Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
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Comments • 4 595

  • ttacx
    ttacx 2 hours ago

    Now I get it.. Australia just so happened to start giving a shit and say 'no more plastic bags when grocery shopping and good buy plastic straws' right after China blocked us. However the mainstream media pedals it as if we're leading the way to a better future and it was our choice. Even the PC crowd are full of shit

  • Mia C ' moore
    Mia C ' moore 5 hours ago

    Plenty of raw material! Enough to regulate production of plastic fibers with a ban (for decades) on new plastics fiber production used for single-use containers and short-term-use items. Could subsidizing new, small, nonprofit companies and the needed modifications of existing ones while taxing plastic items at a higher rate for all single-use containers as the collection process is shifted to these manufacturers seem like a solution that's overdue and inevitable? China could be an innovative leader willing to invest in the future setting the example for us all.

  • L VZ
    L VZ 10 hours ago

    We don't want Chi-nuhs trash either, support tariffs vote Trump 2020.

  • Michael Horner
    Michael Horner 10 hours ago +1

    San Francisco recycles needles and poop. However China said no more...stinky stinky.

  • Brick O'Neal
    Brick O'Neal 16 hours ago

    Glad I don't fit in as an American .. Stupid humans.

  • Evan Chu
    Evan Chu 21 hour ago

    why Asia?

  • Mary Hale
    Mary Hale 21 hour ago

    Canada sends their trash as well..I was told that by one of our town's spies that check all the recycle bins..he said China doesn't want our plastic bags..I'm from Merritt BC

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 21 hour ago

    We SCAN AFTER Fukushima NUKES materiale

  • Oboy Phan
    Oboy Phan 21 hour ago

    Why???U dont seE uR Hi TECH SECRET PROSJEKT???

  • Ted Lintner
    Ted Lintner 21 hour ago

    why no mention that China still dumps trash in the ocean, as in our non recyclable plastic

  • Jorge Pineda
    Jorge Pineda 22 hours ago +1

    Why don't they burn it or melt it.

  • ryan villegas
    ryan villegas Day ago

    blah blah blah, cry me a river. the average american doesn't give a damn about china and you can't force them to

    LIVE LET LIVE Day ago

    Sooner or later China going to fuck usa... just matter of time

  • tawseef taher
    tawseef taher Day ago

    there are some such garbage sky scrappers in India too

  • None Given
    None Given Day ago

    Alright so we can't send trash there, how about opening some factories here in the states so we can create jobs building products from our own garbage. All these abandoned buildings and old factory compounds everywhere just wasting away. Turn off that "free healthcare" scam and put those tax funds towards recovering some kind of industrial base that works to reduce landfill waste and activate jobs for citizens at the same time. Anything that makes sense is good, but in this world we live anything good has been inverted to be bad. While bad actions and ideas flourish.

  • Dennis Cambly
    Dennis Cambly Day ago

    Where are the innovators in the US and Canada? Here is a giant sized business that would create employment and good profits.

  • Tes Tos
    Tes Tos Day ago

    LOL, this is funny as hell, we buy goods and send trash back, not a bad deal! Hey? But like everything else in life, we know the consequences of failing to pro-act and or to prepare so we get caught with the pants down again and again, is not that we don't know though, it's that we are lazy foks and love when crisis occur, so now we are scrambling to see what the hell are we going to do with our foking trash. Have you seen a trash dump? Well watch were you are going because one of this days one of them might hit you in the face! They are all over, they very high and very, very big and getting bigger by the day!

  • JL MetaMix
    JL MetaMix Day ago

    Its just good business, Governments from other Country's let china used there Lands and illegals to import trash for recycling, in exchange for MONEY. now they bolted out of there house and let it pile, then they blame westerners, Basically china played you cunts. Right now the most to blame is China because they didn't give a warning and the other, responsibility is left behind. Watch how china will suffer in the long term for pulling this trick.

    There should have been a long term warning before fully stopping this, but at the same time China was doing illegal stuff ( Thats with the Goverment in hand) thats why there going to country's trying to take land in exchange for MONEY and you cunts letting them do it, while you blame westerners. Dont let a Chinese man/Woman come to your home to do business....

