When Tech Companies Lie to Us...

  • Published on Jan 12, 2022
  • Tech company lies exist on a spectrum. How far is too far?
    (Did you know 1-inch camera sensors are not 1 inch?)

    The Death of AirPower Explained: thexvid.com/video/3AfpFkrS7Lw/video.html
    DonutMedia video: thexvid.com/video/sYd9q120lhE/video.html

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss 7 days ago +9304

    I can’t see it becoming any less of an issue unfortunately - if anything, the more complex the tech becomes, the easier it is to fool the average consumer with meaningless specs, cause they have less and less of an idea on how the tech is actually working - Great vid though, we should keep calling it out when we spot it πŸ‘Œ

    • Vijay sharma fitness
      Vijay sharma fitness 12 hours ago


    • Archana Mohan
      Archana Mohan 13 hours ago +1

      support from india*

      *= I know after seeing this video u wil definitely look 4 the asterix

    • King ARkaMAni
      King ARkaMAni 16 hours ago

      Says the annoying reviewer πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    • Oldmansland1
      Oldmansland1 23 hours ago

      We’ll I guess we just gotta all watch MKBHD videos and we’ll be alright ☺️

    • Nicholas Mendoza
      Nicholas Mendoza Day ago

      Sound like you drank your hateraid today.

  • Consumer Tech Review
    Consumer Tech Review 2 days ago +73

    "Here's how that would line up against some of the fastest cars ever made:"...literally the first car on the list: PRIUS

    • Volt HD
      Volt HD 9 hours ago

      Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra specs (rumored)
      Display 6.8-inch AMOLED, QHD
      Refresh rate 120Hz adaptive
      Rear cameras 108MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 10MP 3x optical telephoto, 10MP 10x optical telephoto
      Front camera 40MP
      Chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 1/ Exynos 2200
      RAM 8GB/12GB/16GB
      Storage 128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB
      Battery 5,000 mAh

    • SlightlyCrookedWorkshop
      SlightlyCrookedWorkshop Day ago +2

      It's like wanting to see an Average Person compete in events at the Olympics.

    • Consumer Tech Review
      Consumer Tech Review Day ago +1

      @BenjiMC1 Hell yea! All 106lb-ft of torque!!!

    • BenjiMC1
      BenjiMC1 Day ago +3

      It's not just any Prius, it's the Prius Prime!!

    • Matt Popovich
      Matt Popovich Day ago +1

      3:52 πŸ˜‚

  • Adam Ross
    Adam Ross 3 days ago +208

    The 1 inch sensor situation reminds me a bit of when people we first started getting into large storage sizes (GBs and TBs) and people were confused why their 500GB drive doesn't have 500GB.

    • Volt HD
      Volt HD 9 hours ago

      Universal standard of storage ---> 1GB->2GB->4GB->8GB->16GB->32GB->64GB-->128GB-->256GB-->512GB--->1024GB(1TB)--->2024GB (2TB) ......

    • Ryan Mikael
      Ryan Mikael 10 hours ago

      That is actually so true...

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper 17 hours ago

      It's just a case of marketing misdirection. Companies use "human" number, which is the decimal system. In the system, a Gigabyte would be 1,000,000,000 bytes. However, computers don't use "human" numbers. They only understand the all or nothing we have made into the binary system of two digits: 0 and 1. In the binary system, a Gigabyte is actually 1,073,741,824 bytes. The computer does not give us the "human" number because it's a computer, not human. While it could be programmed to display it to us, why bother?

    • Adam Ross
      Adam Ross 22 hours ago +2

      @Hr Gwea "So the lack of consistency is confusing for the user." No, a lack of consistency would be using both terms correctly but people being confused (like what tends to happen with mB/s vs mb/s.

      But hard drive manufacturers decided to use GB when they mean GiB which is just weird. They act like it's OK because they put on the back of the box that their version of a GB is actually not actually a GB. Imagine if you bought a 10lb box for holding flour and realize the bag only holds 100oz. You check the label and the box says "1lb = 10oz". If this was the standard for boxes, eventually, everyone would come to accept that (as they have with hard drives). But it's still weird to think: "ok, I've got 9lb of flour so I actually need at least a 15lb box to hold it since 9lb is 144oz and a 15lb box is 150oz"

    • Hr Gwea
      Hr Gwea 23 hours ago

      Network speeds have always been measured in bps (bits per second) not in B/s.
      There's no lie in advertising a product with the units of measurement used by the academia and the industry.

      In the case of GB vs GiB, this is different because some storage medium have always being advertised in GiB, such as floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, BD, whereas hard drives and flash drives are advertised in GB. So the lack of consistency is confusing for the user.

  • Eidi
    Eidi 3 days ago +18

    Thank you for being a massive TheXvidr and being outspoken on issues like this and right to repair. Thank you for bringing light to these issues and calling companies out. You're a class act.

  • PioneerBlue
    PioneerBlue 3 days ago +22

    This was a good video, but I feel like there's still a lot more that could be explored for this topic. Would love a part two.

  • Afrotechmods
    Afrotechmods 7 days ago +3111

    Mad respect that you can hang out with Elon and review his cars but still remain independent enough to call Tesla out on their marketing

    • Robert
      Robert 2 days ago

      Don't forget the Tesla Truck...

    • Kuban P
      Kuban P 2 days ago

      He has been very gentle on his critictm. Elan Musk is real big on vaporware, especially on some other projects. Tesla might be the most legit thing he does.

    • Jyuzou
      Jyuzou 2 days ago

      @Muskar, ok:

      "I think that only describes one aspect of one side." - it does, and that one side is bigger.

      "...your frustration is that you see a cult leader that people follow and you project that they're being manipulated and mislead and yet doesn't even care, but you see beyond his "charm" and find something about him and his behavior so repulsive that he needs to be taken down, I'd assume." - Yeah, the last few bits was a bit too much, but I'm really just astonished by how much people he was able to reel in. Remember the crypto bit he did? Please tell me you don't think that's not borderline criminal. Thank the heavens crypto isn't regulated. -wink wink-

      "He's not Iron Man, no. But what do you expect?" - Yes, of course I understand this. I think everyone understands this. It's the same as every other CEO out there. That's why it's so baffling to me, because every other CEO gets called out for their BS.

      "I literally said it was in my first paragraph." - To be fair, you said "some". And by how you've started one paragraph with basically saying "I'm not an expert in technologies related to Hyperloop" is that you're leaning towards, again, giving him the benefit of the doubt on this thing. I know Hyperloop is just his publicity thing and that he's not gonna go through with it. We're not stupid, - or I wish I could say that because, again, the majority believe this crap. "It's just a hockey table inside a vacuum, it's not that hard!", lol.

