All Guns in Modern Warfare...

  • Published on Sep 13, 2019
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    All Guns in Modern Warfare...
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Comments • 703

  • Chaos
    Chaos  2 months ago +126

    How many guns do you think they are hiding from us?

    • Beast Gaming
      Beast Gaming 29 days ago

      I think they are gonna add 6 across the board

    • rascal -
      rascal - Month ago

      @Espn Wavy it was the swat

    • Nathan Cooper
      Nathan Cooper Month ago

      You forgot to show the fifth pistol

    • J B
      J B Month ago

      Hopefully a dozen or more.

    • Mike Akersa
      Mike Akersa Month ago

      Bro cod has never had the m19 pistol, considering that the m19 is actually the m17 us army combat pistol, and a military version of the sig p320.

  • Christian Henderson
    Christian Henderson 4 days ago +1

    The origin 12 shotgun is the Fo-12 shotgun used on the operator ela in rainbow six siege

  • Järn Hjärta
    Järn Hjärta 25 days ago

    Mauser rifles chambered in 7.92 mm, not 7.62

  • GG Good Game
    GG Good Game 26 days ago

    My favorite is the HK433(Kilo 141.)

  • Tiago Bernardo
    Tiago Bernardo 27 days ago

    This game despretely needs the m249, the hk416, the sig 556, the m110, a russian pistol, and the alpha AK.

  • A Very Fat Cyborg
    A Very Fat Cyborg 27 days ago

    Is that a frickin P90!?! I’m getting this COD

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez 27 days ago

    The Deagle tho 😍💯

  • Devoidchain
    Devoidchain 27 days ago

    Mini map

  • Station Xbox
    Station Xbox 28 days ago

    The SA87= is the SA80 or L86 In mw2. It isn't called a l85 in real life SA80. You say it like S-A 80

  • Leon Kennedy
    Leon Kennedy 29 days ago +1

    They wouldnt even disrespect the 1911 by renaming it lol.

    PLIX NATION 29 days ago

    The SA87 is in rainbow six siege

  • Beast Gaming
    Beast Gaming 29 days ago

    Team mini map

  • Humans R Ants
    Humans R Ants 29 days ago

    I want a China Lake.

  • Alphonzo Turner
    Alphonzo Turner 29 days ago

    I got to excited for the bizon.

  • Nathaniel Shovlowsky
    Nathaniel Shovlowsky Month ago +1

    you missed a pistol

  • SleazyRoseWalker
    SleazyRoseWalker Month ago +2

    Man the PKM, my baby ❤️
    Stopping power and Deep impact, on HC. I just can't wait!

  • XRMatt
    XRMatt Month ago

    I love when people like you talk about guns in video games when you probably haven’t even seen or shot any of these in real life lol. The FAL is semi automatic with a high rate of fire lol ok.

  • Gerwulf
    Gerwulf Month ago

    Team no-minimap!

  • dr. breen's beard
    dr. breen's beard Month ago

    The gun progression was dope.. cant wait for final game

  • Alias Plays
    Alias Plays Month ago

    It wasn’t me who emailed you but I thought it was cool you said my name❤️

  • Boss Gaming
    Boss Gaming Month ago

    No revolver 😭

  • SevenKnows _
    SevenKnows _ Month ago

    Im so exited the javelin is coming back!!

  • Uzi Game GP
    Uzi Game GP Month ago

    M4 = all guns

  • Kid Gamer
    Kid Gamer Month ago

    That gun is in rianbow 6

  • RDK83
    RDK83 Month ago

    I kinda hoped they would have had the AK -47 model from COD MW2. The more modern looking AK.

  • THEC0D3R5938
    THEC0D3R5938 Month ago +6

    no intervention =(

    but theres a dragunov

  • 성한
    성한 Month ago


  • Jonny6857
    Jonny6857 Month ago

    So glad it has a glock

  • Cole Andrews
    Cole Andrews Month ago

    Was really hoping for a Tavor

  • Dylan Lewis
    Dylan Lewis Month ago

    I hope they add the Winchester 1887 Lever Action Shotgun and the M249 SAW Machine Gun.

