Heavy Metal Kyle Bends And Welds His Way Into A Fabby Daddy

  • Published on May 22, 2019
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  • IrvingEIGHT666
    IrvingEIGHT666 5 days ago


  • MrGixxer1300r
    MrGixxer1300r 11 days ago

    i like seeing you and master fabricator Dan building stuff.

  • Jacob Beaty
    Jacob Beaty 22 days ago

    I think I'm more surprised by their lack of tools.

  • ChuckD7861
    ChuckD7861 23 days ago

    Add 2 fixed and 2 swivel caster wheels for mobility!

  • Yoshi
    Yoshi 25 days ago

    Build more shit

  • Zachary Robertson
    Zachary Robertson 26 days ago

    Hell yeah. I love watching people learn new skills. Do more stuff like this!

  • Zachary Robertson
    Zachary Robertson 26 days ago

    1:28 Kyle thinks, "Fuck, why can't the metals touch? What don't I know?"

  • Matt k
    Matt k 26 days ago

    Looks killer Kyle! I did notice in the end and from experience that it help to put some runners mid way down or just on the floor below where your pipes run up top to keep sheets that don’t go the full span from slipping out and getting banged up like the sheet at 10:12.

  • lokib0x
    lokib0x 26 days ago

    Hell yeah Kyle. Those last 3 were perfect after the little mistake on the second one.

  • Larry McCandless
    Larry McCandless 26 days ago

    You may need to put some corner bracing just to make sure the bars don't break their welds and cause issues.

  • Charlie Genocide
    Charlie Genocide 26 days ago

    Kyle is a very underrated but top tier hoonigan if you ask me 🤷‍♂️

  • Bravo 4 Adventure
    Bravo 4 Adventure 27 days ago

    Getting ready to set up my own little fab shop, so yeah, I like you building stuff like this!

  • MrLincoln87
    MrLincoln87 27 days ago

    Thats sick practice. Would love to see adding more bars and notching them.. just for the f of it, just to practice ... then you'll be ready to do XL-shartkart ;)

  • Justin Ehlers
    Justin Ehlers 27 days ago

    Kyle, keep up the good work, and the good attitude toward learning the trade. I'd take 100 guys like you, ambitious and coachable. and to Dan as well. great job as a mentor, you're a class act.

  • sbbinc1
    sbbinc1 27 days ago

    Always build more stuff

  • Zakie Chan
    Zakie Chan 27 days ago

    Kyles new moniker should be Fabio Plasmajetti

  • David Dodd
    David Dodd 28 days ago

    We need more Kyle on all channels

  • Todd Bertram
    Todd Bertram 28 days ago

    Actually it could have been done without the Bender the tops of the supports could have been nineties or they could have bent mitred at a 45 but I'm sure you still had fun

  • Ryan Emigh
    Ryan Emigh 28 days ago

    You guys are killing it! Love that you're taking materials that you already have to make something that makes your shop a much more functional space. That can be very useful for a lot of guys like me that envision themselves owning their own shop one day. Also, Twitch you guys bouncing ideas off of each other to make the Donut Garage next level. Keep on cranking out these types of vids!

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 28 days ago

    Should have drilled a hole the size of the tubing through the square section frame so you'd have a mechanical joint too instead of relying on just the weld. Good job tho.

  • Regilio Bouma
    Regilio Bouma 28 days ago

    lol wierd to see the g35 in perfect shape lol front bumper etc lol it did look nice... befor it got destroyed :) see its gonna be a 4 seater shark kart

  • JxBANE
    JxBANE 28 days ago

    Keep bending, welding and grinding in the shop. Watching shartkart getting fabbed was one of the best series. What happened to the gto el Camino thing?

  • Krampus
    Krampus 28 days ago

    Nice! Seems easy, but takes some practice for shure :)

  • Uriah Siner
    Uriah Siner 28 days ago +1

    Been a while since we've seen Bender Bending Rodriguez in the shop.

  • Tommy Kennedy
    Tommy Kennedy 28 days ago

    I would of put some fork pockets and some expanded steel or thin plate on the bottom so you could pick up the whole thing with a fork lift. But neat keep the projects comin

  • pach1nko
    pach1nko 28 days ago

    Cut out a cool design on the plasma to weld to the front bar like a name plate or logo ala the hammerhead one

  • Hack Benjamin
    Hack Benjamin 28 days ago

    lol i thought he was building a rack for his van the whole time

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 28 days ago

    This was one of the sicker episodes in a while

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 28 days ago

    I'm glad @water made an appearance 6:40

  • Sepevo
    Sepevo 28 days ago

    this title lmao i love it.

  • Steven Wechter
    Steven Wechter 28 days ago

    i love stuff like this everyday projects that normal people with benders can do ok not everyone has a bender but still doable with regular tools

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 28 days ago

    I feel like Kyle's experience with pipes has nothing to do with fabrication

  • James Weldon
    James Weldon 28 days ago

    The face of panic 6:03

  • nick mcclintock
    nick mcclintock 28 days ago

    Put casters and stops on it. Mobility is key.

