Vader Immortal First Look and Meet the Cast of Star Wars Resistance

  • Published on Sep 26, 2018
  • This week on The Star Wars Show, we join the voice cast of Star Wars Resistance -- Christopher Sean, Suzie McGrath, Donald Faison, and Bobby Moynihan -- to talk about bringing Kaz and the rest of the colorful crew to life ahead of the series debut! Plus, Andi learns to play sabacc at the table from Solo: A Star Wars Story, we announce a new series about Our Star Wars Stories, ILMxLab turns to the dark side with Vader Immortal, and more!
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Comments • 662

  • Zot Tv
    Zot Tv 2 months ago

    Hum CLONE WARS I’m pretty sure that is number one on the Star Wars fan base list nothing else comes close and yes not even 9
    So please a mother trailer and I want a date

  • 307 Fishing
    307 Fishing 3 months ago

    I dont play sabacc. I play pazaak

  • ElvishStar
    ElvishStar 4 months ago

    I write the electric company checks.

  • Patrick Aquino
    Patrick Aquino 4 months ago

    @starwars where can we get that empire graphic tee!?!?!

  • Sameer Khan
    Sameer Khan 4 months ago

    ahaha the blooper at the end. u have to pay your taxes!!!!

  • Scuba Gaming
    Scuba Gaming 5 months ago

    Vader is back

  • Gabriel Alejandro Pandiella Rodriguez

    Just give it up! This show is a monumental failure!
    Sundays at 10 pm? This show was never made for kids in mind.
    So Stop lying!

  • Joel Mathre
    Joel Mathre 6 months ago

    Something's wrong... Andi... you sick?

  • The Scoundrel's Cantina

    Funny how they like using the words "immersive". Much like the people behind the SJW Battlefield V.

  • mikey123456789012
    mikey123456789012 6 months ago

    Speaking of new series, what ever happened to Science and Star Wars?

  • phatbastard100
    phatbastard100 6 months ago

    This whole video and what it represents is complete cancer. All you kids beeing fooled by this new "Star wars" are helping them to destroy it even more. /star wars fan 1984-2016

  • Dar-Nak Kallig
    Dar-Nak Kallig 6 months ago

    Ha, a pure Sabacc? I got an Idiots Array!!

  • Typ 3 kiryu
    Typ 3 kiryu 6 months ago +1

    Im asking my self when the Star wars Galaxie colaiding with our world

  • techstepman
    techstepman 6 months ago

    1:07 that thing still makes statements?...showing that face is a great way to make someone not watch your vid.

  • Darth'd
    Darth'd 6 months ago

    I saw "Vader Immortal First Look" and thought there was a new movie announcement i'd missed >_

    • Darth'd
      Darth'd 6 months ago +1

      Ok, I take by my original comment. VR games need more love and with Disney backing an official one it could be epic

  • derek Jennum
    derek Jennum 6 months ago +1

    And I was so deep and engned into the movie. Star Wars is lit/fire!

  • derek Jennum
    derek Jennum 6 months ago +2

    The first time, I've watched Star Wars was when I was in 4th Grade now I'm 12 years old btw the movie was The Phantom Menace.

    SUE GAROFALO 6 months ago

    I still miss rebels

  • The Random Guy and The Greek Girl

    Oh, no no, sorry. I thought it said "Meet the cast of Star Wars Episode IX"

  • Jared Bennett
    Jared Bennett 6 months ago +1

    oh man, I would watch a show with just Andy and Anthony riffing with each other...
    They should go on Collider Live!

  • Caedus Decivus
    Caedus Decivus 6 months ago +2

    I look forward to seeing what Resistance has to offer. Despite all the negativity going around, I haven't stopped being in love with this fictional universe. The Original trilogy, the Prequels, the Sequels, the standalone films, comics, books, games, and the animated series Clone Wars and Rebels - ALL of it, is a thing that I thoroughly enjoy.
    I speak only for myself, and not on behalf of the fandom, that has become so terribly divided. Even things I did not like, like Thrawn being beaten by space whales, and Luke dying from over-exertion with Force Projection, still lent its hand in entertaining me, and that's all I look for from Star Wars, or any other medium - to be entertained.

  • Manuel Plate
    Manuel Plate 6 months ago


  • Cathy Grandstaff
    Cathy Grandstaff 6 months ago

    Why would we ever want to own Solo?
    "Whatever ethnicity you are you can relate" - I still don't see any Native American characters.

  • Matthew Clarke
    Matthew Clarke 6 months ago

    So sabbac is just baccarat then? And you barely changed the name too!

  • John Catrakis
    John Catrakis 6 months ago

    Keeping Kathleen Kennedy for another 3 years big mistake and the reason why Episode 9 will fail ...Disney you need to listen to the fans. You are slowly but steadily destroying everything that STAR WARS stood for. If you thought SOLO bombed wait and see what will happen with Episode 9. Bring someone in charge who cares not someone with political agendas or else the fans will speak and this time much louder than they did with SOLO. You can't destroy something that we cherish and have us support you.
    The force is not strong with you and with episode 9 ..this time the boycott will definitely be a lot more organized and you will feel it where it hurts the most.

