Reservoir Dogs Soundtrack FULL ALBUM

  • Published on Aug 25, 2014

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  • Larry Up
    Larry Up 4 days ago

    Not sure why everyone liked this movie

    • Azrael GT
      Azrael GT 2 days ago

      @Larry Up ok, then. Let me explain why this is a relevant movie.

      It's about perspective, choice and consequence. the plot is about a sting gone wrong and who is the rat. Considering no one knows no one. How can you tell? each color has personalities you may like or dislike and you'll assign blame on someone. As it progresses that perspective may change, you may choose who is right or wrong, and the consequence.

      Now, this is not easy, you have to think and sometimes the dialogue and scenes are very hard to understand. it forces you to engage with the characters and their own agendas.

      Since you have watched it a couple of times it seems it isn't your type of story and that's fine. Maybe you'll enjoy more fight club, inception or Falling down.

      For many of us, however it showed many wonderful things rarely shown in movies, actors committed to be visceral, an engaging plot, epic music and raw emotion, Again it's not for everyone to like. and there is absolutely nothing wrong with hating it.

      Thank you for reading, and if you please do let me know what you think of the movie, what was it that didn't connect with you.

      Best regards,

      Note: I've been vague about the movie to avoid spoiling to anyone who might want to watch it.

    • Larry Up
      Larry Up 3 days ago +1

      @Azrael GT yes a couple of times just to make sure.. because everyone was like u got 2 c this movie.

    • Azrael GT
      Azrael GT 3 days ago

      have you seen it? from start to end. We can't have a real discussion otherwise.

  • ZEUS 8611
    ZEUS 8611 7 days ago

    Today, Sunday 12-08-2019 The 75th birthday of Hans Bouwens aka George Baker (born 08-12-1944) ...

  • Salb814
    Salb814 Month ago +1

    All these years, I never knew hooked on a feeling was apart of this soundtrack
    Thanks for taking all the glory and credit Guardians of the Galaxy

    • Crip McWilliams
      Crip McWilliams 29 days ago +2

      both Guardians of the Galaxy movies have cherry-picked other great film soundtracks

  • MusbCrazy80
    MusbCrazy80 Month ago +1

    She was 6 and he was 7, used to send him off to heaven when she said you are my sunshine....

  • Billy Keen
    Billy Keen 2 months ago +1

    Chilling in bed sardines on toast watching people walk past my window and this good breakfast

  • Gabriel Ramiro
    Gabriel Ramiro 2 months ago +3

    shoot me in a dream you better wake up and apologize

  • northernnighter
    northernnighter 2 months ago +2

    Im gonnna polish my floor now and shift the table!!

  • northernnighter
    northernnighter 2 months ago


  • Round Robin
    Round Robin 2 months ago +2

    I DON'T TIP.........

  • Amyn JBRx
    Amyn JBRx 2 months ago +1

    Great ost

  • Mikee May Rodriguez
    Mikee May Rodriguez 2 months ago +1

    Desde k jugee el vídeo gamee no escuchaba las rolas ........
    ..saludos MEEXICO MEXICALI

  • Melvin the Mop Boy
    Melvin the Mop Boy 2 months ago +1

    I’m hungry...let’s get a taco.

  • necronomicon rt
    necronomicon rt 2 months ago

    I got madonnas big dick coming out of one ear,,,lol

  • Melvin the Mop Boy
    Melvin the Mop Boy 2 months ago

    TO RIP US OFF?!,
    Why don’t you tell me what REALLY happened?!”

  • Melvin the Mop Boy
    Melvin the Mop Boy 2 months ago


  • Melvin the Mop Boy
    Melvin the Mop Boy 2 months ago +2

    THURGOOD! Why don’t you just worry about one thing at a time?! I’ll be fine, it’s the ROBBERY that’s important NOW

  • Michael Santana
    Michael Santana 3 months ago +6

    My girlfriend E-Lois loves this soundtrack!

  • nicsinger18
    nicsinger18 3 months ago +1

    When the soundtracks better than the movie 🙌🏼😎

  • Gibby
    Gibby 4 months ago

    One of, if not, the best movie soundtrack

  • Lovely Potato ¿?¿?
    Lovely Potato ¿?¿? 4 months ago

    I listened to this when I painted mah drums

  • Parick Patrick
    Parick Patrick 4 months ago +1

    When music was sort of interesting in the USA

  • Ray Lopez
    Ray Lopez 4 months ago +5

    Memories khj radio Los Angeles boss radio real Don Steele 1970

  • Andrea Corda
    Andrea Corda 4 months ago +1


  • Johnmy Friend
    Johnmy Friend 4 months ago

    Jesus and Mary chain

  • Teresa Miles
    Teresa Miles 4 months ago +2

    Thank you man ... need to freak out our new neighbors behind our house

  • DidYaServe
    DidYaServe 4 months ago +1

    Tarantino is as good a disc jockey as he is a director. Maybe even better as a DJ because his movies dipped after Jackie Brown when he started doing all the weird, pretentious stuff.

