Gordon is Completely Appalled by Hoarder Hotel | Hotel Hell

  • Published on Mar 28, 2017
  • Gordon is absolutely horrified as he is led into the Motel.
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Comments • 764

  • Asd Alla
    Asd Alla Day ago

    برج افهمك فهم قد تكون اناني تعامل مثل تعامل هذا تفكيري العقرب

  • Or Igin
    Or Igin 3 days ago

    Hotel hell = Gordon Ramsey crushing narcissistic souls.

  • Jacob's Cereal
    Jacob's Cereal 4 days ago +2

    Gordon: funnaly somewhere nice to stay
    Me: WRONG

  • Grace Ochieng
    Grace Ochieng 17 days ago

    Why would they put Ramsay - a millionaire- in a motel room as opposed to a suite?!

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 14 days ago

      Grace Ochieng why would they put anyone in a motel when there are rooms available in the hotel?

  • Hanxi Guo
    Hanxi Guo 18 days ago +1

    Me: *Watches Hotel Hell*
    Also Me: *Goes to amazon and buys a hygiene machine*
    Also me again: *Checks hygiene level every 5 seconds*

  • Lauren
    Lauren 19 days ago +1

    "Finally, somewhere nice to stay."
    Gordon if the place was nice you wouldn't be going there 😂

    GHOSTGURUVJ0 Month ago


  • Kimberly Mendoza
    Kimberly Mendoza Month ago +1

    "I wish I was kidding you"

  • Benjamin Monday
    Benjamin Monday Month ago

    This now looks like a movie to me🤔

  • M P
    M P 2 months ago

    0:47 is that the same sound effect that's in the show H2O Just add water? Gordon is an h20 fan, precious.

  • Glymm3r P
    Glymm3r P 2 months ago

    Why don't they just store all their junk in the motel🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Trill Rizutto
    Trill Rizutto 2 months ago

    This week on Hoarders...

  • Ethan Anderson
    Ethan Anderson 2 months ago

    2:15 turn on captions

  • Tom Sc
    Tom Sc 2 months ago

    I love this guy,

  • Howard Luken
    Howard Luken 2 months ago

    So it took you 4 years to post this? Or are you just reheating all your shit in a microwave and serving it to your viewers and telling them it's fresh? YOU FUCKIN' DONKEY!

  • Aussie Zambarau
    Aussie Zambarau 3 months ago

    That Philip guy is like a real life version of "Mr. Krabs" from that Spongebob cartoon.

  • Nick Mad
    Nick Mad 3 months ago

    your the king

  • SupremeKooly
    SupremeKooly 3 months ago +1

    1:38 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Janan Shamszai
    Janan Shamszai 3 months ago

    Why does gordon ramsay ask exactly for ppls first name

  • Jibanyan 641
    Jibanyan 641 4 months ago

    “Finally, somewhere nice to stay.” Gordon, this show is literally called “Hotel Hell”. If it was “somewhere nice to stay,” you wouldn’t be there.

  • Close up Shiba
    Close up Shiba 4 months ago

    They should sell the junk

  • -: D : O
    -: D : O 6 months ago

    Why are ALL the owners names Philip

  • gigi shawnlover
    gigi shawnlover 7 months ago

    he posted this at my birthday 😂

  • Williams Hu
    Williams Hu 7 months ago

    The thumbnail looks like when you go to a shady dentist

  • ALYSSA Harding-Saleem
    ALYSSA Harding-Saleem 7 months ago

    Every time I pass by a restaurant or hotel I always think to myself “I wonder if this place would meet Gordon’s standards” 🤔

  • Scarlett Gardiner
    Scarlett Gardiner 8 months ago +1

    This was made in 2013 🤭it’s 2018

  • Chazz Chicago
    Chazz Chicago 8 months ago


  • Dawn Edwards
    Dawn Edwards 8 months ago

    Good morning chef Ramsey.If ever you travel to upstate new york,Please stop in Liberty,Newyork.I would love for you to tour inside the LIBERTY DINER.It has went down hill over the last 10 yrs,I WAS SERVED ROTTEN LASAGNA.I have found hair in my food and everything ,from watching you so much,they freeze things.it has become terrible.iwould love to see you come here and straighten them out,i'm sure it's filthy in the kitchen.just lastnight my husband was served a saled with slimy rotten cherry tomatoes .if a thought if you ever come this way

  • Hookah Dookah
    Hookah Dookah 9 months ago

    If you're going to use your rooms for storage space,couldn't you Atleast use the motel no one really cares about?

