CRS-19 Mission

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • SpaceX is targeting Thursday, December 5 for launch of its nineteenth Commercial Resupply Services mission (CRS-19) at 12:29 p.m. EST, or 17:29 UTC, from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. Dragon will separate from Falcon 9’s second stage about nine minutes after liftoff and attach to the space station on Saturday, December 7.
    The Dragon spacecraft that will support the CRS-19 mission previously supported the CRS-4 mission in September 2014 and the CRS-11 mission in June 2017. Following stage separation, SpaceX will attempt to recover Falcon 9’s first stage on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship, which will be stationed in the Atlantic Ocean.
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  • Sev Ree
    Sev Ree 17 minutes ago

    For everyone thinking that those are mice, they are not. Its solid oxygen. if you pay close attention you can even see it build up from the beginning of separation on both of those LOX (liquid oxygen) vents and then drop one after the other into that crevice.
    Visual examples; at 18:34 the build up on one of the vents is there, and at 18:47 its not. (I wonder where it went?). Not to mention you can even visibly watch as the other chunk falls of from its own vent at 18:39.

    Plus. I've seen plenty of mice, rats, rabbits, and all manner of rodents dead and alive, and those don't look close whatsoever. Hope this eases confusion (to those reasonable people out there).

  • Shill Seeker
    Shill Seeker 4 hours ago

    There’s actually a pair of mice visible start playback at 18:35.

  • Rigjiggles Blank

    Yeah what is up with the mouse or rat at 20:25 how does it survive the heat from the thruster? How is it breathing in space? How has it not fallen off at 11,600 mph???

  • ТОП 10
    ТОП 10 Day ago +1

    I like cosmos. Cosmos my life♥️.

  • GeneralRevision
    GeneralRevision 3 days ago

    Who the heck is indeed believing this Hoax. This cartoons for the retarded masses? Anyone believe it? Really?
    You need to wake up guys. Its all a Show for you. A very expensive one tho. You pay it. We pay it. Nothing you see here as well all other bs from NASA or ESA or Elon Musk has anything to do with reality!! You are been fooled!! sry. Wake up, pls!! Ask for any proof they tell you... They won't deliver. They can't. Because its all a lie to hide our loving creator from you!! Shalom and Maranatha. Our Earth is flat and stationary!!

  • Ib Nas
    Ib Nas 3 days ago

    Their is something like a bird flying on the first stage view in the video. Between 18:50 and 19:15.

  • Capricorn One!
    Capricorn One! 4 days ago

    Nice 🐀 Rat

  • Platinum Girl
    Platinum Girl 4 days ago

    Ебать вы охуевшие пиздуны ;)))) мышу сука не увидеть!!! Монтажеру видео отрубите руки нахуй.
    Правильно Задорнов про вас говорил ;)))) Ну тупыыыые ;)))

  • micromause
    micromause 4 days ago

    It's good to see one of my fellow brothers take flight for once! Long live the little guy!

  • Timo somebody
    Timo somebody 4 days ago

    Ich habe es schon immer gewusst, Mäuse sind Aliens! Sie sind gekommen um Die Welt und den Weltraum zu erobern. Space X braucht Mäusefallen an seinen Boostern!

  • Mr.R Betong
    Mr.R Betong 5 days ago

    Bird 28:41

  • Sihon
    Sihon 6 days ago

    18:40 это не мышь это какая то хрень отвалилась

  • leokimvideo
    leokimvideo 6 days ago

    Booster landings going offline just add to all those saying this tech is a hoax. Crazy a mouse was caught up with the vehicle

  • The Ras
    The Ras 7 days ago

    Idiots...How can anyone buy this nonsensical crap! and that debris....Can you say "poking you in the eye" ??!!

  • glitcherPROXx
    glitcherPROXx 7 days ago

    The earth is flat there I said it

  • Tanner Kjorvestad
    Tanner Kjorvestad 7 days ago +2

    1080p at 75hz and it looks nothing like a mouse. Looks more like ice sliding down.

      MESSIAH 3 days ago

      Mouse or rat will not stop after run a few cm.

  • Severine Beisser-Jackson

    Oh shit, a rat!
    And in space no less

  • Sean G. Dolan
    Sean G. Dolan 9 days ago


  • yulyen devotee
    yulyen devotee 9 days ago

    alright my brain just died

  • Евгений Саитов

    20:02 и это же официальное видео! Мышь на сопле в космосе!

  • AfroditaVasilevna
    AfroditaVasilevna 10 days ago

    Замечательное поучительное видео, на котором можно потренироваться замечать и распознавать ошибки и неточности видеоредакторов.

  • brccrx
    brccrx 10 days ago

    And another 21:24

  • brccrx
    brccrx 10 days ago +1

    Theres something else moving at 18:38 on the right screen...

  • Indywidualista
    Indywidualista 10 days ago

    open your mind

  • Bismarck
    Bismarck 11 days ago

    Wow. I did not know this much unintelligent life existed on this planet.
    Big F for the future of the Human race right here. If you value your sanity, I recommend not going below into the comments. you have been warned.

  • JkMogo
    JkMogo 11 days ago

    20:02 First Mouse IN Space :)) NASA Should be proud :))

  • Млечный Путь

    путин сказал мышь на батутах запускаете в голливуде Putin said the mouse on the trampoline launch in Hollywood

  • Carletto Kana
    Carletto Kana 12 days ago

    stop this fucking disney movie

    • William Calle
      William Calle 12 days ago

      Damn. Disney said they were expanding their streaming service. But porn isn't a good addition to their cornucopia of family entertainment. It's still too early. Give it a few months, Disney execs!

