Paypal BANS "The Hub" Thousands Of Creators Devastated

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • Paypal has been getting more and more bold with their bannings and moral policing of content creators. Try Dashlane for free on your first device @ + get 10% off premium with the code quartering
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  23 days ago +316

    I Know It's Late On A Sunday But I HOPE You'll Still Leave A LIKE & Comment On This! Censorship Is VERY Important & We Must Fight Back! Try Dashlane for free on your first device @ + get 10% off premium with the code quartering

    • mrpoo20000
      mrpoo20000 21 day ago

      @Berserker well the video wasnt broken when he mentioned his subscribe star account 3 times.... fake outrage creator quartering at his finest.... also... who cares about some e-hookers getting scammed

    • Allison Brethour
      Allison Brethour 21 day ago

      Tell everyone who has been violated to submit case files to FTC.

    • Chewy Pretzel
      Chewy Pretzel 21 day ago

      I'm reading a lot of comments on the evils of this industry and am truly perplexed that some can be so short sighted, whet happens when a corporation decides a religion is bad a type of food is bad or your opinions are bad, already happening, and remove them but the majority just seem content to let corporations be the moral arbiter in their lives.

    • ladyelectric1
      ladyelectric1 22 days ago

      thank you for information but sellers on eBay or eart use the palpay to get paid.

  • WarriorOfLight
    WarriorOfLight 8 days ago

    What exactly is Paypal's problem with "The Hub"? Paypal doesn't want people to jerk off? Maybe Paypal needs laid. Let's Paypal a few hookers.

  • Pop-Raid
    Pop-Raid 10 days ago


  • xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass

    Screw get woke or broke bullshit knowbody Cares really

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 14 days ago

    Whoa, wow you get banned for a opinion..., really? How cowardly.

  • T0nKaM0E
    T0nKaM0E 14 days ago

    PayPal is a lame company.

  • Bonzi Buddy
    Bonzi Buddy 16 days ago +3


    PayPal: You've heard of No Fap November, get ready for No Fap Forever!

  • tmastersat
    tmastersat 17 days ago

    Dont use these services do what businesses do go to your bank and get setup for credit cards.

  • Francisco Valle
    Francisco Valle 17 days ago

    This is good because paypal just gave a shit ton of people who are liberal and oblivious to this real and present danger, a huge reality check.

  • Chris Turnbull
    Chris Turnbull 17 days ago

    Porn industry reduces the need for men to have sexual contact with women, reducing the spread of STDs and the risk of unwanted pregnancies, reducing the worlds population (Which is currently at 3 times sustainable levels).
    PayPal: BAN THEM

  • Ed 1
    Ed 1 17 days ago

    Bitcoin will fix issues that other methods have not already repaired. Young men and women are not going to stop being horny anytime soon.

  • Rene Hellman
    Rene Hellman 17 days ago +1

    It kind of looks like they want to get hacked again lol

  • Petyr Baelish
    Petyr Baelish 18 days ago

    got a like for the video about the magic the gathering pedophiles?

  • FusionGamerElite
    FusionGamerElite 18 days ago

    Stop being a shill tool and just do normal videos, works for me

  • Chris Spencer
    Chris Spencer 18 days ago

    I got rid of pay pal because my identity kept getting stolen the first time it was for over 4 grand plus the 450 dollar bounce protection from my bank now I live in Tennessee someone in England stole it and ran up the bill in London when my bank told me this I told them I had never been to London heck I've never been on a plane the second time was Milwaukee Wisconsin for 2500 bucks so after my bank did a lengthy investigation they realized it was pay pal that was letting it get stolen

  • E E
    E E 18 days ago

    Fuck it, I don’t care about this tbh. No one’s billed should be payed just because you film yourself banging your girl.

  • Wade Tisthammer
    Wade Tisthammer 18 days ago +1

    Next headline: "PayPal demands tattoo of 666 on the hand or forehead to use its service."

  • BlackYall
    BlackYall 18 days ago

    censorship is only used by evil. As simple as that.

  • joe lafiote
    joe lafiote 18 days ago

    These free access pr0n tube sites are a real plague and should have never been permitted in the first place. You want pr0 then you have to pay and it's the best way to prevent minors and kids watching it. In fact they killed the pr industry. In the 2000s there was still some quality producers now it's all trash, extreme content near violence treatment for some. The same with the cam sites that are based on tips and can be watched by anyone replacing the good old days when explicit and nudity was only allowed in private sessions and the customer was in a real interaction with the model now it's all impersonal and robotic.

