We Tried Chris Hemsworth's THOR WORKOUT 🔨💥 (Upper Body)

  • Published on Nov 12, 2017
  • In honor of the recent release of THOR RAGNAROK, Jordan and I decided to test out Chris Hemsworth's UPPER BODY Thor Workout! We tried some of the key moves from each body part section - arms, back, shoulders. Because ya gotta have a toned upper body to throw that hammer!!! ;)
    JORDAN'S VIDEO - WE TRIED SUPERMAN'S WORKOUT! thexvid.com/video/6FKkX_Yd7CE/video.html
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    Filmed by Matt Miller
    MUSIC by the incredible ANIMUS VOLT
    Email: animusvolt@gmx.de
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +186

    Who can guess what superhero we are training like next?? 🙃 (Vid comes out Wednesday so turn on those notifs!)

    • neverknowsbest17
      neverknowsbest17 8 months ago

      Dora Milaje would be bad ass!

    • 1o2029
      1o2029 Year ago


    • Playaa008
      Playaa008 Year ago

      Michelle Khare Why you not in the kitchen making that curry??

    • Playaa008
      Playaa008 Year ago

      Hey! Who let you out of the kitchen?

    • sarah dennis
      sarah dennis Year ago +1

      HitGirl from Kickass?

  • Stephen Berkheiser
    Stephen Berkheiser 2 months ago

    You should do this for a few months and add weight

  • Sarah Likes Tacos
    Sarah Likes Tacos 7 months ago

    This is kind of like my push day AND my pull day at the same time.

  • Alexandra Haddad
    Alexandra Haddad 8 months ago +1

    wow your arms already look so toned!!! you guys are inspirations :)

  • Meilia Brooks
    Meilia Brooks 8 months ago

    Great pump tho I can totally see it in the vid!

  • Ravi Productions
    Ravi Productions 11 months ago +1

    Oh my fucking good. U stupid chicks r the worst. This is a pure fucking gym fit glory to be vanity workout and ur doing it with the majority as crossfit equipment. Making me pissed

  • Courtney Elise
    Courtney Elise Year ago


  • Bethany Spokes
    Bethany Spokes Year ago

    What about Loki :’-(

  • zagul777
    zagul777 Year ago

    It's called inclined dumbbell press for a reason. You've got to make the bench inclined.

  • Luna S.
    Luna S. Year ago

    That is an insane workout. Inspirational

  • Natedog
    Natedog Year ago

    Glasses girl: I can only raise my hands his high -raises hands to hips-
    1 Seconds Later
    She raises her hands TO HER HEAD

  • Piper Ramsdale
    Piper Ramsdale Year ago

    I love how they were working out in sync, lol

  • Christopher Crawford

    That weight wasn’t heavy enough. You shouldn’t be able to talk.

  • sarah Kang
    sarah Kang Year ago

    Maybe next time have someone spot your technique, eek unsafe moves with dumbbells are very dangerous

  • theking8356
    theking8356 Year ago +1

    Those are two fit girls.

  • Xenoforce
    Xenoforce Year ago

    Workout for GODS only.

  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez Year ago

    Is she a part of buzzfeed

  • Susanne Marie
    Susanne Marie Year ago

    please do the arrow

  • LT
    LT Year ago

    Do flash workout?

  • khaalis harris
    khaalis harris Year ago


  • SoAr_Mango
    SoAr_Mango Year ago

    You earned 1 like and 1 subscribe

  • Keegun Moore
    Keegun Moore Year ago

    So many mistakes said.

  • Stefi Simon
    Stefi Simon Year ago +1

    i love your videos.
    i get just soo much of inspiration from you to workout.
    thank you!

  • IronMan-vs-Namor
    IronMan-vs-Namor Year ago

    But Thor is a guy and you are...women. D'uh...

  • elusivebutsatisfying T.

    Pleaaaase try Black Widow, Captain America or The Winter Soldier OMGGG

  • elusivebutsatisfying T.

    Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans would have to workout on set between takes to make sure to sustain the aesthetics during the shoot

  • white wolf
    white wolf Year ago

    you lift like a girl hahaha

  • Mavicity
    Mavicity Year ago

    Do WODs please!

  • Sonia Flores
    Sonia Flores Year ago

    Is she still with buzzfeed?

  • Nora
    Nora Year ago +1


  • Jess Hunt
    Jess Hunt Year ago

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  • white fox
    white fox Year ago

    hey girls it would have been GREAT if you had tried out HELLAS workout instead of trying out THORS

  • Cupcake Pooper
    Cupcake Pooper Year ago

    I wanna try this out...

  • bela
    bela Year ago

    Tell me why this was exactly what I used to do for arm day for weightlifting in school

  • D.J.S.
    D.J.S. Year ago

    When you two are out of breath and sweaty, you are soooo hot!

