• Published on Nov 12, 2021
  • Sidemen React to 15 COOLEST Gadgets for MEN That Are Worth Buying
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Comments • 726


    That Life Saber was actually extremely useful & innovative, it deserves more respect.

  • Chris Shorts

    I'm glad they're uploading everyday because they always make my day

  • Zydra Zylzara

    Vik: You guys looking for anything specific this Christmas?

  • Shadow325
    Shadow325  +660

    They need to find another one next that's more techy, this one was just lighters and tools not what I'd call gadgets

  • Prithvi Bhaskaran

    Lets hope they always keep this daily upload streak going on forever


    I like the way how they all got pressed every time they saw a DIY lighter

  • SlasheRY _

    Harry's definitely the type to buy these kinda stuff

  • Salty Lemon

    β€œYou can find all these things in the description below”

  • TheMonkeyFlu DG

    That beard bib thing honestly is well good. I own one and trust me it is well worth the purchase to those who let their beards get unruly often. Plus hair really shouldn't go down the drain the systems cant handle it, all sorts get stuck to the hair then the hair blob gets caught in the filters then that clogs up the entire system

  • Blair Ogden

    I love some tech stuff I am so hype to see this list

  • FXZS
    FXZS  +18


  • dylishy

    I have the first wallet one, it's pretty handy and feels premium

  • danielacti

    Someone could make a game like "Is It Cake" but instead it's "Is It Lighter"

  • Saint Arj

    The Life Saber and the wallet were actually kind of cool

  • ItzAdz
    ItzAdz  +45

    Why does my day feel complete after watching sidemenreacts

  • Matthew Williamson

    Tbh I might get the screw set for my mother, as she has gotten on a DIY trend and has done very well.

  • Rud3boyGaming Studios πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό

    There's an unnecessarily high number of lighters on that list πŸ˜‚

  • Ali O

    I have the hair collector apron with the suction cups, they are time savers. My best purchase during the pandemic.

  • Surya Dev

    I actually love how i can forget that i have exams tmrw and binge watch this video🀣

  • Saba-Giorgi Gakharia

    FUN FACT: Humans found out about cooked meat from natural fires. When a lightning struck or there was a bushfire, animals would die, and they would cook. Humans would see the aftermath and the cooked meat would taste better. Thats how we learned it. :-)