Forensic Files in HD - Season 13, Episode 5: Double Cross

  • Published on Oct 11, 2019
  • In 1996, Virginia Beach police arrive at the Makdessi apartment to find Elise Makdessi and her lover Qunicy Brown dead.
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  • Senior Rocker
    Senior Rocker 4 days ago

    A really shocking event. I hope that coniving, greedy. murderous POS does very hard time.

  • J.G. Anderson
    J.G. Anderson 8 days ago +1

    This story more then they telling but I' see other oddities...

  • crackahall
    crackahall 14 days ago

    man i really don’t feel like this quincy brown dude when’s there to have a 3 some with some weirdos it’s said in the episode that he was in the navy for 19 years he had a family all that just doesn’t seem right i wanna know why he was really there seems weird

  • Michael Mede
    Michael Mede 16 days ago

    Wow Russia must really suck when you're willing to come back to the United States and face murder charges and a possible life sentence in prison rather than stay in Russia.

  • 123411970
    123411970 16 days ago +1

    What a sorry excuse for a woman. There’s actually women really going through real sexual harassment and this just adds to the stereotype of crying wolf. Dumb ass. Look what her husband did to her.

  • Mark Luseno
    Mark Luseno 20 days ago +1

    Wicked beasts,him and his wife

  • Tyrel Rawls
    Tyrel Rawls 2 months ago +1

    If these men are so respectful and upstanding why are they participating in sexual activity with married women? Is anyone not afraid of a sex tape getting out to damage their flawless reputations?

  • Mollei Rose
    Mollei Rose 3 months ago +1

    Who wears pantyhose to bed.....?

    • J.G. Anderson
      J.G. Anderson 8 days ago +1

      People go with out panties....
      So damn non style off knowing to dress really sexy so not that hard...for a guy to get horny for so called a little bit so called under garment to get you in the mood!!!!f o r a man...but if they wait a lady can have Serval nicer Alot more sexier to look at to get you looking more. Then panty hose...

    • Amb3rLuv
      Amb3rLuv 22 days ago +3

      They were coming back from dinner when the "attack" happened.

    • Evan Thomas
      Evan Thomas 2 months ago +1

      Even as a man I questioned it lol

  • NakedAndLaughing
    NakedAndLaughing 3 months ago +3

    Out of all the episodes I click on, I click on Virginia odd...I live there. Just saw this one on tv the other day though. Thank you so much FilmRise for uploading one of my favorite shows ever! R.I.P Peter Thomas.