How Financial Fair Play Was Justified

  • Published on Jun 21, 2019
  • How financial fair play was justified.
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    In 1971, Peter Sloane published an article titled The Economics of Professional Football: The Football Club As A Utility Maximiser. It laid bare the ideological differences between the North American and European sporting cultures. In the United States, there had always been an assumption that sports teams should be ‘profit-maximisers’, and therefore be organised as ‘closed’ leagues to protect the sports clubs against the economic penalty of relegation. Conversely, in Europe, where leagues were ‘open’ and had promotion and relegation, ‘utility maximisation’ - the desire to prioritise sporting success - was the true objective. Profit, or underwriting losses, was only important insofar as it was necessary for a club’s long-term stability and survival. This economic concept is the bedrock behind the implementation of Financial Fair Play.
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Comments • 491

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson 2 months ago

    Was actually a 15 point deduction for Leeds....but top video as usual

  • MiztarBriteCide
    MiztarBriteCide 3 months ago

    Any chance of a video explaining the pro's and con's of an all-Ireland league?

  • Ben Stead
    Ben Stead 3 months ago

    Leeds were given a 15 point deduction, not 10

  • English Mastiff
    English Mastiff 4 months ago +1's like BREXIT it's dead fam, ain't gonna happen. Example Net spend Real Madrid £630m this summer.

  • Kanbei
    Kanbei 5 months ago +1

    Perhaps somewhat ironically FFP would turn the UCL into a de facto European super League by ensuring nobody can realistically break in

    • Christopher Gerstle
      Christopher Gerstle 4 months ago

      Financial Fair Play is anything but fair. The only way you can really bring fairness and a level playing field back into European football would be to follow the US example of revenue sharing, luxury taxes, and salary caps (real and fair salary caps, not the FFP's bullshit one). Problem is that European traditionalists will fight any measure to introduce such regulation, which in turn makes an eventual European Super League inevitable.

  • Ulqcifer
    Ulqcifer 5 months ago +7

    UEFA: *intensifies FFP*
    Man. City & PSG: *Oil up*

  • Dylan W
    Dylan W 5 months ago

    There's definitely a writer on this channel that doesn't like Rangers.Always bringing them up as bad examples anytime they can.

  • Bob Lazar
    Bob Lazar 5 months ago

    I'm not sure if this is true but apparently when PSG signed Neymar, the club wrote up his contract to say that he was being transferred on a long term (or permanent, I'm not sure) loan plus cash deal so that they could somehow avoid financial fair play.

  • Karthik Garimella
    Karthik Garimella 5 months ago

    Just wonderful,the music just made it so real

  • Kidzo900
    Kidzo900 5 months ago

    This is how South African airways operates

  • Sbastian Brilyanto
    Sbastian Brilyanto 5 months ago

    Huh I thought it was there so bug clubs can’t unfairly pick all the good players from other clubs. Turns out it’s there to stop clubs from getting bankrupt.

  • Leon Kamran
    Leon Kamran 5 months ago

    Can you please make a video about the tactics and style the Japanese woman’s football team, please?

  • Colton Cunningham
    Colton Cunningham 5 months ago

    As the video stated, it's important to note that keeping the big clubs happy was also an important part of FFPs creation. FFP would be just as effective if it regulated debt instead of net spending. But by regulating net spending you make it harder for new PSGs, Man Citys, Leipzigs, and Hoffenheims to gain seats at the table. From the big clubs point of view, it's about protecting their own hegemony.

    • Colton Cunningham
      Colton Cunningham 5 months ago

      There are justifications for disliking club ownership by governments and corporations, however I don't see anything wrong with a Hoffenheim, where a boyhood fan took control of his club and lead them to glory. To me, fans who dislike Hoffenheim just don't want to see change to the status quo.

  • Saketh Raghavan
    Saketh Raghavan 5 months ago

    Uefa should bring in regulation that 70-90percent of revenue that the clubs earn must be used for the betterment of the squad and club facilities and subsidies for the fans. Then these Glazer cunts will be forced to get their fucking shit together.
    Bloody leeching American twats.

  • DJM HD
    DJM HD 5 months ago

    What happened to the origins of the premiere league video
    It was put on 16hours ago but it’s not on TheXvid anymore?????????

  • Shawn Gillogly
    Shawn Gillogly 5 months ago

    This is unfortunately softball from Tifo. That's the explanation we've heard from the media for a decade. What this doesn't address is that FFP has only served to further stratify the haves vs have-nots in football. The rich are free from the consequences of spending due to continued rising revenue. Which has far outstripped Sugar's time. Meanwhile, mid-tier clubs, who cannot avail themselves to giant sponsorships or fill mammoth stadia, are left with no avenue to advance themselves. Having to break even, they must sell the best of the only product they can amortize: players. And must do so most often to their competition.The ability to take short-term debt: To speculate to accumulate, has been stripped from them.
    Not to mention FFP did not silence the rumblings for a Superleague.
    Finally, the paper cited in the beginning confuses cause and consequence. American sports grew out of the Collegiate system, which was organized by size and money in endowments. Similarly, professional sports (which codified faster in the US than Europe, further complicating the claim) solidified around having a club of owners able to pay.
    Furthermore, until the advent of Live TV, sports were rarely, if ever, a profitable venture on either side of the Atlantic. What the paper omits, in its rush to claim American sports are run more profitably, is that American sports embraced Live broadcasting on wide scale decades before Europe did. So that TV revenue was part of the package from the late 50s. And as TV became a larger medium, that margin only increased.
    The doomsayers were proven wrong by SkySports. Not FFP.

