When Dads got EVEN MORE McDonald's paper straw hacks 🥤

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • When Dads got EVEN MORE McDonald's paper straw hacks 🥤
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    See what happens when Dad RETURNS to hack the McDonald's paper straw epidemic! 😂Has he thought of better straw hacks this time? OR...is should he try AGAIN? 🤔😂
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Comments • 1 804

  • AidanTheShort
    AidanTheShort 11 minutes ago

    “Were not harming the planet” *destroys pandas good* (sad nibba hour)

  • Ryder McSpider
    Ryder McSpider 7 hours ago

    Because you could use a toilet paper roll a shower had a cigarette

  • olivia playz
    olivia playz 8 hours ago

    Bite the bottem of a ice cream cone?

  • Tyler Helms
    Tyler Helms 23 hours ago

    What’s more funny her laugh or him messing up

  • Horse.gymnastics.swim.repeat

    Use twizzelars

  • WhatHappensNext
    WhatHappensNext Day ago

    Or just take the lid off

    LF4GAMES 3 days ago +1

    He needs to get one of them double drink helmets

  • Supermariotom 362
    Supermariotom 362 3 days ago

    Yes maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate

  • Jack Maloney
    Jack Maloney 4 days ago

    The laughing makes it ten times better

  • Mason O’meara
    Mason O’meara 4 days ago

    Use a cable wire

  • Safi Hurley
    Safi Hurley 5 days ago

    Lollipop sticks! Tasty and it works

  • siwel 193427
    siwel 193427 7 days ago

    Buiscuit wafer straws😁😁

  • Anthyfield
    Anthyfield 7 days ago


  • Hannah
    Hannah 7 days ago

    Waiting for Ladbaby to do his environmentally friendly straws business like....

  • Penny Southern
    Penny Southern 7 days ago

    Do the straw troll on your mum an dad.

  • Brett Gregory
    Brett Gregory 8 days ago


  • Stella Artois
    Stella Artois 9 days ago

    Omg this was hilarious! Thanks for giving me some good belly laughs. Yes Mate!!!!!

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans 9 days ago

    all the snorkel pipe the petrol thing are plastic, half of these are plastic. U may aswell just use store bought plastic straws haha

  • family friendly me
    family friendly me 11 days ago +1

    Am i the onlyone that doesent die by drinking from the cup?

  • Edward Lucas
    Edward Lucas 11 days ago

    Best one is probably bamboo
    Like if agree

  • l2 hrs
    l2 hrs 12 days ago

    i love this dude 👌🏼

    BROTHER TN 15 days ago

    Paper straws taste like shit! Had my first paper straw @Starbucks... it was horrible so I stole a plastic straw from the restaurant next door to Starbucks.

  • Concepta Burgoyne
    Concepta Burgoyne 15 days ago

    Oh you crack me up.so funny made my evening

  • IceArdor
    IceArdor 15 days ago

    Yessssss maaaate

  • CS Knecht
    CS Knecht 16 days ago

    Genius! 🙋🏼

  • Brixght Day
    Brixght Day 16 days ago

    Idk why but I’ve been watching LadBaby for hours and just realised that I didn’t sub now I have.

  • Aleena Ashraf
    Aleena Ashraf 16 days ago

    I saw you at McDonald’s

  • Alpha Zule
    Alpha Zule 17 days ago

    Try using a Pringle can

  • Kian Webb
    Kian Webb 17 days ago


  • Harry Haisjvdd
    Harry Haisjvdd 17 days ago

    Hey my dad used to be mates with the women he went school w her n was gd mates

  • Lilly Wilkie
    Lilly Wilkie 17 days ago

    Use a McFlurry spoon because they work really well


  • Zoomanata
    Zoomanata 18 days ago +1

    Next time you can use those askeys cafe curls (those chocolate crunchy curly things you put on ice cream)