      "I think that shows your bias, because the media is just as flooded with cynicism." - I think this shows your bias, because I'm not saying that all of them are "feel-good" articles and pieces; I'm saying that, specifically, most of Musk's pieces are "feel-good" content. Musk even made it as Person of the Year, come on; they listed all of his companies, like PayPal (and that's why it's important to know who founded which company - why do you think it's so important to Musk why HE should be labeled as a founder of Tesla?) I mean, again, just look at this video's comment section alone.

      "What I think they all have in common is indeed that it's often sensationalism and not well-researched." - and that's what I'm saying, sorry if it's not clear.

      "To me, information is decent if you follow a wide range of experts and try to chase the opposition of those experts." - to you. This is you. Hats off to you for doing that. But to the majority, no. I mean, you said it yourself: fact-checking is hardly a skill most people on social media excel at. The layman just scrolls to the next post on their feed. They follow what's interesting. And what's interesting is, you said it: sensationalized content.

      "Growing a business early on can be very cutthroat, require a lot of hustle and bordering unethical things." - yes, I'm aware. He's not the only man who's like this, but others are being called out for it. Jobs, Gates, Zucc, Bezos. Rarely does Musk get called out. I'm not saying that other businessmen are saints. I'm saying that Musk almost always gets a pass from people.

      "What do I get out of it? I get exciting technology (SpaceX) and a feeling of justice against the energy and automotive industry who have also been very manipulative (especially Exxon) and extremely reluctant to make any positive change whatsoever (disregarding global negative externalities for short-term personal gains), and optimism for technology to thrive in the Anthropocene." - man, you're rooting for the wrong guy. Every other company does that as well; hide under the guise that their cause is for the benefit of mankind. Apple's doing it right now with their removal of chargers in iPhone packages. Yeah, sure, it will help, but I'm sure they did the math (selling the chargers instead of having it packaged with the iPhone is more money) and it doesn't quite line up with their stance on Right to Repair (they have been adjusting because of the backlash throughout the years, as more people become more aware of the movement, but this is another topic entirely, just to give you an example that I'm not saying that other companies are 'better' or that I'm singling out Musk). What he does isn't even environmentally-friendly upon closer inspection. I mean, if you want to go green, you don't make tunnels underground - you improve public transportation. There's also his StarLink where he's planning to deploy several satellites into space and how experts are saying that it's contributing to more debris in orbit, which will make it harder for us to launch stuff outside earth. That's just from the top of my head, too.

      "If you mean that literally, then you have not studied cognitive biases and logical fallacies. It's very common behavior. And if you pretend to be above it all yourself, then you are in denial. We are all fallible to them, and I think the best we can do is be aware of it." - you seem very intelligent, but I feel you're taking some of my statements literally. That was a rhetorical question. I'm saying that because I'm not putting myself up a pedestal. I'm literally flabbergasted that other people do not this see the other side. I don't think this has something to do with intelligence (I mean, I'm not that smart), but with how people filter their content (or, more likely, how content is delivered to them), as discussed previously. I know cognitive biases, and I know that I'm not infallible.

      "Elon was a quirky (ASD) underdog to me." - if you know Musk's history, he was never an underdog. If you go through his timeline, he was never an underdog.

    • Bellissima2k
      Bellissima2k 2 days ago +1

      @Jyuzou GM delivered 26 EV's in Q4 2021, yeah other automakers are doing fine. Biden said GM led it must be true πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Bellissima2k
      Bellissima2k 2 days ago

      @Alec Lewis Tesla's upcoming 4680 batteries are designed in house. They do currently have a partnership with Panasonic at Giga Nevada but the manufacturing and design of those battery packs are specific to Tesla vehicles.

  • Ryan Williams
    Ryan Williams Day ago +4

    The β€œ1-inch” sensor thing is mind blowing. Thank you for nudging the world toward truth. Love this video. ❀️

  • James Beer
    James Beer 3 days ago +28

    You have just blown my mind on the 1-inch sensor fact. We need to start a petition for companies to use realistic terms.

    • Deiphos Antonios
      Deiphos Antonios 11 hours ago

      Lol at least the numbers makes sense relatively (a 1/2 inch sensor being half the size of 1 inch one). In the semi-conductor (processor) world, the "nm" number means literally nothing.

  • MrShmazoo
    MrShmazoo 4 days ago +183

    This reminds me of silicon wafer processes. The β€œ5nm process” of latest-gen cpus (eg M1 max) use transistors that are actually around 20-30nm large. The β€œ5nm” is simply a marketing label, which really pisses me off.

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper 17 hours ago

      I always thought it referred to the size of the mechanism making the chips, and as such, the smallest a single component could possibly be.

    • CΓ€labrese
      CΓ€labrese 2 days ago

      Ummm what

    • JoaoVitorCD
      JoaoVitorCD 3 days ago

      The 5nm refeers to the smallest lenght of channel which the process can manufacture the transistors. Transistors have a lot of variables when modeling their behaviour, but the one which the designer have total control is the aspect ratio of the transistors, which is obtained from the dimensions of the component. The dimensions of a transistor is expressed in terms of the Width (W) and the Lenght (L) of the channel. So a 5nm process can manufacture transistors which have at least 5nm of channel lenght.

    • Bobby Pham
      Bobby Pham 3 days ago

      Wait what

    • Ops Blac
      Ops Blac 3 days ago +4

      5nm refers to the process, not the size of the transistors, the process still meant smaller transistors. Often its less to do with marketing, more to do with the consumer being unfamiliar with the actual technicality of it. I wouldn't sweat it, alot of people pretend they know about Spec Ops from playing COD.

  • Andy Slye
    Andy Slye 3 days ago +412

    My favorite is Tesla's "Potential Savings" default price for their cars which includes "potential incentives and gas savings of $4,300" πŸ˜…

    • Mitch James
      Mitch James Day ago

      @paladain55 because your taxes incentivises Tesla to build them without the need to make a profit to prevent going under. Hybrids and synthetic fuel is the future for affordable cars but Tesla getting billions from governments around the world so there is no need for them to make hybrids as world governments will not only give them money to make them but use your taxes to make them cheaper as an incentive to buy them even though it costs you much more in tax.

    • Jorge Chavez
      Jorge Chavez 2 days ago

      @paladain55 Lol toyotas have been generally shit for two decades. Only toyotas that are built like y'all fangirls claim are those from the 90s or older.

    • Mini Surf
      Mini Surf 2 days ago

      Do your own research...everyone is different. But if i have a Tesla model 3 or any fully electric car i would be saving $300 on gas a month!!!! Thats a Fact!!! Thats $3600 a year!!! Thats $18,000 savings after 5 years paying the car off! A hybrid would save me $1800 a year. Another month ill be trading my 2016 Rogue sport for a highlander hybrid. Um waiting for the Tesla Model 2!