  • William Calle
    William Calle 12 days ago

    Unrelated good news. SpaceX will soon be offering 24hr roadside assistance and local (up to 197 million miles) towing for all moon sized and smaller objects traveling within the solar system. Earth's moon has been on waiting list for a minute. The longtime sole neighbor of earth is retiring. A mysterious life-long loner, the moon raised more than a few neurotic eyebrows with his permanent "sly smirk". A self-described "glowing romantic" and "an exclusively, night shift recluse", the moon stated he will be retiring to an undisclosed peaceful solarhood that's safe from getting caught up in any more unwanted 'limelight'.

  • koka SKYrecordz
    koka SKYrecordz 12 days ago

    Boomerang 28:40
    Certainly only ice

  • Vladek
    Vladek 12 days ago

    20:04 Илон Маск продолжает славную традицию лунных первопроходцев т.е первопроходимцев.

  • Tair efraim
    Tair efraim 12 days ago


  • Mario Knows it’s flat

    I know TheXvid is blocking about 300,000 thumbs down 👎🏽

  • Mythic
    Mythic 15 days ago

    Something else slides down at 21:21

  • Steffen W.
    Steffen W. 15 days ago

    Why can't they shoot proper landing footage of the first stage drone ship landings? A single gopro would suffice. You don't have to do it live, for God's sake. These landings on film are friggin gold worth.

  • Kirill Segkov
    Kirill Segkov 15 days ago

    It amazes me that above the jet nozzle the "space rocket" is crookedly covered with something resembling aluminum foil.

  • Rayman VonMetal
    Rayman VonMetal 16 days ago

    That rocket leveled out is going to land in the ocean somewheres it is not going to space!
    And how ironic video feed was lost on the landing😂

  • Некто Атомный

    Bad job Hollywood!

  • salvation redeemer
    salvation redeemer 16 days ago

    Starting around 18:42 you will plainly see a 🐦 flying on the left screen. Just after the 20 minute mark you will see a mouse 🐭🐁 running around on top of the scoop of the engine. At 28:42 you will see another space 🐦 bird

    • Syrph
      Syrph 6 days ago

      I think you need glasses and a hearing aid. The first "bird" was the nose cone. Seconds earlier you can see it as it's deployed and they even mention it. The "mouse" looks nothing like a real mouse, it's just ice. You can see it building up on both engines if you actually watch the video. The second "bird" doesn't resemble a bird, doesn't move like a bird, doesn't anything like a bird. It's a piece of debris spinning away. Open your eyes.

  • TechieJunk
    TechieJunk 17 days ago

    You're all one letter off. It's Ice. not Mice. frozen fluid from the stabilization

    • TechieJunk
      TechieJunk 17 days ago

      though I did have a laugh when I saw it look like a mouse too

  • akademikXXX
    akademikXXX 17 days ago

    Да ладно!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty Tekin
    Katty Tekin 17 days ago

    28:42 A Batterfly in Space??? BATTERFLY!!!! are you seriosly???

  • петр стоянов

    Вот лохотрон с космосом!

  • Ivan H.
    Ivan H. 17 days ago

    Why not to add one more camera two or three hundred meters from a drone ship to see the landing? That the most impressive event as for me.

  • lamassu Assyrian
    lamassu Assyrian 17 days ago

    NASA please explain to us sheepel why is there a rat and a bird in space ?

  • Gray Wolf
    Gray Wolf 17 days ago

    at 20:00 we can observe 1st of it's kind mouse attempting to do a space walk on a rocket booster

  • cimb niaga
    cimb niaga 17 days ago

    20:00 = Hollywood

  • Eva kunovszky crochet adventures

    O no can that thing run around 3 times ..its no oxygen up there???its hot too.

  • Александр Владимирович

    20:03 что ты скажешь на это, Илон Маск?
    what do you say to that, Elon Musk?

  • Игорь Владимиров

    А откуда в космосе МЫШЬ бегающая по работающем реактивному двигателю?!

  • Игорь Пряхин

    А идиоты верят, что они на Луне были. Снимают фейки и скармливают быдлу. Мышь на 20:00 спалила всю контору.

  • D.Numesh
    D.Numesh 18 days ago

    PLEASE JUST HAVE A DRONE OR another ship with a camera honestly man...

  • Dan Walters
    Dan Walters 18 days ago +1

    Space footage is all green screen, smoke and mirrors. Im surprised they got away with the car flying through space. Theyre just trolling us!

  • Anonymous Insomniac
    Anonymous Insomniac 18 days ago +1

    A FUCKING RAT! 20:00

  • oilpond
    oilpond 18 days ago

    The only space is between our ears lol low earth orbit untill you hit the ferm.

  • samuel smith
    samuel smith 18 days ago

    Lmao at all the flat Earther saying they see a mouse or other rodents in this vid. Try watching on a 8k tv. There pretty cheap now. Buy one, rewatch, but don't delete those comments, there fucking hilarious.

  • Flat Earth
    Flat Earth 18 days ago +3

    20:02 MOUSE IN SPACE!!!

    lies on humankind!

  • KevyD77
    KevyD77 19 days ago

    I SO want these landings to be real/legit but I'm sceptical because every single time without fail, whether it be back at base or on the barge, there's a loss of feed or fog, or trees in the way.... always to be followed by a lovely clear video image of the safely landed boosters afterwards, from different cameras that could have showed the landings in detail. Come oooooon, I wanna see one clear as day. It's almost expected every launch now :-(

  • Macoll
    Macoll 19 days ago +1

    20:23 the first mouse in space on a thruster, it owns us all ^^

  • Alexandra Fischer
    Alexandra Fischer 19 days ago +1

    Hollywood you can do better!