  • MTCoblivsicas12345
    MTCoblivsicas12345 9 months ago

    Why dont they move the crap from the Hotel to the shitty Motel beside it?
    Also, they should charge less to stay in the Motel rather than the Hotel.

  • Joe Food 2017
    Joe Food 2017 9 months ago


  • BeautifullyFlawed
    BeautifullyFlawed 9 months ago

    00:40-00:47 Took me Clean Out😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀

  • TigerClaw!
    TigerClaw! 9 months ago +3

    - checks in in a hotel
    - got lead to a motel

  • Alex
    Alex 9 months ago

    Why does the internet always bring me back here? It's like hotel california, i can check out but i can never leave...

  • Eugorn
    Eugorn 9 months ago

    Is this fake?

  • Miles Houser
    Miles Houser 10 months ago

    He thought the motel was separate from the hotel

  • DarkHeart
    DarkHeart 10 months ago +1

    $250... per night... anddddd it's time to stay at the holiday inn!!! 😂🤣

  • Why Could We Music
    Why Could We Music 10 months ago

    Bring me to Hilton.

  • Mehdihussain 4
    Mehdihussain 4 10 months ago

    Gordon has never made a video more than 10min long

  • Jasper Cline
    Jasper Cline 10 months ago

    Great Chef!! Horrible self centered person that is incapable of showing others respect. Cant believe he has followers. Proud to say im not one of them. Surprised he isn't dead from the shark fin boat ordeal. Bet he "whipped" up something in his pants that day.

  • Sara Wolffuchs
    Sara Wolffuchs 10 months ago

    receptionist nearly got a heartattck when Gorden came in XD,..

  • Joy Adair
    Joy Adair 10 months ago +2

    Lol I love how the beginning he's like I feel sorry for that crappy motel next door and then come to find out it was part of that hotel 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • julie aparecida carvalho
    julie aparecida carvalho 10 months ago

    Did u post this video late

  • julie aparecida carvalho
    julie aparecida carvalho 10 months ago

    Its 2018 but when the video was posted it was 2017 but on the wall it seid 2013 i am confused

  • The Super Videogame Nerd MORE


  • Cilantro Man
    Cilantro Man 10 months ago

    Love the beginning where he says he feels bad for the motel next door when it's part of the hotel

  • OneOfKind Leo
    OneOfKind Leo 10 months ago

    People cant you see what this elite, rich, talk show host is doing. He trying to bring down the little small people with stuff, that is in every motel you stay at, even the very costly, big named motels have the same problems. I bet a billion all the other big named hotels, pay this punk wannabe chef money. Just to get the small hotels shut down, So people stay at the elite own, big named hotels. Didn't you notice how he made sure to say, " And Its not for the show ether" People this is how the rich companys works, when your business is doing better, the elite get you shut down with any option they have, even death sometimes, so that their the only option when staying at a hotel. The same thing is happening to "Uber" right now in the news. With all the fakes news about its companys, like its drivers rapping women. All Set up, by all the other cab companys. That owns all the other cab companys and other transportation companys. "THE AMERICAN DREAM IS A LIE"

    • Lazy Laisa
      Lazy Laisa 10 months ago

      Leo OneOfAKind copy and pastu

  • Princess Sparkle Pixie
    Princess Sparkle Pixie 10 months ago

    This is in my grandmother's hometown! It's so small, I just moved here from Seattle and at one point was considering moving into that place!!! They have apartments, that is why they only have 4 suites available lol, cannot believe this, lol. This place is so pretty on the outside and so are is the historic part of town, but it's so small and such a poor community. It's too bad.

