Will Boris Johnson or Jeremy Hunt call a general election?

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
  • Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have clashed in their final debate of the Tory leadership campaign held at The Sun HQ.
    As both men put forward their plans for Brexit they faced a series of tough questions.
    In one of the biggest talking points of the night, both candidates were asked if they would be ready to call a General Election before October 31st?
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    Elsewhere Boris Johnson was accused of “betraying” the Brexit vote after failing to commit to cutting sky-high net migration if he becomes Prime Minister. In an astonishing move, the former Vote Leave champion refused to say he would bring numbers down if he replaces Theresa May.
    BORIS Johnson furiously condemned Donald Trump race row tweets - branding them “totally unacceptable.” The US President sparked uproar by telling four ethnic minority US congresswomen to “go back” to the “crime infested places from which they came”.

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Comments • 57

    VINNY PRICE 3 months ago

    how can they have a general election they are of for holiday break the then there will be the confrece partys that will take them to end of September

  • John Keri
    John Keri 3 months ago

    And there is amazingly an even far thicker Jeremy an incompetent Supertwerp - and a Communist to boot - waiting in the wings, the idiot can't even manage his own household budget, he has to get some lackey in to do it for him...Britain is the laughing stock of the world alright

  • John Keri
    John Keri 3 months ago +1

    Some leader Hunt claims he is......isn't it thanks to him and that disgraced wash-out May and their incompetence, neglect and dereliction 23 sailors and a British oil tanker have been pirated by the nutters in Iran? What was The Fool and the Simpering Dancing Queen thinking of? No protection at all...........Britain really is the laughing stock of the world...............No need to "bring on the clowns" they are already there in Westminster..

  • John Burns
    John Burns 3 months ago

    What comes across is how much a complete buffoon Johnson is.
    Does the UK want to make the same mistakes as the USA with Trump?

  • Mod 66
    Mod 66 3 months ago

    No because it would be the shortest premiership in history when they get voted out

  • Mark Edwards
    Mark Edwards 3 months ago

    So basically, what both of these candidates are saying, is that they will not invite a general election, because they don't want the current will of the people to be heard regarding who the people prefer to go forward.
    Isn't this the same stance as a World Champion boxer who refuses to fight a challenger ?
    Isn't this the same stance the previous leader upheld, refusing to stand down even in the light of absolute rejection ?
    Both of these candidates want to take the country in a fundamentally different direction than what was declared in their last general election manifesto.
    Therefore, neither of them have any mandate whatsoever.

  • Jim Inverness
    Jim Inverness 3 months ago

    Why does it take sooooo long in Britain to change PM? In Australia for example, the PM calls a 'spill' (which means party gathers to take a vote), and a vote by secret ballot determines PM. What's the story in Britain? It feels more like a presidential race than a party selecting its PM.

  • calvinlimgo
    calvinlimgo 3 months ago

    The conservative party is actually doomed. It's only a matter of time actually.
    Whether they deliver brexit or not, they will lose the next General election.
    The whole brexit is actually the Torries fault. But Labour is not without their faults, most particularly Jeremy Corbyn.
    If Labour had a more remainer leader I bet Labour would be winning the recent voting whether it's the euro election or by elections.
    Labour won't fare well in the next general election as well, but I think they will just edge out the Torries, but I don't think they will have a big majority as well, they will have the same kind of government the torries have now.
    Brexit party may have a few MPs in maybe 1-2.
    But still the torries are doomed one way or the other.
    The remains don't want the Torries, now the depending on what kind of brexit the torries deliver, the other side won't like it either.
    So it's better for the Torries to just call a 2nd referendum, they get to stay a few more years of they call a 2nd referendum.

  • scott gersok
    scott gersok 3 months ago

    Boris is a disgrace, he never answers a simple question! Let the country to go to an immediate vote, he will lose! If he is the next prime minister I am going to vote Libs, this guy is just out for himself, not the country check his sketchy past out! he swings whichever the wind blows, has NO back bone against the US, does not support TOP diplomats, which means he supports NO ONE but himself, he is a weak, very WEAK and shameful candidate for the UK!

  • john ryan
    john ryan 4 months ago

    Hunt must be as thick as pig swill, mouthing off about the American People's President, some advocate of democracy Jeremy is. As for Boris "Backflip" Johnson..................every bit as deceptive .......................He lost his way 3 years ago .

  • Ewa Zizemska
    Ewa Zizemska 4 months ago


  • Sofia Shums
    Sofia Shums 4 months ago

    Why only these two ? They are both being evasive and answering questions as politicans eager to get "the job" would. They are not willing and ready to give honest responses. But their sense of humor saves the day !

  • Didier Lemoine
    Didier Lemoine 4 months ago +2

    O man, this Brexit will never happen !

