Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Kit | What You Need To Be A Better Chef


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  • Black fyre
    Black fyre Day ago

    4:06 feel the burn Jamie 😂

  • Nicholas Grabowski

    Does he have hos own line of cooking equipment?? If not he definitely should

  • Ferris
    Ferris 3 days ago

    1:16 check that large blade... Are you serious put this blade as an example to the video.

  • JJ Rojas
    JJ Rojas 3 days ago

    You think he does cocaine?

  • Jonathan Baker
    Jonathan Baker 3 days ago

    A butter knife. Versatile. Essential. BRILLIANT.

  • pflau1
    pflau1 4 days ago

    It took me decades to realize Brits aren't really that brilliant as when they say brilliant they really mean great.

  • Nadia Bozhinski
    Nadia Bozhinski 6 days ago

    What’s the brand of the frying pan that he uses all the time and shows here? Is it the Bourgeat aluminum pan?

  • SuttonSantiniPaulo
    SuttonSantiniPaulo 6 days ago

    Bacon like a pro

  • SigmaElement
    SigmaElement 6 days ago

    "Bacon is so popular now"

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 7 days ago

    2:00 hahahaha

  • Leviathanshadex
    Leviathanshadex 8 days ago

    That chef knife from the spinning shots has some huge knicks in it.

  • Finkardop
    Finkardop 8 days ago

    5:19 how I dance to impress the ladies

  • crazycutz
    crazycutz 10 days ago

    Bamboo chopping boards are the best. Don't care about water and don't split.

  • Zanna Joyce
    Zanna Joyce 11 days ago

    I don’t see a spatter screen in this set of tools. It is my favourite. Not only does it keep the kitchen cleaner when cooking spattery foods, but also it is super for keeping some humidity in the pan when frying things that can dry out, without making them soggy. I also use it with a lid when I want to steam off extra moisture, such as when cooking a sauce or stew. Better than just trying to balance the lid off centre. And most importantly, it takes up no space to store and cleans with just hot water and a soapy scrubbing pad.

  • Lorentell Williams
    Lorentell Williams 11 days ago

    He is so fine. He said pound it.

  • DzDavid
    DzDavid 11 days ago

    1:13 am I trippin or is the Edge if the chef knife badly chipped?

  • Robert Chavis
    Robert Chavis 12 days ago

    This man inspires me to do better in life.

  • SpicyMeme Ball
    SpicyMeme Ball 12 days ago

    aaaa i have the same peeler as gordan ramsey, does that make me a pro chef

  • 2PacPRNDL
    2PacPRNDL 13 days ago

    How is a metal handle different from any other, are the screws that screw them in the same, along with the metal that's attached to the handle. Honest question.

  • MrKunt
    MrKunt 14 days ago +1

    1:11 - 1:32 Well, now we know why knife crime has skyrocketed in London. Nice one, Gordon.

  • Cody Putnam
    Cody Putnam 17 days ago

    everythings so versatile

  • Ila Vazquez
    Ila Vazquez 18 days ago

    There's so many promo gadgets out there that aren't really needed. They just clutter up the kitchen & are more to have to wash. Now I know more about what to look for in purchasing pots & pans too.

  • Whirligig
    Whirligig 18 days ago

    0:20 “Whereas your large pan gives your space perfect for pastas *J E W S* or when you’re cooking in bulk”

  • LordArioh
    LordArioh 19 days ago

    I need food on my kitchen to be a better chef ((

  • Philippe Carphin
    Philippe Carphin 20 days ago

    4:13 That chef knife is so beat up I don't know why they would put that in there. Especially after Gordon says "if you take care of it, it will last you a lifetime".

  • Michael Bertoni
    Michael Bertoni 20 days ago

    We all know what that scale is really for

  • The_Avid PC_Gamer
    The_Avid PC_Gamer 21 day ago +1

    I forget that the handle is hot just about every time.

  • glenn curley
    glenn curley 21 day ago

    I have the same pans as he was showing. They are Royal Doulton, Gordon Ramsay endorsed!

  • chia kwee
    chia kwee 21 day ago

    I'm pretty sure Gordon ramsey's kitchen is already more expensive than my house...

  • Paroma Bhattacharyya

    Mixing bowls!! The only thing i would add to this list. A very practical list! Kudos

  • Dream maker
    Dream maker 22 days ago +1

    Wooden board??? Why? What about insanitary??? And smell?