  • TheB29Bomber
    TheB29Bomber 10 months ago

    Seeing this Mr. Ramsey would hate my parents' house.
    After seeing their kitchen he'll want to hang himself.

  • Tory Knotts
    Tory Knotts 10 months ago

    Is that a smoke detector in the background

  • Dr. Croc
    Dr. Croc 10 months ago


  • Hope Marxiel
    Hope Marxiel 11 months ago

    Its funny how the girl just spill everything😂

  • ꧁DreamingJenny꧂
    ꧁DreamingJenny꧂ 11 months ago

    Holy Fuck, a replica of the Mirror of Erised!

  • Bubble licious
    Bubble licious 11 months ago

    OMG I didint know Ramsay was the new fucking queen you can’t just say that to people Ramsay is soulless but he is true not gonna lie

  • Reyna Aoyama
    Reyna Aoyama 11 months ago

    Why would you bring a mattress to work?!???!!!

  • Samantha Liu
    Samantha Liu 11 months ago

    I feel like there isn’t a time when he likes the food

  • Killjoys, make some noise!!!

    "What a disgusting sofa, who would use a brown sofa?"
    Me: *Gets off brown sofa slowly*

  • GamerBoy
    GamerBoy 11 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay in a nutshell
    A brittish type man With good hair Keen senses Exelent 10 star cheff Respected Swearing Tuns of insults
    And the only decent person part from us decent people

  • Shaun Crerand
    Shaun Crerand 11 months ago +1

    0:36 She's like "HOLY HELL IT'S GORDON RAMSAY"

  • Elvick
    Elvick 11 months ago

    This would've made a great Hoarders episode. Two entire hotels, one which is fucking huge, filled with your shit you don't want to get rid of. I can't imagine what their house looks like. What a mess.

  • CriticalLimit
    CriticalLimit 11 months ago

    The C r a c k e r b o x

  • Ryan Maas
    Ryan Maas 11 months ago

    The lady's face when Gordon walks in lol

  • Vanessa Leal
    Vanessa Leal 11 months ago

    Vanessa wants to DRAG them. I love that she’s throwing them under the bus

  • Leana Cutanda
    Leana Cutanda 11 months ago

    why the shark tank noises?

  • Sommy Bunny
    Sommy Bunny 11 months ago

    GORDAN, that’s a real nice declaration, welcome to the present, we’re running a real nation! Would you like to join us, or stay mellow, doing whatever the HELL it is you do in MONTICELO!?!
    Hamilton fans anyone!?! ALSO IS HIS NOT PERFECT AT ALL!?!

  • luna moon
    luna moon 11 months ago

    what episode is this?

  • Puzzlebox 101
    Puzzlebox 101 11 months ago +1

    I’m so thankful for all the good hotels EF tours signs me up for. Well, not good. But not utter shit.

  • DiamondWolf415
    DiamondWolf415 11 months ago

    I’m sorry for asking this but who is nino???

  • social staatic
    social staatic 11 months ago +192

    Me: *watches one episode of Hotel Hell*
    Me: *washes hands and cleans house every five seconds*

  • MechaTailsMK2
    MechaTailsMK2 11 months ago +7

    This just completely unheard of! I mean... WHAT KIND OF A HOTEL OWNER WOULD HAVE A MOTEL WING TO HIS OWN GODDAMN HOTEL!?

  • Michael La-anni
    Michael La-anni 11 months ago

    Give me an H
    Give me an O
    Give me an A
    Give me an R
    Give ma a DER
    What does that spell

    FORGOTTEN ROBOT Z 11 months ago

    You um...see a famous chef come in to a hotel amd you offer him a room in the motel oof....

  • Makoto Naegi
    Makoto Naegi Year ago

    We *manterrupt* Hotel Hell to bring you Hoarders.

  • Crazycraigy
    Crazycraigy Year ago

    passive people will get scammed into the MOTEL.. kick off and u get to go back to the HOTEL..

  • Roberta galiao marciel

    Help, I can't stop watching Gordon Ramsay! !!!