  • kookie taex
    kookie taex Year ago


  • Teya Chowdhury
    Teya Chowdhury Year ago +1

    U deserve 1m subs

  • Playaa008
    Playaa008 Year ago

    Hey! Why the fuck you not in the kitchen making chicken curry??

  • CrniWuk
    CrniWuk Year ago +1

    This is really more or less just a bro-split routine with a few body workouts thrown in the mix and the rep range is your standard 'hyper-thropy' stuff which many novice lifters follow.
    The reality though is, without years of training or the right Performance-enhancing substance no one will get the 'Thor-physike' in just a few months. Leave along looking ripped and with mass.
    The most basic training that you can do, as a novice lifter is strength training, as this is what you have to do to build muscles. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, are a game changer though. But for a natural lifter, it is literaly impossible to put on 30 pounds of lean muscle in a few months. If you're having a perfect diet and training plan, you might gain 1,5-2 pounds of muscle every month, for maybe the first 6 to 8 months of training. Those are the so called Noob-gains. This depends from person to person though, and that's typically for males. It will take more time for females to gain strength and muscle as they have far less testosterone, but they can perform pretty much the same exercises like males.
    However, a strength training with high repetitions and volume will only get you so far, and you will have to do some periodisation at some point, where you mix high volume training with high intensity training changing your training routine every few months, where you put on more weight but with much lower repetitions up to a point where you lift a weight, like with a squat or bench press, only 2 or 3 times maybe even only once. And this, is what takes years. At some point your gains in strength and mass become slower and slower while your body needs more time under tension and more time for recovery. That's a normal adabtion process.
    But of course, who has 5 years of time to train, right?

  • Larkin Boucher
    Larkin Boucher Year ago

    Because y’all do all these DC and Marvel workouts, are you fans? And if so, are you excited for Black Panther and Infinity War? I KNOW I am!🙂🙂

  • Thea Goulas
    Thea Goulas Year ago

    I... forgot to look at his arms. I was too busy looking at his brother in tight leather pants.

  • Hanma Yujiro chijo saikyo no seibutsu aka ogre

    you should tried bruce lee workout training

  • 1rickopotamus
    1rickopotamus Year ago

    They sexy..i wanna smash😋

  • jet joe
    jet joe Year ago

    So confused girls....

  • Stacie Streck
    Stacie Streck Year ago

    I'm so glad you guys kept doing videos together!!!! I love watching you guys because you have such amazing chemistry.

  • Kick0a0cat
    Kick0a0cat Year ago

    Jordan's arms are insane😱 those gunnns😱

  • devilundercover
    devilundercover Year ago

    I love you guys! You’re so inspirational and fun. ❤️

  • MissyLaMotte
    MissyLaMotte Year ago

    Just found both your channels. You girls are absolutely amazing. I love the superhero workout series.

  • Norton Kelly
    Norton Kelly Year ago

    he didn't do that volume clean

  • Tanvi Ratna
    Tanvi Ratna Year ago

    Aand..Chris comes in at the end saying, "You're Thor? I can hardly walk"

  • Bailey Bodien
    Bailey Bodien Year ago

    Marvel agents of shield workout or Arrow workout.

  • AffieKnows
    AffieKnows Year ago

    Cameraman was crappy

  • Teh LaughingMan
    Teh LaughingMan Year ago

    All the cuteness in the world can't overcome your sheer self involvement and millennial self preciousness...Just more proof that there aren't there any good looking girls that have a decent personalities.

  • Gavin
    Gavin Year ago

    Does anyone know how long of a rest there was between the sets? Also, I love how there were naturally funny moments, like when she tried to move her arms near the end =D

  • Sannah
    Sannah Year ago

    I dunno if you watch Stranger Things, but anyway there's a little girl who was with Eleven( her sister chloe I think) in the lab, and she looks like a mini version of you 😭

  • Alex Forest
    Alex Forest Year ago

    Sick pump brah

  • Jeanette Jacobs
    Jeanette Jacobs Year ago

    Do eating according to blood type :)

  • Spaz Spazzerton
    Spaz Spazzerton Year ago

    Bad Michelle! That is NOT the way you put down dumbbells. Ever. That's how you injure your back! Always squat when you put them down, never bend over.

  • Alyssa Aikema
    Alyssa Aikema Year ago +15

    I literally could not watch this. As a personal trainer, the form for the exercises in this video is SO BAD

    • zagul777
      zagul777 Year ago +2

      alyssa aikema No need to be condescending. At least, they are attempting to do those exercises. Most girls wouldn't even attempt.

    • LT
      LT Year ago


    • Lukas Rosendahl
      Lukas Rosendahl Year ago

      Yes thank you

    • Spaz Spazzerton
      Spaz Spazzerton Year ago +3

      Alyssa Aikema Agreed. It worries me because so many of her followers are young girls that probably use it as a template and never get shown the correct form. She should do a video solely on form and injury prevention. That'd be a great way to use her influence.

  • Jadestarz
    Jadestarz Year ago

    Captain America/Chris Evans! 💕