  • thomas paine
    thomas paine 4 months ago +2

    Who ever heard of a trading bloc that does not allow a member to leave? The franco german reich is a tyranny and i will be delightedwhen it implodes

    • Sir Micheal Hunt
      Sir Micheal Hunt 3 months ago

      Erm, we ARE leaving. Blame the government for this mess, not the EU

      Of course, i would expect nothing less from the comment section from the S*n

    • Didier Lemoine
      Didier Lemoine 4 months ago +1

      u r allow to leave any time since last march, what r u wating for ????????

  • gilkesisking
    gilkesisking 4 months ago +1

    Its a very distinct probability. For the last three years the whole political and media system has been playing a very intricate game of self sacrifice, public enterprise sacrifice and propaganda scripted from day one to overturn an instruction given to them by the electorate. An election before Brexit will be one of the last moves in this elaborate construct. I fear they've taken a mis-step in the ruse as its been piled on to heavy with predictable "plot twists" that most could see coming a mile off. Fortuity the majority of the public can now see this for what it is, playing the public in desperate efforts to maintain their and their donor positions in society and flow of income. A game to overturn breixit that if successful will decimate democracy for generations to come and destroy society in the UK that we may never get back.

    • postwar46
      postwar46 4 months ago +1

      @gilkesisking They've brought Stephen Fry, Michael Heseltine & John Major into it, and they all have the same message. They are immaculately presented as the silken tongued, well respected, elder statesmen who run along this line " now let us reason together', then comes the fear mongering and negativity, all delivered inan articulate manner, about how bad it is going to be if the UK was ever silly enough to come out of Europe. Point is they have had the referendum, the people have spoken, and they are deliberately vacillating and delaying the process. Truth must win through, or the country will continue to live a lie, and the untruths will deceive the people, and stunt a great country, if allowed to persist.

    • gilkesisking
      gilkesisking 4 months ago

      @postwar46 Indeed. Their desperate attempts at restricting the flow of "none government approved" information "alternatives" to their rhetoric or 'news' online. Human rights breaking 'snoopers charter' all under the guise of "protecting children", silencing rational ( and none rational ) pro Brexit speakers, sometimes even becoming political prisoners. While alternatively being heavy handed with an anti brexit campaign ( which had fair opportunity before the referendum ) has been a game over played. "We" can now see the corruption and ever growing disrespectful control and spying through backdoor laws that populates parliament and the smoking back rooms for what it is. Hopefully the people will wake up come election time and not after it's to late to do anything about it. The UK has been called out by its own people for what it is, one of the most corrupt nations in the world.

    • postwar46
      postwar46 4 months ago +1

      You are right on the money. It is all being scripted and carefully crafted with the use of certain personalities to proceed in the complete opposite direction that the people have voted for. A very sad time for the birth place of democracy.

    SUMEDHA SENANAYAKE 4 months ago


  • DynaMike
    DynaMike 4 months ago

    I still can't get over the fact that Brits tolerate letting only 160,000 people determine who will be their next head of state (technically head of government) and therefore the future of your country in these circumstances. I get that each party has a system for electing a leader. But if a Prime Minster steps down, there should automatically be a general election. Not this thing where you have 160,000 PAYING members of ONE party determine for 65,000,000 people who their Prime Minster/executive will be. As you Brits would say, compete and utter tosh or as Thatcher would have said "nonsense, errant nonsense". Even if you had a general election, you still can't directly elect your Prime Minister/executive. Yes, you can directly elect your ONE legislator (something else I can't believe you tolerate. In the US we elect 3 legislators at the Federal level and two at the State level). But legislators and executives do different things. Another issue I would have is what if I liked my local MP but despised the leader of that MPs party or vice versa? That's a democratic deficit if you ask me. Legislators and executives need to be elected separately. Simply electing a party and then letting them sort out the rest is a horrible idea. Even though a party may have a manifesto, individual MPs can have wildly differing views on the interpretation and implementation of it. As we are seeing with the plans of Hunt and Johnson with Brexit. But hey, at the end of the day, Britain is sovereign. And if you want to retain this system you are more than welcome to. However when this whole leadership contest began, I remember hearing from many Brits that they felt that everyone should get a vote instead of only the 160,000 (in a country of 65M) paying members of the Conservative party.

    • TCV12
      TCV12 3 months ago

      Because that's how it has worked for hundreds of years

    • john ryan
      john ryan 4 months ago

      Interesting viewpoint Mike, but if we worked to that viewpoint what should have happened when Kennedy was killed - because he and he alone - one man - appointed LBJ as vice P who then became President by default and not voted for by 300 million voters............even less democratic perhaps? A few Thousand Brits are Communist activists in the Labour party following their Marxist (quoting Jeremy's own self-attributed doctrine) leader of the Labour party........................ should they have a vote to elect the conservative party leader?

  • Iazzaboyce
    Iazzaboyce 4 months ago +1

    Some questions will only get the predictable response. I actually think an immediate general election is probable, as Brexit Party will only stand against pro-EU Tories forcing resignation/reselection. Boris on a hard Brexit ticket against a second referendum pro-EU Labour Party, Lib Dems and others would do well under first past the post. There's a majority in the country to rid the commons of EU shills. If Boris delays he allows the Remainers more time to form an electoral Remain pact.

