Gordon Ramsay's New York Strip Steak Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD

  • Published on Jun 22, 2017
  • Learn how to make a spiced rub New York steak with fingerling potatoes and sauteed mushrooms, step by step.
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    FOX has ordered THE F WORD, a bold new food variety show from award-winning chef and series host Gordon Ramsay. Based on his hit U.K. series of the same name, each distinctive and fast-paced hour will combine good food and good cooking with Ramsay’s passion, energy and humor into a one-of-a-kind LIVE series. THE F WORD is scheduled to premiere in 2017 on FOX.
    On THE F WORD, foodie families from across the U.S. will battle it out in an intense, high-stakes cook-off. In addition to impressing Ramsay, each team must win over the hearts and taste buds of the diners, celebrities and VIP guests whom they’re serving.
    Throughout each hour-long episode, cooking competition meets variety show as Ramsay chats with surprise guests and VIPs in the dining room, hosts live remotes with people from across the country, and appears weekly in unique field segments with fans, foodies and culinary experts.
    Gordon Ramsay's New York Strip Steak Recipe: Extended Version | Season 1 Ep. 4 | THE F WORD
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Comments • 1 802

  • choppa gunna
    choppa gunna 2 hours ago

    Same way how I cook my steak.

  • Mark Norville
    Mark Norville 14 hours ago

    Heart attack steak with all of that butter, not particularly healthy is it.

  • honeyhive hirdhu
    honeyhive hirdhu 15 hours ago

    I vl kill the cameraman...he making the dish...as dunk..😡😡😡how deliciously he is cooking..bt poor camera sence😖😣😖😣

  • Jubi Hi
    Jubi Hi Day ago

    That moaning at the end of the video hummmm. Lol

  • Michele Belardinelli
    Michele Belardinelli 2 days ago +1

    Under of four finger is carpaccio!

  • Mouna Chahine
    Mouna Chahine 4 days ago

    my mom cooks better than this dude like if your mom does as well

  • Sirdiggar
    Sirdiggar 4 days ago

    How can anyone not like this? Vegetarianism is a huge missed-steak.

  • _Vulcanic _
    _Vulcanic _ 4 days ago

    This basically sums up my perfect meal

  • george gunn
    george gunn 4 days ago

    These so called 'chef's' use so much salt it would kill you.

  • Rui Pedro Rocha
    Rui Pedro Rocha 5 days ago

    Why let the steak rest? It will only make it cold which is NOT cool for meats.

  • Mook aton
    Mook aton 5 days ago

    You lost me at BBQ sauce.

  • lloyd Lloyd
    lloyd Lloyd 5 days ago

    Marco is better.

  • shady1596
    shady1596 5 days ago

    He forgot to season the camera

  • Jonathan Reis
    Jonathan Reis 5 days ago

    "Let the knife do the work" 😂😂😂 this phrase never miss

  • alex mccutchan
    alex mccutchan 6 days ago

    Kinda mad about the BBQ sauce. I like smoked I like BBQ I like steak. I don't like BBQ on my steak 😡😠🤬

  • Brent Hung
    Brent Hung 6 days ago

    It's always time isn't it.

    SHEHZAAD X 7 days ago

    oh la laaaa!!!!

  • Frank Maddalone
    Frank Maddalone 7 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay will make a puck sound good. Slapshot 🥅🏒

  • Max Chill
    Max Chill 7 days ago

    These videos are too low of quality, there are major continuity issues in the editing.

  • Fraser Fortune
    Fraser Fortune 7 days ago

    Literally sit at the base of the mushrooms. 😂

  • Alex K
    Alex K 7 days ago


  • alwayscarryachaingun

    New York strip? You're from Scotland it's called a Sirloin you Donkey

  • Simon John Hinton
    Simon John Hinton 8 days ago

    I had to wipe the saliva off the screen of my phone. I thought about eating my smartphone.

  • Alex Lee
    Alex Lee 8 days ago +2

    Idc if that’s 20 pounds of seasoning on it and a gallon of oil I’m devouring that meal

  • Merenhuiske
    Merenhuiske 8 days ago

    And here I am watching this and eating microwave pizza, while I should be sleeping 🙄

  • NPC #777
    NPC #777 8 days ago +1

    Why eat mushrooms? It's no nutrition at all!

    • Alex Lee
      Alex Lee 8 days ago +2

      I agree we should stop eating mushrooms forever and ban them.

