I Surprised My Girlfriend with a Rare Mercedes SLK55 AMG for Christmas

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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Comments • 5 973

  • Kendall Smith
    Kendall Smith 20 hours ago

    Couldn't find a red Miata?

  • Andrew
    Andrew 22 hours ago

    These things are little monsters. I'm selling one now in fact! Although it isn't mars red...

  • Utooob76
    Utooob76 Day ago

    Florida car dealer- accident report and over 100k is standard for florida

  • Tony Booth
    Tony Booth Day ago

    Show me all the features.................I don't know I am not Doug demuro lol

  • Dalilah Mohsen - Riverside PS (1281)

    Only Americans would make TheXvid videos bragging about how much money the have.

  • ricky sanchez
    ricky sanchez 2 days ago

    Financially speaking, that's not doug's wife.

  • Stan TheObserver
    Stan TheObserver 2 days ago

    She would have been just as happy with a Camry. Used. That's the truth.

  • Abdullah Z
    Abdullah Z 6 days ago

    Why does white guys mostly import asian girls

  • Sephiroth
    Sephiroth 7 days ago

    Well I guess opposites attracts

  • Derrick Randall
    Derrick Randall 8 days ago


  • Stephen Hassen
    Stephen Hassen 8 days ago

    Get a good prenup bro!

  • X K
    X K 14 days ago

    It's 2019, ya can come out!😅

    JONNY lARSEN 17 days ago

    Dude i have the SLK 2003 model

  • Charles Whims
    Charles Whims 18 days ago +1

    I have 280slk 2006 with only 20,000 miles .same color. I looked 3 years for the car. Red is hard to find

  • stressball
    stressball 19 days ago

    Can we get an update on this car?

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison 19 days ago

    She makes "Me so hoooorny". Just kidding, she's so cute.

  • nofuxkgiven
    nofuxkgiven 22 days ago

    This car is the slr's little brother

  • RH Shroud
    RH Shroud 23 days ago

    FTW = For

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz 23 days ago

    Says cars don't belong at a car show.. brings a rolls, who the hell wants to see a old Jew canoe

  • Doublevanoz
    Doublevanoz 23 days ago

    Real cute man, your way to gimmicky for my taste

  • Jason V.
    Jason V. 24 days ago

    Your wife is a "slice"..of life. She must be Filipina or Thai? Either way, she is prolly hell on wheels and is great fun to be around. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you. P.S. if you guys are ever in the Chicago area, drop me a line. I enjoy watching your vids. A ++++ 👍🤸‍♂️

    • Victor Torres
      Victor Torres 6 days ago

      She is actually from Vietnam, as confirmed by Tyler himself when he went to Vietnam alongside her for their wedding and honeymoon.

  • William Cricket
    William Cricket 24 days ago

    Error girlfriend not found......

  • Kenneth Wylie
    Kenneth Wylie 25 days ago

    Totally love my 2006 SLK55 AMG! I'm going to slap a supercharger on it this summer. A 4.3 60 and sub 11 quarter aren't fast enough. 😂😂😂

  • Charlie Brorsson
    Charlie Brorsson 26 days ago

    Do you think a 9-5 Aero sleeper. Would fit in a carshow

  • maksymilian fasciszewski

    This is what i like in us landscape. Empty wast space. Without people.:))

  • nibunker
    nibunker 29 days ago

    Hell, he loves buying cars, it was only a matter of time before he bought a wife.

  • Papa Lapte
    Papa Lapte Month ago

    Holy hell

  • Lmao Buraz
    Lmao Buraz Month ago

    I’m not doug de muro lmao dying

  • Henry Zhang
    Henry Zhang Month ago

    Epic little package, instant classic.

  • Zanarkand
    Zanarkand Month ago

    Should have got a Cadillac XLR.

  • House of Malice
    House of Malice Month ago +1

    Ugly , mail order missus

  • arthur savino
    arthur savino Month ago +1

    Driving with heels

  • Mo Ana
    Mo Ana Month ago +1

    It’s as ugly as she is ..!!! By far ..!!! Creep

  • My Passion 4 stuff
    My Passion 4 stuff Month ago

    yeah great choise
    now lets hope you never have to repair it EVER
    dam hoovie did it again
    But he got some mad bone after all

  • Shelby White
    Shelby White Month ago

    I wanted this one so bad!! But with Mercedes maintenance I knew I couldn’t take care of it like it deserved. So I got a Lexus sc430. Best decision ever. 😊

  • DAT ChuchFever
    DAT ChuchFever Month ago

    Wholesome with a Hoovie twist

  • Peter Boil
    Peter Boil Month ago

    I wish my girlfriend would jump on me more often ;)

  • petruski mörkö
    petruski mörkö Month ago

    Is hoovie like huge or is his girl tiny.

  • jukebox symposium
    jukebox symposium Month ago

    Never seen anybody so happy to be a part of Global Warming... U guys gonna help build sea walls when our coasts become submerged?

  • Lexou Zzzhhh
    Lexou Zzzhhh Month ago

    Im not Doug demuro. *stops at a stop light* Doug demuro stands at the window "hi im Doug demuro and I'm going to show you all the cool quarks and features"

  • Matt from Florida
    Matt from Florida Month ago

    The R171 is the last SLK (AMG) which is still simple enough for someone like me to do all my own maintenance on. Its M113 engine is one of the best (power AND reliability) Mercedes ever made. The R172 AMG with the new M152 engine is so complicated (direct injection, start/stop system, cylinder deactivation, generator management) you need diagnostic equipment that's not even close to being affordable.

