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Royce White's Reaction to DeRozan & Love | Real Sports w/ Bryant Gumbel | HBO


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  • DerrickKet562
    DerrickKet562 2 months ago

    Get over yourself, bro. If you’re really all about mental health then you should be happy they’re making it a bigger issue now than not at all. It’s not about who gets the credit. And you have to understand that DeRozan and Love are star players whereas you barely even played a game in the NBA. That’s just how media works in today’s society.

  • Austin Brandon
    Austin Brandon 4 months ago

    Disorder aside, dude sounds likes a bitch. If u care about the cause stop looking for credit. Love and derozan were spreading awareness. They didnt speak up so they can get "credit".
    Rockets drafted him knowing his issues and he refused to work with them. The mistake wasnt taking on a guy with mental health issues, it was taking a guy with his personality. No accountability. No prespective. He wanted everything to work strictly on his terms and he still cant see where he is at all to blame

  • Bradley Donohue
    Bradley Donohue 5 months ago

  • Apathy
    Apathy 6 months ago +4

    I watched Royce from day one and I understand his level of anxiety but sometimes Royce comes across as selfish and un-empathic, I actually start to question his motives, he should be applauding them for opening up about there mental health instead of playing who said it first.
    I also get that his stance cost him a N.B.A roster spot but he needs to realise that his mental health issues are not normal and the world doesn't have to bend around his issues, he should of planned ahead, mentally prepping for plane days and taking coach when he can.
    obviously that's what I do with social anxiety I plan my work days out and mentally make sure I'm ready for those days, then recover when I can, if this guy was a average joe with his mind set he would be f***ed because people show less sympathy when you have little to no money and if you can't they will get someone who will.

  • Big Money Grip
    Big Money Grip 7 months ago +2

    All I know is he suckered the rockets out of a coupla million dollars. Something a lot people who work there whole lives will never see. Spend it wisely.

  • Can't Beat The BAY!
    Can't Beat The BAY! 7 months ago +1

    When Royce was drafted DeMar and Love were still super young and had MAJOR upside in their youth. Had they outed themselves as having a mental illness -- they may have never gotten treated or looked at the same way. They certainly would have gotten paid less as well. Sadly, they waited until their careers were lavish enough that they could speak out without any repercussions. Mental health has ALWAYS beens a problem in sports and the world in general. The NBA not doing a damn thing about it is just sad.

  • Jaye Gee
    Jaye Gee 8 months ago +1

    Prime example of people that don't understand someone's situation until it happens to them. I respect his views. He is talented with a disability. Work around it. Millions of dollars are spent on athlete's and yet when they have mental situations or traumatic injuries they are left to fend for themselves. Or....when they take a knee..and actually think for themselves. They are athlete's not slaves or Robots. And yes...sometimes they have brains. To speak up for themselves. Even if it's for a political cause, mental health or physical health. YOU wish you could be them for a day

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 8 months ago

    His mental condition isn’t GAD, that’s easily treatable, his real condition is *hypochondria*...

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G 8 months ago +3

    When I was 33, and my dad got diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, I had my first panic attack. I was eventually diagnosed with GAD, just like this guy. Took trying a few medications but eventually I found one that worked.
    This guy says in the full interview that the Rockets “were risking his life”. Total fabrication. You cannot die from a panic attack. You can’t. Now you feel like you can’t breath, but you’re actually breathing too fast. There are easy steps to learn to quickly end them when they start. Those work.
    Royce White’s identity is all tied up in his condition, which is easily treatable. He compares his trials to Jesus Christ, who didn’t crucify himself unlike Royce.
    This guy disgusts me. Just a typical hypochondriac. Even if you swap his injury for a knee problem, no team would give someone this much leeway to get better with no hope of a resolution. There’s nothing wrong with the Rockets cutting their losses.