    VISHNU PRASADR 8 days ago

    All i see on that plate is a big bold HEART ATTACK

  • CanadiAnnie
    CanadiAnnie 8 days ago


  • evocative01
    evocative01 8 days ago

    um.... he said cook a new york strip steak for 4 minutes then cut off the heat..... thats not enough to cook any meat. and then he laid raw potatoes in the skillet for 2 or 3 minutes. they would still be completely raw. huh? i usuallly love his videos but nothing in this video made sense.

  • Drew
    Drew 8 days ago +1

    Needs more oil and butter
    Then a little more oil and butter
    And finally some oil and butter

  • Evan b
    Evan b 9 days ago

    We do this all the time at hunt camp but we use venison

  • jimmyfly
    jimmyfly 9 days ago

    Omg no bbq sauce. NO NO NO.

  • Sama Architect
    Sama Architect 9 days ago

    No offense but all i see is everything being coated with oil and butter ,so greasy and unhealthy

  • Mathewmartialart
    Mathewmartialart 9 days ago

    "turn the gas off" next shots show the gas still fully going

  • TragestyX
    TragestyX 9 days ago

    I just don't enjoy a steak that pink haha.

  • John Simon
    John Simon 9 days ago

    I wish I could eat that food. 😆

  • Chandlor Persaud
    Chandlor Persaud 10 days ago

    Whyd he cut the steak? The juices flow out

  • James Hoad
    James Hoad 10 days ago

    Fingerlings!? I thought they were sautéed potatoes not little electronic monkeys!?

  • Balaji C
    Balaji C 10 days ago

    Looks ok, but Gordon thinks it's a piece of art

  • James Lee
    James Lee 10 days ago

    "A teapot of olive oil."

  • wrsawy
    wrsawy 11 days ago +1

    He is the rich chef making the video, and you are watching. If you can do better,,, MAKE A VIDEO!

  • KrueppelHerbert
    KrueppelHerbert 11 days ago


  • That Big Roach Crawl'n

    Needz a love button...😎

  • Otaku-shin
    Otaku-shin 11 days ago

    I wonder how much this guy spends on groceries each month

  • Nazariah Gatal
    Nazariah Gatal 11 days ago

    Once he says the word 'pink' I'm done. Yukes. It's raw! He needs to put more butter in the meat to make edible.. that's right.. butter. Butter makes all food edible.

    • Brandon Bailey
      Brandon Bailey 10 days ago

      Ok Chef...you know people like med rar steaks...The longer you cook the steak. It becomes dry

  • ludmila song
    ludmila song 12 days ago

    For the time he finishes with the mushrooms isn’t the steak cold?

  • Robert Amato
    Robert Amato 12 days ago


  • Mika Ella Salcedo
    Mika Ella Salcedo 12 days ago


  • john taco
    john taco 12 days ago

    never cut my steak! NEVER

  • Giggitygoo
    Giggitygoo 13 days ago

    "open it up and see how pink that is" yeah, that's my favorite part too.

  • Zack V
    Zack V 13 days ago

    1:20 the gas isnt off after he says turn the gas off lol I know its an edit but still

  • Anthony Wang
    Anthony Wang 13 days ago

    "Delicious spice rub New York strip with inaudible potatoes"

  • I_Chris
    I_Chris 14 days ago

    Gordon: "First off." *slap*

  • Rocky Volk
    Rocky Volk 14 days ago

    Greasy oily buttery beautiful

  • Jonas Martinez
    Jonas Martinez 16 days ago

    *seasons pajamas before sleeping

  • chris lester
    chris lester 16 days ago

    Gordon's dream pet is a cow that milks olive oil instead of milk

  • Paulux noskonos
    Paulux noskonos 16 days ago

    Gas off🤔😂😂😂😂 still on!

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 16 days ago

    That's enough butter to give a cow a heart attack.

  • themza912
    themza912 16 days ago

    I know Gordon can cook, but some of the thing he says don't make any sense. Why does a cold steak right out of the fridge lack flavor? What does temperature have to do with flavor??

  • Christian Alversado
    Christian Alversado 16 days ago

    Your the man chef gordon.

  • Darealpokgai .MacauGamer

    is this the same recipe of his airfryer video?

  • How am I supposed to know?

    Bet he uses olive oil as lube.

