The 1975 "Sincerity Is Scary" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  • Published on Nov 21, 2018
  • The 1975 make a case for earnestness with “Sincerity Is Scary,” the third single from the band’s album, 'A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.' Produced by band members Matthew Healy and George Daniel, the song has accrued more than 10.5 million Spotify streams since its release on September 13.
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Comments • 954

  • Aria Lexi
    Aria Lexi 26 minutes ago

    i could listen to him for hours even though i can't understand anything of what he's saying

  • Holly
    Holly 18 hours ago

    These videos make me smart and happy

  • Crusin like Nemo

    I was lowkey confused the whole time but i love him

  • nay silva
    nay silva 2 days ago

    I N T E L L E C T U A L

  • Rio Paulo Cañete
    Rio Paulo Cañete 2 days ago

    I love the way Matty explains things in a complicated way

  • Rosa Evans
    Rosa Evans 3 days ago

    Please do a podcast

  • Maria Luísa
    Maria Luísa 3 days ago

    i could listen to him for hours but at the same time i could punch him at any time

  • Crystal Marquez
    Crystal Marquez 5 days ago

    I really love hearing him explain the into, as an aspiring/working musician. It is really difficult to say "alright that song is done". -Because of the fact that you want it perfect. So to hear someone say "to go with your instinct" means the world really to any type of artist (painter, digital, 3d, animator,guitarist etc.)

  • Clarissa L
    Clarissa L 6 days ago

    wow wow wow

  • Marina Vargas
    Marina Vargas 6 days ago

    me caso

  • ally tant
    ally tant 7 days ago

    you should sing these so my hear can melt

  • Sor Cat
    Sor Cat 9 days ago

    Sub español please

  • Jacob Ridderberg
    Jacob Ridderberg 10 days ago +2

    He is TOO smart

  • Ethan Penrod
    Ethan Penrod 10 days ago +1

    The fact that people are fawning over this guy is insane to me.
    He has to be the most self-righteous, ignorant person I've seen. I mean he actually had the audacity to suggest if you don't want to be accused of rape, just don't be "Rapey." As if no man has ever been falsely accused before.
    As if they all (innocent or not) have done something or another to provoke the accusation.
    And then to top it off, he throws himself on a pedestal, claiming he could never be accused because he treats women right... To me this is equally as egregious as the people who say
    "If you don't want to get raped, don't dress provocatively." Sorry, but it's a lot more complex than that. Not all actions are provoked. Anybody can get raped (or accused of rape) at any time. Doesn't matter who you are... Even a pretentious asshole celebrity that "treats women right."

  • anna lucy
    anna lucy 10 days ago

    he voice sounds like home

  • calum's left nipple
    calum's left nipple 10 days ago +1

    i fucking LOVE this song

  • Lamine Sire Sane
    Lamine Sire Sane 11 days ago

    The thumbnail is the best looking ive seen on genius verified idk why

  • donnydanko
    donnydanko 11 days ago +1

    has the death to postmodernism arrived?? are we now at the age of earnestness? can we finally stop being angsty teens?

  • sofia nava
    sofia nava 11 days ago


  • a-wanderingcloud 0-0
    a-wanderingcloud 0-0 11 days ago


  • Lauren Haley
    Lauren Haley 12 days ago

    On genius it says the song ends with “bitch on you” ?

  • HyperFox
    HyperFox 12 days ago

    So uhh... Matt Healy for 2020?

  • El Costa
    El Costa 12 days ago

    How old is he?

  • NikkiTeaLeaf
    NikkiTeaLeaf 12 days ago

    I cannot believe that after doing this interview they wrote the lyrics wrong for the sket part on the website?

  • Firefly Lullaby
    Firefly Lullaby 12 days ago

    okay but hearing him talking about these deep topics with *that* accent ...😍

  • Holly Southall
    Holly Southall 13 days ago

    “A rapey dude” HAHA

  • khadijah lattraq
    khadijah lattraq 13 days ago +1

    I'm so happy they're getting appreciated more for their beautiful music but I'm also kinda jealous cause I want to keep them for myself 😭

  • Kayla Not Smiley
    Kayla Not Smiley 13 days ago

    "if you're a bit of a rapey dude or whatever then you should be scared about me too"

