When Dads got EVEN MORE McDonald's paper straw hacks 🥤

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • When Dads got EVEN MORE McDonald's paper straw hacks 🥤
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    See what happens when Dad RETURNS to hack the McDonald's paper straw epidemic! 😂Has he thought of better straw hacks this time? OR...is should he try AGAIN? 🤔😂
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Comments • 1 646

  • Nickw
    Nickw 6 hours ago

    what milkshake is that

  • Gracie Fitzsimons
    Gracie Fitzsimons 7 hours ago

    Do it with a Nerf gun

  • jade and more
    jade and more 8 hours ago


  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies 8 hours ago

    Use the McFlurry straws they have holes on either end ive tried it and it works

  • No one Ever.
    No one Ever. 8 hours ago

    Right I’m buying twizlers

  • Dachshundlover123
    Dachshundlover123 14 hours ago

    The WD40 has a plastic straw

  • The hockey player 17
    The hockey player 17 17 hours ago

    Do a small pool noodle

  • Jason Vorhees
    Jason Vorhees 18 hours ago

    God stop laughing the bitch in the back ground is annoying as hell

    BAMN ROBB 19 hours ago +1

    Or you could just bring your own straws

  • Metronome Music
    Metronome Music 20 hours ago

    5:25 anyone else think it was going to be windex?

  • Craig The oh no no
    Craig The oh no no Day ago +1

    McDonald’s: hmm we should have paper straws McFlurry has plastic spoon and plastic top

    L O G I C 1 0 0

  • HFB Photography
    HFB Photography Day ago

    Do a farming type one please 🙈

  • Alex Walker
    Alex Walker Day ago

    you could use an empty straw from those swizzels rainbow dust

  • O Nbj o 2
    O Nbj o 2 Day ago

    If you do another McDonald's straw hack video you can use a spoon from a mcflurry and use that as the straw

  • Nadene Kriel
    Nadene Kriel Day ago

    Plastic Lids.... Go figure!

  • ShalomJackie
    ShalomJackie Day ago +2

    Have you tried those biscuit straws that come in every selection box?

  • Skidaddle Skidoodle

    All kidding aside a bamboo straw would actually be a mint investment

  • aran
    aran Day ago +1

    just buy a normal straw

  • LinoSkates
    LinoSkates Day ago

    Is it me or does he sound like Gordon Ramsay?

  • The Rivster
    The Rivster Day ago

    After years away from fake lad - baby,
    This staged cunt still in portrait view fking hell..

  • Supreme meme
    Supreme meme 2 days ago

    Are the paper straws only in the UK

  • Abbie Walmsley
    Abbie Walmsley 2 days ago

    First it’s global warming
    Now it’s going to be the trees

  • Mark Crank
    Mark Crank 2 days ago

    Hi I've prob got the best one by far eskal wafer roll biscuits

  • Blake Brodeen
    Blake Brodeen 2 days ago

    i called the twizlers like if u did 2

  • Kayla Jones
    Kayla Jones 2 days ago

    You can get cable covers and do it

  • freeeeeakx
    freeeeeakx 2 days ago

    youre a mad genius

  • Karl Hart
    Karl Hart 2 days ago


  • random girl
    random girl 2 days ago

    Pour one into a clean coke can

  • KenX5 505
    KenX5 505 2 days ago

    7:18 car starting up

  • Amy Maddison
    Amy Maddison 2 days ago

    Veterinary - endotracheal tubes, stethoscope tubing, penrose drains, drip lines, urinary catheters, syringes, pipettes (would definitely only use new 🤢)

  • Mali Birch
    Mali Birch 2 days ago

    The paper straws are really good in my opinion there nice with milkshakes and the frappe but for any of the fizzy drink then we definitely need plastic or similar

  • Lisa Hili
    Lisa Hili 2 days ago

    Omgooooooosh the two of you are soooooooo sNappppn funny. I LOOOOOVE YOU

  • Rainier Sean
    Rainier Sean 2 days ago +3

    Am i the only who thinks that he sounds exactly like Gordon Ramsay?

    JUJAMED_DAY 987 2 days ago

    Why does he remind me of adam sandler

  • Dylan Pell
    Dylan Pell 2 days ago

    One of those cinnamon sticks I think they are hollow

  • kirsty crouch
    kirsty crouch 2 days ago

    Can you do one where you just simply drink from the cup 😂😂

  • Nicole and Josh Carthy

    Pool noodles

    YTHE FRIKING RANKER 2 days ago


  • WhatHappenedToTheNutella ??

    How does he keep a straight face the whole time

  • gayku lakeboi
    gayku lakeboi 2 days ago

    Or u can just buy straws XD

    ASIATA 2 days ago

    The girl laughs sound like the train in polar express

  • Riot_Moxaz Ps4
    Riot_Moxaz Ps4 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey?

  • Aisha Pearce
    Aisha Pearce 3 days ago +1


    FINLEY SIMON 3 days ago +1

    Do a metal gin straw!

  • Ooh Lalala its Siggy

    u look loke callux

  • Beverley Thompson
    Beverley Thompson 3 days ago +1

    What about a Tampax tube. Most women will have one in their handbag

  • XxExtreme GamerxX
    XxExtreme GamerxX 3 days ago

    "Get the bigger ones and you're in for a right treat." - Lad Baby 6:47

  • BoogieWoogie YT
    BoogieWoogie YT 3 days ago

    Her laugh makes it more interesting

  • Daniel Garcia
    Daniel Garcia 3 days ago

    He's living his best life

  • 200 subscribers no videos ?

