Cardinals vs. Giants Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • The Arizona Cardinals take on the New York Giants during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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Comments • 1 698

  • Weel J
    Weel J 2 days ago

    Arizona vs new york

  • Cristy Ortiz
    Cristy Ortiz 3 days ago

    giants are kinndy good

  • nagoyaoasis 44
    nagoyaoasis 44 6 days ago

    giants doesn't need a pocket passer anymore. see ya JONES..

  • Kamarius Sipp
    Kamarius Sipp 9 days ago

    Jones suck

  • House of Mods210
    House of Mods210 9 days ago

    Get ready G girls...Dallas is coming !!!!

  • Peter atwan
    Peter atwan 11 days ago

    5-11 giants

  • gfydrama
    gfydrama 14 days ago

    @ 12:04 Announcer screaming "stay in bounds" when the two minute warning is next no matter what. How about not get killed on the play by 300 pound man?

  • 5100yes
    5100yes 14 days ago

    So stupid ... Giants run on 3rd and 18 an then go for it 4th and 15.... WTF ????? Coach needs to be fired

  • Martin Zuniga
    Martin Zuniga 15 days ago +1

    9:01 is the only time the Giants O-line protected their QB

  • Arsène Raso
    Arsène Raso 16 days ago

    1:50 that fake by Murray !!

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 17 days ago

    Warning, warning: The Edmonds train arriving from Phoenix Arizona in track number 3. Doesn't stop in New York.

  • Dominic Cella
    Dominic Cella 17 days ago

    Danny Jones looks pretty good if he had protection

  • Austin Meneley
    Austin Meneley 17 days ago

    Edmonds is ENDLESS!!!

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 18 days ago

    Pat Shurmur might be a worse coach than Ben McAdoo, but at least his players love him.

  • Jason Faulkner
    Jason Faulkner 18 days ago +1

    8:20 What a bunch of Sports Entertainment BS!
    Ref: "Unnecessary Roughness!' Lorenzo Carter: "Everything I do is necessary!"
    Ref: "It was a late hit." Carter: "It was a *light* hit, you corporate complicit vertical striped mime!"

  • Nfl Football
    Nfl Football 18 days ago

    Who is cardinals full back name?

  • Irma Reedy
    Irma Reedy 18 days ago

    But.... Is there odell Beckham jr?

  • Irma Reedy
    Irma Reedy 18 days ago


  • Elite Scout
    Elite Scout 18 days ago

    10 years ago these QBs would have been BLOWN UP into pieces if they crossed the line of scrimmage!!!
    This new NFL might as well be 2 hand touch or flag football!!!

  • Guts
    Guts 19 days ago

    Danny Dimes!!

  • ManiacVlog
    ManiacVlog 19 days ago

    Nys o line is gonna get Jones killed. They can’t protect him if it meant their lives depended on it.🤣

  • Pumpin George
    Pumpin George 19 days ago +1

    This ain't your grandfather's Arizona Cardinals

  • drbjr
    drbjr 19 days ago

    geesh giants o-line blows... how many sacks was that?

  • john smith
    john smith 19 days ago

  • Fabian Wiley
    Fabian Wiley 19 days ago

    That game was ours, if we'd played better DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! needs to step it up more. DJ needs to play his game not Eli Manning shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sour Liquid
    Sour Liquid 19 days ago

    that giants offensive line is horrible lmao

  • Ironic Cookies
    Ironic Cookies 19 days ago

    11:45 who is the offensive coordinator and why did they run on 3rd and 18 then go for it on 4th down. horrible play calling

  • 37Dionysos
    37Dionysos 20 days ago

    The Stoopah Bowl

  • Douglas Walker
    Douglas Walker 20 days ago

    Lots of third downs. A lot converted.

  • The World of Izzy
    The World of Izzy 20 days ago

    This is classic bad Eli Manning

    • Macabre Xyl
      Macabre Xyl 19 days ago

      Yup classic lol. For a moment, I thought that was eli manning playing quarterback

  • TheLongDark
    TheLongDark 20 days ago

    As a Cards fan ... I don't know, man. Am I supposed to be optimistic about the future? Murray is a talent, sure, but aren't we going to squander him the way we squandered Fitz?

  • Trevon Moses
    Trevon Moses 20 days ago

    Barry sanders, Barkley, I love there East to west running style, yea they have runs where they lose a lot but that style of running is rare.

  • Bush Msbc
    Bush Msbc 20 days ago

    Our Dline was killin it. GG giants fans.

  • Kevin Amarbayar
    Kevin Amarbayar 20 days ago

    Btw this is the worst team in our division.