    • Andrew G
      Andrew G 7 months ago

      Yeah you don’t have to live with it but medication does have its downsides. I ended up on Prozac and it really dulls your emotions in general. My grandad died about 2 months before my dad and I felt literally nothing at all about it which is disturbing. Now I did get emotional when my dad died but I was holding his hand, so that’s understandable.
      But it really was just the stress of that situation that was pushing me over the edge into full on panic attacks where you feel at first like you’re having heart problems, but you’re really just hyperventilating and so subsequent episodes are bad but not as scary with that knowledge. Really kinda opened my eyes to how I deal with things. I thought I was being rational about my dad’s illness, but I guess I was just suppressing it or something.
      My doctor wanted me to see a therapist and I would have if the issues had continued. Worrying is pretty common honestly, it’s the physical effects of it that are not. I wouldn’t concern yourself with it unless it gets worse. Good luck

    • Nick Ramirez
      Nick Ramirez 7 months ago

      Andrew G good to hear bro I’ve been dealing with some bad bad anxiety lately and I haven’t taken medicine to deal with it on my own I’m sure it’ll pass

    • Andrew G
      Andrew G 7 months ago +1

      No after my dad died I went off of it and I haven’t had another one

    • Nick Ramirez
      Nick Ramirez 7 months ago

      You take the same medication till this day? Or did it end up fading away

    • kevin McKevy
      kevin McKevy 8 months ago +1

      Andrew G yeah, I feel you. It's like he'd rather people feel bad for him than to work to better his situation.

  • P Fortune
    P Fortune 8 months ago +3

    Just once I'd love to see this guy take part of the blame.

  • kevin McKevy
    kevin McKevy 9 months ago +8

    I don't think the mental health awareness initiative is served by White insulting DeRozan. I imagine the real disparity is that Love and DeRozan are established allstars, whereas White fizzled in the League. In an ideal world, folks would have a level platform to discuss issues they deem worthy, but- to no one's surprise- this isn't an ideal world. I think the fact that a conversation has begun about an issue that literally affects everyone (either directly or by proxy) is a big step in the right direction. Bickering over who ought to receive the most attention and praise for the discussion (which White seems to be doing) is inconsequential and ultimately counterproductive.

    • kevin McKevy
      kevin McKevy 5 months ago +1

      +maaly8111 I'm saying that he didn't have a platform to voice his concerns because he didn't perform at the level of K Love or DeRozan; not saying that's FAIR, that's just how this thing works. Pragmatically, you can't play in the NBA if you can't get on a plane. I am GLAD that he worked to bring attention to mental health. My point is, as said in the OP, that he doesn't have the platform that multiple time allstars have. I wish that he did. There is an air of elitism, though, in Royce White, as well as sheer delusion (dude said he's better than KD!????) that is offputting to me. It seems that he is trying to paint himself as a pariah as opposed to talking about the aforementioned issues. Taking all of this into account, It's hard for me to imagine him being good for ANY locker room. There are SO many inflated, rampant egos in the NBA already, that it seems detrimental to take on a reserve who thinks he's a generational talent. If sports had taught me ANYTHING, it's that you can get away with a whole hell of a lot off-court if you can ball on the court, yet he still isn't in the NBA.

    • maaly8111
      maaly8111 5 months ago

      "fizzled in the league"? He challenged policy. The guy could play but no team wanted to accommodate. I do not think he is insulting anyone. The NBA didn' give a flip about him because he made them no money. All they saw him as was a problem. ...So you telling me that if you have an idea about change of policy at your job, your boss doesn't listen and ultimately fires you, only to years later all of a sudden start giving concessions and policy change to the new employee, you wouldn't feel slighted by that? I guess.

    • kevin McKevy
      kevin McKevy 7 months ago

      Can't Beat The BAY! Thank you.

    • Can't Beat The BAY!
      Can't Beat The BAY! 7 months ago +1

      On the money with this one.

    • kevin McKevy
      kevin McKevy 8 months ago

      Joshua Frick thanks man!

  • iloveyoumadhuri
    iloveyoumadhuri 9 months ago +6

    Royce White has no respect from me. There are so many jobs that he has to take planes in and he is unqualified for almost all of them.

  • Zain
    Zain 9 months ago +11

    This dude is moving in the wrong direction. Instead of actually tackling the issue this guy wants to get tangled up in the minutiae and make it all about him.

  • revominds
    revominds 9 months ago +14

    To be fair he wasn't considered a head case. You just cant realistically play in the NBA if you cant be on a plane.

  • TTC Discord
    TTC Discord 9 months ago +7

    I bet DeRozen was really depressed when he LeBron got his ass swept.

  • Jason Schultz
    Jason Schultz 9 months ago