Shocking Mistakes in Football

  • Shocking Mistakes in Football 2019/20 Ft; Son, Ronaldo, Messi, De gea etc.
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  • The Guy
    The Guy 8 days ago

    *De ligt at juventus is me when I play football at school he should go back to Ajax*

  • E7_GOO3ER3OY
    E7_GOO3ER3OY 12 days ago

    I thought this was like ref mistakes

  • John Cashman
    John Cashman 14 days ago

    It's ok De Gea

  • Hezzer3
    Hezzer3 18 days ago

    nice to see adrian in here after he fucked us over the Champion's league

  • Mos oatchesse
    Mos oatchesse 24 days ago

    De ligt is such a bad transfer 😂

  • TheSpikeCanada
    TheSpikeCanada 26 days ago

    Could the music be any more annoying

  • David Tosh
    David Tosh 27 days ago +1

    This is not football, this is soccer in this video.

  • peter olaoluwa
    peter olaoluwa 28 days ago

    Morata-ha-ha-ha-ha..... 😁😁😁😁

  • Ahamad Ali
    Ahamad Ali 29 days ago

    Please tell the name of the this intro song

  • Erlan Abdyldaev
    Erlan Abdyldaev Month ago


    JEDI RHYS UK Month ago

    I felt so bad for son at the start,he is always so happy and when he just got a red card was sad.

  • That Guy
    That Guy Month ago

    The things ppl do to hit 10 minutes 😂😂😂😂

  • Ringo App 23
    Ringo App 23 Month ago

    Lloris breaks his hand

  • Zee Zee
    Zee Zee Month ago

    Couple days later


  • DaviesDaBest H
    DaviesDaBest H Month ago

    6:06 does anyone else agree that ref is blind

  • wowditto
    wowditto Month ago

    Ok Even if i want to defend Son being the korean i am... there is no way that kick was a accident.. he literally kicked up with intentions

  • Francisco Ortega-Mendez

    Eat your cereal

  • Kieran Maclarty
    Kieran Maclarty Month ago

    Son barely touched him and I don't think the intent was there

  • TheBlueArrow 123
    TheBlueArrow 123 Month ago

    At 1:27, that dude is way offsides

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly Month ago

    I wish I didn't do a mistake.

  • Emefa Highly
    Emefa Highly Month ago

    I wish I didn't do a mistake.

  • Rob Henderson
    Rob Henderson Month ago

    De tea is rubbish

  • NightcoreLife
    NightcoreLife Month ago

    Son didn’t do any thing to him he dived

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi Month ago

    De ligt should be a goalie

  • Koodo
    Koodo Month ago

    the first one should have been a yellow because he didnt do it on purpose

  • Hieuuu Nguyen
    Hieuuu Nguyen Month ago

    9:00 Lloris thought he was Neuer

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C Month ago

    What song is that

  • jesus esquivel
    jesus esquivel Month ago

    son honestly didn’t deserve it you can see the first hit he didn’t mean it and the second one it looks like he was trying to get up from the fall but the other guy might’ve gotten hurt so...did over react doe.

  • Jack Noymer
    Jack Noymer Month ago

    The game where Mané got taken off after Salah kept making mistakes and keeping the ball to himself...

  • Colin Markey
    Colin Markey Month ago

    Arsenal as a club exist
    20 of the biggest mistakes of the year

  • Tobbo
    Tobbo Month ago

    7:40 song name pls

  • Absinthene
    Absinthene Month ago

    Wheres the keeper who started drinking water in the middle of the game?

  • No Username.
    No Username. Month ago

    a lot of that mistakes are from the real madrid, now all of you can see why the real madrid its a piece of shit

  • Its ya boi Sammyc
    Its ya boi Sammyc Month ago


  • Benjamin Abdiev
    Benjamin Abdiev Month ago

    Only premier league make

  • Michelle Lilley
    Michelle Lilley Month ago

    Stop putting songs in your videos please

  • Hudson Norris
    Hudson Norris Month ago +1

    De Ligt 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Michael Tucker
    Michael Tucker Month ago

    I feel bad for the soccer players

  • mshari alshammari
    mshari alshammari Month ago

    6:39 any arabic
    اي عربي؟.

  • Harry P
    Harry P Month ago

    What is it about the last minute of black screen?