  • Leandro Alexandre Lourenço

    Eu quero o Star Wars - The Force Unleashed III que a gente possa jogar como Darth Vader durante o jogo inteiro.

  • MarCuseusFX
    MarCuseusFX 6 months ago

    *Battlefront 4

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 6 months ago

    Such a shame it has to reference the prequels

  • G Studios
    G Studios 6 months ago

    Vader Immortal looks awesome!

  • Stephanie Hayner
    Stephanie Hayner 6 months ago

    Does anyone see the resemblance of Star Wars Resistance to the SD Gundam Force show from the early 2000's? It's identical to me style wise.

  • Matt Trask
    Matt Trask 6 months ago +1

    I need Andi's shirt, whereeee?

  • MMM mm
    MMM mm 6 months ago

    Vader sounded cool until I saw Kennedy still involved.. guess Disney just saved me some money.

  • gamephreak5
    gamephreak5 6 months ago

    Screw Kathleen Kenedy. George Lucas was betrayed! Kathleen Kenedy should be fired for the travesty she allowed with the crappy "The Last Jedi".

  • brandon wayne
    brandon wayne 6 months ago +1

    I want that shirt she has on

  • Grand Admiral Thrawn
    Grand Admiral Thrawn 6 months ago +1

    The new clips for Resistance this episode actually looked really cool. Also the self awareness Bobby had to not want to bring an annoying kind of humor to Star Wars was really reassuring.

  • JDNM
    JDNM 6 months ago

    Resistance? You mean that cheap, soulless imitation of the Rebellion? Who cares about the Resistance? They're just some inept group of morons who were already defeated in The Last Jedi.

  • Grant Preece
    Grant Preece 6 months ago

    Someone is going to get an audit....

  • PotatoKilr
    PotatoKilr 6 months ago

    Sees the word “resistance”
    *Immediately dislikes*

  • foberdud
    foberdud 6 months ago

    If it ain’t on PSVR I wont buy it. I ain’t buying an entire oculus & building a gaming pc rig to play this. I wish they would stop segregating these experiences behind specific VR hardware.

  • Tronix Rex
    Tronix Rex 6 months ago

    because right now Star Wars is hanging by a thread, and I still don't get why they had to shut down LucasArts and cancel 1313.

  • MrSerrrg88
    MrSerrrg88 6 months ago +1

    is there a Print&Play Sabacc version somewhere?? Or maybe an official deck to buy? ;)

  • Vengineer
    Vengineer 6 months ago

    wait a minute "vader immortal" that is not true he died.

  • Kyle Leandro Ceria
    Kyle Leandro Ceria 6 months ago

    May Force be with Him Always...

  • Sean Connally
    Sean Connally 6 months ago

    So, Sabacc is pretty much a cross between poker and uno?

  • kirschakos
    kirschakos 6 months ago

    VR game? Really? Where are the story driven real games??? Give the Star Wars licence to other studios also not just EA!!! How can people be so clueless with an IP like this? (sigh!)

  • JaggerBone
    JaggerBone 6 months ago

    "We don't know much about Rodians." Looks at EU, aka Legends. Me: "Oh. Right...."

  • Josh McMillan
    Josh McMillan 6 months ago

    How can I get a sabock game???? (Don’t think I spelt that right)

  • Sasi Mitra
    Sasi Mitra 6 months ago

    Isn't sabacc meant to be closest to 23?
    The rules are made clear in Darth Bane in Legends. I'm canon, the rules were the same with the description from bloodlines.

  • Pascus Rex
    Pascus Rex 6 months ago

    okay I feel like I have to come clean about this. You guys do a great show and all but I subscribed because I have a massive crush on Andi.

  • DrakeRedwingOfficial
    DrakeRedwingOfficial 6 months ago +1

    That gag at the beginning reminded me of the sloth from Zootopia XD

  • Zachary Fett
    Zachary Fett 6 months ago +1


  • Robert Edwards
    Robert Edwards 6 months ago

    They got the rules for Sabacc wrong. The goal is not to get to 0 its to get as close as possible to +23 or -23. This is defiantly a watered down version.

  • Phobos Productions
    Phobos Productions 6 months ago

    Fire Kathleen Kennedy

  • Micro Manic
    Micro Manic 6 months ago +1

    Why haven't they released a sabacc deck and game rules yet? 😝

  • drugfckd
    drugfckd 6 months ago


  • Candace Cherry
    Candace Cherry 6 months ago

    Wow how vader love star wars

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife 6 months ago +1

    Kathleen Kennedy?
    It's treason then.

  • luck doc
    luck doc 6 months ago +1

    8:25 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) bouncy

  • kev catnip
    kev catnip 6 months ago

    Hi guys,,, Bye Gary KURTZ ,,keep jolly and talk approx 12 mph

  • The Southern Pirate
    The Southern Pirate 6 months ago +1

    Pinewood Studio's is 30 minutes drive from my house......they'd let me in to play a game of Sabaac right ? ;)

  • Szymon Bolewicki
    Szymon Bolewicki 6 months ago

    What about "Idiot's Array"?