  • wooders90
    wooders90 18 days ago

    Take the ink out and use the plastic casing on a biro

  • fortnite savetheworld
    fortnite savetheworld 18 days ago +1

    Go subway and take lots of straws and keep them in your car

  • Cameron Junior
    Cameron Junior 19 days ago

    or just ... use a metal straw

    GV _SLAUGHTER 19 days ago

    just don't use a straw

  • Jackson Morgan
    Jackson Morgan 19 days ago

    When u get ur drink ask for a coffe lid and put it on the top

  • Ella Shields
    Ella Shields 19 days ago

    quick milk straws 😉😂

  • Ella Shields
    Ella Shields 19 days ago +1

    you could have like the chocolate straws with like I can’t explain it😂

  • keri baker
    keri baker 19 days ago

    Im dying! The pet water bottle attach it to your car window!!! Love it! Try sour silly straws or aluminium foil

  • Karla K Fox
    Karla K Fox 20 days ago

    You two are my new best friends!!!!!!!

  • MindyLynn
    MindyLynn 21 day ago

    How about just use a straw!

  • Kieran
    Kieran 21 day ago

    Or you could just take off the lid and drink it.

  • Aleks Baranski
    Aleks Baranski 22 days ago

    Use plastic straw

  • Riyan Gamez
    Riyan Gamez 23 days ago

    The first one looks so wrong

  • mummyeli
    mummyeli 23 days ago

    Lol u make funny vidos

  • mummyeli
    mummyeli 23 days ago


  • Sherri Mohn
    Sherri Mohn 24 days ago

    You guys brighten my day!! Love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Oz Flips54321
    Oz Flips54321 24 days ago


  • Loulou Field
    Loulou Field 25 days ago

    The lady laughing in the background made me crack up the whole time

  • Courtesy bog3
    Courtesy bog3 27 days ago

    Mans a definite essex boi and the siphon is the jaywick option

  • Arabian Princess
    Arabian Princess 28 days ago

    I mean are straws really THAT necessary? I mean why cant ppl just simply drink straight out the cup? They are literally the easiest thing to ditch

  • Ethan Israeli
    Ethan Israeli 28 days ago

    What about a pipete like the ones they use in a lab?

  • jackie ramsbottom
    jackie ramsbottom 28 days ago +2

    I loveeee the long one I’m gonna get one and stuff it in my wine bottle on the floor saves me keep filling my glass up xxxx keep smiling

  • Viviana Pizarro
    Viviana Pizarro 29 days ago

    Too funny!!!❤

  • Noble Craze
    Noble Craze Month ago

    They use pasta straws in my local Italian restaurant

  • Quantum
    Quantum Month ago +1


  • crocky 55
    crocky 55 Month ago

    That pasta one was good 🤣🤣

  • Amanda S
    Amanda S Month ago

    Why are the comments disabled on nearly all your videos?????????

    • Kyle Clarkson
      Kyle Clarkson Month ago

      Your welcome

    • Amanda S
      Amanda S Month ago

      Kyle Clarkson thanx for letting me know mate. 👍🏻

    • Amanda S
      Amanda S Month ago

      Kyle Clarkson wow how pathetic. They’ve only blocked some though so that doesn’t make sense. Your right they’re bloody stupid

    • Kyle Clarkson
      Kyle Clarkson Month ago

      Amanda S because TheXvid are blocking comments in every video that involves kids or see kids in videos TheXvid is stupid

  • annie 01
    annie 01 Month ago

    paper towel roll. like if u think he should try it.

  • TheNick7457
    TheNick7457 Month ago

    This is far out

  • Michaelflash123s stuff

    Is this British? It bloody seems like it.

  • Zane Tur
    Zane Tur Month ago +1

    When he said *”Biodegradable😯”*

    I felt that 😪

  • Rayan Ashfaq
    Rayan Ashfaq Month ago

    Take the lid off

  • CloudZ
    CloudZ Month ago

    I mean pandas need bamboo

  • TylerB
    TylerB Month ago

    My local McDonald’s still gives out plastic straws, in my opinion the cups and everything should be made out of bamboo

  • Jimmy Cornwell
    Jimmy Cornwell Month ago

    Your wife’s the best wife ever

  • Manturtle 988
    Manturtle 988 Month ago


  • George_ W_O
    George_ W_O Month ago

    Percussion Plus PP3030 Red Plastic Wind Whistler www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MZ05N8S/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_3SS.CbN5XETMR

  • Leon Bradić
    Leon Bradić Month ago

    mans bloody mental