Rupaul's Drag Race UK || Entrances Season 1


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  • Gavin Weaver
    Gavin Weaver 17 hours ago

    Why the winner always gotta be last can be spice it up a little thanks bye

  • Rae T
    Rae T 5 days ago

    Sum Ting’s line was the best idc

  • Kilyan Hinsinger
    Kilyan Hinsinger 8 days ago

    Scaredy Kat, we love you.

  • Ty99x
    Ty99x 8 days ago


  • Javier Mendoza
    Javier Mendoza 8 days ago

    Well, those cuts were homophobic

  • bee hooson
    bee hooson 10 days ago

    I prefer the USA version it's better

  • Shaden Abdullah
    Shaden Abdullah 14 days ago +9

    You could know just from watching the Vivienne entrance that she’s the winner

  • DylanHopo
    DylanHopo 14 days ago +3

    When sum ting laughed at her own joke

  • Pugione Exspiravit
    Pugione Exspiravit 16 days ago

    ew michelle

  • Underground Perfection
    Underground Perfection 16 days ago +1

    If they were singers Simon cowell would say “ cruise ship”

  • Druga Strona Medalu
    Druga Strona Medalu 17 days ago +6

    Being honest I thought it was an illegal car racing tv show or something like that (saw the tittle at torrents one day), but I'm not dissapointed at all, full season must be hell of a laughter! Brits do everything better!

  • Tom van der Wal
    Tom van der Wal 17 days ago +4

    eughh We all knew this season was made for The Vivienne to win. I love her but this was Divina's Season

    • Tom van der Wal
      Tom van der Wal 12 days ago

      I respect youre oppinoin but for me DDC is the winner and it will be. Also if you look at te Track record DDC was better: DDC had 29 Points and The Vivienne 28 Points.

      My Points go like this
      win 5 points
      high 4 points
      safe 3 points
      low 2 points
      bttm2 1 points
      elm 0 points
      Mini chall. 0,5 points

    • Andrew Mark
      Andrew Mark 14 days ago

      Disagree, I'm sorry. DDC had a stellar season, but the Vivienne is just a little bit better in all departments. The only reason people don't like her is because she's very much an extrovert, and it's become terribly fashionable to pull someone down for showing confidence these days...

  • MMV4799
    MMV4799 17 days ago

    Vinegar: Drag style? Well there is a lot of animal...
    *video cuts to Scaredy Cat*
    Me: I see what you did there

  • teamogaga
    teamogaga 18 days ago +19


    • Saidlakolatroniczuco Mg
      Saidlakolatroniczuco Mg 17 days ago +1

      In most of the challenges where the queens need to sing they sing in alphabetical order.
      But yeah, there is a coincidence, a fun fact.

    • Mollan
      Mollan 17 days ago

      They should have been the top 3 also

  • L.A. gómez
    L.A. gómez 19 days ago

    Loves Baga

  • Alejandro Spears
    Alejandro Spears 19 days ago

    Cheryl or Blu for miss congeniality.

  • Roberto Gabriel
    Roberto Gabriel 20 days ago +3

    "Drag style?
    there's a lot of animal-"
    Fenty beuty, it's you?

  • MF Gaming
    MF Gaming 20 days ago +1

    Baga - Toot
    Blu - Toot
    Divina - Toot
    Crystal - Small Toot
    Sum Ting - Boot
    Cheryl - Toot
    Gothy - Small Toot
    Vinegar - Boot
    Scaredy - TOOT
    Vivienne - Toot

  • David DC
    David DC 21 day ago

    Jersey Shore Drag Race

    FANCY G-P 21 day ago +1


  • It's a Me! Mario!
    It's a Me! Mario! 21 day ago

    Gothy Kendoll is cringe af

  • DrawMat
    DrawMat 24 days ago

    YASS TOP 3
    Sorry im rooting for cheryl :"(

  • Julio Rocha
    Julio Rocha 24 days ago

    Divina foi personagem de uma reportagem sobre o Brexit na GloboNews. Recentemente ela se mudou para a Espanha para obter cidadania espanhola e continuar como cidadã da União Europeia, depois que o Reino Unido oficializar sua saída do bloco.

  • karmas boy
    karmas boy 25 days ago

    I'm totally in love with The Vivienne's look!

  • Andrew stoffberg
    Andrew stoffberg 27 days ago +10

    Anyone else noticed how the frock destroyers were the first to enter

  • Tibet Akbulut
    Tibet Akbulut 28 days ago

    terrible season came ıts that

  • Ana Luisa Freire da silva

    Mas que porra ! Só tem gringo nos comentários !