  • Harkeerat Of The Apollo Cabin

    David Goyer? The Batman vs. Superman guy!? Oh boy...

  • Luc Fauvarque
    Luc Fauvarque 6 months ago +1

    Ah, you held two thirds of the vid before inserting sjw BS. Cool. You get better.

  • Seppl Blattla
    Seppl Blattla 6 months ago

    What's with the ageist joke about breaking a hip at the end? That's not cool.

  • Neil Davis
    Neil Davis 6 months ago

    Another 'fiesty' female from Disney. Yawn!

  • Rafael Nguyen Alvarez
    Rafael Nguyen Alvarez 6 months ago

    Lord Vader is Immortal.

  • Eddy Briggs
    Eddy Briggs 6 months ago +1

    When the name comes easily off your tongue


  • BarthRevan
    BarthRevan 6 months ago

    Alright, Lucasfilm. Now give us THIS version Sabacc rather than the knock-off Hasbro version that has weird rules.

  • Soterion Coil
    Soterion Coil 6 months ago

    Concerning Darth Vader: Immortal...what about those of us who don't have VR and want to see it? TheXvid I suppose..

  • 5oclockbanana
    5oclockbanana 6 months ago +2

    Love you two as hosts!

  • FlickTalk
    FlickTalk 6 months ago +3

    Andy and Anthony are the best

  • Jochem Wijma
    Jochem Wijma 6 months ago +1

    I really, really like Resistance already

  • Adam McGrath
    Adam McGrath 6 months ago

    3:19 "Dude, Matt straight up SUCKS."

  • Viinapoika
    Viinapoika 6 months ago

    resistance is going to be so bad. worst sw thing ever

  • Jedi of All Trades
    Jedi of All Trades 6 months ago

    I'm still confused as to why there's two different variants to the game Sabacc that use two entirely different decks of cards and different rules and are both considered canon. There's this version that we see in Solo, and there's the version that we first saw in the Rebels Season 1 episode Idiot's Array (which is the version that I know best). So is it supposed to be like an alternate way to play the game or is it two completely separate games that share the same name?

  • t r.r
    t r.r 6 months ago +6

    Thank you Gary Kurtz for producing Star Wars you will be missed

  • t r.r
    t r.r 6 months ago +14

    Gary Kurtz is now one with the force may he rest in peace

  • Rob Freebeard
    Rob Freebeard 6 months ago

    Go Andi! Taxation is theft!

  • Tom Keating
    Tom Keating 6 months ago +1

    Loved the Sabaac bit. Nice job, Andi!

  • Loweegee 33
    Loweegee 33 6 months ago

    When your movies aren't making money so you have to go to youtube

    PLAGUEIS _. 6 months ago +1

    Hype season 6?

  • Isaiah Reitan
    Isaiah Reitan 6 months ago

    Wait isn’t sabaac from KOTOR? That’s a nice little touch lol

  • Aric The Actor
    Aric The Actor 6 months ago +1

    Where can I get Anthony's shirt?

  • Fred Yeezy
    Fred Yeezy 6 months ago +1

    They need to wrap up all those Sabac cards and currency, and sell them in replicas. I’d buy it

    DALEHHOR STUDIOS 6 months ago

    What are they waiting to release a Sabacc board game? I NEED IT

  • Indy Mutt Productions
    Indy Mutt Productions 6 months ago

    Wow all these sweet video game things coming out! Wish I had a gaming console to play them!

  • Adam Akmal
    Adam Akmal 6 months ago

    Make Star Wars theory's fan film canon

  • eddie drood
    eddie drood 6 months ago +2

    Yay Anthony!

  • AngryEchidna
    AngryEchidna 6 months ago

    Did that guy really say that Resistance is good because of the ethnicities portrayed in it?

  • Fierce Light
    Fierce Light 6 months ago

    Thanks for the rules guys

  • cerberus144
    cerberus144 6 months ago

    So if you have two players, one is two over zero, and the other has two under zero, who wins? Is it better to be above or below Zero?

    STEAMCORE 6 months ago +1

    no vive?

  • High Yoda
    High Yoda 6 months ago +1

    there was no black women in the rebels.

  • Gabriel Campos
    Gabriel Campos 6 months ago

    Not too shabby.

  • Gial Ackbar
    Gial Ackbar 6 months ago

    When is my Star Wars Story coming out?

  • Antarctic Vortex
    Antarctic Vortex 6 months ago

    Cartoon looks good but would rather see it hand drawn instead of 3D model characters colored like 2D animation.

  • LeeJcc
    LeeJcc 6 months ago +1

    anthony's shirt is cool.

  • Antarctic Vortex
    Antarctic Vortex 6 months ago

    How the hell do you screw up Vader's look? No red eyes and the inner robe goes over the chest armor.

  • Joel Baumgarten
    Joel Baumgarten 6 months ago

    Star Wars is really loving their black British actresses lately