  • Volga99
    Volga99 18 days ago

    Why is paypal allowed to destroy peoples ways of getting money anyway?

  • David Kumer
    David Kumer 18 days ago

    pulling out often leads to protest....and a bad rep

  • cosmosofinfinity
    cosmosofinfinity 18 days ago

    I think you messed up the end of the video

  • 3Rings4ElvenKings
    3Rings4ElvenKings 18 days ago

    I haven't used PayPal in ages and never will again, given the immoral and abusive causes the company supports.

  • Gankageddon
    Gankageddon 19 days ago

    Pornhub has the financial backing to create their own service.

  • Ixspar
    Ixspar 19 days ago

    Btw, only seem to be getting one video notification a day and my subscription was dropped. Have luv youtube....

  • Ixspar
    Ixspar 19 days ago

    Jeremy, if you think back not so long ago, you'll remember the porn industry billing companies were banned by many banks? Why did this happen? Because people were viewing sites, signing up for a month, and didn't read the fine print stating that a monthly charge (subscription) would happen. Since the banks didn't have the time or personnel to find which places were doing these predatory practices, all were banned. This may be as simple as paypal catching up to the power curve of the banks. Some of your rant videos lately haven't been looking at the other side of the coin on issues. Regardless if I'm right or wrong, there is could be other factors that are currently unknown. I would suggest the content creators inquire directly of Paypal for an explanation. If enough do, then Paypal will most likely make a statement.

  • Ralph Mueller
    Ralph Mueller 19 days ago

    maybe we need to investigate youtube and see if they were involved with Epstein

  • Jos ljnjh.l Powers
    Jos ljnjh.l Powers 19 days ago

    Its complete bs but paypal has the right to refuse service to anyone just like any other business in the us doesnt make it right but nothing illegal about what paypal is doing

    • sunwolf87
      sunwolf87 18 days ago

      It is if they're acting like a publisher and curating users and their content while identifying as a platform. You're way off base here.

  • Flash Thompson
    Flash Thompson 19 days ago

    Welp. I guess I'm done with PayPal.

  • Shepard
    Shepard 19 days ago

    I really don´t get this stupid despise of sex workers, cam girls etc. They just do a job to get by do no harm but some bullshit company decides "its bad we don´t support it".
    Why do those fucked up companies even care... paypals only reason to exist is to provide a money transaction service, neither is it required to have an opinion on things nor to discriminate people for their job choice.
    Those companies act like a bank that tells a customer that his money is no longer welcome as he has the wrong ethnicity... as if money would ever give a fuck.

  • NicoBolas
    NicoBolas 19 days ago

    Problem with your video looping back at the end bud

  • Yoshimasa Chong
    Yoshimasa Chong 19 days ago

    Boy, i sure love watching "THE" everyday

    SRIBZ 19 days ago

    I'm throwing BAT at you like a stripper, homie. Keep up the great videos, stop these SJWs and woke-zombies from ruining ALL forms of entertainment (especially videogames)

  • Captain Vlad
    Captain Vlad 19 days ago

    the fact banking companies have the option to not bank for people with money over opinions (bullshit) is ridiculous

  • Demonic Akumi
    Demonic Akumi 19 days ago

    So actual whores/sluts that do stuff for their viewers gets banned from Paypal, but the shitty whores/sluts/cunts on Twitch don't get banned from Paypal.
    Yup. Okay.

  • MrGrownman455
    MrGrownman455 19 days ago

    It's time congress call in paypal and other companies. i think it's time a law is passed that if you as a corporation who do not allow free speech and freedom of expression then you can't operate your company on American soil. The whole cancel culture and get woke culture needs to be ended in America.

  • The Gluteus Maximus
    The Gluteus Maximus 19 days ago

    AKA Paypal loses half their userbase in stupid decision

  • a a
    a a 19 days ago

    This really makes me as an aspiring computer programmer desire not to build my platform off of paypal. I don't trust them to honor their word and be a money exchanging service. Frankly it makes me put more faith in something like blockchain than established services like banks or visa. Especially visa. But that's just my personal opinion.

  • Kaose T
    Kaose T 19 days ago

    Oh subscribe star and verge come to daddy. Fuck paypal. They have been withholding money cause their services are shit. I sware the internet is gonna split into two sides over this.