    • paladain55
      paladain55 2 days ago +1

      @Jorge Chavez cmon the prius is just reliable like most Toyotas. Very common. Toyota prius and Ford escape hybrids all do long service lifes.

    • Jorge Chavez
      Jorge Chavez 2 days ago

      @paladain55 I'm glad that you're one of few exceptions that have had a good experience with a hybrid.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke 7 days ago +4750

    I petition camera sensors should have a naming scheme like TV’s. Maybe mm diagonal? Super easy and straightforward.

    • Ren Ren
      Ren Ren 2 days ago

      @Chrysostomos Karaliolios op has pop pppya

    • Blockbuster2033
      Blockbuster2033 3 days ago

      @Peter βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ»βΈ» That's because 4k refers to the width not the height of the image. A 4k video is 3840 pixels wide, so basically 4000.

    • William Sanders
      William Sanders 3 days ago

      @HiddenArmy Please check sentence structure before posting. I am confused by your statement / question.

    • NGC1433
      NGC1433 4 days ago

      @Blackbird Well the nomenclature has a measurement unit in it, that has nothing to do with the sensor. That's exactly as deceptive as anything tesla did.

    • Just Steve
      Just Steve 5 days ago

      @Denes K I've got motorbikes too.
      One is old and has imperial tyre sizes. 3.50 front. The newer bikes are more sensible, but the rim is still inches 🀣
      I rather enjoy the anarchy!

  • Joe Fletcher
    Joe Fletcher 2 days ago +1

    With complex tech, β€œlies” really includes anything that is unintuitive. This is a law of design that’s baked into most user facing program, simple errors in unintuitive design can grow and Metastasize into indecipherable paradox.

  • Cyba IT
    Cyba IT 4 days ago +4

    Having an actual diagram on the website with the 1-inch measurement is pretty damn deceptive though.

    Great job as always Marques, props for calling out Tesla (in a fair and unbiased way I might add) even though you are friends, or have a working relationship at least, with Elon. This is why you have everyone's respect and are on the big dollars my friend. (I realise this comment is going to get buried but whatever)

  • Error404
    Error404 3 days ago +28

    The sensor example brings up an interesting point between actual technical accuracy and getting an honest understanding across. So while not being technically accurate i do not feel it is deceptive as the rest of the products it is comparing too, the industry as a whole, tends to use the same standard. Any consumer who would care about the significance of a 1 inch sensor, is comparing too other 1 inch sensors. The value of a 1 inch sensor is significant because the quality of light gathering that implies, the optical quality, and so since if you learn its not actually that physical demension and its just a standard that has held on from a device that is now out dated, its not actually damaging.
    Its similar to focal length, which initially derives from an actual physical distance to matches the figure given. But the resulting crop and field of vue of the image is actually dependent on this distance, and the size of the sensor. So instead they quote the equivilent it would be for a 35mm camera as that was such a standard in photography for so long. At the end of the day anyone who looking at focal length cares about the crop and field of view they are getting, so a standard is more useful in comparing these things even if it is technically inaccurate.
    At what point do you change it as new people age into a hobby and industry as others age out of it, to the point people are comforable with a standard had already lost technical accuracy before their lifetime?

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper 17 hours ago

      I always understood it as being equivalent to the aperture size of an analogue camera... While not entirely correct, I feel like that understanding was really damn close to the reality of it.

    • Error404
      Error404 19 hours ago

      @bigglyguy Thats not my point. I mean it doesnt matter what size the film or sensor actually is, it matters if you are getting the experience and product quality you would expect from that description. WIth the Film example i was describing focal length, for example the iphone pro cameras are listed with focal lengths of 13, 26,and 77mm. none of these are technically accurate, The whole phone is nowhere near 77mm deep so it couldnt be, but it gives the same FOV and depth of feild as those lenses and apetures, as those focal lengths on a 35mm camera. An old standard that a photographer would be familiar with, so is more convinient to give them the information they actually care about. You dont actually care how big the sensor is REALLY, you care about the pictures it can take that is enabled by the sensor size. So if that figure has become the standard nomeclture due to an outdated design, its actually still more useful information than suddenly telling the technical truth that anyone comparing the cameras wont be familiar with.

    • bigglyguy
      bigglyguy Day ago +1

      No, because if we're talking of industry standards, digital cameras should be compared to film cameras, and a 35mm film camera uses film which is 35mm. Period. So saying 1" makes it seem it's around the same size as those old films, when actually it would be laughably small as a film.

    • megalexantros
      megalexantros Day ago


  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 2 days ago +1

    Thanks. I'm pretty certain most companies know that perception / image is (or at least can be) key to sales. Large companies definitely know that even just getting their names (and /or brand names) out there can affect what people buy. It's like how they fought for particular rules for the nutrition labels on food. That way, their product looks better for you than it actually might be. That's extremely close to false advertising in my opinion. How companies advertise can largely control perception - even perception of reality. If there's no one in society with as loud a voice, who teaches people otherwise, then a company can put "Zero Cholesterol" on a can of green beans, and people will 'buy' that, literally & figuratively. Companies know this. tavi.

  • Sommer75
    Sommer75 7 days ago +4869

    I’ve been a photographer for 10+ years and went to 5 different photography schools before that, and this is the first time i hear the true story about the 1 inch sensor. Thank you for being honest in a dishonest world.

    • Tyler
      Tyler Day ago

      @Chowdhury Ashabul Yeameen To me it sounds like this isn't a point of purchase to literally anyone

    • Chowdhury Ashabul Yeameen
      Chowdhury Ashabul Yeameen Day ago

      @Tyler To me it doesn't matter as long as all products from different companies use the same standard. I can still get the sense which sensor is larger/smaller.

    • Zaharia Ionut-claudiu
      Zaharia Ionut-claudiu Day ago

      @Ops Blac 2022 2036

    • megalexantros
      megalexantros Day ago

      @Sai Sriram lmaooo

    • megalexantros
      megalexantros Day ago

      If you went to 5 different photography schools and have 10 years of experience in the subject, then at what point do you start blaming yourself for just not caring enough to make research and discover something you didn't know?

  • D C
    D C Day ago +2

    Great video. As always.

    I will say tho… there are countless misnomers in the world, in which we still β€˜carry’. So - for the 1-inch sensor conversation - I wouldn’t boil it down to whether things are a β€˜lie’ or not, but it’s just the cultural carry-over of an original idea. There are endless examples of this. 2x4’s are actually 1.5” x 3.5” - because they would mill them down for consistency, when 80+ yrs ago they were really 2” actual x 4” actual. If anything, these are the tracings (or the provenance) to original ways.

    Why do we say β€˜cc’ for a message? Carbon copy!

    Why do she say β€˜return’? The carriage returns back on a typewriter when we finish a line of text.