    4:00 SHE IS DEAD 😂 😂

  • BoogieWoogie YT
    BoogieWoogie YT 3 days ago

    Hockey stick

  • chameleons r cool
    chameleons r cool 3 days ago

    Just take the lid off ?

  • Rage Vibes
    Rage Vibes 3 days ago +1

    I tried these paper straw hacks at burger king and it didnt work

    • Max Wallace
      Max Wallace 2 days ago

      Uh DUHHH, these are MCDONALDS hacks, dum dum!!

  • Flow Isle
    Flow Isle 3 days ago

    Bite the 2 sides of a twisler and boom there you go

  • ItzzEric
    ItzzEric 3 days ago

    The first one looks like cum 😂😂😂

  • Deidy Neko
    Deidy Neko 3 days ago

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm What about something from the art section~☆

  • Caitlin Greyling
    Caitlin Greyling 3 days ago

    6:10 is the best bit😂😂😂😂

  • BeaSTx 400
    BeaSTx 400 3 days ago

    Use no straw lol duh

  • joniM Norsk Gaming
    joniM Norsk Gaming 3 days ago

    Tips just drink right from the cup so easy!!😂

  • kennedi
    kennedi 3 days ago

    the top of the cup is still plastic tho

  • Simon Hobbs
    Simon Hobbs 3 days ago

    Try some guttering

  • MrSnipperWTF _
    MrSnipperWTF _ 3 days ago

    In Australia we would of used that hose for something else😉

  • leah marie
    leah marie 3 days ago

    a stripped wired cable 😂

  • kathryn goddard
    kathryn goddard 3 days ago

    !!!!# camel packs fot on the go !!!!

  • Christine D
    Christine D 3 days ago

    You need to come to Canada! Use a tampon! Unused of course

  • Blood Panther
    Blood Panther 3 days ago +1

    This girls laugh is the best part

  • Tadej Kusej
    Tadej Kusej 3 days ago

    A dog boll

  • lebron smickleySMACKLER

    What about a nerf dart😂

  • Ali Yaghi
    Ali Yaghi 3 days ago +1

    Pizza crust

  • Meiji
    Meiji 3 days ago +1

    That pasta straw is actually genius

  • Channel of Randomness!


  • FinlayDoesStuff! YT
    FinlayDoesStuff! YT 3 days ago

    11.40 PM Mcdonald Straw Hacks
    11.50 PM How to escape the FBI

  • FinlayDoesStuff! YT
    FinlayDoesStuff! YT 3 days ago

    Why not tent poles

  • Fire Crystal
    Fire Crystal 3 days ago

    Legit bamboo is a really good idea bamboo grows fast biodegradable and is amazing lol

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 2 days ago

      Fire Crystal bamboo straws already exist

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater 4 days ago

    Use red vines 🧠

  • King_Jayd3n 023
    King_Jayd3n 023 4 days ago

    Bruh his wife in the background a laughing too hard

  • Frankie Wile
    Frankie Wile 4 days ago

    I man you guys are just to funny!!

  • Goodlies
    Goodlies 4 days ago

    Use a pool noodle next

  • Timmy Boi
    Timmy Boi 4 days ago

    You should use a pool noodlw

  • Connor Dellaway
    Connor Dellaway 4 days ago

    Buy a Capri sun an take the staw off that 🤣 or like an orange/apple juice carton one with attached straws

  • The lone Wolf
    The lone Wolf 4 days ago

    Or you could just... ya now, get some Metal straws?

    But seriously this is a good video

  • Isabelle Haddon
    Isabelle Haddon 4 days ago

    The plastic bit off a tampon 😂

  • Electro music
    Electro music 4 days ago

    Try using the small tube in nasal sprays, raw round pasta, a dropper and the plastic round thing that opens and closes the blinds

    SPECIAL NOES 4 days ago

    6:10 Car doing a burnout.

  • Sherrie Wade
    Sherrie Wade 4 days ago

    Loving the pasta straw and bamboo :))
    Good hacking mark x

  • Tayla Williams
    Tayla Williams 4 days ago

    Why does he look like callux

  • Valters Kalnins
    Valters Kalnins 4 days ago

    Do moooooor

  • Tudlu Jeff
    Tudlu Jeff 4 days ago

    Not to ruin the video but

    Maybe just buy some plastic straws and bring them into McDonalds?

    ._. ‘

    • Cryptic
      Cryptic 2 days ago

      Tudlu Jeff the whole point is to get away from plastic. Idiot

  • Lydia Rose
    Lydia Rose 4 days ago

    he’s a genius honestly love it xx

  • Malek Ahmad Bakkar 9C Tovshøjskolen

    Han Sounds like Gordon ramsay soooo much

  • Ben Heaps
    Ben Heaps 4 days ago

    Use a baby bottle

  • John Dayton
    John Dayton 4 days ago

    A baby's bottle would be good to use

  • Sadie yee
    Sadie yee 4 days ago

    Ice cream cone!!!

  • mikafanhits
    mikafanhits 4 days ago


  • Shenron
    Shenron 4 days ago

    U can drink it thrugh ur nose

  • Urmo
    Urmo 4 days ago

    Coco pops straws

  • Goda Palapytė
    Goda Palapytė 4 days ago

    Reusable straws?

  • wolf Phoenix barber
    wolf Phoenix barber 4 days ago

    Lol gused bay your own strors

  • Jeba 200
    Jeba 200 4 days ago

    That laugh made me scary

  • Semi Global
    Semi Global 4 days ago

    A tap of a sink