  • Gogo gadget skiis
    Gogo gadget skiis Month ago

    I hope they add more weapons... They seem so few.

  • Pheonix27 05
    Pheonix27 05 Month ago

    Im really excited to see how they make the ww2 guns tactical

  • AAA Chanel
    AAA Chanel Month ago

    No ump 45, some modern russian ar like ak12 or something like that no dragunov, no awp, no barret 50 cal sniper rifle

  • Michelle Nich
    Michelle Nich Month ago

    Can't wait to style on people using modern assault rifles with an iron sights kar98k and 1911 setup

  • Divine K1ng
    Divine K1ng Month ago

    I'm surprised they didnt add the m16. Probably cuz it was OP in mwr, 🤣

  • Pagani Zonda 760 Oliver evolution

    No spas 12 or sawed off shotgun
    Or barett 50 cal what a shame.

  • yogsim 욕심 11
    yogsim 욕심 11 Month ago

    No pp19 😭😭😭😭😭😭 no glock 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Cloakz_Rogue
    Cloakz_Rogue Month ago

    and the 5th pistol?
    I know what it is, but he missed it sooooooo🤷‍♂️

  • SpacemanApeINC
    SpacemanApeINC Month ago

    Why are they using the Cadet version of the SA80?

  • Gaming Mechanic
    Gaming Mechanic Month ago +1

    I hope they bring back the Model 1887 lever action shotgun at some point

  • Luis Bártolo
    Luis Bártolo Month ago +2

    L86 LSW was on mw2, but that looks like an L85A2

  • Jomo Vlogz
    Jomo Vlogz Month ago

    SA87 is from MW3

  • SaintClutch
    SaintClutch Month ago

    10:15 its a fostech origin irl

  • J B
    J B Month ago +1

    Need an hk usp, ump 45, knights armament sr25 or mk12 for marksmen rifles, 240b lmg, m1014 shotgun, m24/m40a5 for sniper rifle

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons Month ago

    Bo2 mp7 was pretty broken too tho lmao

  • Imagine Wagons
    Imagine Wagons Month ago +1

    I think the M19 is actually the Sig M17 (my favorite real life handgun) lol

  • soap soup
    soap soup Month ago

    sa87 = l85a2?

  • soap soup
    soap soup Month ago

    oh no the origin 12 is gonna be brecci v1847180

  • soap soup
    soap soup Month ago

    FAL = SLR?

  • camren johnson
    camren johnson Month ago

    No minimap

  • WOLF
    WOLF Month ago

    3:07 you mean the peacekeeper??? Or commonly known as the honey badger

  • Asa Wasada
    Asa Wasada Month ago

    Why AUG in this game smg???

  • GibbyGewehr 42
    GibbyGewehr 42 Month ago +2

    I see Kar98k I leave a like. I am going to abuse the Ak47, kar98 and 1911, I can't wait for the beta code I'm getting tomorrow.

  • Bruh _
    Bruh _ Month ago

    How many ads do you think they’re hiding from us?

  • LimeZ
    LimeZ 2 months ago +2

    M1911, hands down, best choice they made for a gun to put in the game

    Oh, and the Kar98 and MG34

    • Sterling Karr
      Sterling Karr Month ago

      LimeZ The X16 or Glock 21 makes the 1911 sub par. G21 has more mag capacity and more accuracy. I get you’re going with the nostalgia feel but it’s not even the Colt 1911 from Cod 4. Its a kimber 1911.

  • Zac Attack
    Zac Attack 2 months ago

    I better see the intervention make a comeback or im commiting sodoku

  • indump
    indump 2 months ago +1

    Will new weapons be added?

  • broskibenji Wesley
    broskibenji Wesley 2 months ago

    The origin 12 is a pump action from bf4 that can be mounted under barely style on an ar

  • Pisces Guy JF
    Pisces Guy JF 2 months ago

    Not impressed with the shotgun selection I love Shotguns and I wanted more variety like the Mossberg, beneli hell even a serbu super shorty....

  • mrcel. swb Weiger
    mrcel. swb Weiger 2 months ago

    Where I the ump