The Weege Show: Budds Creek Motocross Analysis 2019

  • Published on Aug 18, 2019
  • Stepping it up! But not literally. Because this is a Jason Weigandt drive and talk instead of a walk and talk from the Budds Creek pits. Featuring deep analysis of the Eli Tomac and Adam Cianciarulo rise through the ranks and plenty of hijinks from some crazy fans, this Weege Show once again mixes the fun with the serious. Just like the racers are supposed to do!
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    11th round of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross, the GEICO Budds

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Comments • 31

  • daniel rachmel
    daniel rachmel Month ago

    Race -Tech is the best!!

  • John Chafin
    John Chafin Month ago

    Used to be a member of the SMDR years ago when I lived in MD. Flagged many Nationals and even the MXGP in the 90's. Great club.

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee Month ago +1

    Talking about *Loretta Lynn's* & kid Prodigies remind me of *Mike Alessi* who shares the number of *Loretta Lynn Title* Record at *11* with *James Stewart.* But while he was able to beat his rival *Ryan Villopoto* every race & Title as an amateur. He wasn't able to repeat that as a pro where forces changed & *Ryan Villopoto* was winning the Races & the Titles. *Mike Alessi* would Win several Races but came up short on Titles.
    I think he should have waited to go pro another year like *Ryan Villopoto* did. The other problem of his pro career was several years he was on a *KTM 350* before they had a *450🤔*

    • Lord_Internet
      Lord_Internet Month ago

      Alessi never won a supercross race either. He cried on the podium over a heat race win. But he did win a handfull of outdoor races.

  • 2 Wheeled Rider
    2 Wheeled Rider Month ago +1

    Nash on the Weege show!

  • i am nobody
    i am nobody Month ago

    i may be ur only fan from the phillipines who fllows you religeously on a weekly basis😂 keep it coming j!👌🏼

  • leezythegreat
    leezythegreat Month ago +1

    are we getting a tomac podcast? would be sick!

  • chase wells
    chase wells Month ago +4

    Grow some sideburns Weege

    • Michael Hunt
      Michael Hunt Month ago

      chase wells he took someone’s advice from last weekend. Chopped the ‘burns off for this weekend. ET3 FUCK YA. I was hoping Roczen had something for Tomac as Eli said. Anderson is also serious.

  • Dane Hauser
    Dane Hauser Month ago +2

    Weege- what's up with these stalkers following you around every week? I'll pay $100 if someone at Ironman takes out their front wheels and puts them on the ground during your broadcast!

    • Jay Winters
      Jay Winters Month ago

      Those guys are childish attention-hogs. And they're even yelling for the camera to be turned on them, as the camera is on the one who is doing the show!

  • John Robertson
    John Robertson Month ago

    I think I saw Larry Wosick in the pits

  • CaptDon313
    CaptDon313 Month ago

    Thanks Weege, It definitely helps when you have a good solid support team. I believe the focus is magnified, when that feeling of support be it family, friends & fans make for the perfect recipe for success. Helps feed the 🔥 that it takes to build Legacies. 👍

  • Jason C
    Jason C Month ago +4

    Tomac must of used the Gold valves this weekend

  • B.R. Field
    B.R. Field Month ago +7

    Not mentioned, but should have been stated as an obstacle to the new MX 450 Champ, the Kawaski factory 450 didn't breakdown (yet) once this MX season, that would be a first for ET and Kawaski ! Tomac's 450 has quit at least once in each 450 MX and SX series since he switched to Kawaski. One round to go though.

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      I see all kinds of 4-strokes mechanical DNFing through out the series.

  • Kenneth Illman
    Kenneth Illman Month ago +1

    This sports community is tied so tight I love it

    • Lonnie McDonald
      Lonnie McDonald Month ago

      Unless your trying to get the real “dirt” on situations.

  • R G
    R G Month ago

    Our Texas boy in the thumbnail, thought he got interviewed, bummer.... At least you got mentioned.

  • Eric Hess
    Eric Hess Month ago +3

    Everyone is enjoyin a cold one and Weege is still workin! Lets get a supercross title ET3, AC92 just get-r done

    • EarthSurferUSA
      EarthSurferUSA Month ago

      Chances are they both get hurt in circuscross, and will win nothing in 2020. I say that because SX is stupid today, and they did not get hurt this year.

  • matt henderson
    matt henderson Month ago +2

    Awesome as usual! Thank you!

  • William Schuman
    William Schuman Month ago

    Awesome the man with a face for radio, cool segment, motor on.

  • Jason Padgett
    Jason Padgett Month ago +3


    • lil hydrant
      lil hydrant Month ago

      Podcast podcast! Podcast podcast podcast podcast Podcast!!!

  • ballou1777
    ballou1777 Month ago +2

    Good job SMDR!!!!

  • John Kristjanson
    John Kristjanson Month ago +6

    Great show Weege. Keep it up!

  • Kevin G
    Kevin G Month ago +8

    Thanks for showcasing the local guys! I grew up in Fairfax, Va and Budds will always be my local track. I'm in Asheville, NC now, so GO Shane! Great show as always 👍

  • kevin cason
    kevin cason Month ago +4

    is it to early to say weege is a legend?

  • steve brinkert
    steve brinkert Month ago

    Great show as always, can’t wait to see the riding video, vlog.