Why China Doesn’t Want Your Trash Anymore

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
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  • 陈明涛
    陈明涛 Day ago


  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 3 days ago

    The rest of the world doesn't want to shovel America's garbage. Who knew?!!! 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • javedakhtar javed
    javedakhtar javed 4 days ago

    Yh bhi acha idea hy bari behri jahaz hain kya tumhary pas Russia sy Yourap pr bat ho skti

  • Dennis Lin
    Dennis Lin 4 days ago

    Another man's rubbish is another man's treasure.

  • Magma Fang
    Magma Fang 6 days ago

    China doesn't want to use recyclable items now??

  • Sophie Maupillier
    Sophie Maupillier 7 days ago +1

    it is only 5 hours long

  • Andrew Duran
    Andrew Duran 7 days ago

    we keep buying their trash this is just popostrous !!

  • mateusz molenda
    mateusz molenda 9 days ago

    This is very American centred isn't it? I feel oppressed.

  • aerodicus
    aerodicus 10 days ago +1

    China = Worlds largest exporter of low quality products that end up in the trash.

    • Bidhan Poudel
      Bidhan Poudel 3 days ago

      Yeah. Your father should have used condom made in. America

  • SodaMinted
    SodaMinted 10 days ago

    Funny that all of theses products come from China.

    • Bidhan Poudel
      Bidhan Poudel 3 days ago

      More funny thing is west can't survive without that trash

  • bxktd
    bxktd 10 days ago

    If you want to cut down on the amount of trash, the amount of non-essential consumer goods being produced, and in turn the amount of energy being used to produce them, then free nations need to stop trading with China and require their companies to pull their supply chains from that nation. But that will increase the price of products? Yes, it will, but that is precisely the point. We will then buy less of it. Do we really need all of this cheap plastic novelty stuff that is priced low stocking the shelves of Wal-Mart? At the very least, some of these supply chains could get shifted to places like Central America, where they need jobs and would likely cut back on the number of migrants trying to come to the US. But in regards to China, to me, it was immoral and unethical for us to become economically joined at the hip with a country that imprisons its own people and slaughtered their own dissident citizens by the thousands (Tiannamen Square). The previous FOUR presidents have a lot to answer to in this regard- Clinton, Bush, Bush, and Obama.

  • bxktd
    bxktd 10 days ago

    Can't believe all the people on here praising China- the same government that literally mowed down thousands of its own citizens in the Tianammen Square protests that turned into a massacre.

  • bxktd
    bxktd 10 days ago

    China is the world's biggest polluter- bar none. If all of these politicians running around screaming about climate change really cared and really believed what they were peddling, they would be talking about and criticizing China.

  • bxktd
    bxktd 10 days ago

    8:45- Whose flag is that that is to furthest right beyond the $100k mark?

    • Kaw Milo
      Kaw Milo 10 days ago

      Qatar (a rich mid-east country)

  • Mike Burns
    Mike Burns 10 days ago

    U can make homes out of plastic and roads so start doing it

  • blokhed
    blokhed 10 days ago

    Heres another option, send it all up to space

  • jk1776
    jk1776 11 days ago

    The richest country in the world, one of the most productive, and a country which creates at least 22% of the world's output also creates alot of trash. This is more common sense than a statistic to shock. All countries should be working on lowering trash and recycling. Please stop fueling the blame the US narrative OR the I apologize for being in a first world country narrative - it is just ridiculous. "Yeah...but other than fresh water, sewage, roads, public order.......what has the Roman Empire done for us".

  • Eli
    Eli 12 days ago

    That sudden shade to uber tho

  • Istvan Balogh
    Istvan Balogh 12 days ago

    IMHO making people collect their trash by categories is a way smarter solution. Also seems more humane than paying someone else to sift trough your crap. I'd be opposed to that on a moral basis if nothing else. Germany seems like a good example. For the selective collection at least. I wouldn't be surprised if Germany also exported (i.e. dumped) its trash on other countries.

  • Tiffany Lian
    Tiffany Lian 14 days ago

    Wouldn’t China own the USA already cause their trash ya I know where I live and what my username is

  • FV N
    FV N 15 days ago

    Whatcha gonna do about it now that ya rich countries can’t export your garbage to China and Southeast Asia. JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA SEND WASTE TO US TOO

  • ResidualSelfImage
    ResidualSelfImage 16 days ago

    US recycled plastic is very dirty and it is very expensive to cleanup and recycled at a low cost so China banned it

  • likes chanel
    likes chanel 18 days ago +1

    This trash can put out the fires from the Amazon forest. That's wasting trash dumping it off to this country doesn't need it

  • Vlad Tepes
    Vlad Tepes 19 days ago

    they didn't sell it to you for no reason.

  • Atul khadka
    Atul khadka 20 days ago

    Americans can fuck off

  • Randy Fricke
    Randy Fricke 21 day ago

    I represent a company that turns plastic waste into liquid fuel. Anyone reading this with an interest can Google me.
    Thank you...

