I broke our couch

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
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    I broke our couch. I tried to fix our couch. Because comfy couches in Japan are basically impossible to find (seriously we have looked SO HARD).

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  • Rachel & Jun's Adventures!

    Want FREE tickets to Japan? Use my code: RNJ10 and link:

  • DocIncredible

    Rachel: Jun, I need your man strength!

  • Persephone Hades

    Rachel is that exact amount of stubborn ambition that I can vibe with.

  • Irene Boz
    Irene Boz  +918

    Jun living his life for 2 days while Rachel fixes the sofa is really funny

  • nath ngn

    it made me so happy seeing Pichi is now comfortably getting pet by her human

  • Hopelessly Confused

    I never thought I'd find a video of someone fixing a couch entertaining, but your personality really had me cheering and laughing with you over the small victories throughout the video. This is why I love ya'lls content so much (the cats are also a big plus).

  • lmadames

    I thought the chaotic, mutli failure, frustration was only Because I was bad at fixing things. This is the first time I have ever seen someone struggling like I do on TheXvid. thank you for posting.

  • a whimsy

    i love how the cats colonized the broken chair like, immediately after you opened it up. completely comfortable.

  • Bamboo Kun
    Bamboo Kun  +416

    This high quality short film called "I broke our couch" includes all the dramatic twists and emotions of a true masterpiece. Shock, anger, frustration, struggle, hope, losses, victories, batteries, cats. Highly recommended for this Thanksgiving weekend.

  • F. D.
    F. D.  +391

    Trained sofa-maker here: Ironically, those springs are sold under the brand name NOSAG (like no-sag) and the plastic "thingy" that broke come in a metal variety as well (never heard of any of these ever breaking). In a pinch, you can try to find a metal hinge with bolt eyelets (female part) to attach the lose end or make a loop from those metal strips with evenly spaced holes you use in construction to re-attach the spring to the frame.

  • Midnight Roads

    I liked how Nagi immediately needed to be inside the couch once it was opened, then the other cats followed suit lol.

  • Made in Busan

    I was rooting for you so hard watching you fix this thing. Staple guns really are hard to use if you have weak arms (which I do). Your dinner looked so good too 😭

  • Lucas Barroca

    Rachel: Jun, film me sitting on the couch

  • TheShinyShow

    I love that the drill bit is now a structural part of the couch.

  • hayhay509
    hayhay509  +94

    rachel has more "fix it" energy than anyone i've known, most people would just leave it broken. good on rachel for being determined to fix the couch XD

  • Taryn
    Taryn  +222

    I was having a very bad day today, and your antics really cheered me up. Just domestic daily events are so nice to watch with you guys; you have this truly kind, warm, and comforting vibe that shows in every video. Thank you so so much for sharing with us, and I hope your move goes well!

  • andrrri
    andrrri  +387

    “My weak, little, noodle arm”

  • Flufferz626

    I remember when we moved 1500 miles across the country, cat in tow, and at the hotel room when we opened the carrier he went to hide, we went to eat. Returned and he was nowhere to be found. Both my husband and I were crying by this point because we thought he got out and was over 700 miles from our previous home.

  • Tammi M
    Tammi M  +1

    Poki ever the little rascal, he definitely isn't boring! I was laughing so hard at his meow and the pan over to his face at the window in the door. Always cool to see you two doing these types of projects! Great work to both and thank you for letting us see your mastery unfold!

  • Bunny Button

    This reminds me there's a hole in the back of my couch that traps anything that falls into it, that I definitely need to sew up. Rachel's ingenuity in putting this back together was fantastic to watch! EDIT: Also, staple guns take so much hand strength to use, it's like a workout.