  • josy
    josy 13 days ago

    i have no idea what he means but i still love him

  • Maria Del solar
    Maria Del solar 13 days ago

    He’s always so invested in a conversation/interview i luv

  • Luna
    Luna 13 days ago

    I want to see The 1975 in concert again :(

  • kaylee
    kaylee 13 days ago

    i love listening to him ramble on about that stuff i could listen to it for hourrrrsss

  • Aleeza Arshadd
    Aleeza Arshadd 13 days ago

    Matty is really a fucking dictionary

  • Enough Enough
    Enough Enough 13 days ago

    I relate to him a lil bit

  • WorldReligion
    WorldReligion 13 days ago

    "A rapey dude"?? Wtf

  • Lua A.P.
    Lua A.P. 14 days ago

    Legendem em portugues brasileiro por favor

  • katelynfe
    katelynfe 14 days ago

    Hes so relatable

  • Mewarika Suchiang
    Mewarika Suchiang 14 days ago

    Matty is such an attention catcher I could just be silent and listen to him talk about math and it would still be interesting I swear ❤😂

  • Doyoan
    Doyoan 14 days ago

    Hes amazing as a person

  • occupation: the family disappointment

    I feel so smart just listening to Matty talk.

  • Donald Lo
    Donald Lo 14 days ago

    can I have it's not living if it's not with you lyrics and meaning? haha

  • Großartige Grammatik
    Großartige Grammatik 14 days ago

    Blah blah blah

  • Maria Portillo
    Maria Portillo 14 days ago

    I love this man

  • katherine paulino
    katherine paulino 14 days ago

    i love this man

  • Daisygrrl Mel
    Daisygrrl Mel 14 days ago

    matty's lyrics are genius but Genius can't spell- it's perceived/conceiving/deceiving

  • anneamargemallow
    anneamargemallow 15 days ago

    The words he uses to describe I can’t I’m melting goodbye

  • gkelly34
    gkelly34 15 days ago

    Stick to the singing mate, this is where you start to loose fans. Have these people managers??

  • Ramenman
    Ramenman 15 days ago

    Play the song in the background of this and damn you can see everything falling in place.

  • Gi Fr
    Gi Fr 15 days ago

    i’ve watched this about a hundred times. i have no regrets.

  • Caleb Ringger
    Caleb Ringger 15 days ago


  • Maverick J
    Maverick J 15 days ago

    not even just saying this because i'm a fan but this man is a true artist and has an amazing mind

  • Vanessa A.
    Vanessa A. 15 days ago

    I always have the urge to write a song & then I watch videos like this & I realize I'm not nearly as creative as I thought I was 😂

  • Hani Hani
    Hani Hani 15 days ago

    He’s so articulate it’s amazing

  • MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane
    MonaLisaLuvsMaryJane 15 days ago

    Intelligence and warmth are the hardest things to share, and yet they're the only things worth giving to each other.

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 16 days ago

    He says so many important things in this video. It‘s like a good life lesson for young people like me for example

  • Charlotte B
    Charlotte B 16 days ago

    I could listen to him talking all day. It‘s mesmerizing

  • Naomi Lynnette
    Naomi Lynnette 16 days ago

    I forgot how much I love him.

  • eggpube69
    eggpube69 16 days ago +1

    You basic.

  • mingsmiles
    mingsmiles 16 days ago

    I’m too sleep deprived to understand anything that is being said

  • kristin
    kristin 16 days ago +1

    he’s an aries and this makes it obvious

  • Ellie Siriwardena
    Ellie Siriwardena 16 days ago +1

    yo he’s like.... smart.

  • Matilda Kennedy
    Matilda Kennedy 16 days ago

    i before e except after c lyrics genius, christ.

  • Valeria Talavera
    Valeria Talavera 16 days ago

    _w o k e_

  • aliisha prsd
    aliisha prsd 16 days ago

    i love this man

  • Andrew  Sugianto
    Andrew Sugianto 16 days ago +2

    Am i stupid or is he just too damn smart ?