  • Dash David
    Dash David Day ago

    You pin the wrong location of Guangzhou and Shenzhen on the map

  • pablo9
    pablo9 Day ago

    Fuck America anyway it's full off school shooters

  • Xing Xiao
    Xing Xiao 2 days ago

    It is nice that I have been seeing more and more objective videos made by Americans.

  • Preesa Wong Vlogs & U-life

    I just knew that America and the west dump trash in Asia and blame Asian countries for producing lots of waste.

  • Balancing Life
    Balancing Life 2 days ago

    Omg the trash mountains. I can't..

  • Carl Horn
    Carl Horn 2 days ago +2

    We all need to stop buying so much junk.

  • one love smoke shop
    one love smoke shop 2 days ago


  • peter Leung
    peter Leung 2 days ago

    1.3 down vote should become Trash

  • Jianyu SHEN
    Jianyu SHEN 2 days ago


  • James Hite
    James Hite 2 days ago

    So tired of these Smule adds!!!!!

  • Adam Kapraun
    Adam Kapraun 2 days ago

    Also, China does not send most of our dinner.

  • Adam Kapraun
    Adam Kapraun 2 days ago

    China’s Starbucks taste different.

  • Swan Dive
    Swan Dive 3 days ago +1

    If I had known my trash was going to China, over the years I would not have littered so much.

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier Lopez 3 days ago

    USA is good at making trash 😣

  • Rijan Dhakal
    Rijan Dhakal 3 days ago

    American capitalism on full fledged display 🤣 says Amazon generates unethical waste and then goes on to advertise books on Audible. Man Americans are a lovely bunch 😂

    • randomchannel50
      randomchannel50 3 days ago

      How does audio books generate trash? You want to criticize certain processes not the whole thing. Besides being wasteful, amazon does alot to simplify our lives.

  • Gila Bola
    Gila Bola 3 days ago +3

    Good on you china. Let every countries take care of their own garbages. We need to see the mountain of garbages we created every year to make us start thinking about reducing our waste

  • joes garage
    joes garage 3 days ago

    Why China doesn't want our trash?as in Americans?...90 percent off it comes from China...and Chinese products are garbage before they leave the factory...the least they can do is take some of the stuff back...maybe recycle it do they can make more garbage products

    • Saintly Satan
      Saintly Satan 3 days ago +1

      Why are American buying Chinese made product? Make America great again. Buy USA made products.

  • Obsidianflame
    Obsidianflame 3 days ago +3

    God damn Ireland... 95%?!? xD

  • Messenger
    Messenger 3 days ago

    Globalization and the democratic party are responsible of the global mess.


    Damn, trash travels way farther than me..

  • J C
    J C 3 days ago

    Doesnt matter, they will eat it

  • Cellphone Dave
    Cellphone Dave 3 days ago +3

    I recycle every single bit of mail order shipping material I receive, using it to ship out other products I sell. - American small business owner.

  • Cobra-Emperor6 StarWars66

    go back to glass bottles fools

  • rob379
    rob379 4 days ago

    1000 years for decay of my grocery bag? It takes me 13 minutes (if I hit the lights right) to get home, and every grocery bag has a couple rips/tears when on the kitchen counter. I say much less than 1000 years.
    Just questionin’

    • Dan L
      Dan L 2 days ago

      I don't claim to know everything, but perhaps I can shed some light on your question
      Your plastic bags may be ripped up, but they still would not decompose.
      Ironically, they may exacerbate a more serious problem- Microplastics. Research by WWF released just this week (June 2019) consolidating over 50 studies shows that we ingest some 2000 plastic particles per week.
      I know it's not easy. But please consider reducing your use of using single use plastic bags wherever possible. Every bit counts

  • Don Nichols
    Don Nichols 4 days ago

    well 90% of that trash was built in china. So then start making good product. Problem solved.!!

    • Saintly Satan
      Saintly Satan 3 days ago

      Stop buying Chinese made products. Buy USA made.

  • Zeus Valentine
    Zeus Valentine 4 days ago +4

    We think we are doing good works by recycling.

    what a crock.

