• Published on Oct 15, 2019
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    The Raja is a high roller who shares his videos of slot machine wins from casinos across the country. The Raja and his The Big Jackpot crew are always a good time, plus you will find plenty of BIG WINS, sometimes HUGE or MEGA BOOMS, and yes, even the occasional Progressive or Hand Pay Jackpot. If you're looking for us in the casino, you'll typically find us playing on IGT Black Widow games, or wherever the bonuses take us! If you have a favorite slot machine you'd like me or the crew to try, please feel free to suggest one in the comments section.
    The purpose of this channel is not to advertise or promote gambling. We have fun sharing the experience of huge bonus rounds and big high limit slot jackpots.
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    These videos are intended for 18+ only. If you have troubles with gambling, please seek help.
    Know your limit and use a predetermined budget only.
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Comments • 45

  • Tuan Diaz Dean
    Tuan Diaz Dean 28 days ago +1

    Love every Big Jackpot video and love the crew. Good fortune to you on every casino visit. Bonus, bonus, bonus like Brian said.

  • Michael Mifsud
    Michael Mifsud 29 days ago +2

    OMFG, I can't believe you are allowed to smoke a cigar inside a casino, I say wow.

  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Month ago +2

    Can you play 5 dragon gold or rapid

  • Rebeca Valtierra
    Rebeca Valtierra Month ago


  • Frances
    Frances Month ago +1

    just came across this video. Nice! something different!

  • Rosemary leonetti/finelli

    Luck to you

  • Tracy Walsh
    Tracy Walsh Month ago +2


  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago +1

    You should have the Slot Ladies be the Clean Up Crew. After a bad session on a slot have them follow behind and low buck bet on the machines and see if they can recoup some.

  • A Poet's Corner
    A Poet's Corner Month ago +2

    First spin bonus on The Great Immortals slot machine.... Thank you to Fashionista Vanessa. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Mariana Rebagliati
    Mariana Rebagliati Month ago +1

    Bommmm bommmm bommmm💖💖

  • Lori Amin Milantoni
    Lori Amin Milantoni Month ago +2

    This machine is like the Tarzan machine, Sooooo hard to hit, And even when it does rarely is it much, definitely not worth the money

  • Bali Snchz
    Bali Snchz Month ago +1

    Darnnnnn I missed this live 😭😭😭😭

    • Jimmy Long
      Jimmy Long Month ago

      Bali Snchz hi Bali ur beautiful

  • brett kramer
    brett kramer Month ago +1

    Enjoyed the live stream last night and this morning! Such entertainment, Raja you are so natural talking and playing with 4,000 something people watching!!!

  • James Brewitt
    James Brewitt Month ago +2

    My goodness Scott the widow cleaned you out without even killing you off 😱

  • Michael B
    Michael B Month ago

    You went live so long, I fell asleep and had to come back to finish watching!

  • Kwangki Kim
    Kwangki Kim Month ago +2

    Scott, thank you for fantastic live play!

  • James Brewitt
    James Brewitt Month ago +1

    Just goes to show what a bonus can produce once BOD is exiled

  • Dbow H
    Dbow H Month ago +1

    Good stuff scott 👍
    Better luck

  • Boonado 16
    Boonado 16 Month ago +1

    Gosh... that Widow was rough... better days Raja!

  • Matt S
    Matt S Month ago +3

    Can you video the strip clubs too? 😂😂😂

  • Jason Tucciarone
    Jason Tucciarone Month ago +1

    Win win win

  • Sally Lacerda
    Sally Lacerda Month ago +1

    I missed the LiVe!!! Watching now standing outside at the Miami Aeroport waiting for my ride. Thanks Raja

  • Texas Lottery Fun
    Texas Lottery Fun Month ago +1

    What’s up boys! 💪🏽🕺🏽❤️ Howdy and best of luck from Texas! 💪🏽❤️🍀

  • Super Star
    Super Star Month ago +1

    Boom! Great live stream. Wish I was there with you all. I hit a mini boom 1500 at the Saratoga black hawk this past weekend. Best of luck to you #Raja

  • 홀로술
    홀로술 Month ago +1

    Big boom!

  • john smith
    john smith Month ago +1

    Where is Tee?

    • Lone Wolf
      Lone Wolf Month ago +1

      He is in the hospital
      He had surgery. Due to HPPA
      they cannot disclose what transpired

  • Sokleak SL
    Sokleak SL Month ago +1

    Hi everyone ...

  • Sal G
    Sal G Month ago +2

    You should really try Solar Disc

  • michael lawrence
    michael lawrence Month ago +1

    Man i keep missing the live play because im on GMT TIME zone
    But go raja big booms in vagas
    Boom boom boom

  • Brian Holt
    Brian Holt Month ago +1

    Boom Boom Boom...get to SCOTTSdale AZ for a group pull this winter...we have a casino waiting!

  • Brian Holt
    Brian Holt Month ago +1

    Come to Arizona Raja!!!!!

  • Hilario Ubias Jr
    Hilario Ubias Jr Month ago +1

    Go Denver Nuggets 🐓nugget

  • Sagunthala Sundarasu
    Sagunthala Sundarasu Month ago +1

    Best of luck for next two days series.

  • Pee Wee Herman
    Pee Wee Herman Month ago +3

    I need therapy after the last 10 mins of this video! $20,000 gone like that! Must stay and watch for the rest of your trip cause i have a feeling your gonna bet even bigger and win it all back plus $100,000!

  • Bobbie Milne
    Bobbie Milne Month ago +2

    Good luck from utah

  • Bobbie Milne
    Bobbie Milne Month ago +1

    Good morning

  • Rusty Legs
    Rusty Legs Month ago +1

    Had a great time watching you live as always Raja. You’re the man! 👍🍻

  • Patrick Barnwell
    Patrick Barnwell Month ago +1

    boom Boom BOOM 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💣💣💣

  • Vegas Slots Live!
    Vegas Slots Live! Month ago +22

    Please don’t ever play Black Widow again
    Signed- Everyone