  • Shyrin
    Shyrin 22 days ago

    Jamie Oliver's video about essential cooking gadget is sooo confusing

  • Sydney Long
    Sydney Long 23 days ago

    Love this! Want more instructional stuff from him like this

  • Anon
    Anon Month ago +1

    Ok, I just ordered all this stuff from amazon so I'm ready to be a better chef! I don't know how this will help me cook a frozen pizza any better, but I trust Gordon!

    • Frozease
      Frozease 7 days ago

      As someone that's just getting into cooking, good luck! We'll need it lol

  • Charlie's story's
    Charlie's story's Month ago

    Gordon, I'm a huge fan, I am also 12 years old chef. What recipe's of yours that are easy, that I can Start my chef career off with

  • Ricky Espinosa
    Ricky Espinosa Month ago

    What frying pan is that???

  • Debra Williams
    Debra Williams Month ago

    Your the best thank you truly CHEF RAMSEY 🍾🍽

  • hugo brutus
    hugo brutus Month ago

    Don't listen to him about the sieve, did nothing but cause a grease fire when i cooked bacon in it.

  • Jez Creed
    Jez Creed Month ago

    I like the fact that, unlike a QVC infomercial, Gordon doesn’t try to make you think that a vegetable spiralizer, an artichoke peeler and an olive pitter is ESSENTIAL in every kitchen! A single knife and pan would do in a bind!

  • Jadin Andrews
    Jadin Andrews Month ago

    Instructions not clear, I have all this but I don't have a stove.

  • joe kat
    joe kat Month ago

    I don't agree with all your techniques. Fresh Bread should be eaten asap and you don't need that serrated fucking knife. It's a waste of money and a fucking joke when you can get sliced bread. I can't believe you don't include a Clever which is multi-use over a Chefs knife. You have yet to learn more technique in your profession.

  • Anhad Singha
    Anhad Singha Month ago

    Which is the best affordable automatic push button knife that i can buy to carry around the world?

  • Steve
    Steve Month ago

    Stuff your ma and your grandma used to tell ya!aunties as well🤔good old common sense,we take notice now though cos Gordon says😁👍


    Holly shet did you see the chief knife! at 1:16 the worst I have ever seen chips all down the blade !!! and gordon should look at what he is showing.

  • Lroy Johnson
    Lroy Johnson Month ago +1

    He needs a drug test hahahahah

  • Robert Hernandez
    Robert Hernandez Month ago

    THE Best steel you'll find in knife is by VIctor Inox. It doesn't have a fancy handle but it really is THE best steel you can find. That's the only difference between a good knife and a terrible knife. Good steel holds a sharp edge. Look'em up on amazon.

  • Trollface Killa
    Trollface Killa Month ago +1

    Drinking game: Take a shot every time you hear the word "versatile" 😏

  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor Month ago

    Wait, DOES Gordon Ramsay have a cookware set?!

  • Kimberly Taylor
    Kimberly Taylor Month ago +1

    If Gordon Ramsay made his own cookware, I'd buy it regardless of the price. I don't know which brand to trust!

  • Althea McNabb
    Althea McNabb Month ago

    He say's " A small PAN IS GREAT FOR SAUCES...not A saucepan is great for sauces!" commented or some statements below...

    PJKITTIE Month ago +1

    what species of cutting board is that? It is a one piece slab and love the look of it.

  • DieselWorkHorse Techie

    I would ask gordon for those of us without gas if he would prefer induction heating over conduction & convection over conventional ovens. Granted it's what you have to work with but whether he found too many pots or pans that couldn't produce eddy currents or prefers flat glass tops. Strangely most recipes in the U.S. seem to use volume instead of mass for measurement, but maybe I'm only looking at amature cookbooks.

  • mlauntube
    mlauntube Month ago

    4:20 you say you can flip a board back and forth between using meat and fish or vegetables: that is forbidden by the health department. When you flip the board, you are cross contaminating what touches the table or towel that you rest the board on. Also, at 4:35 you recommend using cooking oil on the wooden cutting board, well those oils act as food for airborne pathogens; instead, use mineral oil for an easy treatment, or for a high-end treatment, used melted paraffin wax and then scrape off the excess.

