CYBERTRUCK BUILD (Part 3/4: Almost Done!)

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Comments • 80

  • RainBowCake2010
    RainBowCake2010 2 days ago

    Won’t it rust?

  • Prince Krealis XIII O' Kralom

    Ian: another one of bogdon s messes cleaned up and disaster averted... ight imma get a sammich

  • Shojo
    Shojo 2 days ago

    Where is Bogdan from?

  • Lonely Potato
    Lonely Potato 4 days ago

    If u can’t afford it make one

  • LeoCiosu Music
    LeoCiosu Music 4 days ago +1

    Is this thing really don't have a door ?

  • Spyder man Symbiot
    Spyder man Symbiot 8 days ago

    Can you make ben10 omnitrix (omniverse)

  • Learning Unity
    Learning Unity 8 days ago

    i laughed so hard when they put up the tesla logo

  • Reaped child
    Reaped child 9 days ago

    I have the same mechanics and made a roadster 2020

  • Dumencha Cat
    Dumencha Cat 11 days ago

    I go to a stem school is that helpful?

  • Scorchlette
    Scorchlette 13 days ago

    Brakes? Nah man, this is Hacksmith Industries, not Sensible Incorperated. Cosmetic stuff comes first.

  • nizam udheen
    nizam udheen 14 days ago

    How do i get to work here?

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 15 days ago

    Is bogdan romanian? Bogdan is a common name in romania and i was curios

  • GamingRoutine 560
    GamingRoutine 560 16 days ago

    “We don’t have brakes” The Hacksmith

  • soaring blazer
    soaring blazer 16 days ago

    Hey what did you guys do for the bms battery management system would love to know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • soaring blazer
      soaring blazer 16 days ago

      @the Hacksmith Thank you. I wasn't expecting a reply, you literally just made my day !

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  16 days ago +1

      Built in the batteries! :)

  • Python is Love
    Python is Love 19 days ago

    very well done... so much interested to see the 4th part!

  • kaelan Brandenburg
    kaelan Brandenburg 22 days ago

    I'm very interested in learning how to do what you guys do. Would mechanical engineering be a good major to learn how to create these kinds of projects?

  • khorey robinson
    khorey robinson 24 days ago

    Do a give awau

  • wq s
    wq s 25 days ago


  • Christian Gorjanu
    Christian Gorjanu 26 days ago

    whos bogdan ? is he romanian ?

  • PokémonBro
    PokémonBro 27 days ago


    AAKASHMEET SINGH 27 days ago

    Dude you didn’t install doors in this truck

  • WebKenth
    WebKenth 28 days ago

    Your camera man should get a gimbal mount for the camera ;) the outdoor shots look really messy, but still manages to capture the beauty of the vehicle, if only it was stabilized

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  28 days ago

      That's because it was a heated of the moment ITS READY TO GO LET'S GO! :p we have gimbals :)

  • JaiDiva PatiCas
    JaiDiva PatiCas 28 days ago

    Imagine just walking in the Tesla dealer and seeing this

  • Vladaslavic
    Vladaslavic 28 days ago

    yall forgot the side mirrors

  • JorgeCabezasTV
    JorgeCabezasTV 29 days ago

    Tesla wants to hire you.

  • Steeve McCauley
    Steeve McCauley Month ago

    Air bags on that steering column might prevent fatality in the event of a front end collision. Other than that, I'm really impressed with your project.

  • Thomas Quipildor
    Thomas Quipildor Month ago

    for a little moment i listened to TVFilthFrankShow´s voice

  • Vold Ravenclaw
    Vold Ravenclaw Month ago

    Elon Musk is gonna create Cybermen. Then we'll all need a time lord in something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

  • Goodballa
    Goodballa Month ago

    Where is Elon Musk's comment?

  • Scott Baxter
    Scott Baxter Month ago

    Am I the only one hearing a slight accent from that kid?

  • Cooper Mackay
    Cooper Mackay Month ago

    It takes long to make one of these than to make a bugatti veyron

  • vMilkshake -
    vMilkshake - Month ago

    Is this road legal?

    DAT BOI Month ago

    Song at 9:05?

  • Drake Nel
    Drake Nel Month ago

    still ugly lol

  • Lau Eddie
    Lau Eddie Month ago

    he is gonna chop his head off when something horrify happens

  • Trevor Thieme
    Trevor Thieme Month ago

    My only question is weather they can make this road legal and certified.

    • Trevor Thieme
      Trevor Thieme Month ago

      @the Hacksmith Fair enough.
      Thanks for responding anyhow!

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Month ago +1


    • Trevor Thieme
      Trevor Thieme Month ago +1

      @the Hacksmith What specific laws would be keeping you from attempting that where you guys are based?