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson 5 months ago

    Might be worth making a distinction between the 3rd Division and the Third Tier of English Football (League 1).

  • Carl Rodgers
    Carl Rodgers 5 months ago

    Very informative.Thank you.

  • eberson jr
    eberson jr 5 months ago

    Make a video about Everton "Cebolinha" of Gremio.
    He is the best player in South America. 22 years old, and he is shinning in Copa America, taking over the 'Neymar Role' in Brazil's team.

  • śĥãnű Arkstiant
    śĥãnű Arkstiant 5 months ago +2

    Plz make a video on marcelo gallardo plz... The most successful river plate coach

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W 5 months ago +1

    Yeah and Man Shitty PSG can just pay them off to get out of jail


  • xiiFelix
    xiiFelix 5 months ago

    I know less about financial fair play after watching your video 😂

  • fajitariñho
    fajitariñho 5 months ago +1

    Easy answer before even watching the video: Sports are about how good a team is at that sport.
    Sports are not about who can get a billionaire investor to cover their clubs shortcomings.
    Man City, PSG, and Real fans have made themselves and everyone else forget what an actual sports club does and ignore the fact that they’re clubs “produce” virtually nothing anymore. Not to mention that Man City is quite literally a front for a hostile government but that’s cool too I guess. as long as KDB is dropping dimes for everyone and winning silverware amirite?

  • João Vaz
    João Vaz 5 months ago

    Financial fairplay only benefits big teams and takes down teams that are less financial powerfull .

  • Mbuso
    Mbuso 5 months ago

    Only have a problem with the name not rules.

  • Poeticmic
    Poeticmic 5 months ago

    Lets be honest all its essentially do e is cemented the top teams stay the top teams. While they flaut the rules to their whim. Hows that fair on other clubs? It shouldn’t exist, but I don’t see why EFL clubs have to adhere to it as well

  • Tsykmunir
    Tsykmunir 5 months ago

    Otherwise huge respect for the content

  • Tsykmunir
    Tsykmunir 5 months ago

    Tifo football I'm an Arsenal fan I wanted to ask you if you can do a video on Mesut Ozil and Granit Xhaka because there's controversy on them as players

  • Shuvankar Bhowmick
    Shuvankar Bhowmick 5 months ago +1

    That's why sports in US are only played in the US XD

  • obiora obi
    obiora obi 5 months ago

    Corporate socialism

  • Metalartin _
    Metalartin _ 5 months ago

    @Tifo Football well made video. Will there be a follow up based on how the original design got hijacked by the cartel(G14)? You could talk about how clubs are still going into administration despite not failing FFP and how owners like United's are seemingly free from scrutiny when the club are £500m in debt and they have taken £1.5bn out of the sport as opposed to putting money into it since they leverage bought United. I realise you've done a vid about their owners but it's relevant to the premise of the aim of the current FFP rules.

  • I dun no how i saved dat vs shevchenko

    Can you do how klopp won the ucl with liverpool

  • Russell ward
    Russell ward 5 months ago

    You skipped the most important part of FFP. The part where it was supposed to focus on club debt, which is the biggest factor in a club going into administration. And the g14 clubs threatened to break away and form a super league. So uefa caved and changed FFP to the draw bridge that keeps any club from breaking into the old money club.

    SIMPLE VIEW CLAN kansai 5 months ago +1

    I seen the perfect content ever

  • WOOOPdoctorFROGhere
    WOOOPdoctorFROGhere 5 months ago

    As a United supporter, I think FFP is a load of nonsense. It seems to protect the established order, clubs like United and other big clubs that make the most money. It's a barrier for smaller clubs to join the elite. If a club like city or Chelsea have the ambition and the money to buy an entire new team, to compete for trophies, then let them. It adds another club in to the mix. It stops the elite keeping all the trophies to themselves. Yet FFP seeks to punish these clubs, because their brand isn't as big, and therefore they're unable to gain the kind of market share that United has. So, in effect, if you've got a global following of fans that will buy all the branded tat the club sells (like Uniteds official water taps) then that's fine, you are allowed to spend as much money on players as you like, despite the club actually being in huge debt. Yet if you're city, with no debt, but a far less profitable brand, then you're going to get kicked out of Europe for having the nerve to sign players.

  • Vlad Eduard
    Vlad Eduard 5 months ago

    Romania U21 tactical review coming? Obviously stunned England and deserve some attention

  • Player Nou
    Player Nou 5 months ago

    Financial Fair Play was a good idea, but the execution is just ridiculous. Otherwise PSG wouldnt be able to throw lots of money around.

