Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets Vol.13

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • We’ve decided to mix things up a little bit by getting our two chefs to review kitchen gadgets AT THE SAME TIME. We’re not sure how this is going to go… health and safety officers at the ready?!! There’s some absolute treats waiting under the cloche...
    Get the recipe for the lamb marinade:
    You can find out more about the gadgets/ingredients we've reviewed in the links below. Just so you know, these are likely to be affiliate links, which means if you buy something from the store after clicking on them, the store will pay us a percentage of your basket... This doesn't cost or change anything else for you!
    Kebab Vertical Grill:
    Portable Espresso Machine:
    Poachies Pockets:
    Coconut meat scraper: (DO NOT BUY THIS!)
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Comments • 1 414

  • Vivek
    Vivek 2 hours ago

    Ahem ahem... A 'friend' on mine has one of there huh. .hmmmmm

  • Vivek
    Vivek 2 hours ago

    Coconut grater is very normal to see in india

  • Live M. Eriksen
    Live M. Eriksen 6 hours ago

    Just a lil tip here: never wear glowes with spinning things like a drill. It can hook the gloves, and crush your fingers. No gloves and you might get a little cut or a small wound. But those heal better than crushed falangies.

  • Adwitiya Dixit
    Adwitiya Dixit 7 hours ago

    Hey I'm pretty sure that every Indian viewer is laughing at the coconut meat shredder. I'm from the northern parts of India but I know for sure that the device in hand driven form is very very common in the southern parts of India.

  • Callum Wells
    Callum Wells 8 hours ago

    Soft southerners

  • Sharn River
    Sharn River 10 hours ago

    The idea of the Poachies is brilliant and I use it all the time!
    ....You guys ever heard of plastic wrap or....?

  • Chhuti Maiti
    Chhuti Maiti 14 hours ago

    That coconut shredder is a household staple in Indian kitchen. But we use manual one, so there's very little chance of getting hurt. Looks like some company tried to rip that idea off, and turned it into a killing machine.
    Also, James is a cowardly boy! 😂

  • Wooty Wooter
    Wooty Wooter 18 hours ago

    betas vs toned down power tool.

  • Trifon Trifonov
    Trifon Trifonov 22 hours ago

    11:47 Eddmon Blackadder is being tied up to a chair offscreen...

  • Norsaidatul Hanim Huri
    Norsaidatul Hanim Huri 22 hours ago

    As someone who has used those coconut shavers bare handed,
    I was completely surprised with their reaction... I use to those things for the coconut 'snow' things for kuih all the time
    Just to inform, the ones we use are literally bigger and you will see them a lot in villages. It takes time to get use to it though
    From Malaysia 🇲🇾🇲🇾
    Edit : please do try making something with that coconut shaver 😍😍

  • Michael Girouard

    Great video. On a par with the pineapple slicer video for sheer, edge-of-my seat excitement. And hilarity. There should be an award you guys could win for this. P.S., I think that coconut shredder would work better if it was vertical, like a drill press, and the coconut half was contained somehow under it. But I'm no engineer.

  • Grawlithe058
    Grawlithe058 Day ago

    Everyone in the South East Asia is cringing so hard on how they are so paranoid with that coconut meat scraper. 😂

  • Tharu L
    Tharu L Day ago

    The fact that everyone is scared of the coconut shredder is so funny to me cause I legit used these when I was like 8

  • Gaby Gibson
    Gaby Gibson Day ago

    Ah, the little happy dance!

  • skrooge mc. fuck

    Bunch of babies being afraid of a NUT scrapper

  • M4tty official channel

    If you can boil water you can just use a moka for making coffee which is cheaper and more durable of that plastic thing

  • jeswin george
    jeswin george Day ago

    And we definitely use it at home...

  • jeswin george
    jeswin george Day ago

    True fact, we in kerala India have those exact machines that are used cleaving the insides of a coconut which runs at a much faster rate so i wouldn't say its kiddish it takes some experience and strength thats all , but comes very much in handy for a place that uses coconut in most of their dishes

  • Sameron67
    Sameron67 2 days ago


  • princed47130
    princed47130 2 days ago

    I'm sure I won't get a response. However, could you not also just poach eggs using a cone-shaped coffee filter instead of those expensive ones? They look nearly identical to cone-shaped coffee filters we have here in the U.S.A.

  • The General
    The General 2 days ago

    James is a poncy ffck.

  • Leah Curran
    Leah Curran 2 days ago

    LOL the coconut thing is pretty normal here, people have it in kiosk and markets.
    We have a manual one too though.

  • SpokelingCOD
    SpokelingCOD 2 days ago

    I work at an outdoor store in New Zealand and we sell those espresso machines and I myself and our customers love them.

  • Tim O
    Tim O 2 days ago

    This was going ok UNTIL the coconut shredder then these four guys went all faggy!!!!

  • SilverXeno
    SilverXeno 2 days ago

    I bet if you stood behind the coconut scraper...and then you could "pull" the coconut towards you it would be easier to hold while the scraper thing moved.

  • Milka W
    Milka W 3 days ago

    Do you know that Japan has that kind of oven mitts, and it's better. it's exactly like what you described with a deeper thumb hole

    EL NOODLE 3 days ago

    Good mythical morning thumbnail wannabe

  • Thomas Storbugt
    Thomas Storbugt 3 days ago

    Am I the only one confused to why the manufacturer of a ROTARY tool wants people to wear cloves? If they get caught in the spinning.. Would rather get a cut than get my hand stuck

  • Thomas Storbugt
    Thomas Storbugt 3 days ago

    The egg filter thing.. I just use plastic film with a tiny bit of oil coat on them

  • Stekta Zuccinin
    Stekta Zuccinin 3 days ago

    I prefer them separate as well. Makes it more likely to hear their own thoughts about the products.