  • TheProfessorGem
    TheProfessorGem 28 days ago

    When I did electrical work pipe bending was so much fun. Depending on the pipe diameter and remembering whether you gotta subtract 5 or 6 inches and then making it look sweet when you put in a new breaker panel with like 6 pipes bent perfectly in line!

  • TypeUsername34
    TypeUsername34 28 days ago

    Where can i sign up for classes by Danger Dan?

  • Nico Fuchs
    Nico Fuchs 28 days ago

    Yes Dan math does indeed F*&! with my head... no shame

  • pocketflies
    pocketflies 28 days ago

    “You know what I mean?”
    - - Danger Dan

  • jake parrott
    jake parrott 28 days ago

    More shop storage and tools would be awesome!

  • Brandon Martinelli
    Brandon Martinelli 28 days ago

    I would add pockets or feet under the rake so you can move it with the fork truck

  • bihcardinals
    bihcardinals 28 days ago

    im kinda drunk and all this math talk it hurting my head. ill be back tom bitches

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez 28 days ago

    Great work kyle!

  • moejoe987654321
    moejoe987654321 28 days ago

    Fab daddy

  • Robert G
    Robert G 28 days ago

    Hell yeah brother Kyle, build it!
    I enjoy watching all kinds of builds. You can get ideas and learn how to do a lot just watching.
    Keep on bringing your builds to us!
    Props to Dan for sharing his knowledge!
    ...but Hert didn't share his water. LOL!

  • Andrew Summers
    Andrew Summers 28 days ago

    Love that Kyle wants to learn and is proud about what he can do when he builds something

  • Gstrnerd
    Gstrnerd 28 days ago +1

    Kyle is the man. Humble and wholesome. Sending good vibes.

  • Chris Guglielmoni
    Chris Guglielmoni 28 days ago

    Hey look the g35 hasn’t been shredded yet

  • John Hornbrook
    John Hornbrook 28 days ago

    This video was sick, thanks for all the tips *wink*

  • Flint Sisson
    Flint Sisson 28 days ago +1

    I’d like to see more basic fab stuff like this. Even tho ive worked as a fabricator for different shops over the years, it’s still great to see how another person does it. Always love to learn new ways to get results.
    Also, maybe the next project should be a pipe rack? Seeing how many cages and bash bars Dan makes, it seems like the next step in the shops progression #progression>nogression

  • digital8oh8
    digital8oh8 28 days ago


  • Jay Burrough
    Jay Burrough 28 days ago +1

    Dan the man hes fricken top notch dude much respect iv seen him help and teach others and he has the patients to go with it hes so humble and knowledgeable he can fix and work on anything. Lets not forget drive his ass off .thanks dan we need more like you in the world

  • Branden Smith
    Branden Smith 28 days ago +1

    I love the Irish inspired hoonigans shirt (do you still sell them?) and metal fabrication is awesome!

  • Vern
    Vern 28 days ago


  • Douglas Jackson
    Douglas Jackson 28 days ago +1

    Kyle should put some hoops/box tubing underneath so you can move it with the forklift if you need

  • Jackson Murphy
    Jackson Murphy 28 days ago

    3 sheets to the wind

  • Shawn Murphy
    Shawn Murphy 28 days ago

    great you should put some castors under it

  • Wesley Pitts
    Wesley Pitts 28 days ago

    New drinking game. Put on this video and take a drink every time Dan says "You know what I mean?". Bonus points for taking a shot every time Kyle stares at him blankly. Good luck making it through the video. Great video, as usual, guys. Definitely want to see more content like this.

  • 405 LowLife
    405 LowLife 28 days ago

    The Eastwood Contour is a work horse...

  • Nelson Beaumont
    Nelson Beaumont 28 days ago

    when we getting some vette greatness............

  • jakes parts
    jakes parts 28 days ago

    ho ho ho ive seen your welding ,your getting a grinder for xmass

  • nikkiv1000
    nikkiv1000 28 days ago

    Kyle looks like Tom Segura.

  • Jeff S
    Jeff S 28 days ago

    hell yeah kyle Good job brotha

  • Erik Overmyer
    Erik Overmyer 28 days ago

    More Kyle and Dan vids please. They need a build show

  • Static TL
    Static TL 28 days ago

    Wheres bad daddy brady

  • sf90001
    sf90001 28 days ago

    G Dirty 5 is a Time traveler!

  • Melissa Hill
    Melissa Hill 28 days ago

    Put gussets on each tube where it ties into the frame. As the tube gets shorter in height from the ground, it gives more leverage to the material pushing over against the tube, it's called a cantilever. Gussets shore up that connection, effectively shortening the cantilever. And put some casters on that bish, in case you want to move it, then you don't have to unload 2000lbs of material before you can move it 6" or 2'.