  • [Pz] chiu
    [Pz] chiu 4 days ago

    1:13 the water bottle says "Communist party approves this water"

  • Jay K
    Jay K 4 days ago +1

    I'm sending my trash to where it belongs... Mississippi.

  • YourMomsApartment 710

    Dude...seriously? Who in America is buying a chinese car?? Come on now

  • J M
    J M 4 days ago +2

    Exporting trash to other country is so hypocritical

  • TobyRecorded
    TobyRecorded 4 days ago

    Sort out your own trash!

  • The Witcher
    The Witcher 5 days ago

    i don't even have time to listen audiobooks:/

  • Yasoboy
    Yasoboy 5 days ago

    US: Send all the trash to China and blame China for pollution.
    China: No more trash.
    US: then we will go after your Huawei.

  • MANN[][][]
    MANN[][][] 5 days ago

    that's why I like rechargeable Eneloop batteries ;)

  • imdbist
    imdbist 5 days ago

    As most of what I throw away was made in China isn't it Chinese trash anyway.

  • pahrahinc
    pahrahinc 5 days ago

    If China doesn't want western trash then China shouldn't back haul it after unloading their JUNKEY CRAP PRODUCTS in the west???

  • Thomas Bryde Jepsen
    Thomas Bryde Jepsen 5 days ago

    My trash? Fuck of you bum!

  • 张玮芳
    张玮芳 5 days ago

    0:14 None of these marks are what they should be

  • Ozzy Guy
    Ozzy Guy 5 days ago

    Ha ha...Same applies to the US $...

  • J N
    J N 5 days ago

    they recycle it and multinationals make huge money importing garbage quality chinese products back into the west again.

  • Hanne Catton
    Hanne Catton 5 days ago

    Constantly harass your store managers to replace plastic bags with paper ones. They WILL eventually comply !

  • Arro kianoosh
    Arro kianoosh 5 days ago

    Propaganda video's stop this shit ... do I fucking care 🤑.... viva China 👍

  • Ibrahim mohammed
    Ibrahim mohammed 5 days ago +1

    America make on 4% of the world population,
    but generate 25% of the trash produced worldwide.
    Talk about trashy

    • Cellphone Dave
      Cellphone Dave 3 days ago

      Those american products that generate said trash are sold with so much extra packaging, and where do they come from? China! Are they doing it to make us look trashy?

  • My Geometry Dash Vids

    Then why is my brother moving

  • Azimuth next
    Azimuth next 6 days ago

    America: I change my tires every two months China: I'm about to end his whole environment

  • T Swizzle
    T Swizzle 6 days ago

    Those who blame China for not receiving trash...shame on you. No country should be producing this much trash

  • Omachron
    Omachron 6 days ago

    Great video. It puts things into a very good perspective. Until recently, even if you put your plastic waste into a blue bin, the rest was beyond your control, and the destiny of this trash was unknown. And conventional recycling plants are multi million dollar investment that you and I cannot take on for obvious reasons. In addition, not many people know that in order to recycle all that plastic waste, conventional technology can only use 15% or so which must be mixed with virgin plastic. No wonder they don't want any more trash.
    More and more innovations become available to address this issue ( thexvid.com/video/e_D-DJuGUxw/video.html ). Here is one of the opportunities for small entrepreneurs and startups with ideas how to literally turn garbage viable business: www.omachrontechnologies.com/regrind

  • Crusader Templar
    Crusader Templar 6 days ago

    China the big Dustin
    We should all send our rubbish there

  • s l
    s l 6 days ago


  • Nev
    Nev 6 days ago

    America will simply dump its rubbish and in the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and ignore there is any problem.

  • s l
    s l 6 days ago


  • s l
    s l 6 days ago


  • super burk
    super burk 6 days ago

    4.4 lbs of trash a day? What the fuck are you even doing? How?

  • godadonis007
    godadonis007 7 days ago


  • godadonis007
    godadonis007 7 days ago


  • Pranjali Gupta
    Pranjali Gupta 7 days ago

    Well hearing Trump's statements, it does not come as a suprise that Americans having only 4% of world's population create more than 25% of world's waste. Trump contributes a huge deal by frequently spewing garbage out of his gob. On a serious note, America should be put under sanctions for such gross violations of humanity. Start getting your house in order before meddling all over the world.