  • Epicman
    Epicman Month ago

    I’m a Watford fan so I’m happy you included a Watford goal

  • pg tips is the best tea. change my mind

    I see spurs... I click

  • ReSearch Clan
    ReSearch Clan Month ago

    Who else felt bad for son?

  • Bartosz Mierzejewski

    5:13 wath's mistake there

  • E10 Opticz
    E10 Opticz Month ago

    The son one was a red card vs Chelsea he had the intent of doing something so red card

  • StATicz Slasher
    StATicz Slasher Month ago

    1:39 that is how selfish Cristiano Ronaldo is

  • Abdelkarim Khedimallah

    Gabriel Jesus is honestly one of the worst penalty takers I've ever seen. He is always fucking missing the target.

  • Karl Konchou
    Karl Konchou Month ago

    CEO of making it a 10 minute video to make Money...

  • Ba ba tundae
    Ba ba tundae Month ago


  • Ben Paterson
    Ben Paterson Month ago

    is Varane in this

  • herk05
    herk05 Month ago

    Mistake was ref giving a penalty for a dive at 8:38 , Mane fell over, not because of the contact, which is diving.

  • Alexandre Jacquot
    Alexandre Jacquot Month ago

    4:00 it was at 90+2

  • Ice swallow Come
    Ice swallow Come Month ago

    I don’t think son accidentally did that

  • Kau1z
    Kau1z Month ago +1

    Outstanding performance by arsenal 1:03

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    Brooklyn Nine-Nine Month ago

    Black screen at the end to make it 10:00 minutes is fucking embarrassing

  • Mr. LEE
    Mr. LEE Month ago

    Half the video is just rashford being bad AS always

    TOMBOI H Month ago

    Hes got a mad outdo ngl

  • Freddie Crook
    Freddie Crook Month ago

    What is this song called tell me who ever made this video

  • Adam Williams
    Adam Williams Month ago

    3:01 ashford missed because his massive ass schnoz the size of mount everest was blocking his view. and because he is shit

  • 히익
    히익 Month ago +1

    1:38 legend

  • Porium
    Porium Month ago

    Don't want to sound like your normal teacher but mistakes are fine as long as if you dont do them too much.

  • Rachael Ortiz
    Rachael Ortiz Month ago +1

    the fucking music made this video garbage

  • Isaac Contreras
    Isaac Contreras 2 months ago

    What is happening to Real's defense...

  • Davi Lima
    Davi Lima 2 months ago

    Agora sei pq o Arsenal quer contratar Pablo Mari

  • Yng_Lolz
    Yng_Lolz 2 months ago +2

    De ligt after watching this video:
    'Why always me?'

  • niels bellens
    niels bellens 2 months ago +1

    If I ever make a movie I will hire Rüdiger. He is the best actor ever

  • Fraser Yeo
    Fraser Yeo 2 months ago

    1:13 how is that even in this video? This sort of thing happens so often... he got tackled... so what?

  • Miguel Funez
    Miguel Funez 2 months ago

    5:38 that man hit a whole split 😳

  • Alex Burns
    Alex Burns 2 months ago

    Sorry but how is the son thing a mistake his intent was to kick out like pretty sure that wasn’t a mistake

  • Beano Trains
    Beano Trains 2 months ago

    son is so nice i cant believe how horrible the ref is

  • Speczz
    Speczz 2 months ago +1

    2:25 wasn’t a mistake, he sacrificed himself for the team

  • Ned Piper
    Ned Piper 2 months ago

    My favourite is the bit at the end to get to 10 mins

  • shevy.
    shevy. 2 months ago

    Of course lindgard is there. At least there is a top for him

  • Louishlb
    Louishlb 2 months ago

    What’s with karius vs Real Madrid

  • huyen nga nguyen thi
    huyen nga nguyen thi 2 months ago

    Most of them are from Premier League.

  • Levi ROBLOX
    Levi ROBLOX 2 months ago +2

    Some weren’t even mistakes

  • nathan wilson
    nathan wilson 2 months ago +1

    the intro is S-X!!!

  • da god
    da god 2 months ago +1

    5:31 whos mistake is that

  • G. Gonçalves
    G. Gonçalves 2 months ago

    Intro music?

  • Ajwad Azeem
    Ajwad Azeem 2 months ago

    Welllllll first one was not mistake