  • Cody G
    Cody G 28 days ago

    Dans a hero

  • Slappy Dave
    Slappy Dave 28 days ago

    I felt the look on Kyle's face when Dan was explaining and saying "You know what I'm saying?" Like yeah sure, I totally get it! /s
    My dad is a steel fabricator/heavy machine operator kinda guy and he doesn't know how to dumb it down when he is trying to show me stuff. Dan did a much better job explaining but I still understand Kyle's feels lol
    The initial explanation never makes sense until seeing or doing something. Along those lines my favorite quote I've inherited from my dad is "You don't learn by not doing it." then promptly doing something you've never done before because someone needs to do it and you are someone.

    • Joseph Schulte
      Joseph Schulte 28 days ago

      and then going "Oh, I see what he meant now." as you try and figure out of the piece you just fubar'd is usable for anything else or just scrap. :)

  • Huckleberry Danger
    Huckleberry Danger 28 days ago

    Is Dan available for rent. I could use a sensei too...

  • Dopey NightlifeTV
    Dopey NightlifeTV 28 days ago

    At first i thought that was a big gigantic water bottle with gatorade in it hertz had.

  • Charlie Dorst
    Charlie Dorst 28 days ago

    Keep crushing boys. I love this content. Just bought a bender, and these videos have helped a lot

  • Célston Ar
    Célston Ar 28 days ago

    Hell yea I wanna more shit like this lol

  • Kodi Wyatt
    Kodi Wyatt 28 days ago

    I feel like a proud dad seeing how far Kyle has come. Fab Daddy Kyle!

  • victor penayo
    victor penayo 28 days ago

    finally some hands on type stuff, need to see more

  • David Yates
    David Yates 28 days ago

    Giants toast rack!

  • Garethblock43
    Garethblock43 28 days ago

    I have so much respect for Kyle for just learning how to do it himself instead of waiting for other people to do it for him I love how dan make it so easy to understand how it works

  • NasTy SasquAtch
    NasTy SasquAtch 28 days ago

    "I like you building stuff like this"

  • Kevin Hibbard
    Kevin Hibbard 28 days ago

    The G35 is still in one piece, this mus have been filmed a couple weeks ago haha

  • Erich Foehringer
    Erich Foehringer 28 days ago

    Its entertaining watching people learn a new skill. keep it up! all builds are great to watch

  • DirtySpleen
    DirtySpleen 29 days ago

    Building stuff is cool

  • L R
    L R 29 days ago

    hell yea! more shop builds!!!!

  • Heath Albritton
    Heath Albritton 29 days ago

    Needs casters.

  • Matt McCune
    Matt McCune 29 days ago

    Love that you guys help each other. Learning to do this stuff with your friends is what it's all about.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 29 days ago

    Definitely want a see more builds like this

  • John Totten
    John Totten 29 days ago

    The G35 pre Hert destruction.... RIP

  • thetake864
    thetake864 29 days ago

    Keep it up Kyle that’s how u learn! Nice work.

  • Billy Beane
    Billy Beane 29 days ago

    No reason to build the gaps so large. It just takes up more space and leans the steel over. I guess when you have unlimited area to work....

  • Scott Piepel
    Scott Piepel 29 days ago +2

    Dan and Kyle are THE dynamic duo. Jedi and Padawan. Keep up the killer content!!!

  • jrbbikerx
    jrbbikerx 29 days ago

    the Model 55 is much better than the Model 54, but kudos on the purchase anyway

  • Lola Sunnyshock
    Lola Sunnyshock 29 days ago

    It's time to improve to a better camera set.

  • supersevenn
    supersevenn 29 days ago +1

    Kyle, maybe think about some reinforcement tabs on the back end of each tube, small triangle down by the base for longevity of the attachment point and extra safety. keep up the fabs work bro

  • KERMiTtehDOG
    KERMiTtehDOG 29 days ago

    Hert turning up for work, must be mid-day.

  • sergio
    sergio 29 days ago +1

    needs a bottom plate to slide the sheets in bozos :p

  • logan campbell
    logan campbell 29 days ago

    I now what I look like when my teacher is trying to explain something

  • Stevey Peppers
    Stevey Peppers 29 days ago

    Wherr has brad been? Havent seen him in a minute

    • David Windsor
      David Windsor 28 days ago

      Might be that he build a bad motor in the tri by fire.? Dont know where he is.

  • Jake Clarke
    Jake Clarke 29 days ago

    This is my favorite episode! Dan breaking things down and explaining what to do and why to do it. Best duo in the bunch. Keep these comin!

  • Pro Menace Gaming
    Pro Menace Gaming 29 days ago +8

    Kyle, dude... I LOVE to see you getting outside that comfort zone. Keep up the great work and expand that knowledge!

  • Pathos Ethos
    Pathos Ethos 29 days ago

    We all need a danger dan in our lives

  • D1rty D1rk
    D1rty D1rk 29 days ago

    He had no clue what he was talking about lol

  • Seth Wilcox
    Seth Wilcox 29 days ago

    The number of double entendres in this video is redickulous!