  • Dimas Akbar
    Dimas Akbar 20 days ago +1

    Kyler "Now Whoop" Murray!!!!!

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana 21 day ago +1

    My eyes bleeding. This giants qb ongg

  • Jack Van Berg
    Jack Van Berg 21 day ago

    So is Jones still the future of the football Giants?

    • Macabre Xyl
      Macabre Xyl 19 days ago

      I hope not. The only reason he had success to start off with because teams didn't have any film study on him yet

  • Mr Chris Carter FX
    Mr Chris Carter FX 21 day ago

    Those last two minutes different in the nfl Jones 😂😂 D goes from 0 to 100 real quick

  • Soungjong Lim
    Soungjong Lim 21 day ago

    11:51 Can anyone explain why they did not punt?... I don't still get it..

    • TheOnlyHumanBeing
      TheOnlyHumanBeing 20 days ago +1

      Because they want the lead. If the Cardinals get the ball back they might score again

  • Lucas Barron
    Lucas Barron 21 day ago

    lmao noo

  • Steve Mercury
    Steve Mercury 21 day ago

    "Oh my God, why did he run out of bounds?!"

  • blake bortles
    blake bortles 21 day ago +1

    1:17 not sure who number 20 is but he wanted no fine no flag

  • Jad Antoun
    Jad Antoun 21 day ago +1

    This game was bad but Edmonds played really good

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 21 day ago

    Ayyeee Barkely's a captain now, nice nice

  • risky fap
    risky fap 21 day ago

    O my god why would he do that?

  • Baker Mayfield #6HUNNIT #DAN6EROUS

    After watching the browns o-line so far this season I didn’t know it could get any worse. Pray for Jones and Saquon, nothing they could’ve done is deserving of the punishment of playing behind that o-line.

  • Kinggamer 2006
    Kinggamer 2006 21 day ago

    That’s so true

  • Krislaps Porzmingis
    Krislaps Porzmingis 21 day ago

    12:01 I just recently started watching NFL and I don't get why it was such a big mistake for the QB to go out of bounds in this play. Can someone explain?

    • Albert Ornelas
      Albert Ornelas 21 day ago +1

      Krislaps Porzmingis I’ll explain everytime you get out of bounds it stops the game clock you see if the qb (Kyler Murray) threw the ball away he could of wasted time making the opposite team having less time to score

    RAUNCHYROMANCE 21 day ago

    Jones has a lot of growing to do...his pocket awareness is awful right now. It's the main reason why he has so many turnovers.

  • Denise Roccia
    Denise Roccia 21 day ago

    The Giants need to bring back defensive coach Steve Spagnuolo who is now with the Kansas City Chiefs. He was great and helped bring the Giants to the Super Bowl.

  • Brandon Johnson
    Brandon Johnson 21 day ago


  • Eirik
    Eirik 21 day ago +1

    enjoyed watching this game as a neutral, 2 very promising & exciting young QBs. sidenote: a great player like fitzgerald deserves a ring.

  • Lets Read!
    Lets Read! 21 day ago

    A rushing quarterback is almost guaranteed an extra 2-3 yards because you can’t punish them.

  • wrthur54
    wrthur54 21 day ago

    the giants o line is terrible

  • Carmine Baratta
    Carmine Baratta 21 day ago +3

    Giants suck this year. Eli can throw interceptions too.. put Eli back in.

  • Yunanto Abdul
    Yunanto Abdul 21 day ago

    Murray can not pass... he is confusing QB ever,, all he can do is rushing..

    • Brylight 36
      Brylight 36 20 days ago

      @Albert Ornelas The Giants couldn't stop the run game plus the weather. Edmonds was killing it so there wasn't really any reason to deep ball it. There were some calls where we should've thrown it but it's fine.

    • Melvin Melvin
      Melvin Melvin 21 day ago

      Hey Yantoo! What are you a moron? Murray is ahead of Carson Wentz in passing! What a total goof you are hahaha Geezz you stupid!

    • Albert Ornelas
      Albert Ornelas 21 day ago

      Yunanto Abdul he can it’s just that for some reason they weren’t focusing on passing more or the run game

    ALEXANDER UVALLE 21 day ago

    Giants got to work on there offensive of line

  • IttssCaleb
    IttssCaleb 21 day ago

    dj makes many rookie mistakes just give him time!

  • Three Js
    Three Js 21 day ago

    So 8:20 was a bullshit flag right I can’t be the only one thinkin this

    • Brylight 36
      Brylight 36 20 days ago

      New rules man. Happens to everyone.

  • Jamil Johnson
    Jamil Johnson 21 day ago

    Eli can't make a throw like that no more😄😁😆😅🤣🤣😭 4:22