    Why do we say β€˜hang up’ on a phone? Because that’s how we rested (and therefore disconnected) the phone into the gravity-based holster back then…?

    Why do we say β€˜windshield’? Because in an open-air buggy, we didn’t want wind (or bugs flying in our face)…

    So the 1-inch sensor shouldn’t have you shake your head nor have you roll your eyes… if anything it should make us scratch our head, but with delight. If anything, your description/origin-retelling was AMAZING.

    Would be fabulous if you keep that going… and do that with other tech things.

    Great work, as always…

    • G. Reaper
      G. Reaper 17 hours ago

      also, U.S. power grid:
      110 is actually, nominally 120, which acceptable ranges of 115-125. It used to be 110 though.
      220 is exactly the same story, as "110" is just half the full "220" line voltage.
      "110" and "220" also just roll of the tongue easier, and are more "pleasant" to see written perhaps?

    • @whatsapp+βžŠβž‹β“Ώβž‘βžŽβžŠβžβžβ“ΏβžŒβž’
      @whatsapp+βžŠβž‹β“Ώβž‘βžŽβžŠβžβžβ“ΏβžŒβž’ Day ago

      You won ☝️☝️
      WhatsApp only

  • Felix Tang
    Felix Tang 3 days ago

    great review as always marquess, thanks for bringing lights to all the "lies or less-of-lies", will support your channel always! Its great to see your honesty in review doesn't get polluted by the big company. Hope you keep up the good work!

  • Michal Vician
    Michal Vician 9 hours ago

    Cathodes, 1in sensors... I wish you do this more often. Videos, where you also educate and explain how things work are way more valuable than just introducing new products. Great job πŸ‘

  • Jaideep Arora
    Jaideep Arora 2 days ago

    Thank you for making videos like these Marques. That's what makes you a true reviewer. Kudos!

  • Blacktail Studio
    Blacktail Studio 6 days ago +722

    Really interesting. Always wondered about the electric car torque numbers. Well done!

    • taLLdavid
      taLLdavid 3 days ago

      Nice to see you here!

    • Mike
      Mike 4 days ago +2

      @God Slayer Always funny when Tesla fanboys have to also mention they own a Tesla and how great they are. Just can`t leave a simple comment huh?

    • God Slayer
      God Slayer 4 days ago

      what were you wondering? how else could a close to 5000# car go to 60 in less than 2 seconds? and a ultra low 9sec quarter... I have a Model S Plaid and I feel if ANYTHING Tesla undersold the car's capabilities.

    • pulloutsange
      pulloutsange 4 days ago

      I'd be more interested in "immobilization grant program" which shuts off all our vehicles. It's bizarre that everyone keeps endorsing pure electric vehicles without knowing the full consequences.

    • Plasmic
      Plasmic 4 days ago

      @MuriΓ«l Veneman reminds me of that SNL skit of the car powered by AAs

  • Steven Hurdle
    Steven Hurdle 3 days ago +1

    A long-lasting tech company β€œlie” is in storage being sold in units of 1000 instead of 1024, which adds up as you go into larger and larger amounts of storage. A 1 TB drive is typically 1000 GB, not 1024 GB as would be the typical definition. And if they’d lied all the way down the line (1 TB = only 1000 GB, 1 GB = only 1000 MB, 1 MB = only 1000 KB, and 1 KB = only 1000 bytes), then it REALLY adds up.

    This is additionally confusing because, to the best of my knowledge, RAM *is* sold in the correct 1024 increments.

  • Shaanan Walsh
    Shaanan Walsh 3 days ago

    Thanks for making videos like this. More people needed to question and not just accept what they are told.

  • Jonathan Armstrong
    Jonathan Armstrong 3 days ago +64

    Elon is the king of vaporware, I never believe his announcements until they’re fully released - they’re rarely the same

    • SuperSMT
      SuperSMT 23 hours ago

      They always deliver, just usually a bit late

    • M B
      M B 2 days ago +1

      A new Donald Trump πŸ˜‚! I must say musk is way smarter than him but he does the same kinda pattern Trump would do to get attention.

    • zack budde
      zack budde 2 days ago +6

      What's ridiculous is that he'll actually start taking down-payments for his vaporware BS

  • LES
    LES Day ago +1

    Marquis you do such a great job. I'd love to have more people with your level of integrity in mainstream entertainment and information media.

  • marsgizmo
    marsgizmo 7 days ago +708

    Love the 1-inch sensor backstory explanation!

    • Dominic Stocker
      Dominic Stocker 6 days ago

      @Eadrian Basila why would you ask someone that

    • Eadrian Basila
      Eadrian Basila 6 days ago

      Just like when you ask a guy about β€œhis size”. There’s always this +- value you need to account for lol.

    • tj
      tj 6 days ago +1

      Especially because the US measurements are defined based on the metric system. They are really just kind of aliases for metric units. That's another thing: they aren't imperia anymore, although everyone calls them that.

    • rystaldev
      rystaldev 6 days ago

      Yeah that was really interesting!

    • Charles Hyde
      Charles Hyde 6 days ago +6

      @Ananaskopf I'm measuring everyday for my job with inches and it's stupid. I'm with you on this!

  • Colton Jobes
    Colton Jobes 14 hours ago +2

    To be fair, no information is actually valuable by itself, and anyone who knows enough to care about the actual dimensions of the physical photosensitive portion of the device would know it’s not actually one inch. Since we can compare the size of sensors on one product relative to another product and they are always using the same measurement, there is no problem.

    Plus, if you imagine two companies, both with 1 inch sensors in their devices it would be ridiculous for one of those companies to be the first to switch to advertising their sensors as .67 as to the general public it would appear smaller and thus less desirable.

  • Joonas Lehtinen
    Joonas Lehtinen Day ago +1

    Would love to hear your insights on Tesla FSD. It would definitely make an interesting video on how people have paid $3-10k for "full self driving" feature that early marketing promises presented as L4+ autonomy. Elon Musk has for years confirmed FSD to be L5 autonomy and that it will be shipping "next year". Yet, feature continues to be vapor ware and Tesla refuses to FSD refund purchases while not giving any official timeline for delivery.

  • BoW Skittlez
    BoW Skittlez 3 days ago +6

    The β€˜one inch sensor’ term reminds me of how we use horsepower nowadays to equate engine performance but not relating to actual hoses anymore

    • Pocnit
      Pocnit Day ago

      @tiedtke. Who doesn't like a wet and slippery hose?

    • tiedtke.
      tiedtke. 2 days ago +1

      Yes, I remember riding those great hoses. So fun. So wet.