  • Christian Breslin
    Christian Breslin Month ago

    Kitchen. SO versatile. Perfect room for cooking food in. It’s also a great place to stand in. And more importantly it has food. Brilliant.

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 Month ago

    Another reason I like Ramsay. While everyone else is trying to sell you their over priced garbage making you feel like you need it to make good food, Ramsay says fuck that, this is all you need.

  • Boz 2011
    Boz 2011 Month ago

    Came here to see the knives

  • De5DByN5ture
    De5DByN5ture 2 months ago

    Do we need to get the spinning ones too?

  • TeleDang
    TeleDang 2 months ago +1

    I thought he said bacon, and I was thinking. ‘Why put BACON, in a sieve?’

  • Ricky Spanish
    Ricky Spanish 2 months ago

    I need an outdoor propane stove tutorial abt heat. I seem to burn everything trying hard to get the pink out.
    Sounds gross but i mean bloody but burnt meat on the outside.
    I even turn down the heat & use a pan but nothing works.

  • Cindy Craig
    Cindy Craig 2 months ago

    I inherited my mom's WWII era Gaurdianware. Not pretty, but I love cooking with the pieces.

  • Sertac Nurdogan
    Sertac Nurdogan 2 months ago

    which swivel peeler does he use , do you know ? how can i provide it ?

  • Rebecca Van Luyk
    Rebecca Van Luyk 2 months ago

    Drinking game: take a shot whenever Gordon says "versatile".

    BEAST MODE 2 months ago

    When you first get your pestle and mortar grind up some rice to clean it and to get any dust or small rocks out and hand wash

  • EquestAnton
    EquestAnton 2 months ago

    What tosh, seriously! You definitely need at least four pots. All four you will use almost all the time. A small one (not medium small, small) 5.5 inches across, preferably copper, or copper coated, for sauces, quick egg boil, small portion blanching, dissolving sugar, spun sugar, caramel, baby or puppy food (lol)....and etc etc, this small pot is absolutely indispensable as it gives you total control, instant heat control, take it off the flame it stops boiling, put it back it boils and everything inbetween [sic]........no way around it, an absolute work horse so it pays to spend a good amount on the tiny little thing, it's a keeper as they say in Doodledom. Then you need a medium large one, pasta, potatoes, porridge that sort of thing, you will use all the time. Then you need a larger one for items that wont fit in the last one, or for catering for more people. This pot you wont use quite so often but is also indispensable on stand by, try and get it as a two part steamer stack because steaming is something you should be doing loads of too, fish, veg etc. Lastly you need a mega large pot, big as your imagination, this pot you will use for soups and stocks primarily, think whole Chicken soup, beef stocks, and large size catering (when the kids bring four home for dinner) this pot might not get as much use but you will be very glad you have it when you do need it. Fantastic for blanching larger items, making salt beef or for boiling large quantities of water, for what ever reason. Besides these I also have a medium copper jam pot, for the same reasons as the little copper pot, control, instant control which you need for various things but jam making is what it gets used for most here. It needs to be medium large or bigger depending on your enthusiasm for jam or preserve making but I like it medium. This I bought as an antique in Vienna Austria in pretty perfect shape, it lives again and I wouldn't be without it, makes the smoothest shinniest jam possible. Most definitely it will be happily doing the same when Im long gone as Im constantly retrieving it from assorted family members when they get the jam or marmalade bug. So four at the very least, max five should do you for all occasions. Now what was I loking for here, oh yea cooking tongs, no suggestions from Pharaoh Ramesses here unfortunately, but essential in the kitchen notheless! PS also those tin roasting dishes get three sizes, small, medium and goose size yes absolutely! Ikea has them, perfect and will last forever.

  • Sandra Weeden
    Sandra Weeden 2 months ago

    Cooking is like sex... if you appreciate it enough 😎😉

  • King Duder
    King Duder 2 months ago +1

    Bacon or baking lol

  • Carl Winslow
    Carl Winslow 2 months ago

    Before I watched this video all I had in my kitchen was a hammer, a box cutter, a piece of scrap sheet metal to cook my food with... Now I'm set... Thanks for setting us straight Gordie!

  • Marla Schwartz
    Marla Schwartz 2 months ago

    Anyone know what kind of vitamix blender he uses?

