The Two Nearest Tube Entrances

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
  • With Bank station on the Northern Line being upgraded, a new entrance is also being constructed that comes out on Cannon Street, and it's REALLY close to the surface entrance to Monument station - but how close?
    There's only one way to find out, and that's to get out the measuring wheel ... !
    More information form TfL about the new entrance on Cannon Street, here:

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  • Chris Webb
    Chris Webb  +522

    My dad used to spend a lot of time pushing a measuring wheel thingy around and he reckoned it was like a free pass to anywhere and everywhere.

  • Thomas Mann

    I'd love to see Geoff using the wheel to find the two tube stations whose entrances are farthest apart.

  • Pokhraj Roy

    The fact that Geoff has a measuring wheel is just fabulous!

  • Geoff Marshall

    Ok, I admit i'm going to have to go and measure the distance between the two entrances of Hammersmith aren't I? Just ... to ... be ... sure ... ! But that is a station that has the same name, this is definetely the shortest difference between two stations with two different names.

  • Doctor Azmain

    (Geoff happily trundling a measuring wheel through the city)

  • True River

    I love how Geoff answers questions I would never have been curious about

  • Simon Bone

    What really matters is, which two stations are closest together that appear furthest apart on the Tube map.

  • David Bassett

    Great video … love the fact you used a measuring wheel! I worked for 42 years in the Valuation Office (VOA) and have used one of those on numerous occasions when inspecting & measuring large areas of land etc. Both those other station entrances are amazingly close to the Bank Station entrances though .. so thanks for showing us how close they really are!

  • Kevin Fitzpatrick

    If you're classing Monument & Bank as two separate stations (despite the subway connection), then could you say the same for the two Paddingtons (Praed Street and the Hammersmith lines)? Because the ramp into the mainline station is surely a street entrance to the Hammersmith lines, no?

  • Michelle Bell

    I’m still going to claim that whilst officially Back and Monument are separate stations; they really are only one overall station (and we/you should start a campaign to get them officially recognised as such. )

  • Gyula Árpád Tóth

    As another exercise, you maybe want to measure the longest distance between two entrances of the same tube station.

  • Stuart Castle

    I know that to all intents and purposes, Monument is effectively a couple of extra platforms for Bank station, just with a different name. Since they've started the upgrade works at Bank, I've felt that although it is physically a seperate station, Cannon Street is essentially part of Bank as well. I suspect in the longer term, that may well actually happen.

  • Genial Harry Grout

    Geoff needs a hi-viz with "All the Stations" on the back to make him look official

  • zen mollusc

    Another great video! Speaking of closest Tube stations though, does anyone know whether there is a longer distance of tube travel between two geographically close stations than between Vauxhall and Nine Elms? Since the latter opened its always struck me how far our of ones way it would require a person to go to tube it between the two.


    Well are Bank and Monument even separate stations or should you see them as one giant interlinked station? I've heard several different opinions on this and I can't tell myself.

  • Red Knight 2014

    I do think that Bank/Monument can be considered as one station nowadays.

  • Daniel Dravot

    I really admire his dedication to learning everything he can about the Underground.

  • happylooking

    This has made me wonder how close Charing Cross and Embankment tube stations are to each other as they are very close.

  • ds1
    ds1 21 day ago +1

    Hey Geoff, did you know you can actually see Monument's platform from the end of Cannon Street underground platform (and vice versa). They are that close. Go check it out!

  • onetwothreefourfive

    I remember calling it a trundle wheel in school.