  • Randy Fricke
    Randy Fricke 21 day ago

    I represent a company that turns plastic waste into liquid fuel. Anyone reading this with an interest can Google me.
    Thank you...

  • Flora De Canya
    Flora De Canya 24 days ago

    Was the much hyped "conversion" of plastics into park benches and construction materials, all a big white lie ?

  • Two Niner
    Two Niner 25 days ago

    That's good because China just dumps all their trash in the ocean oftentimes anyways. Five Asian countries are responsible for 60% of the world's ocean pollution: China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam

  • OutLaws Series
    OutLaws Series 26 days ago

    Something America is good at producing a lot of: Trash
    Me: Oh

  • joe v
    joe v 26 days ago

    Not true. San Fran does not recycle.
    They throw needles, poop, trash and
    bottles of pee out the window
    on-top-of the homeless people.

  • joe v
    joe v 26 days ago

    What about those intense heat incinerators I've seen in high rise building basements? They burn anything down to nothing. Why don't we use them everywhere?

  • User
    User 27 days ago

    Hothot? There no such city

  • Rhyddid Rose Louw
    Rhyddid Rose Louw 28 days ago

    I should invest in learning Mandarin.

  • Den Robb
    Den Robb 28 days ago

    5:28 Baltika 3 beer can lol

  • Evolution Inc.
    Evolution Inc. 29 days ago

    Damn it, I've always wanted to go to China.

  • Gläzech
    Gläzech 29 days ago

    who tf whould even want trash? just send alluminum cans instead

  • The Snookman
    The Snookman Month ago

    Can we still send over our 'trailer' trash?;)

  • Charlie Abisror
    Charlie Abisror Month ago

    1:57 the way the green circle lines up with the green in the flag satisfies me

  • Mr G
    Mr G Month ago

    About time Asian and pacific nations stand up against the manipulation by developed countries.

  • Bouncy Beats
    Bouncy Beats Month ago +1

    The fckn transition gets me everytime

  • Jesper Christoffersen

    Thank you, Asia, for forcing us in the West to get our own act together! Not denying scale and the massive infrastructural problems in Asia, Africa and South America but we ALL need to step up our moral responsibility! Greetings from a Dane tired of collecting "civilized" people's trash here.

  • Li Hua
    Li Hua Month ago

    actually, china (and indosnesia etc.) just doesnt want the unsorted trash. if only americans could just get their act together and separate their fuckin trash, china would still happily take it. apparently, telling paper from plastic is just too hard for the average american (voter)

  • Snake's Outpost Blanca Colorado

    Fixing the trash problem will probably cause a depression. World-wide goods will become more expensive so they are recyclable and wages are not going up to accommodate.

  • Kilos
    Kilos Month ago

    I live in Washington and I remember when our school announced that we wont be recycling anymore

  • Oldmankc -officiall

    This guys said AUSTRALIA S people make to much waste person from USA now they’re thingy lol

  • CalifornianEASCreator

    Am i the only one that noticed that he said vokaville instead of Vacaville

  • Acc 1
    Acc 1 Month ago

    China is trash

  • ふた
    ふた Month ago


  • books from Windblown
    books from Windblown Month ago +4

    China: was to be the world's damping ground for foreign trashes.
    India: Hold my Tea, India still best place for foreign trashes.

  • yours-truly .de
    yours-truly .de Month ago

    The same nonsense is happening all over the world. (same shit here in germany, dumb as dump)
    Only for profit, for convenience and ignorance.
    The children of this world will have to pay a very high price.

  • whoopsala
    whoopsala Month ago +1

    Because china IS trash

  • Wally Ho
    Wally Ho Month ago

    China was buying recycle not trash. He US did not recycle. They bundled and sold recycling to China. When China passed a law for low contaminated recycle the us recycle was deemed trash and not recyclable. It was then refused. The us basically buries it’s recycling. People here can still feel good about themselves tossing plastic bottle trash into a blue bin. Then it is in reality landfilled.

  • MarcellusTheGreen
    MarcellusTheGreen Month ago +1

    I want to visit Chendu and eat hot spicy food.

  • tian xu
    tian xu Month ago

    Chinese people sort out these rubbish to make a dollar, then save to a million, then send their kids to American university to "steal their IP". Now kids grown up, work in Huawei. Too bad those grown up kids don't want sort rubbish any more.

  • xXsmil0ykitsuneXx
    xXsmil0ykitsuneXx Month ago

    rip all asians countries

  • KingFluffs
    KingFluffs Month ago

    The Ocean doesn't want Chinas pollutants either, and none of us want them fishing our stocks dry. We don't all get what we want do we?

  • GTO
    GTO Month ago

    We dont want theirs either. But for some reason its everywhere you look.

  • Jeffrey Crampton
    Jeffrey Crampton Month ago

    W.T.F. do you mean the U.S.A don't have any goods to send back?
    Free trade is not free

  • Jordan Carpenter
    Jordan Carpenter Month ago +1

    China is now the new Boss of the new world and We(USA) are in clearly and fast decline now!