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Month ago +1


  • M7md 7amdan
    M7md 7amdan Month ago +1

    I want one

  • Austin Chong
    Austin Chong Month ago

    The light pls

  • Kenneth Reynolds
    Kenneth Reynolds Month ago

    How much for one

  • Joe Delaney
    Joe Delaney Month ago +1

    You guys should make the Legend of Zelda master sword, it is the coolest sword ever

  • I dont leave likes, l leave comments

    You guys should mass produce

  • Aiyaan Aziz
    Aiyaan Aziz Month ago

    What if you put the half scale one in the bed of the big cybertruck

  • dumbuser
    dumbuser Month ago

    A steering wheel must be round. Period.

  • Amol
    Amol Month ago

    Damn I thought this vid would be sponsored by Skillshare

  • Vayneinsanity
    Vayneinsanity Month ago

    This is badassss an very happy to see when a invention comes alive .I seen part 1.part 3 an part4 .man my baby heart feels like its gonna burst do to how amazing this is :D haha .as a kid I always wanted to build my own tesla truck an bike an make a system built into the house or my shed to take all elements like wind power .water power .steam power .heat power .an solar power an make it into a workable renewable source to charge the vehicles an run things . So far it's been a huge break through an been calculating it's best to have some on one power bank .an the other half on the other so there would be no over current causing the whole thing to short out or reach overload . :D .but love the videos keep up the great work guys .

  • Dabingdog
    Dabingdog Month ago +1

    Please confirm your build

  • Ganesh korgaonkar
    Ganesh korgaonkar Month ago

    can you make this thing to run on electric motor but no battrey on the vehical
    wireless transmation of electricity

  • slythe fox
    slythe fox Month ago

    Mad city vibes

    And jailbreak

  • Jake 104
    Jake 104 Month ago +1

    Ballin on a budget

  • Jose Matias Monteagudo

    that was the day of my birthday thank you for this present xdxd

  • Chase C.
    Chase C. Month ago

    ill give you all my purple studs for it

  • RoBro РоБро
    RoBro РоБро Month ago

    Who are those idiots who gives them dislikes ? I love your videos guys💪🏻

  • Trang Tran
    Trang Tran Month ago +1

    I think it's too short

    REETHETEE Month ago

    7:12 is-is that a mustache

  • Omega Reaper Sans
    Omega Reaper Sans Month ago

    Man, that looks so fun. Yall lucky to afford and be able to do this!

  • Smittenwhale Yt
    Smittenwhale Yt Month ago

    You should do more Rainbow6 project’s

  • Lan Buat
    Lan Buat Month ago

    สุดยอด ยากทำบ้างงงงง

  • brandon garsh
    brandon garsh Month ago


  • Danial Khan
    Danial Khan Month ago +1

    It should be called hacker mashine

  • Aiden Zheng
    Aiden Zheng Month ago

    a kid sized cyber truck lol

    SYNTAX ERROR Month ago

    @the Hacksmith where do you buy your equipment? I'm setting up a personal workshop, and I wanna know where you get your stuff.

  • lunchbox hedz
    lunchbox hedz Month ago

    All I want to know is what your electricity bill is 🤣

  • lethalbomb 1471
    lethalbomb 1471 Month ago

    Imagine if Tesla copyright claimed the car

  • André Pina
    André Pina Month ago

    You should get Elon to race you on his cybertruck

  • Codyote
    Codyote Month ago

    It almost turns.

  • imentxx
    imentxx Month ago

    Hmmmm interesting, the car is so smart that it doesnt needs a couple of side mirros

  • corivian
    corivian Month ago

    Maybe invest in a gimble for the running shots because its so wobbly rn 😂 awesome build nonetheless

    • corivian
      corivian Month ago

      the Hacksmith aah hahah i still loved it

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  Month ago +1

      It was just in the heat of the moment that we did the test

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker Month ago

    them: this is going to be so easy!
    reality: one does not simply *build* the cyber truck

  • Stan Shatter
    Stan Shatter Month ago

    I can't wait to see the upscaled version of this sleek ride.😳

  • Jack HAT
    Jack HAT Month ago

    Go back in time !

  • The Minecrafter Pro
    The Minecrafter Pro Month ago +1

    I'm getting a little mad because I'm waiting for the fourth episode and it has been a whole month

  • brooks conner
    brooks conner Month ago


  • Francisco Rodriguez

    Hey can I have it please

  • luka papic
    luka papic Month ago

    5:53 when guy jumped in, it was like mad max game i love it lmao

  • Dj Atlantic
    Dj Atlantic Month ago

    I would love to buy it

  • NinjaCat llama
    NinjaCat llama Month ago

    whats the name of the song at 3:07 i searched the one in the video but it was wrong

  • Woofers yes.
    Woofers yes. Month ago

    Can thors hammer stop the cybertruck :)

  • NabeMakesStuff
    NabeMakesStuff Month ago +2

    A company: *plans to make a revolutionary thing in the future*
    The Hacksmith: screw this imma make it first

  • Aikyu
    Aikyu Month ago

    Imagine going to a drive through with that :o

  • Infernal Soda
    Infernal Soda Month ago

    If you guys get the real cyber truck, you should race with ur half scale vs the real thing it would be sick