• Published on May 19, 2019
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    Estes and Belerick combo is pretty sight to look at lot especially in slowmo.
    On a few games in the MPL we saw this Belerick Estes combination.
    So how do they work?
    For every 225 damage received, Belerick will deal damage to the direction of an enemy unit.
    Estes on the other hand can heal with his 1st and ultimate skill.
    By healing Belerick, he is able to receive more damage.
    And the more damage he receives, the more damage his passive skill can deal.
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  • Elgin
    Elgin  Month ago +35

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    • #El_Hugo 19
      #El_Hugo 19 Month ago

      Palagi naman namin susuportan ka kuya Elgin bakit kami nanunuod ng video s at pinagtanggol ka namin pag may nag tratrash talk sayo at nag comment kasi may kapalet diamonds o skins mga Mautak kami kasi

    • Leon Kennedy
      Leon Kennedy Month ago

      For some reason i see only black screen there on nonolive

    • Catsu Surname u
      Catsu Surname u Month ago +1

      @Lester Laidy
      Faramis+Estes+Belerick+other heroes with cc support

    • zyrus the virus 303
      zyrus the virus 303 Month ago

      Isn't that your old streaming app

    • zyrus the virus 303
      zyrus the virus 303 Month ago

      What happened to "game li."?

  • BlackIce 123
    BlackIce 123 Month ago


  • BlackIce 123
    BlackIce 123 Month ago


  • BlackIce 123
    BlackIce 123 Month ago

    Thats why belericl is my favorite tank

  • mmma
    mmma Month ago +1

    Healing galing tawag nmin dyan

  • Gacha Wilmar2.90
    Gacha Wilmar2.90 Month ago

    I think it's the best combo cause me and my friends tried it was a savage for me

  • Abdel Dao
    Abdel Dao Month ago

    Cignal ultra and SGD omega strat😂

  • Sneaker Head
    Sneaker Head Month ago

    Pair this with minshittar and a fanny it will be an awesome combo

  • Hiro Dragneel
    Hiro Dragneel Month ago

    2:17 Belerick:our turret has been enemy has been slain,double kill
    "the announcer sounded like belerick lmao"

    BLUEJAY30 Month ago

    Cignal ultra ph lineup

  • Gumball Waterson
    Gumball Waterson Month ago

    I turn into mythic with belerick but my combo is with angela

  • Call me Panda
    Call me Panda Month ago

    we encounter people using that but they still lose

  • ẞītçh Lāsāgñā

    Cignal did that i guess

  • Code 2004
    Code 2004 Month ago +4

    1:07 all i want to say to kagura is at least give the tank or anyone who helped you kill the buff the heal points that drops when its killed..

  • Charles Moya
    Charles Moya Month ago

    Ifollow you in nonolive

  • Angel _ playz
    Angel _ playz Month ago

    teh voice sound like BELERIK XD

  • id: 211462426
    id: 211462426 Month ago


  • DispenserPro
    DispenserPro Month ago

    im not first yay no first part 2

  • Lancelot Arthuria
    Lancelot Arthuria Month ago


  • Patttwreck
    Patttwreck Month ago

    Cignal Ultra 👌👌👌

  • Fari Fairis
    Fari Fairis Month ago

    Gussion INCOMINGGG!!!!

  • Eirik Orteus
    Eirik Orteus Month ago

    I used belerick mosf of the time, but almost never see any estes player. It's maybe impossible if i solo.

    TAMAGO SLICE Month ago

    they use this combo on tournaments and its very effective

  • Jevonn Jalius
    Jevonn Jalius Month ago

    It will not work if they didnt watch this video..btw i love estes all along,he was the first hero i buy using bp lol

  • Moad Gubaten
    Moad Gubaten Month ago


  • Ken Kusnadi
    Ken Kusnadi Month ago

    That’s... going to be a lot of ragequits xD

  • Gabriel Noel Dominguez

    Ang lupet!

  • Kira Ford
    Kira Ford Month ago

    2:19 Noob Gusion

  • Howleen Dave Millo
    Howleen Dave Millo Month ago


  • Fritz Naven Tongco
    Fritz Naven Tongco Month ago

    I learned something new 💯

  • Ismayz
    Ismayz Month ago

    Offense and defense

  • Gabriel Nano
    Gabriel Nano Month ago

    Op combo

  • File Tech
    File Tech Month ago


  • aidil othman
    aidil othman Month ago

    i don't think it is recommended for a solo q..instead of carrying,u might be feeding the enemies since a lot of players in rank love to target squishy and lack of mobility heroes first.. ML players r getting smarter right now..