  • Elena Grey
    Elena Grey Year ago

    I don't understand how this works. Does Gordon just show up to random hotels or do they invite him? If they invite him then why would they want to be exposed to 6 million people?

  • Saartje de Hond
    Saartje de Hond Year ago

    250 dollar a night for that DUMP?????

  • Gonzalo Hernandez

    And I´m still waiting for him to get room 237...

  • TraustiGeir
    TraustiGeir Year ago

    The sign, the motel, those cars, four available suites, that mattress...
    What the actual fuck?

  • Richie Prosperous BONGALE

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  • paperchain 123
    paperchain 123 Year ago

    GR is right about almost everything but his swearing

  • Sauceboss
    Sauceboss Year ago

    How you gunna put Gordon Ramsay in the motel next door 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Oh No
    Oh No Year ago

    It's a front.

  • member of chat
    member of chat Year ago

    the room is raw nino would not let gordon stay in a raw room

  • Dark Magician
    Dark Magician Year ago

    God damn 220 that number haunts my family

  • LulzRoyce
    LulzRoyce Year ago +1

    First ten seconds of this shit you know the whole thing is fake and rigged. "Finally, someplace nice to stay"? Seriously dude? You're knowingly filming a show called hotel HELL, and you well know what you're about to walk into.

  • Britmatt
    Britmatt Year ago

    Whats with all the flags ?

  • kiaora224
    kiaora224 Year ago

    Paula Johnson
    5 months ago
    In 2014 the hotel restaurant and lounge were closed, one year after Ramsay left. A few expensive guest suites remain. The rest of the building contains apartments and businesses and the ballroom is rented for special events. The motel remains open. Apparently, Philip is still drinking. In 2016 he was jailed for 90 days after going off on a District Judge and the hotel was listed for sale.

  • Rose Budeigh-Urmather

    Has har he say to hag lar panas are poturetouit manry gort queens managments cannot he told the rest of the employees he was greeting them with Christmas cheer

  • Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump

    If Gordon saw my garage he would have a meltdown lol

  • - -
    - - Year ago

    Narcissists should not run hotels

  • Arddernog
    Arddernog Year ago

    I love how he wonders how the little motel was still in business, just to find out it's part of the hotel. XD

  • Pink Guy memorial

    Not only does the owner hoard shit the accountant CANT FUCKING COUNT
    you're room - 220

  • Kat L
    Kat L Year ago

    Where does he store the lamb SAUCE?

  • Tom Walter
    Tom Walter Year ago +2

    Has anybody actually gone to one of the places he fixes up?
    I'd be really interested in hearing from someone who lives or visits one of the places he goes to.
    Are they any better afterwards or do they ignore his advice and go shitty again?

    • Princess Sparkle Pixie
      Princess Sparkle Pixie 10 months ago

      BozDown I just moved to Longview from Seattle and was considering moving into that building.. Do you know much about this area or the historic part of town?

    • BozDown
      BozDown 11 months ago +1

      The Monticello is under different ownership

    • Croc-Chow!
      Croc-Chow! 11 months ago

      Apparently hotel Chester is really nice

  • ثقتي بنفسي تكفيني

    ولد النعل اني ممشتركه

  • Ghidorah -
    Ghidorah - Year ago +20

    Why would she not automatically give Gordon the bestish room they had. Knowing it was available? 🤔

    • Princess Sparkle Pixie
      Princess Sparkle Pixie 10 months ago +2

      Also the main building is mostly apartments. I know cause i considered moving in there a few months ago.

    • Elvick
      Elvick 11 months ago +3

      ^ding. It's staged, to highlight the issue of the place. Otherwise you'd only know from second hand, this way it's first hand. And more dramatic.

    • WhiteVioletButterfly
      WhiteVioletButterfly Year ago +3

      Drama for TV

  • KirbyLinkACW
    KirbyLinkACW Year ago

    0:49 "It's like _Hotel Hell_ at one of the plates."

  • 6Persons_Cs Channel



    Pretty bedroom so bad... Look like brown bedroom, is "Gordon Brown bedroom it's so brown!" How pathetic do that old fashion like THIS!!!