  • Gianluca Angeletti
    Gianluca Angeletti 2 days ago +1

    Combustion vehicles have something called transmission that multiply torque and reduce angular speed in output. Tesla Roadster should still have 1 Gear ratios that puts out 10,000Nm but if you do some math considering the first gear ratios in a CV, you will figure out that 10,000Nm is not a really big number or at least not something out of this world. Still love the Roadster vibe

  • Tiberiu Chibici
    Tiberiu Chibici 6 days ago +413

    My biggest issue with these "lies" (even when technically they are not lying) is that they are meant to deceive, and make people think their products are better than they actually are.

    • J Arnold
      J Arnold 2 days ago

      @Eisenhower303 The auto industry definitely likes to embellish. The 5 foot roll out thing for 0-60 times is an industry standard though, all 0-60 times you see account for this

    • Mtin
      Mtin 3 days ago

      @Eisenhower303 they’re trying to keep the Tesla fanboys happy

    • Eisenhower303
      Eisenhower303 4 days ago

      @MechaPlays Other car companies do not do this shit. Or at least they aren't constantly doing it

    • Rav1oliRav1oli
      Rav1oliRav1oli 5 days ago

      Petition to add a word to the dictionary.. 'Micropulations' : The use of small deceptive statements or phrases that falsely represent a product's true specification with intent to boost sales, profit or status.

    • Adebisi Said
      Adebisi Said 5 days ago +1

      It’s called posturing! Observe people and you’ll see it and laugh at the absurdity of human behaviour. Any setting! Lmao 🀣

  • [Juliya ]πŸ‘ˆπ“•**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• πŸ’—

    Here's another fun one, 1 actual horse = 15 horsepower so when an automaker says "the power of 400 horses" they want you to think that's 400hp but in reality it would be closer to 6,000hp!

  • Cody Charfauros
    Cody Charfauros 4 days ago +3

    The 1” sensor refers to the similar β€œlook” all such imagers have, particularly depth of field due to the larger ability to capture larger overlaps of the circles of confusion.

  • Lucas Duffield
    Lucas Duffield Day ago +10

    Marques, I worked for Tesla for 2 years and I can you that your level of dissapointment was felt by 1000's of customers. We were told to send emails to customers to start ordering cars with Full Self Driving in early 2017. Tesla will typically announce a new "product" everytime another one is delayed. Model Y got announced to distract from the full self driving hardware being delayed and Tesla Semi / Roadster / Cybertruck were all used as distractions for other delays. Guarantee Tesla will make another product announcement the longer Cyber truck and roadster get delayed.

  • pswamy
    pswamy 2 days ago

    I want to share my personal experience with Tesla regarding this. I got delivery of a new Model Y last month and just recently discovered on my own that the front console USB-C ports are missing and that the wireless charging is not functional. After doing some googling, it appears this has been a common issue over the last few months due to the supply chain issues. My gripe is that this was never communicated to me when I picked up my new vehicle (which I paid full price for in good faith that it was a fully functioning vehicle as advertised), and I had to discover this on my own. I'm currently going through the process of getting this serviced, but am getting the run around on if I can get any sort of restitution for this (ex credit for 1000 free supercharging miles) which would go a long way to restore good faith.

  • Linton C. Hedley
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    Tech companies must have a 'Hate how much I Love you' kinda relationship with MKBHD . . .

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      β€œNo more review units for you…” s/

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    The Channel "Engineering explained " did a great break down on this. that 1.99 wasn't just done with rollout, there was track glue down too. Another grip aid from the drag world.

    • J Arnold
      J Arnold 2 days ago

      Yep. For what it's worth though, the one foot roll out is industry standard and all of the 0-60 times you see are measured this way. What's even more interesting is if you look at 5-60 times, they are always a good bit slower than 0-60. For example, Car and Driver reports that the 2021 Supra does 0-60 in 3.8 seconds (one foot rollout of 0.3 seconds excluded) and a rolling 5-60 time of 4.4 seconds. The 5-60 times can't take advantage of launch control so it's more representative of what you'll experience driving in normal conditions. Interesting stuff

  • effizzybabe4u
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    I love your videos Marques but alot of what you said went over my head. I still watched till the end because a small part of me was hoping that I'd finally catch on! Keep up the good work!

  • Imran Sheikh
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    Totally right on video (as always). My only nitpick would be that, in fairness, concept cars *in general* are never meant to be production cars, for any car manufacturer, not just the 2-3 examples you showed. Not that these big corporations need me defending them, just saying.

  • devisionhun
    devisionhun 4 days ago +1

    Good pairing of the sensor and 0-60… Porsche was pretty clear when the Taycan came out, that they are not drag racers, but engineers, and 0-100kmh is *ZERO* to 100kmh. And not once on some random strip with whatever rollout beams and such, but every launch, every time, any consecutive times.
    I feel like Porsche would make the 1-inch sensor exactly 1 inch in diameter (or more likely have it in metric)

  • EricBlackmonGuitar
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    I have to give it to you Marques. You are a very smart man.

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      @Az21 I never mentioned me being modest try again

    • Az21
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      @girlsdrinkfeck You're not being modest though. You're turning a simple compliment into a divisive political argument.

    • Cypher
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      He was smart before you gave it to him

    • Volt HD
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      @Jyuzou I mean he has the right to sue those companies who broke the consumer rights as they fooled their customers in making false claims, but he stuck to the safer side just in case ...

    • Volt HD
      Volt HD 6 days ago +3

      @Jyuzou He's playing safe/defending himself not to get banned from companies like Tesla... , who send him review units; he can't attack the companies those send him free stuff.

  • FlorianEagox
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    Fantastic job Marques! Hoping this sort of call-out will influence at least part of the industry in a positive direction!

  • new ibas
    new ibas 3 days ago

    Characteristics are relative, and when we specialist, hear such we definitely understand, and another thing is that mass production is difficulty as compared to single design so you can't blame companies much for the delay. The prototype can meet the high tech standard but the mass produce slights over.

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    This was such a great vid. This is why I watch you. You're informative in ways that fascinates and intrigues. I could watch more vids on content like this.

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin 4 days ago

    Part of the problem, and I know I've seen it in my own industry, R&D comes up with something good and useful with a goal to make it do "X, Y and Z". Then the sales team takes it to market purporting that it will do all those things, but the bugs haven't quite been worked out or whatever the case, and you're left with a product that my do "Y and Z" but just can't quite do "X" very well. Happens all the time. Marketing goals are simply not the same as R&D reality.

  • RER
    RER 3 days ago +1

    MKB - I love your work, I really do, but ... OK, I know the roadster hype is near and dear to your heart, so I am not mad about you exposing the hype as basically a lie, but there on the same stage you showed was the Tesla Semi. That is a vaporware product. It is not mathematically or economically viable. To be clear, if the opportunity arose, I could ignore the Musklies(TM) and be a happy owner of the new roadster, but the Tesla Semi is sheer child-minded idiocy. It is a better example of vaporware than anything you produced.