  • Jden Ian
    Jden Ian 5 months ago

    This dudes voice is so soothing.

  • Jden Ian
    Jden Ian 5 months ago

    This dudes voice is so soothing.

  • lincinho
    lincinho 5 months ago

    please get a better mic or a noise canceling room

  • Mario L
    Mario L 5 months ago

    In other words....they are copying MLS salary budget. Not per say the same but in some way similar. And it does bring financial stability to clubs.

  • yuriydee
    yuriydee 5 months ago

    Can you please go into how Financial Fair Play actually hurts smaller clubs next video? Clubs like Milan and Roma had to sell so many players whereas if they kept them, they could be completing for titles and CL football.

  • Robert Wynn
    Robert Wynn 5 months ago +21

    Only Tifo could have taught us this without complicating a single thing.
    How these videos are still free is beyond me. Great content once again.

  • Hee Sing Sia
    Hee Sing Sia 5 months ago +1

    Yet clubs are still shelling out 50 mil for mediocre players

  • Colin Crasta
    Colin Crasta 5 months ago

    Wish football had a salary and transfer cap. That would make the league's more competitive.

    • Christopher Gerstle
      Christopher Gerstle 5 months ago

      Salary/transfer caps really only work if all the league's clubs are roughly equal in their ability to spend. You can cap spending at £50 million, but if you're a club that can only afford a wage bill of £30 million, then the cap does really help you. This is why revenue sharing is such an important part of making a long-term sustainable league.

  • Luke Smith
    Luke Smith 5 months ago

    Awesome vid, always been impressed with the tenth and diversity of content on this channel.

  • Let’s Talk Ball Podcast
    Let’s Talk Ball Podcast 5 months ago +1

    There’s quite a few loopholes around FFP

  • IIIIXtremeIIII
    IIIIXtremeIIII 5 months ago

    Absolutely quality content. It would be nice to know what role the other big leagues and clubs played in this history though, for example the Spanish League with big spenders such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, and also the Italian League with Juventus' relegation for match fixing and Roma having to sell their youth players to register to the following season.

  • Gancio The Ranter
    Gancio The Ranter 5 months ago

    Imo the clubs should be able to spend as much as they want knowing that if they fuck up no government will come to the rescue. This would also provide some kind of darwinian effect and you would have badly managed clubs going extinct and well managed clubs taking their place.

  • bliequit vestern
    bliequit vestern 5 months ago +2

    How that soccernomics quote resonate with Stan Kroenke

    • Christopher Gerstle
      Christopher Gerstle 5 months ago

      Arsenal is such a giant club with a gigantic revenue stream that even operating financially profitable they still outspend all but the very biggest clubs in world football. Even when being financially sound, they'll still regularly qualify for European competition, regularly get those UEFA payouts, thus have the revenue to outspend clubs like Everton, Stoke, and Southampton and still be profitable.

    • Eric Mbogu
      Eric Mbogu 5 months ago


  • T K
    T K 5 months ago

    Typical Keynesian economic bullshit

  • Rob Faz
    Rob Faz 5 months ago +2

    I love how Manchester City haven't been mentioned in this...And half the comments are the usual bitter "What about City/Oil/cheats/ban" etc...

    • Rob Faz
      Rob Faz 5 months ago

      @Steven McGuinness So what?

    • Steven McGuinness
      Steven McGuinness 5 months ago

      Rob Faz one of the videos tags is Man City

  • Drew Berry
    Drew Berry 5 months ago +4

    Should let the fans pick up the bill if a club goes into administration. Any other business that mismanages funds or fails to get with the times goes into administration gets liquidated never to be seen again. It's not fair on the tax payer.

  • Durotimi Mafe
    Durotimi Mafe 5 months ago

    Please can you stop putting up so many suggested video tags during the video; considering how much of the screen you use for your presentations its really annoying.

  • Ice Adventure
    Ice Adventure 5 months ago

    Difficult to understand it when you are russian 'cause of the sophisticated language, but as for me that is really interesting if u wanna understand how football works

  • Drewski Hg
    Drewski Hg 5 months ago

    DONT FORGET JON TOSHACK VIDEO PLZZZ get cal rice Coates on it he's a top bloke! C'mon tifooooooo

  • A E
    A E 5 months ago +2

    UEFAlona keeps spending and spending without repercussions.

    • A E
      A E 5 months ago +1

      @H.R. so they're the only team that earns that money? Idiot. Get the fuck outta here, kid.

    • H.R.
      H.R. 5 months ago

      They gain extra income from Messi and Suarez shirt sale...

  • AC1583
    AC1583 5 months ago

    Then what about the dirty rich oil arab fucks at man City and psg? FFP is a crock and does nothing against those teams so why not just eliminate FFP and have teams spend at there own risk

  • Oldskool3000
    Oldskool3000 5 months ago

    Tito have you ever watched chainbear? Similar vibes

  • mikewhoelse
    mikewhoelse 5 months ago +1

    Nothing to do with the G14s arses collectively falling out at the prospect of Manchester city and PSG then?