    LIFE AFTER DEATH 17 days ago

    My steak turned out the bomb

  • Lukas Patty
    Lukas Patty 17 days ago

    only the mushrooms get So'Tayed So-Tayed Suh Taid

  • Lukas Patty
    Lukas Patty 17 days ago

    gerjus sotayed putaytuhs

  • Psyks
    Psyks 17 days ago

    He literally like the word “literally...” 🙄

  • Stalker
    Stalker 17 days ago

    a touch

  • AmyAwesomeFtw
    AmyAwesomeFtw 18 days ago

    This is what I find interesting at 2am

  • Jeffrey Roy Jr
    Jeffrey Roy Jr 18 days ago

    His tone of voice changes
    "Open that up... see how pink it is " 😂😂😂

  • llamawizard
    llamawizard 18 days ago

    That's dinner for 1. What is the rest of my family going to eat?

  • Chill Daddy
    Chill Daddy 18 days ago

    I wonder if all that spice had any flavor in the final product. Surely the heat burned it up! And why cut the steak? I like ribeye a lot more than ny strip anyways and even then, I'd probably rather be working with chuck or cheek meat or short ribs. I suppose that cooking is very subjective

  • Connor
    Connor 18 days ago

    Anyone else think he should’ve neglected the barbecue sauce?

  • Isaac Kim
    Isaac Kim 18 days ago

    I used to love cooking and eating steak but I got too lazy so now all I cook is meatloaf :(

  • Hyun Hwang
    Hyun Hwang 19 days ago

    Pretty sure he calls any steak "the chef's dream"

  • TheChinesePotato
    TheChinesePotato 19 days ago

    2:17 see that? that flavor in there is extraordinary

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 19 days ago

    what do humans eat mom?
    Well, they milk a cow, churn it to butter, then chop the cow up and cook its own flesh in its buttered milk.
    .... so delicious tho....

  • Gloria
    Gloria 19 days ago


  • M
    M 19 days ago

    Should be called "Butter with New York Strip Steak added".

  • JohnnyL REACTS
    JohnnyL REACTS 19 days ago

    Ramsey is a genius chef obviously, and I'm sure these dishes taste amazing, but how is he getting away with all the butter, salt and olive oil he uses in his dishes? Don't see many recipes calling for those amounts..

  • Jason Marley
    Jason Marley 19 days ago

    gordon ramsay would be mad at this gordon ramsay

  • ZEUSfeedZ
    ZEUSfeedZ 20 days ago

    *hot Pan*

  • Mykol Macias
    Mykol Macias 20 days ago

    Everything except the bbq sauce

  • Chill
    Chill 20 days ago +1

    2:34 *"and just spoon over.....ugh"*


    “Turn the gas off” Gas is still on high while he’s basting, haha. He’s the best though so you can’t knock him. He’s got tons of restaurants around the world, tons of money, a good family and all you haters and eating boogers and sleeping on dirty piles of clothes, lol. Stop hating, start appreciating!

  • Oscar Ramos
    Oscar Ramos 22 days ago

    I bet Gordon waxes his car with a bit of butter.

  • SaleenE34
    SaleenE34 22 days ago

    Gordon’s FAVORITE word... begins with an L.. you guess...

  • Matt Sanders
    Matt Sanders 22 days ago

    Literally the best steak recipes on literal TheXvid literally.

  • Pinakoluang Tubig
    Pinakoluang Tubig 23 days ago


  • colonel blake
    colonel blake 23 days ago

    steak and potato flavoured olive oil. mmmm

  • gizengar111
    gizengar111 23 days ago

    1:24 "turn the gas off" 1:27 *gas is still on*...

  • Vason Maximotgus
    Vason Maximotgus 23 days ago

    The “mmmmmm” at 2:36 killed me.

  • SeaBass
    SeaBass 23 days ago

    "Literally, out." I'd be fascinated to see how you take it out of the pan figuratively.

  • Pearly Gates
    Pearly Gates 23 days ago

    Olive all in.... beaut.....fool

  • Solum
    Solum 24 days ago

    The horrible editing makes learning anything impossible.

  • Asif Vaid
    Asif Vaid 24 days ago

    Turn the gas off...it's still on!

  • Patrick Gamer
    Patrick Gamer 25 days ago

    0:17 I died!!

  • Ricky Dartawan
    Ricky Dartawan 25 days ago

    0:15 First off, *meat slap*

  • Uns33n
    Uns33n 25 days ago

    he pronounces "new york" weirdly........"nyork"

  • Shido8
    Shido8 25 days ago


  • Jennie f
    Jennie f 26 days ago

    Yum YUm !