  • Christopher Hurley
    Christopher Hurley 3 days ago

    rule 1: the second your scared of the tool your using is when you get injured.
    rule 2: SortedFood nobawlz

  • zZSkyNinjaZz
    zZSkyNinjaZz 4 days ago

    I feel like Ben should’ve been behind the machine pulling the coconut towards him

  • molesticles
    molesticles 4 days ago

    "A friend of mine has a portable espresso maker and he uses it when he goes camping."....... You should get beaten up by proxy.

  • LadyAJ
    LadyAJ 4 days ago

    Get silicone poached egg cups? Not disposable ones? I use the silicone ones and it's great.

  • Brenda Strand Rigdon

    I like the yuppy idea of the kebab broiler. Drunk foodies making butties after consuming too much beer and wine while waiting for meat to be cooked sounds like fun 👍 ........ Chain mail gloves and a few well placed nails in the coconut for grip ✋😵 but me, I'd swerve on just about all those other gadgets 😳

  • Chris Bennington
    Chris Bennington 4 days ago

    Ben is fearless while the others are like oh crap.

  • Erwin Romadan
    Erwin Romadan 4 days ago

    For coconut. In my place. Nail a bottle cap on a stick, use the ridgety side of the cap to scrape the coconut

  • James Mathew Comiso
    James Mathew Comiso 4 days ago

    We use that in the Philippines to make coconut milk we called that 'gata'

  • Gerardo Regalado
    Gerardo Regalado 4 days ago

    Hahahaha the first gadget is for making pastor tacos, greetings from Mexico

  • MakoBeauty
    MakoBeauty 4 days ago

    "he has nothing to live for!" SAVAGE

  • Patrick McSwain
    Patrick McSwain 4 days ago +1

    Don't have to have a fresh egg for poaching. Just crack your egg into a small sieve, drain off the runny bit, and dump what's left into spinny water. Easy peasy.

  • Lisa Jayasekera
    Lisa Jayasekera 4 days ago

    this grinder is way to easy......takes all the fun out of it...

  • Lisa Jayasekera
    Lisa Jayasekera 4 days ago

    we use a hand grinder for coconuts in Sri Lanka for pol sambol...coconut 5 year old can use one

  • Chloe Wynn
    Chloe Wynn 4 days ago

    I’d genuinely marry Ben in a heartbeat

  • Alex DH
    Alex DH 4 days ago

    Was that a Lando Norris reference?

  • Craig Clarke
    Craig Clarke 4 days ago

    You should make a video where the chefs have to make a meal with only the products that have been used in the gadget review videos, but this time the normal's decide which gadgets the chefs can use. They can be as nice or as cruel as they want to be!

  • Mudit Gupta
    Mudit Gupta 4 days ago

    #hatecomment - bunch of pussies tryina use kitchen tools.. these ladies can't do shit in kitchen

  • Mr.snake 001
    Mr.snake 001 5 days ago

    man thats one slow coconut crater the ones on our local market is at least 2 horse power compressor motors well some go up to 3 horse power the one theyre using is as fast as a cheap battery powered drill at max power.

  • Wil H
    Wil H 5 days ago

    Silicone, Ben, not silicon. They’re two completely different things, and they’re not supposed to be pronounced the same.

  • muskdeer 92
    muskdeer 92 5 days ago

    Review thit thing

  • Alan Bun
    Alan Bun 5 days ago

    I love Ben but I hate the standard “your eggs must be fresh to make a good poached egg.” Chat.
    With all due respect, most people know this, but they buy their eggs from Asda or Tesco so they are nowhere near as fresh as suggested. I think it would be useful to make a failsafe method for cooing poached eggs that don’t base it on the freshness of the eggs, which is where the vast majority of people will find themselves.

  • Betty Slawinski
    Betty Slawinski 5 days ago

    Sorry guys but when you are poor you do poaching anyway you can......

  • Troy Bennett
    Troy Bennett 5 days ago

    You blokes look like a rip off of Rhett and link but I like the videos

  • Outogetyou Gotyou
    Outogetyou Gotyou 5 days ago

    just use cling film to poach an egg instead of paying for coffee filters

  • M H
    M H 5 days ago

    what's a "closh"? and why is James the most annoying person on the planet and the whole being absolute twat cowards about the coconut is just embarrassing for all of you. what kind of chefs are scared like this? I'd hate to see you in a real kitchen running from everything sheesh

  • TheReddinotimeforce
    TheReddinotimeforce 5 days ago

    Chefs and normal cook different kind of bacon and try it

  • Cyrus
    Cyrus 5 days ago

    I would pay quite a pretty penny for a reusable poachie, not gonna lie.

  • misky Loo
    misky Loo 5 days ago

    I have a coconut scraper thingy which is not so evil though you still have to be careful.. Can be kept on a table.. And instead of the serated blades the rotating bit is a folded length of bicycle chain with a stainless steel bowl just behind the spinning bit that prevents coconut flying onto the machine.. Shreds the coconut really fine and is super quick.. Takes about two minutes per coconut..

  • Christina Colston
    Christina Colston 5 days ago

    That coconut gadget needs a foot petal for safety and some better gloves

  • Tapioca Star
    Tapioca Star 6 days ago +1

    Its cracks me up that this spinning machine scared them so much, and tiny little Claire from BA test kitchen did it alone. 🤣