How to start your day the USPS way...


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  • Britt B
    Britt B Day ago

    Yessss! I swear when my bluetooth does I cry inside ... I need my upbeat music

  • XxbrandonbrutalityxX
    XxbrandonbrutalityxX 9 days ago +1

    This is only about 10 years of service. 30 you go "Insane in the membraneeee, INSANE IN THE BRAIN!!!!!!!. Though with 9 years now... I'm feeling this all to well 😂

  • Alan Wilson
    Alan Wilson 9 days ago

    I love it.

  • An2nio Productions
    An2nio Productions Month ago +1

    I find it cool they have the same column shifters as an old 1980’s chevy pickup truck. Don’t you agree?

  • quazar raynor
    quazar raynor Month ago

    You make the mail carrier look enjoyable. Thanks

  • William Garman
    William Garman Month ago

    Great video! F### that seat belt it’s the most itchy thing ever, I never wear it either and I wave at every cop I see on my route, they don’t care

  • MoonLight -
    MoonLight - Month ago

    You forgot to put the mail trough living hell

  • theBondtech
    theBondtech Month ago

    Must be before Amazon

  • PineappleGuy
    PineappleGuy Month ago

    Great music choice !

  • Y M
    Y M 2 months ago

    Why are you driving without proper seat belt on???? 👍 #Noted

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point 3 months ago

    The head of USPS is totally disconnected from the people's need. Please, let's kill the snake by its head. Learn more about the issue and sign up my petition today to remove from her place the current USPS Postmaster General.

  • lord netsplits
    lord netsplits 4 months ago

    what the hell did I just watch >:(

  • Rhiannon Garcia
    Rhiannon Garcia 4 months ago


  • James McHarg
    James McHarg 4 months ago

    He's wearing a baseball cap he's out of uniform

  • Thepurple 9
    Thepurple 9 4 months ago

    Can u listen to music while ur driving

    • jalcruces
      jalcruces 29 days ago

      Yes. But usually the vehicles are so noisy that you can't hear it or have to have it on extremely loud. If you're using the fan in hot weather, forget it.

  • Dallas Time Bandits
    Dallas Time Bandits 5 months ago

    I hate llvs

  • Tyelaf
    Tyelaf 5 months ago +4

    I know this video is over 3 yrs old but I watched it today (5/2/19) for the first time and I love it! Thanks bro!!

  • Yunus Kedir
    Yunus Kedir 6 months ago +6

    He's chilling and try to make his day easy and that's how you can get a comfort on your job and make the time short. Funny guy love it.

  • Boi Lol
    Boi Lol 6 months ago

    This is EPIC

  • pete ziriaah
    pete ziriaah 6 months ago

    Can't figure this dude. Obviously a CCA, but he just seems too happy to be doing this. And he VERY definitely doesn't have the appearance of a guy who has a fun time listening to that shit "music" he's having fun with.

  • Alexander Galvez
    Alexander Galvez 6 months ago

    What do I need to be a mailman??

  • metal kittens
    metal kittens 6 months ago

    love TSwift at the beginning 😁😊

  • Titia Hailey
    Titia Hailey 7 months ago

    Hoooo I want you to be my mailman!!!

  • Ess!e Bug
    Ess!e Bug 7 months ago +1

    I wish I was this chill when I hit the road. I'm usually stuffing my face with my breakfast thinking about how I just wanna get shit done. Maybe I should be listening to Taylor Swift🤨

  • W.T. RiKER
    W.T. RiKER 7 months ago +3

    Best Video ever. Greeting from Mail Carrier from Germany (Deutsche Post DHL)

  • Carl Payne
    Carl Payne 7 months ago

    He isn't wearing no seatbelt,playing loud music, what will happen if he gets into a accident and possibly get injured or killef from not wearing a seatbelt. He wouldn't be able to hear sirens from a emergency vehicle or vehicles that could be behind him, but he won't be able to hear them because of the loud music. I wouldn't risk my job. I will focus on my safety and work first then when I clock out,then I can have my fun. It just my opinion.

    JMPJOSE 8 months ago

    Thank you. Now i know everything there is to know about mail delivery..

  • Desire’s Ark
    Desire’s Ark 8 months ago

    So funk cute. Now I can’t wait to start! 😂😂😂

  • William Blish
    William Blish 9 months ago

    I can spot serveral things hes doing wrong. Im surprised this video hasn't been taken down.