  • Muhammad khalid iqbal

    U distracted from ur bottom line .
    China did what with ur garbage?

  • Christopher Sands
    Christopher Sands 7 days ago

    people all the trash from the usa going anywhere is a lie.here in t.n. we dig giant holes and fill it with trash and cover it with dirts and after a few years use the perfectly fine land to build parks for the kids,the trash is 50 ft under the earth you can not tell you are above trash

  • FunnyVids? Nah
    FunnyVids? Nah 7 days ago

    Same with other countries. Third world countries like the Philippines aren’t accepting any of the rich countries trash much anymore.

  • StawBury
    StawBury 7 days ago

    Chine has left the chat

  • Vexx
    Vexx 7 days ago +1

    America doesnt produce trash... america is trash :)))

  • Walter Tunk
    Walter Tunk 7 days ago +1

    USA is so pathetic.

  • Timur K.
    Timur K. 7 days ago

    They sending a bunch of garbage to other asian countries since decades. Quite hypocritical.

  • Run
    Run 7 days ago


  • OrionSentry
    OrionSentry 7 days ago

    *Chinese People are Trash.*
    *Loud Rude Obnoxious Ignorant Trash.*

  • Shizuka Kuchiki
    Shizuka Kuchiki 7 days ago +1

    3:10 ......Good thing that its a fact..... and why do my country have to ban plastic straw when studies in America shows that "American eat out a lot causing lots of plastic straw being used"....why does America have anything to do with my country.... before straw banning i used at least 1/2 straw per week now after banning 1 straw a month. On the other hand each American people 5 straw per day 😤😤😤😤😤😤

  • Silentshiba
    Silentshiba 7 days ago

    Well their gonna Fukien take it

  • स त्य
    स त्य 7 days ago +4

    I think melting is the best by processing for this waste
    Eg foundation,roads , bur ing

  • Joseph Ackermann Prophet

    Thanks CHINA

  • 赖小松
    赖小松 8 days ago

    If the title change to "Why American doesn't want the trash anymore", so funny

    • s l
      s l 6 days ago

      @赖小松 So ill ask AGAIN lol why do they willingly accept our trash?

    • 赖小松
      赖小松 7 days ago

      @s l I meant no one wants the trash, why made it specific to China

    • s l
      s l 7 days ago

      Why does china except it then lfmao

  • Tony Tone
    Tony Tone 8 days ago +1

    *Then tell China to stop sending us their trash in the form of knock-offs and shit that don't work or is used*

  • Kim Hero
    Kim Hero 8 days ago

    It comes to south korea

  • 防风嘉杰
    防风嘉杰 8 days ago

    mainland-China is part of Taiwan lol

  • wangqis
    wangqis 9 days ago +1

    thank you for the sharing!

  • Magatism
    Magatism 9 days ago

    So why did it uptill now.

  • Filip Naumiak
    Filip Naumiak 9 days ago

    im not marican and use taobao meaning im enviormentally friendly

  • Filip Naumiak
    Filip Naumiak 9 days ago

    im not marican and use taobao meaning im enviormentally friendly

  • nihonkokusai
    nihonkokusai 9 days ago

    China needs better waste management. All those plastic and cartons are valuable source for new items.

    • s l
      s l 7 days ago

      @bob liu DUURURUR why does china willing take it then dururuurururu

    • bob liu
      bob liu 9 days ago +1

      then keep it yourself. easy solution!

  • ChunYean Chong
    ChunYean Chong 9 days ago

    Hi, may I have permission to link this video on my website? I am preparing a project on plastics back to blue crude oil, and I think your video helps many to see the big lies behind plastic recycling.

  • TK Baha
    TK Baha 9 days ago +1

    with bribery and corruption, some trash shipments from western still can come into communist china.

    • s l
      s l 7 days ago

      AWWWWWW geee i wonder why china WILLINGLY takes it dumb ass

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    omg i cant wait

  • TD V01D
    TD V01D 9 days ago

    I produce 4.4 lbs of fecal matter a day. Don't get me started on the pounds of actual trash. :-)