LUNATICS Leaving a Car Show ends in CLOSEST CALL EVER!

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
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    These were the cars leaving Brands Hatch's TunerFest earlier in the summer, which, when provided with a wide, open road, left in quite an excitable manner. This resulted in a near miss that was far to uncomfortable for any of our likings.

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  • Chris Brown

    Someone give that civic driver a medal he had some amazing reactions there.

  • FastDriver318

    Can we appreciate the civic drivers skill and reactions there? That could've ended in casualties!

  • Kamrul Zaman

    Wow the civic driver is a legend. If you watch the clip at the slowest speed TheXvid allows you will fully appreciate the greatness! the guys front wheels were fully locked when missing the 350 by inches! insane stuff.

  • Z3SHAN
    Z3SHAN  +213


  • ant16rst
    ant16rst  +591

    I watched that incident 3 times and still can't see how there was no contact, very quick reactions from the civic!

  • vikramr34
    vikramr34  +292

    I was the guy standing in front on the centre island, would have been the first to die if that civic driver wasn’t an absolute legend 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 bro chose not to end my existence😂

  • That_Obnoxiously_Loud_K1

    Holy shit, that civic driver has some incredible reaction time. You think a close call like that would make people take a step or 2 back from the road so people can see. On a positive note awesome video as always, even if we see alot of clutches die and 1 dead turbo lol

  • Simmo Cars
    Simmo Cars  +170

    Woah that subaru at

  • RAYM4N
    RAYM4N  +61

    That reaction time of the civic was pure gold! Get that man a medal 🏅 awesome video Adam 🤘

  • Daniel
    Daniel  +279

    Lucky that civic driver was on the ball tbh fair play to him

  • Gareth Pepperell

    Everyone's saying how close the call was with the Civic but no one has mentioned the absolute melt in the Porsche at

  • Jæ Š
    Jæ Š  +52


  • Scott Powell

    Best piece of driving I’ve ever seen from a Civic driver

  • AHands
    AHands  +102

    That black S2000 at

  • Ma Nu
    Ma Nu  +66

    I love how they cheered on the civic both times. And the guesture of the Mokka was a thumps up. He was right behind the Civic. I bet he saw the people getting wiped out.

  • Subie Francis

    To be fair, although the guy in the 350 was looking the other way, from experience it can be incredibly hard to see cars coming down when there's while theres a huge crowd right at the junction. But man big props to civic driver, those weren't ordinary reaction times and skill

  • Wonko The Sane

    Civic driver: Now where did I put those underpants? You can easily see how the spectators on the centre island could have been killed there!

  • ghost gaming19

    Can just take a moment to appreciate the civic drivers reactions

    STEELO  +78