  • Samson XXX
    Samson XXX 2 months ago

    Bullshit. The heavier the bottom, easier it is to burn whatever you're cookin 'cos it gets more difficult to control the heat 'cos the heavy bottom just absorbs the heat that is not in your control while it's there.
    Lighter the bottom, easier to adjust the heat - simple basic facts.

  • Andy M
    Andy M 2 months ago

    Man, anyone else notice how ragged his Chief knife is? Damn, Ramsey sharpen and hone that poor thing!!

  • Simon Deutsch
    Simon Deutsch 2 months ago

    This Musik

  • S4njuro
    S4njuro 2 months ago

    Lots of great editing but we couldn't do HD in 2016?

  • Choppini
    Choppini 2 months ago

    2:57 ROFL... "baking is SO popular now" - our swearing devil should get out more often. What a self-righteous idiot. There is another reason why I would NEVER EVER purchase anything with the name Gordon Ramsey on it. The language and attitude he's throwing at staff on his TV shows is simply disgusting. And this man has I think 4 children!! I guess they are made fun of at school non-stop.

  • bobzubb
    bobzubb 2 months ago

    shears or scissors are part of a pro's kit......snippy snippy!

  • Blaziguy
    Blaziguy 2 months ago +2

    Or, if you are serbian:
    1. Sloboda Čačak Štednjak
    2. Wooden spoon from Vrnjačka Banja
    3. One-for-all-stove(preferably one with flowers, that you got from your granny)
    4. Začin C
    5. One baking tray, for pita and proja
    And a bit of slavness :-)

  • Ike the ranter
    Ike the ranter 2 months ago

    Non-stick?? My Emarld set isn't. Doesn't non-stick peel off into food?

  • Zynechan
    Zynechan 2 months ago

    So versatile

  • lixx loveslixards
    lixx loveslixards 2 months ago

    Don't use captions lol it said "perfect for pastas, jews..... ummm okay cartmen..... I think it's stews

  • Dead Head 102
    Dead Head 102 3 months ago


  • stylist62
    stylist62 3 months ago

    That kitchen is amazing!💕💜❤️💛🧡

  • T D
    T D 3 months ago

    Bits of kit...I love my English brothers & sisters! Gordon's home is so warm and so modest - nothing flash like most celebrity knobheads.

  • bbybackfibs
    bbybackfibs 3 months ago

    great video thank you

  • Nop da Call
    Nop da Call 3 months ago

    BACON _like a pro_

  • Nop da Call
    Nop da Call 3 months ago

    Husband - take good care of it and it will pound you for a lifetime

  • Nikita Marynich
    Nikita Marynich 3 months ago

    My older sister literally was moving out and needed to know what she needed for the kitchen so this video helped so much. Great vid

  • Liberz
    Liberz 3 months ago

    Fucking hell, that just kept going didn’t it

  • Winston S.
    Winston S. 3 months ago

    I need more comfort when I'm pounding.

  • Emmanuel Martin
    Emmanuel Martin 3 months ago

    traduction en francais svp

  • OpiatedBliss
    OpiatedBliss 3 months ago

    Gordon "SO Versatile" Ramsay

  • Ryan Chen
    Ryan Chen 3 months ago

    I think Gordon has too many things, all you really need is a good knife, a wok and a pot with lid

    • Redrum
      Redrum 3 months ago

      woks are for gays

  • GKS
    GKS 3 months ago

    Looks like he does not use spatulas....interesting.

  • Less Than Average
    Less Than Average 3 months ago +1

    Bacon like a pro

  • Fluffymiyster
    Fluffymiyster 3 months ago +1

    "When you're pounding away." Oh, mai...

  • Rosenda Regalado
    Rosenda Regalado 3 months ago

    You got to be kidding!!!! I need it all!

  • Alexander Marchel
    Alexander Marchel 3 months ago

    Who would of guessed you need a fry-pan to be a better chef.... brilliant Ramsay brilliant

  • blairbushproject
    blairbushproject 3 months ago

    Those who are busted for scales should use the chef’s advice. It’s for the bacon - for the recipes that demand perfect ingredients.

  • Richard Designer
    Richard Designer 3 months ago

    Wow thanks I never knew what a fucking pan was for!

  • T Mox
    T Mox 3 months ago

    I’ve had three surgeries on my hands. Using proper knife techniques have kept me cooking!

  • Luca
    Luca 3 months ago

    Bum Bum WHAOW