    Also, just a side note: as contorted as sensor measurements are - please keep in mind that legacy units like inch and mile are exactly as crappy on the same basis. The metric system is has a few issues, but every other system is complete crap. It is really strange to complain about anything measured in inches, it is already arcane and imprecise just being in inches. I understand it is easier to just use what everyone else is using, but really that's a lame excuse.

    VEGANSAM 2 days ago

    As I watched this...& learned things I didn't know...things that really bothered me...at the end, the most prominent thought in my mind was: Thank you, Marques... I/we truly & sincerely appreciate you, your clarity, your delivery, & most of all, your integrity. Period.

  • sailaab
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    Thank youπŸ™‡πŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ for keeping it crisp, yet packing sooo manyπŸ‘πŸΌ instances... *_and not being melodramatic or over the top_* in your voiceover/ narration.

    Please remain so.
    The un-TheXvidyness of the production is a *BIG* hook for me at-least.

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    Thanks! Marques for your stellar concern as a tech reviewer for con$umers interested in new products and ideas.

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    The way DJI literally had iconography showing a 1” diagonal measurement. Likely a misunderstanding by marketing but feels worse.

    • AJF
      AJF 3 days ago

      Typical Chinese

    • Jesus Gonzalez
      Jesus Gonzalez 6 days ago

      How many years did you feed us apple lies and now you THINK you can expose WHAT???

    • thecianinator
      thecianinator 6 days ago

      Somebody at that company with marketing oversight definitely saw that mistake and intentionally let it pass.

    • Ops Blac
      Ops Blac 6 days ago +2

      Sensor sizes are based on film standards, so they aren't wrong, you're just not reading it up, they give the real dimensions on sensor spec sheets. 1" sensors are still bigger than those smaller than a 1" one.

    • Gunnar Bjarki
      Gunnar Bjarki 6 days ago

      yeah, that's straight up lying!

  • Steven Hatfield
    Steven Hatfield Day ago +1

    5:09 There's no such thing as "engine torque" in an electric vehicle (for obvious reasons) so wheel torque is all that they have to report on. The other cars, like the 770 lb/ft Demon, lost 15% of that torque at the wheels, so it is actually even MORE impressive!

  • Abanoub Shahid
    Abanoub Shahid 3 days ago +2

    Please make a video on iMessage, and how their words ring a bit empty. Especially when the case with Epic forced them to release documents saying that IMessage is the way it safeguards " iPhone families from getting their kids android phones" according to Craig Federighi.

  • Matthew Hynds
    Matthew Hynds 4 days ago +1

    Yeah, the whole "1-inch sensor" thing is definitely an egregious hangover from the past - and a lie - and it would be great if you could start referring to them by their true dimensions and gradually force the industry to reform this foolishness. I for one would appreciate it.

  • ilhadi
    ilhadi 3 days ago

    Sometimes it's just a question of the PR/marketing department oversimplifying certain tech specs, to the protest of the engineering team.

  • Sam
    Sam 6 days ago +530

    Another misconception: Transistors.
    When a company markets their product to have a new 5nm technology, 14nm, 28nm, etc… its usually a marketing tool. If you were to cross-section these chips and measure their nodes (using a high magnification electron microscope such as SEM, TEM, STEM), you would get varying results +/- 10nm. Meaning, it is possible to measure ~10-15nm for a transistor that is claimed to be 5nm,

    • jxmiie
      jxmiie 5 days ago

      @Sam Yeah, thanks for the explanation. The marketing teams of companies have made this so complicated

    • Malak Chakir
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    • Sam
      Sam 6 days ago

      Perhaps using 5nm FinFETs is a bad example from my original comment due to its more complex structure. However, say I had to determine that a certain chip uses CMOS architecture 45nm process. Generally, when I cross-section these, I could measure 51nm, 55nm, at its gate. And then it is up to our best judgment (based on the average measurements) to determine its process. Since no manufacturer would use the naming scheme 51nm process, the closest number we can say is 45nm process (since this is how the part was marketed).

    • Sam
      Sam 6 days ago

      @Riley Nexus Yup!

    • Sam
      Sam 6 days ago

      @jxmiie Yes, you are correct. The term "5nm process" is simply a naming scheme and is not a reflection of their geometry.

      Generally, with CMOS transistors (>28nm), you would measure its gate length to approximate the chip process (more straight forward). I would see those more often in the lab.

      With today's new FinFETs (3D structure), measuring its "fin" alone is insufficient. For instance, to determine a 14nm lithography process, you would measure the Fin pitch, width, and height (example: theoretically, intel's 14nm should have 42nm pitch, 8nm width, 42nm height; Samsung's 14nm should have 48nm pitch , 8nm width, 37nm height.). However, these measurements would often vary when you start measuring them (depending on which part of the chip you are looking at, manufacturer, etc.) .

      I guess what I'm trying to convey here is similar to MKBHD - a lot of these "names" are mere tools and is not a reflection of its actual geometry.

  • Earl Jeremy
    Earl Jeremy 19 hours ago +1

    I like hearing the truth about this sort of thing. I never would have known about the 1" sensor thing if you didn't tell me.

  • Vaughn Kachanoski
    Vaughn Kachanoski Day ago +1

    You stated that the 1" sensor claim was totally based on the size of the tube necessary to house the sensor to achieve a 1.0 type sensor - correct me if I am inaccurate. What you failed to correlate is the function of the lens and distance to the sensor. These are also both variables in the old tube test. I argue that a 1.0 type sensor also accounts for the lens quality, strength and distance to the sensor from the lens - all of which are likely more difficult in a small phone scenario.

  • Mike Coshan
    Mike Coshan 4 days ago +2

    Car wow has tested the model S Plaid from a standing start to 60mph at 2.40 seconds (it seems weird to argue about 0.40 seconds ) though I suppose for accuracy it might be important to the well heeled consumer

  • Eduard PertΓ­Γ±ez
    Eduard PertΓ­Γ±ez 15 hours ago +1

    CRT diagonal sizes where also taking into account a percentage that was actually lost behind the frame. Luckily when flat screens came to the market, they removed this percentage, even when, at the begining they were somehow applying it also if I am not mistaken.

  • Jalal Hosseini
    Jalal Hosseini 7 days ago +191

    The sensor size measurement is exactly similar to how we still use "horsepower" as a unit for measuring power. As new technology/devices comes out, we still need a way to compare it to existing one. The problem is that after a while those old techs are not relevant anymore.

    • Xenon0000000000001
      Xenon0000000000001 4 days ago

      @Joshua Kerekes There's actually a metric horsepower called PS, from the German word PferdestΓ€rke meaning horsepower.

    • Jesus Gonzalez
      Jesus Gonzalez 6 days ago

      How many years did you feed us apple lies and now you THINK you can expose WHAT???

