxhasoonxX 88 Year ago +8

    Y wtf ??

  • Andy Savage
    Andy Savage Year ago +2

    I'd buy food and I'd buy a pocket knife

    • Andy Savage
      Andy Savage Year ago +1

      iiomqits Ryanii because I'm gonna get it at Walmart and it's instantly going to break

    • •Yushin• ie•
      •Yushin• ie• Year ago

      Andyholio Why a pocket knife?

  • Einco the best
    Einco the best Year ago +3

    Do part 5

  • Phobepotatoegirl Pretty

    Asian moms know best

  • Toad ab
    Toad ab Year ago +7

    I want to be in kids react

  • Kentaromartz
    Kentaromartz Year ago

    More of this ~

  • kristq yend
    kristq yend Year ago

    I am eating cup noodles lol

  • karen fox
    karen fox Year ago +1

    First it said fruit and vegetables next it said no fruit and vegetables

    • Click Bait
      Click Bait Year ago

      karen fox yeah the question is what did she not buy

  • smooth isgoodd
    smooth isgoodd Year ago +4


  • p3achy _
    p3achy _ Year ago +6

    Her name is Y?

  • Todd Foor
    Todd Foor Year ago +11

    0:47 "hi im E"
    Me: no no no you're Y not E

  • KingRocket 360
    KingRocket 360 Year ago +7

    This is an example of a parent with no connection with their child compared to a parent who knows their child.

    • Charlotte Taylor
      Charlotte Taylor Year ago +5

      Nah, I think Jordyn is just a spontaneous child; for example she chose neither of her favourite cookies and chose some she didn't particularly like because she couldn't make the decision.

    • HighStream TV
      HighStream TV Year ago +1


  • Hannah The Banana
    Hannah The Banana Year ago +2

    Do more! I want to be here using this hundred dollar bill ....

  • Caroline Walls
    Caroline Walls Year ago +5

    College kids react to Billie Eilish

  • spartanDJChalo
    spartanDJChalo Year ago +23

    I think this was the only one I’ve seen where both parents actually get along with each other

  • stephanie rivera
    stephanie rivera Year ago

    this is cool

  • Jordi Roquel
    Jordi Roquel Year ago +1

    Yes more please

    CCH GAMING Year ago +7

    Do kids react to Granny

  • Gustavo Zamora Michel

    those are granny cookies

    • Bella Couch
      Bella Couch Year ago

      Zamoran gaming Milano’s are good tho I made a giant vergen before

  • Callie Ramos
    Callie Ramos Year ago +9

    Both little girls are so cute

  • Freddie Gacha Dude
    Freddie Gacha Dude Year ago +6

    The 8 year old girl is wearing the same shirt as me!

    • ~Arianna~
      ~Arianna~ Year ago

      Javi Is a good person

    • Hawa Javi
      Hawa Javi Year ago

      Stephanie Wheatley yeah cause your a kid

  • yt user
    yt user Year ago +4

    Another series of this please

  • Flor Mazariego
    Flor Mazariego Year ago +5

    LOL 4:02