  • Isabella Camoçato
    Isabella Camoçato 16 days ago +1

    my idol is so woke

  • Suz Marie
    Suz Marie 17 days ago +1

    Why did my dumbass not understand half the shit he said 😂

  • Nur Syuhaidah
    Nur Syuhaidah 17 days ago +1

    “Like social media breeds us to be incredibly insecure beings. My self esteem isn’t really wrapped up in social media. Because my relationship with social media is kind of like, this is what I do. Whereas for a lot of people it’s... And for young people, especially, this who I am. And that’s fucking brutal.”
    - Matthew Healy 2018

  • errfilms
    errfilms 17 days ago

    matty swallowed a thesaurus

    • Wendy Pippin-Yarberry
      Wendy Pippin-Yarberry 12 days ago

      No actually he's always been incredibly intelligent. It's just that he was also doing heroin from '13 to 16' (approx)
      If you go and look at any interview that they did for their Premier album especially that was taped in 14 or 15 you can't even understand what he's saying. Not because he's smart but because he's loaded. (Heroin addiction is incredibly exhausting. Seriously)
      You can look at the pictures and see the difference between heroin Matty ( who doesn't shower eat or sleep much it seems)
      And today.
      I'm SO PROUD OF U GUYS!!!

  • InspiRE not inFIRES
    InspiRE not inFIRES 17 days ago

    On social media "And young people, especially,.. this is who I am, like that's fucking brutal" wisdom and awareness

  • Aisha xxx
    Aisha xxx 17 days ago +1

    I actually gained alot of knowledge from this

    HEX FAIRY 17 days ago +1

    i made a guitar cover of this song if any1 wants to listen ;-)))

  • irwincloud09
    irwincloud09 17 days ago +2

    Matt’s a hufflepuff and that’s the only tea sis 🤪

  • irwincloud09
    irwincloud09 17 days ago

    if I watched this before my English exam, I would have aced it

  • Renee Cusick
    Renee Cusick 17 days ago +1

    It is wonderful to see Matty well, well-spoken, and speaking on sincerity, of all things. He's come so far and I love him so much.

  • Shady Groves
    Shady Groves 17 days ago +1

    One of the best writers of our time

  • Radelaid
    Radelaid 17 days ago

    finally I know what the end of the song means far out!

  • jess loves jooheon
    jess loves jooheon 18 days ago +1


    GILLTYYY 18 days ago


  • Absalat Dawit Getachew

    I love him

  • Ti Co
    Ti Co 18 days ago

    Lol to pie off is to swerve

  • melon water
    melon water 18 days ago

    i could barely understand half of what he said

  • Johnny Meringues
    Johnny Meringues 18 days ago

    What the fuck is with the lyrics about not having children. Fruity little bastard.

  • Alanna
    Alanna 18 days ago

    Honestly write a book

  • cameron skye
    cameron skye 18 days ago

    um why hasn’t he had a ted talk ?

  • JonnyInfinite
    JonnyInfinite 18 days ago

    Strange urge to punch this guy...

  • gallavich uwu
    gallavich uwu 18 days ago +1

    i love this man

  • Severus Snape
    Severus Snape 18 days ago

    I want to listen to him forever

  • ThisIs2003
    ThisIs2003 18 days ago

    I just acknowledged that my IQ is probably like 2 I understood nothing but I fk love it.

  • salt and vinegar
    salt and vinegar 18 days ago

    Imagine him teaching you philosophy. You'd be like 🤯🤯🤯
    Nihilism 101

  • Hannah
    Hannah 19 days ago

    What does the "nah I'm just messin'" refer to?

  • Hannah
    Hannah 19 days ago

    what an honest and complex song. I had to rewind a bunch to catch what he was saying again

  • Hannah
    Hannah 19 days ago +1

    i had no idea these were the lyrics lmaoo i love matty's accent tho

  • LusiFr
    LusiFr 19 days ago

    im in love.. no homo

  • Leina Amatsuji-Berry
    Leina Amatsuji-Berry 19 days ago

    Ahhhh I love how he didn't generalize regarding postmodernism and was specific about referring to **pop** culture*! A real one right here folks

  • angela_lodo
    angela_lodo 19 days ago

    wtf is he saying like could anyone translate that

  • Kinggrave101
    Kinggrave101 19 days ago

    He sounds depressed

  • Kelsey _LRH
    Kelsey _LRH 19 days ago

    Well I'm confused

  • Idleteen
    Idleteen 19 days ago

    If I did one of these on one of our songs I would be talking for too many hours

  • MayaNotMya _
    MayaNotMya _ 19 days ago

    Bless him for this 1:51 we love a man with common sense 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