    • Calmax Film
      Calmax Film 3 months ago

      I totally agree with you guy and I'm very glad to see someone thinks that too. He clearly became prentious after JB. Too much budget for weak movie... And this arrives to its climax with Once upon a time in Hollywood: 95 fucking million for NOTHING

  • Jared Wignall
    Jared Wignall 5 months ago


  • Where’s the leak ma’am?


  • damian Speed
    damian Speed 5 months ago +1

    Was it good for you as it was for me? Mr black

  • Lance Shelton
    Lance Shelton 5 months ago +3

    I m hungry, let's get a taco! - Mr. White.

  • EBPx EM1
    EBPx EM1 5 months ago +3

    KBILLY super sounds of the 70s..... KBILLY - KILL BILL......... coincidence? I like to think not ;)

  • Julito Red
    Julito Red 6 months ago +1

    Where iam? i dont know i lost my self, what is my track.
    I say it, easols.

  • Jean-francois Duval
    Jean-francois Duval 6 months ago +4

    I will never be able to feel right while listening to ''stuck in the middle with you'' because of that movie.

  • Casahdesigns loves directcurrent darkcomics

    #casahdesigns loves the soundtrack

  • Vega
    Vega 6 months ago

    Hello. Call me Fred. #Frog
    Appelez-moi juste Fred #Courte

  • swiss swiss
    swiss swiss 6 months ago

    i like the voice of the could a develop one ?

    • D-FENS
      D-FENS 5 months ago +2

      get a depression
      (the voice is comedian Steven Wright btw, his stand-up shows are on youtube)

  • Anthony Leighton
    Anthony Leighton 6 months ago +13

    nice to hear an enthusiastic d j ......... quentin always picked a good sound track

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 7 months ago

    I need this dJ for my bachelor party !!

    • Cybertronic
      Cybertronic 6 months ago

      He sounds like Mel Meh from the Emoji Movie.

  • manuel maldonado jr
    manuel maldonado jr 7 months ago +15

    I am a big fan 70s thank you very much for 70s.

  • Kende Hegedüs
    Kende Hegedüs 7 months ago +1

    As a true Marvel fan as I am, yet I'm so happy that I know Hooked on a feeling from this movie, and not from Guardians of the Galaxy.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 7 months ago +1


  • Rowan watson
    Rowan watson 7 months ago +1

    mr brown that's a little too close to mr shit

  • Gilbert Gottfried
    Gilbert Gottfried 8 months ago


  • Dennis Logan
    Dennis Logan 8 months ago +17

    Stuck in the Middle always reminds me of the ear removal scene. "Can you hear me?"

  • beto hualpa
    beto hualpa 8 months ago +2

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  • julien gaspar
    julien gaspar 9 months ago


  • externocleidomastoideo externon

    Mr Pink is Alive

  • Cheryl Barbane
    Cheryl Barbane 10 months ago

    Love this movie 😋😎🤗😍 😘

  • Animacion Venezolana
    Animacion Venezolana 10 months ago

    Reservoir Dogs (Los Simpson)

  • Ольга Подгорная

    A Band Apart 🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫

  • James Kendall
    James Kendall 10 months ago +5

    Got at least three American Express cards not maxed and all I want is some weed.
    Sure I got that too but it's not for sale just yet.

  • Андрей Иванов
    Андрей Иванов 10 months ago +4

    Тарантино лучший!)

  • Stephen Forrester
    Stephen Forrester 10 months ago +3

    Bedlam my favourite and my worst enemy!

  • Margaret Bega
    Margaret Bega 11 months ago

    Good movie and soundtrack🖒

  • Blair Travers
    Blair Travers 11 months ago +1

    EPIC, such a cool song. Love it

  • André Cs
    André Cs 11 months ago

    Why Chris Penn has black tie too ?

    • Craig Walker
      Craig Walker 10 months ago

      It was a print of the movie posters and the album cover. In every other promotional thing he's in his usual garish tracksuit jacket. Thequeatuon here should be why isn't Mr blue on the cover? Eddie bunker deserved it. Legend of crime capers.

  • Ace Degenerate
    Ace Degenerate 11 months ago +3

    Some line from the movie.

  • NuPogodi1969
    NuPogodi1969 11 months ago +354

    Track listing:
    1. George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag (00:15)
    2. Blue Swede - Hooked On A Feeling (03:42)
    3. Joe Tex - I Gotcha (07:09)
    4. Bedlam - Magic Carpet Ride (09:38)
    5. Quentin Tarantino - Madonna Speech (14:48)
    6. Sandy Rogers - Fool For Love (15:47)
    7. Stealers Wheel - Stuck In The Middle With You (19:31)
    8. Bedlam - Harvest Moon (22:55)
    9. Hayvey Keitel - Let's Get A Taco (25:33)
    10. Harry Nilsson - Coconut (26:52)
    Interludes voiced by Steve Wright to announce a few tracks.
    Fix'd Le Burger Vegan's post from 11 months ago.

    • kamacazi8
      kamacazi8 3 months ago +1

      Thank you for your service lol

    • VaxyZz
      VaxyZz 3 months ago

      Hé MERCI PABLO !

    • Edson Lima
      Edson Lima 3 months ago +4

      I always love these lists! Thank you, fella! You're a savior!

    • Hapi Lee
      Hapi Lee 3 months ago +4

      Thank you friend!!