  • Baseball Bear
    Baseball Bear 19 days ago +1

    I don't have a problem with PayPal banning Pornhub its an evil addiction device to control people. Just look at the studies that men that watch porn are much more likely to basically be leftist and be less religious. So I dont have a problem it would help men be more like men so I see it as a win. And before any libertarians start yelling nonsense, I am a Christian nationalist I want a Christian constitutional monarchy so dont come telling me about how we need "freedom" freedom is with god not man.

    • anonymousbrown
      anonymousbrown 18 days ago

      Nothing like a little religious bigotry is there? What about people that don't conform to your views?

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia 19 days ago

    For the algo.

  • Gaymer Knight
    Gaymer Knight 19 days ago

    Did the video just repeat twice? During the same play?

  • Cap Obvious
    Cap Obvious 20 days ago

    Weird edits in this one.

  • Jason Knetge
    Jason Knetge 20 days ago

    your vides seems to repeet on its self.

  • Joshua Bonner
    Joshua Bonner 20 days ago

    I hate PayEnemy almost more than EA or Comcast.

  • Holo Buckshot
    Holo Buckshot 20 days ago

    If you know a web dev you can easily set up a chargebee portal processing widget. It’s completely free until you hit a pretty high amount of gross. No account, people put in their details and are charged.
    The only issue arises from using a subscription model since you’ll need to create an account with Chargebee or your own website in order to cancel it, but as the owner you can cancel it yourself.
    For one time payments though it sounds like a good idea, I don’t have much experience in web dev and managed to get it working.
    It processes through stripe mainly, same system that subscribe star uses. Just a thought.

  • rob fox
    rob fox 20 days ago

    Fuck PayPal.

  • EpicPony
    EpicPony 20 days ago

    Pr0nhub is so kind and always mind their own business, and everyone's just trashs on them. Lol

  • Homo Erectus
    Homo Erectus 20 days ago

    paypal banned me for NO FUCKIN REASON. and they refused to tell me what it is.
    - you violated out terms of service, so we banned you
    - what exactly did i do?
    - you violated our terms of service!
    - which term exactly, what happened?
    - our terms of service, you violated them.
    fucking brainlet degenerates just plain rob people. i hope they choke on those 20$

  • Babidi
    Babidi 20 days ago

    do people seriously trust a company with all their most important passwords like that.....even just the smallest amount of paranoia or common sense should have someone thinking twice about that. I can't imagine being that trusting, also the embarrassement of it, going to a company and just admitting you can't keep track of your passwords and would they please do it for you....fuck, what a low day that must be.

  • Babidi
    Babidi 20 days ago

    I really hope people just boycott these clowns. they are getting so obtusely pro censorship and its frustrating that so many still use their service and just keeps them in their insane headspace of believing they are untouchable.

  • Leo DS
    Leo DS 20 days ago

    What?! How will I pay for my porn now? I don't own a credit card.

  • seriousdudeserious
    seriousdudeserious 20 days ago +1

    Remember history people. Which Video format succeeded in the long run? VHS. Why? Not because the were the best, but because they were not above permitting porn on their medium.

  • Stalhelm 85
    Stalhelm 85 20 days ago

    Didn't know money has ideology. Paypal is way off base

  • Shyhalu
    Shyhalu 20 days ago

    In b4 paypal gets bought and mass layoffs start.

  • drmisbad
    drmisbad 20 days ago

    Not cool PayPal, not cool.

  • NDK0
    NDK0 20 days ago

    But how sad do you have to be to pay for porn? :-D

  • lemon14141
    lemon14141 20 days ago

    When will people realize, that constitutional free speech only protects against government censorship. Paypal, YT, twitch etc are not government and can censor anything they want.

    • sunwolf87
      sunwolf87 18 days ago

      Not true. A PLATFORM cannot curate patrons, their services or their information. Only a PUBLISHER has any right to curate anything, and even they are beholden to any law governing free press. GTFO with your anti-American rhetoric.

  • Aleric
    Aleric 20 days ago +1

    I have no sympathy for Porn Hub, they back all the SJW Leftist LGBTQRST whatever agendas. Let them eat their own.

  • Brady Menting
    Brady Menting 20 days ago +1

    Dear paypal:
    stop treating us like children. you're not our mother, you're not our nanny. we're grown adults that can make our own decisions and don't need you to decide what we can and can't spend our money on. your only responsibility is to deliver our money, and as long as it's not illegal, you have no liability for wherever that money goes.
    signed: your soon to be ex-customers.