    • The Void
      The Void 6 days ago

      @Timothy Clark lmao, stop corporate pleasing mate

    • Caleb Harris
      Caleb Harris 6 days ago +3

      @Timothy Clark he didn’t call it a lie. He even posed the question, β€œ how do you feel? Lie or not” he’s just showing the false narrative of the 1 inch measurement. Open your ears more

    • Graham Nelson
      Graham Nelson 6 days ago

      @Anankin12 You just described HP, which is a function of torque and RPM. HP = (Torque x RPM)/5252

  • Nava da'Sky
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    Proud of people like you bro keep up the good work

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael Bergantzel 2 days ago

    Surprised that you felt it necessary to make a video about this. It shows a)generally our society intelligence is on a major decline or b)certain people think that, generally, our society intelligence is on a major decline. Not sure which is more sad.

    1-inch sensor - "not a lie, if you know what you are talking about". Isn't that true of nearly everything? Pretty easy to find out how things are measured.

  • LMS
    LMS 3 days ago

    I mean the one inch thing took up a bit more of this video then needed haha but it was interesting to learn why it was called that to begin with. Didnt know the mechanics of the cameras from way back

  • Jj Hh
    Jj Hh 2 days ago

    I like how you don’t call out companies for actual lies besides xiaomi and huawei. Gotta keep those review units coming in eh?

  • Quantum
    Quantum 2 days ago

    Another lie from tech companies that seems to fly under the radar is the "x nm" process for silicon dies. It often fools tech reviewers enough to state that one chip is better because it uses a 5nm node size rather than the 7nm node size of another chip. The node size has absolutely zero bearing on the physical feature size of a chip, it's a version number and nothing more. What's even worse is that one company's 7nm process will be completely different than another's 10nm, the 10nm process may even be better for performance.

  • Candace 𝔽**БК ΠœΠ• - БНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Π β„πŸ˜π”½π•€π•ƒΠ•πŸ’›

    As a linguist and an English teacher, this "1-inch sensor" thing is right up my alley! Just the other day I was telling my students how "turn on" ended up becoming "switch on" because of technological advancements, from a knob, which we would turn, to a switch. And nowadays we have "power on" on our cellphones. Studying languages and how and why it's changed is just so much fun!

  • Keith Murakata
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    Hands down the best video I have watched in months…I am so much more informed. Thank You πŸ™πŸ½

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    MAN this channel is getting super interesting. Great approach on the tech topic, super informative and structured. Thanks for that!

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    I'm in agreement that these lying tech companies should be called out when they are blatantly caught lying.

  • Astro143_
    Astro143_ 3 days ago

    Another one that I didnt learn for a while is that a conventional speaker driver is not measured by the diameter of the cone, but by the diameter of the mounting holes. so an 8 inch speaker driver has an 8 inch mounting diameter, and is actually 7.5/7" on the cone itself.

  • Emma  πŸ‘ˆπ“•**БК ΠœΠ• - Π‘ΠΠ•π“’π“š π“œπ“¨ Р𝓑0π“•π“˜π“›Π• πŸ’—

    I can’t see it becoming any less of an issue unfortunately - if anything, the more complex the tech becomes, the easier it is to fool the average consumer with meaningless specs, cause they have less and less of an idea on how the tech is actually working - Great vid though, we should keep calling it out when we spot it

  • TheSweetVillain
    TheSweetVillain 4 days ago

    As long as the laws allow it, companies will take advantages of this gaps in order to fool people and boost sales.

  • just some random car guy

    Good to see someone learning more and more about cars and stating facts

  • Sam Sheffer
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    this was a fun topic for a video. my bet is first roadsters ship end of 2023 (but we all know elon time)

    what about cybertruck though...

    also, kudos to the studio graphics team

    • J B
      J B 6 days ago

      @John Barber Part of Euro NCAP test is vehicle collision with a pedestrian.
      As far as I remember CT is build from 0.5" steel. This won't absorb any of the impact and won't deform like traditional materials. Not to mention sharp edges on the car.

    • Oscar Martinez
      Oscar Martinez 6 days ago

      @Adam Wilson id bet money we don’t get cybertruck early next year either….

      Funny; first to announce en ev pick up truck and last to actually produce one. Bummer though.

    • John Barber
      John Barber 6 days ago

      @J B I still don't understand. What about pedestrian collision?

    • J B
      J B 6 days ago

      @John Barber Pedestrian collision.

    • John Barber
      John Barber 6 days ago

      @J B Every Tesla vehicle has had top safety scores. I don't expect the CT to be any different. What makes you think it wouldn't pass in Europe?

      That being said, it's my understanding that the CT will likely be US only, and that Tesla will come out with a smaller truck down the road that would work better for European roads and such.

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    I'm impressed and thankful you care!
    By the way I am trying to be like your impressive heart for the job!
    Thanks for inspiring!

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    ..Great as always ✌

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    I don't have a problem with things like the 1" sensor size or the 0-60 time with a roll out as long as all companies use the same metric. I remember when audio companies started using PMPO wattage numbers over RMS because PMPO was so much larger. It was shady then till people woke up about it and this wheel torque number seems like it's just a repeat of that nonsense. These companies prey on people not really knowing that there's a actual difference in the measurement and try to sneak on past with a larger number.

  • Ze G
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    I think it's pretty legit to report wheel tourque. I mean in the end this is what the user cares about

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    I always tell my wife "it may look like 6 inches but it smells like a foot!" Sony is probably using the same hyperbole.

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    When has Tesla ever delivered anything on time and as promised?

  • gsdfgshertyerh
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    the lengths tech bros and elon stans go to defend his lies, mistruths, omissions, whatever tf you want to call them are astonishing. just do the right thing and call him out

  • Michael Heider
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    Im surprised no one built a roadster on a mod3 base.
    We should remember, there is a difference between what can be built and what can be sold at a profit.

  • snakexpert552
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    The most popular one is always "12 hour battery life" or some general statement as if you're experience with that device is going to be the one you claim. But that "12 hour" calculation is made with a ton of asterisks that aren't how normal people use their phone

    • β€Œβ€downtownswifty
      β€Œβ€downtownswifty 6 days ago

      @BeActive Behappy you have a magic phone fr. I also heavy use on my Iphone 13 and done in 7-8hours

    • Sabersz
      Sabersz 6 days ago +1

      @Prabh Saini I personally still consider 1080p to be AMAZING on phones. 720p looks grainy and I've honestly not been around a 1440p / 2160p screen long enough to tell the difference. It matters if you're looking at, say, a TV. I'm sat in front of my 32in 1080p TV right now playing on my racing simulator and I can see individual pixels. Quite big actually lol

    • Prabh Saini
      Prabh Saini 6 days ago

      @PatalJunior ive never understood why resolution matters on phones, shouldn’t phone resolution be measured in ppi? i mean if you cant see the pixels, why go further?