    • Ana Luisa Freire da silva
      Ana Luisa Freire da silva 23 days ago

      @Migs Do Vale pser isso é um saco , sou obrigada a dar uma de Sasuke é falar : isso é muito irritante

    • Migs Do Vale
      Migs Do Vale 25 days ago

      Voltei duas vezes pra conferir se estava em um canal Br mesmo O o

  • yeoman2k1
    yeoman2k1 29 days ago +1

    I'm from a grogeous little fishing village named liverpool

  • Ming Xia
    Ming Xia Month ago

    Sum ting Wong ahhhhhh 😂😂😂
    Best drag name hands down omg

  • Nathan Benedict
    Nathan Benedict Month ago

    The first three to enter got top 3 omg coincidence =-O

  • H A
    H A Month ago


  • Hades Hades
    Hades Hades Month ago

    So looks like the drag queen scenario of uk is full of big girlzzzzzzz

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north Month ago +3

    People are like maybe it’s just the accents? No they’re talented charismatic entertaining queens

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north Month ago

    Vinegars entrance killed me 😂

  • Jimuella Aniasco
    Jimuella Aniasco Month ago +2

    The vivienne kinda looks like some famous beauty guru?

  • That Random Gaming Husky

    Sum Ting Wong: Did somebody order delivery? Cuz I’m about to take away the cro-*small wheeze*.

  • Potatothugginnn
    Potatothugginnn Month ago

    Guys how can I watch this PLEASE HELP

  • shaneil_ klassic
    shaneil_ klassic Month ago

    Were do ppl watch this

    • jeb _
      jeb _ Month ago

      BBC iPlayer, don’t know how you watch it outside of the uk

  • Ella Brxndley
    Ella Brxndley Month ago

    * I didn’t just become a little bit of a slag..I became a total slaggggg*

  • David Jeffreys
    David Jeffreys Month ago

    Fans, is this season worth watching so far? I gotta admit, after 11, this, 12 and Celebrity Drag Race... It just feels like overkill.

      D1ETPUSSY 22 days ago +1

      I personally like it. The lip syncs are... a choice though. But I get it, it's the style of the UK. The girls there sing life, just as Charlie Hides said.

  • Jesus Toledo
    Jesus Toledo Month ago

    Only blue and scaredy looks are toot, the other queens are boot and very meh

  • Jaylin Benno
    Jaylin Benno Month ago

    Why does crystal look look "the guy" from spy kids 3 game over ?

  • lauri
    lauri Month ago +1

    I love blu hydrangea's entrace music!!!

  • Mel Richo
    Mel Richo Month ago +7

    As soon as I heard “BAGA CHIPS” I was like YAS this is iconic 😂

  • eu mesmo
    eu mesmo Month ago

    cheryl hole cmon love it

  • eu mesmo
    eu mesmo Month ago

    charlie hides what

  • kyle timms
    kyle timms Month ago

    Absolutely love bagga chips hate davina de campo.

  • Alex Milton
    Alex Milton Month ago +1

    Cheryl hole is my fav!

  • Corey O'Connor
    Corey O'Connor Month ago

    Any one know what blu's intro muaic is called

  • Alaska Cosplay
    Alaska Cosplay Month ago +1

    Cheryl Hole is the UK Alyssa Edwards

  • Magda Piechocka
    Magda Piechocka Month ago


  • Aislinn Clark
    Aislinn Clark Month ago

    Ok but why are most queens from England there is like no one from Scotland

    • Aislinn Clark
      Aislinn Clark 22 days ago

      Hollow That Bitch Daddy Haunt ! We aren’t leaving the eu as a whole we are leaving the European Union which is some deal between country’s in Europe to my understanding we put money into something and if any country desperately needs it they are given it. We can’t leave Europe that’s like if America wanted to leave North America

    • Hollow That Bitch Daddy Haunt !
      Hollow That Bitch Daddy Haunt ! Month ago

      @Aislinn Clark um no we are leaving the EU with brexit but Scotland a few years back made a whole deal about being independent and they wanted to leave the United check your facts please.

    • Aislinn Clark
      Aislinn Clark Month ago

      Michael Myers that’s literally not what’s happening we are leaving the European Union not the uk as a whole

    • Hollow That Bitch Daddy Haunt !
      Hollow That Bitch Daddy Haunt ! Month ago

      probably because scotland decided they wanted to leave the uk but well that didn't turn out well for them

  • faery chains
    faery chains Month ago +1

    will this be on netflix !!!

  • Sarah Faye Nightwind

    My current favorite is Scaredy Cat. So cute! Love that style.

  • Nathalie Santos
    Nathalie Santos Month ago

    The Gothy one was so awkward lmao

  • kismetbnd
    kismetbnd Month ago

    Tem em algum lugar pra baixar?

  • Lucía Gomez
    Lucía Gomez Month ago +2

    Divina de Campo laugh 😍

  • Chow Poran J. Gogoi


  • ells
    ells Month ago +1

    my energy is sum ting laughing at her intro

  • Alexander Liddell
    Alexander Liddell Month ago

    95% talentless