  • Ghost Jr
    Ghost Jr 9 months ago

    What position is this

  • Chuck Maleman
    Chuck Maleman 9 months ago

    where are all the packages? im a rca and i had 137 last time i ran.cased nail until amazon dropped.then had to make a package run then come back load the rest of the packages pull down the mail and run the route.he must have an auxiliary route.very small one

  • A92ndf9 558
    A92ndf9 558 10 months ago

    I hope USPS SHARES this video to show the world how much attention their delivery drivers do pay while working. (Very minimal) while there are countless upon countless complaints online, stating poor delivery service. STOP BITCHING ABOUT ROUTES WITH HIGH VOLUME, don't like it get another fucking job. Because who knows you could be delivering someone's fucking medicine that they need. Fuck you stupid pieces of shit. The USPS is a terrible service and all of the employees should step up but are to goddamned lazy to because everyone else was already lazy to begin with so they all feed off that same vibe. Pathetic, no wonder they employ a dumbass like this. Who films this stupid comical bullshit

  • A92ndf9 558
    A92ndf9 558 10 months ago

    Shitty job done by lazy fucks.

  • A92ndf9 558
    A92ndf9 558 10 months ago

    "Ahhh too many boxes" "my route is stressful!!" Welcome to America retards, freedom of choice. Choose another job. I sincerely hope the USPS goes out of business very soon. Terrible organization, with the laziest and most complaining employees, y'all aren't entitled to shit but your paycheck when you clock the fuck out. Do your job and do it 100%. If not why even bother waking up everyday?

  • Puzzled Snowman
    Puzzled Snowman 10 months ago

    For everyone complaining about this, you all must be a true joy to be around. Lord forbid someone is a happy person and is enjoying their day while they are working, and doing more in one day than most people do in a week. Not everyone has to be as miserable as you all are. Now go back to abusing your household pets because with all that stress and anger you all are showing im sure that's what you will end up doing. FUKOPH LOSERS

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 10 months ago

    Get these mail

  • James Knowlen
    James Knowlen 11 months ago

    Kill that horrible music.

  • Jeanne Luddeni
    Jeanne Luddeni 11 months ago

    Where's his harness man write up city

  • toorpat 1
    toorpat 1 11 months ago

    what a disgraceful reflection on the company

  • toorpat 1
    toorpat 1 11 months ago +1

    if my personal carrier looked anything like you, I'd be worried about my mail for sure.

  • ttgk
    ttgk 11 months ago +11

    All the USPS drivers in my town are grumpy old ladies lol

    • rgktt
      rgktt 5 months ago

      ttgk you kinda stole my username

  • azimmey
    azimmey 11 months ago +1

    Did they pay you to make it look like you have fun on the job at USPS ? LOL From what I hear it is NOT fun.

    • Aaron Singleton
      Aaron Singleton 10 months ago

      So that makes the people who work for them terrible as well? Nice logic.

    • A92ndf9 558
      A92ndf9 558 10 months ago

      azimmey he is a fucking loser USPS is a terrible organization

  • Valentina Teleschkova

    that must be yo aux route whre the mail at

  • Logan Hu
    Logan Hu Year ago

    Your parcel look extremely light

  • DedCorp
    DedCorp Year ago

    I got an ad from ups

  • RevolverOcelot2008

    1) Seatbelt!!!
    2) Where is the part when 1-2 carriers dont show up so you have to do a 1-2.5 hour pivot before you even start your route

  • anon678
    anon678 Year ago

    the fuck? indoor dock, nigga got like 20 parcels. man what office is this ? i want to start singing to!

  • violadash
    violadash Year ago

    im starting my work w/usps next week. love this sing along 2taytays song. u have such a cool style. love ur cool beard. i wish more people grew out their facial hair like urs:)

    SIMPLE TRUTH Year ago

    Meanwhile, I'm calling around to my neighbors trying to find out when would be a convenient time to go over and get my damn mail.

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones Year ago

    Nice. I have a portable speaker that I play my personal music through my phone all the time on the route. I jam loudly sometimes but turn it down to a respectful level when approaching a customer or near people outside. It actually fires me up to get through the day faster sometimes, instead of being a distraction.

  • Holly
    Holly Year ago

    Hahahahaha I hate the music, but this is perfect xD

  • James Wilkins
    James Wilkins Year ago

    Worst run company in the US

  • David bishop
    David bishop Year ago

    Before my dad had me he lived in Florida and was a mailman boy think of how hot it must have been

  • Icecube88
    Icecube88 Year ago

    how's it like backing up in it?

  • Stephanie Dickey
    Stephanie Dickey Year ago

    Is that an LLV or FFV?

  • 2005er
    2005er Year ago

    Lol where is your shoulder strap buddy lmao

  • SAM Taylor
    SAM Taylor Year ago

    Like think this is how my husband spends his day, as a retired Marine, working for USPS as a second career......lololo, loved it.

  • Fino10
    Fino10 Year ago

    What are the requirements for this job?

  • Mike Hoss
    Mike Hoss Year ago +1

    Great video! I start my orientation for CCA Monday the 21st.

  • GoldenTide
    GoldenTide Year ago +33

    I didn't know Braun Strowman was a mailman...