    • Mike Harrison
      Mike Harrison 6 days ago

      The asterisk says "under normal use" so you can trust it will be the same

    • Sabersz
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      @BeActive Behappy give it a year your battery will shrink down to barely a day.

  • John De Goes
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    Thank you so much for taking your job so seriously, you're an example that all reviewers should follow. Educating an audience is one of the most difficult tasks for any content creator, and you do a great job at it. Onwards!

  • JoeCoolMan24
    JoeCoolMan24 2 days ago

    As someone who sells TVs, I hate the misrepresentation of "Refresh rate" listen in each brand's marketing terms and totally confusing customers who are trying to compare boxes.

  • Thomas Fernandes
    Thomas Fernandes Day ago +1

    It's definitely a lie, because all the diagrams show a "sensor" and then the size increase to 1 inch.
    Even if it's just a technicality, I think it's quite despicable that these huge companies are still trying to finesse people so blatantly. Can't we just be more honest?

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    The competition is so aggressive that the CEOs, the companies and the marketing dpts are exaggerating in crazy levels. Phone cameras is the biggest example. There are tons of cases not only in tech stuff. More interesting will be when they actually say the truth!

    • HenryViii Fake
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      At least the camera will still take photos. Most of the stuff that comes out of Elon's mouth is 🧒.

    • samhel6
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      Hope more bloggers talk about this! In every category possible’ ! Even music now days is so fake and exaggerated.. all electronics as this video mentions

    • mrED
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      @Sophie Edel keep in mind Elon isn't tesla, he was just the presenter then. Also as the video stated they didn't lie about it, if your entertained enough to complain about it you'd read the fine print that most really don't care about.

    • Aryan S
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      @Sophie Edel and Porsche is owned by VG, the same group that lied about their emissions lmao

    • Aryan S
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      @Sophie Edel Tesla still better

  • W M
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    What about Tesla calling their not-so-fully-self-driving software an FSD? I think that’s a very harmful lie.

  • Nathan Bradforth
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    I have another one for you, the plaid model s is advertised as having 1020hp at the motors, however someone has just done a 4 wheel dyno that bolts to the axles and not on the tyres and low and behold it has 1102hp at the wheels which equates to about 1300bhp at the crank

  • Alex Coman
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    Sometimes after I've reaserched the crap out of something I like to go to tech shops and ask employees who work there tech questions and just watch them bullshit me instead of saying 'you know what, I have no idea, let me check'.

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    bumweaselsr 3 days ago

    Such a wonderful video, clear and concise and taught me something new, the way I like it. Most sites talk about things that I already know about so nothing new. I just subscribed to this site because I was taught something new (1.0 type sensor). Well done sir.

  • Vitor Perez
    Vitor Perez 5 days ago +274

    As a linguist and an English teacher, this "1-inch sensor" thing is right up my alley! Just the other day I was telling my students how "turn on" ended up becoming "switch on" because of technological advancements, from a knob, which we would turn, to a switch. And nowadays we have "power on" on our cellphones. Studying languages and how and why they've changed is just so much fun!

    • UTubeRangerBob
      UTubeRangerBob 3 days ago

      TV and radio shows use to say they were 'transcribed' when they weren't broadcast live. Now we say recorded. We still commonly say that we are 'filming' when recording with digital media. Ads for televisions use to refer to the tube size, now they say picture or screen size. Most people still refer to the accelerator pedal as the gas pedal, but that will change as we make the change to electric vehicles. The '1-inch' sensor should go away as well.

    • Rakshith G
      Rakshith G 3 days ago


    • Julia Fletcher
      Julia Fletcher 3 days ago

      @shahriar af we still use ISO. It used to be that 100 was just a standardized film sensitivity, but now it's just the default sensitivity on a given digital camera, making it mean essentially nothing

    • shahriar af
      shahriar af 4 days ago +5

      @Hans Industrial standards (and their related terms) get reviewed, revised, and renewed every year. I wonder why this one magically has not changed through all these years and companies insist on using the old term for a modern irrelevant product (using a term suitable for vacuum tubes when talking about digital sensors).

    • Hans
      Hans 4 days ago +4

      But then again, the 1" sensor is based on an industry standard. So I don't see that one as a problem or even a lack of evolution. It enables anyone who knows what they are talking about to make a comparison. It's also a little bit like the megapixel race we used to have with cameras. Most people don't even know how to interpret that, all they know is that the bigger the number, the better the picture will look.

  • MacBookAir1324
    MacBookAir1324 Day ago +1

    This is why I love Porsche. They claim 0-60 (and many other times and figures) that are VERY easily achieved by the biggest moron behind the wheel. Most of the time they are quite a bit faster. This lets me respect them much much more than brands, claiming much better times than they actually are.

  • Mickinet Systems
    Mickinet Systems 4 days ago

    We need this. Tech police is needed asap. We've all been fooled a couple of times by tech companies

  • Ludwig Schmidt
    Ludwig Schmidt 4 days ago +6

    The important thing is consistency. The 1-inch sensor is consistent at least.
    We should really just move over to wheel torque anyway, since there isn’t really a comparable metric to engine torque in electric cars.

  • adfaklsdjf
    adfaklsdjf 3 days ago

    Sony's "1-inch" marketing doesn't bother me much considering the prevailing industry trends _and_ their asterisk/footnote. The DJI marketing shown included an icon with a 1" and a diagonal line which felt more dishonest.. but I think Marques hit it on the nose when he said we should be calling these "1.0 type".. I think that's the way to transition the industry.. you don't have to redefine the "inch" size of every sensor.. you can make more of a lateral transition from "1-inch" to "1.0-type"

  • Parker Floris
    Parker Floris 7 days ago +395

    Good Breakdown Marques and team - nice to have an overview of all of these marketing strategies in the tech industry :))

    • Zylox
      Zylox 7 days ago +2

      @Phone Iphone oh this…., most people don’t know, not because i am one of them but it’s true because not everyone is really into technology (or watch these videos).

    • BT
      BT 7 days ago

      Not lies though are they

    • Carlos Armas
      Carlos Armas 7 days ago

      No decir toda la verdad es mentir ...

    • Phone Iphone
      Phone Iphone 7 days ago

      like Marques, but you do realise this β€œbreakdown” is quite obvious facts, nothing new?!

    • Al B Dough
      Al B Dough 7 days ago

      Uber and Lyft: β€œBe your own boss.”
      Facebook: β€œFree and always will be.”
      Elon Musk: β€œTeslas will be built on Mars in 40 years.”
      Saying techies lie is like saying lava is hot.

  • Bookman 72
    Bookman 72 2 days ago

    This is like Motion Rate and Refresh Rate. Companies can get away with crap like this because there is no one holding them to a specific standard and most consumers are too lazy to figure it out.