    • Iazzaboyce
      Iazzaboyce 4 months ago

      @Ron F1 Let's say Brexit Party stands against Dominic Grieve. He will either stand down and allow local members to select pro Brexit candidate when Brexit Party will not stand or local members will deselect him.

    • Ron F1
      Ron F1 4 months ago

      If Brexit Party only stand against pro EU Tories the vote is split and guarantees an Opposition MP, also pro EU!

  • jimbofatplum
    jimbofatplum 4 months ago +3

    im afraid your party is riddled with traitors jeremy/boris. neither of you have a chance to deliver brexit until you have a purge on your colleagues who are against the will of the people.
    best thing you can do is call a general election and let the pure brexit party break these EU chains.

    • XhoowieX
      XhoowieX 4 months ago

      Neither of them want that kind of Brexit any more than their colleagues.

  • Orange Crush
    Orange Crush 4 months ago +2

    ✔ BREXIT Party.

  • clinton taylor
    clinton taylor 4 months ago

    General election needed to get rid of these idiots, a vote for the brexit party will get us out.

  • Viper Zero
    Viper Zero 4 months ago +1

    Jeremy Hunt's message is ever so clear!
    May: "We will seek a short extension of the exit day to avoid a catastrophic No-Deal Brexit".
    Hunt: "We will seek a short extension of the exit day to avoid a catastrophic general election".

  • Amanda Hughes
    Amanda Hughes 4 months ago +5

    Got to sort out voter fraud first, nobody wants a repeat of Peterborough, except Labour of course.

    • thomas paine
      thomas paine 4 months ago

      Repeating lies does not make them true, it just makes you a liar . .

    • Amanda Hughes
      Amanda Hughes 4 months ago +1

      @Mario Gmajner Desperate are'nt we?.

    • Mario Gmajner
      Mario Gmajner 4 months ago +2

      Amanda Police find no electoral fraud in Peterborough, now shut your cake hole...no..

  • Paul Purcell
    Paul Purcell 4 months ago +1

    I'd vote for Boris, even though I'm not British.

    • Bill Platers
      Bill Platers 4 months ago +2

      BORIS FOR PM 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 OR NIGEL FARAGE FOR PM 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇬🇧

  • Norman Wilkinson
    Norman Wilkinson 4 months ago +6

    These two are both dancing around making a decision about Brexit, which is what they have been doing for the past three years. Their education was about political language, or to put it in plain English:
    They talk a lot but say nothing knew. Door to door sales men ,and car pitch psychologists have it off to a fine art. I don't trust either of them . They remind me of pantomime protagonists.

  • Repulse theMonkey
    Repulse theMonkey 4 months ago +2

    It seems likely they will be forced to call a GE, when their own unlovely colleagues continue to deliberately mess up Brexit. The they will be obliterated by the Brexit Party.

  • robj
    robj 4 months ago +9

    There will be an election that neither of them wants.

  • Gods Vibes
    Gods Vibes 4 months ago

    May has Bigger Balls than both of these idiots.

  • dillon sookram
    dillon sookram 4 months ago +3

    They were asked what would they rather out of the two most likely options So they made up their own options. Talk about alternative facts.

  • white rabbit
    white rabbit 4 months ago +1

    NHS get ready for cancer epidemic : US producers are allowed to include up to 30 insect fragments in a 100-gram jar of peanut butter; as well as 11 rodent hairs in a 25-gram container of paprika; or 3 milligrams of mammalian excreta (typically rat or mouse excrement) per each pound of ginger 🤒 brexit is good for the US cause no-one else wants their rubbish 🤒

    • white rabbit
      white rabbit 4 months ago

      @thomas paine European standards are something the US citizens can only dream off 🤫 their citizens drink poisoned water , eat GMO cancer foods 🤫 they live in trailer parks , they drive trash cars 🤫

    • thomas paine
      thomas paine 4 months ago

      @white rabbit lol

    • thomas paine
      thomas paine 4 months ago

      I think you wilol find that the same standards are in place across the franco german reich . . Sad to see simpletons so easily fooled

    • Amanda Hughes
      Amanda Hughes 4 months ago +3

      white rabbit Where is my dose of Super Gonorrhea that you remainers promised me, due to Brexit?.

    • Paul Calling
      Paul Calling 4 months ago +1

      white rabbit I just wish everything was for the all of us and not the very, very, few of them. Cheers mate.

  • Christiano
    Christiano 4 months ago +7

    These 2 are abysmal choices.

  • Go Jo
    Go Jo 4 months ago +4

    Yes election asap so Brexit party can just wipe the floor and we can have a new fresh outlook in all areas. Also the vying to attack Iran is happening again simply to create a One EU Army imo. It was on track just prior to referendum the vote scuppered it. Thousands more innocent civilians to be killed for ? a contrived one EU army? Peace.

  • Kaan K
    Kaan K 4 months ago +8

    Nobody here would give up their warm seat this is quite obvious

    Even if everyone knows that the conservatives can’t deliver BrexIT