  • Yee Kyowa
    Yee Kyowa Month ago

    Imagine Belerick being resurrected by Faramis' ulti a lot of times😂

  • Deuveun Erus
    Deuveun Erus Month ago

    Normal type of enemies against normal type of allies... nothing's special for sure but i'll imagine new heroes as I forget & forgive the old ones and still relive the empowered ones.

  • Ymewa ???
    Ymewa ??? Month ago

    Having an Estes as your teammate Is very rare it is still a good combo

  • 0h Itz_Just Zachy
    0h Itz_Just Zachy Month ago +1

    5:12 *_[insert to be continued meme]_*

    ACE EGABBF Month ago

    I cant see the group t says the group doesnt exist😥😥😥😥 i cant join

  • Ml Sastified
    Ml Sastified Month ago

    When the voice was in slowmotion it sound like you have a hundred of Marshmallows in your mouth 😂

  • Mike Jhon Marquez
    Mike Jhon Marquez Month ago

    Healing galing

  • ZEROPHOS Sharkstew
    ZEROPHOS Sharkstew Month ago


  • KeyDee Gt
    KeyDee Gt Month ago

    Oh noe another tandem

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro Month ago

    Tyaka yung passive ni belerick

  • Kiyanne Castro
    Kiyanne Castro Month ago

    Grabe po heal ni estes

  • Haiden'e
    Haiden'e Month ago

    You just exposed our trump card for the upcoming ML tournament in our town.

  • I’ll_Always_Chus_U

    That combo is OP

  • Ange Mation
    Ange Mation Month ago +2

    Just looking to the slomo
    All i see is just green thorns spurting everywhere and blue beams.

  • YouAlwayscheat
    YouAlwayscheat Month ago

    Poor Gusion

  • Gemicah Young
    Gemicah Young Month ago

    0:54 kagura is sliding

  • Ledesmark
    Ledesmark Month ago

    nice combo

  • Tito Elmer
    Tito Elmer Month ago

    Look at Kagura's name

  • BjJeuss Medina
    BjJeuss Medina Month ago

    ID1041909 IGN 1005 skinking of the figther

  • Goyong Buenavista
    Goyong Buenavista Month ago

    Sadly i dont know anyone who does estes

  • Chou B
    Chou B Month ago

    Good but not for solo players unless the teammates know this too

    KORO SENSEI Month ago

    Shit..Look at how many the thors struck...
    As Belerick main this is very satisfying. IIII LOVES ITT !

  • Entity 808
    Entity 808 Month ago


  • Russel Lou Molinar
    Russel Lou Molinar Month ago

    Pls.give me skin of Kimmy bio frontier 🙆💚💚👍👌
    Name:its lag

    HARIS NORMAN Month ago


  • Akira Shiraishi
    Akira Shiraishi Month ago

    For it to work properly, both users need to be in-sync with the team all the time since this is a deadly-but-war-dependent combo. Plus, Estes need to build more def items since enemy Assassins will probably target him first.

    MOBILE MCAT Month ago

    Best combo is still grock and nana!

  • Zest 0
    Zest 0 Month ago

    Simply Philippines META
    Also known as Life insurance combo

    • ted ed
      ted ed Month ago

      Also known as healing galing combo hahaha

  • LordMope
    LordMope Month ago

    Who needs grockgela when u have BESTERICK

  • The Rig3L
    The Rig3L Month ago

    This combo is damn nice ...
    I have seen this in Singapore clash of champions.Team Cignal Ultra used this combo and win this match even if enemy team sets counter items like Deadly blade or Necklace of durance .They couldn't rival this combo.

  • pain cp15
    pain cp15 Month ago

    nice combo

  • Banri Ferdinand
    Banri Ferdinand Month ago

    Me parece muy extraño que no atacaran a estes apenas pude ver al adc atacándolo 1vez y recibiendo mucho daño y es extraño porque estés aguanta 3 ultimates bien armado

  • Yael Francisco
    Yael Francisco Month ago

    How about an Estes and Esmeralda combo... Esmeralda will not just have infinite shield, she'll also have infinite life😁😍😎

  • SeeU IA Yukari Gumi

    Belerick x Estes, otro ship más a mi lista :3

  • BlueDark _07
    BlueDark _07 Month ago +5

    Well, the name of this combo is "Healing Galing"

    • Ange Mation
      Ange Mation Month ago

      Oo nga noh, yung organic treatment supports the name.

  • Twister Trager
    Twister Trager Month ago

    yr losing towers and kills in every match. what do u think lol