  • G Man
    G Man Month ago

    I think she would prefer a brand new red Mercedes convertible 😒

  • Dominic Agard
    Dominic Agard Month ago

    “ Does it have a reverse camera “ asians on the road oh nooo not good

  • Vlad K
    Vlad K Month ago +1


  • Josan Adrian
    Josan Adrian Month ago

    mafia 2 leather jacket... nice

  • Dear John
    Dear John Month ago

    Nice, nice. It looks brand spanking new. What year is it?

  • West Lee
    West Lee Month ago

    Your not doug 😂😂😂😂

  • hermes alejandro cerdenia

    Your gf is lucky. The sports cars where she comes from is powered by grass and water.

  • Jo stig
    Jo stig Month ago

    Nice Datejust

  • duhrailed
    duhrailed Month ago

    I also have one
    Yes red too with red and black leather interior

    • G F
      G F 8 days ago

      Well that makes 2 i n the U.S..

  • alexga04
    alexga04 Month ago

    SL owners will say: this is a toy car

  • Larry Hill
    Larry Hill Month ago

    Your are a natural. I didn't feel I was watching a video but rather in the audience of a comedian. Fun!

  • 小叮当
    小叮当 Month ago +1

    Buy her a new car. You are only taking her down the road of bankruptcy with this endless money pit garbage

  • Ice Man
    Ice Man Month ago

    Silly boy. Have you given her your house too?

  • Steve Pancher
    Steve Pancher Month ago

    She's hottie. I'd buy her one to

  • Brayden On 4wheels
    Brayden On 4wheels Month ago

    Red convertible.........Mazda miata?

  • Jesus Mora
    Jesus Mora Month ago +1

    “What’s the Doug score on this”. 💀

  • Richard  Diaz
    Richard Diaz Month ago +1

    I would return it immediately. She's uuuuuugly!!!

    SOCOMJON Month ago

    You lucky git!!!!

  • Amarvir Dhillon
    Amarvir Dhillon Month ago +1

    How was the sex after

  • John Mooney
    John Mooney Month ago +2

    Nothing like buying love 😆 I'd be his boyfriend too 😂

  • rob
    rob Month ago +1

    I think ur wife is a gold digger

    DEMON ATROX Month ago


  • Snowy Gamer
    Snowy Gamer Month ago +1

    Oh I love she is a gold digger not a gold digger she had the look but she is a nice pretty women

  • classic kool
    classic kool Month ago +1

    Anne's smokin' !!

  • olof Jonsson
    olof Jonsson Month ago +4

    Where is your "I bought the cheapest mail order bride in America" video??

  • Zixi
    Zixi Month ago

    i wouldn't pay for a car and give to gf that she doesn't love me fuck no.

  • Luke Sylvester
    Luke Sylvester Month ago

    This dude is quirky, but to have a nice girl, he must have some nice features

    • G F
      G F 8 days ago +1

      It's called money. !

  • jenny W
    jenny W Month ago

    This shit gay yo you really filmed a whole video on this too?

  • Dogsoldier 1950
    Dogsoldier 1950 Month ago

    She’s way above your pay grade

  • Hero nismX
    Hero nismX Month ago

    That car is so common on Finland....

  • PreCook ed
    PreCook ed Month ago

    Damn Scottsdale is underrated

  • Sean Adonis
    Sean Adonis Month ago +3

    The mail order bride didn’t really seem that excited. The fall over thing was just him trying to juice it up for the camera

  • carl johnson
    carl johnson Month ago

    I am just happy that Hoovies the car nerd has kissed a girl

  • gnarly rider
    gnarly rider Month ago

    Is it a slk clk

  • potlick18
    potlick18 Month ago

    You gave your mail order bride an SLK55?

    • kc cho
      kc cho Month ago +1

      dumbass detected

  • Roman Toth
    Roman Toth Month ago +14

    I wish her many many safe miles. And I loved her happy 😊 expression.
    I'm happy for you guys.

  • Hallo Byebye
    Hallo Byebye Month ago

    Looks like or buddy over here is gonna get his balls drained tonight !!

  • Sam Spencer
    Sam Spencer Month ago

    Hoovies wife is pretty smokezo

  • Andrey Pokhvalynskiy

    I’ll spread my legs for you if it means you’ll give me an SLK m8

  • Ryan Sproviero
    Ryan Sproviero Month ago

    Where's Frank?

  • Timothy Morales
    Timothy Morales Month ago

    This foo would have an asian wife

  • F Macdonald
    F Macdonald Month ago

    Lovely car lovely girlfriend.......but boy your so boring

  • Chaz Schlueter
    Chaz Schlueter Month ago

    someone loves the camera....

  • jjjkkk hsjsj
    jjjkkk hsjsj Month ago +6

    Me no work
    Me no care
    Me go marry a millionaire
    If he dies, me no cry
    Me go marry another guy

  • Mike Benz
    Mike Benz Month ago

    Благодарю за это бесценное видео!

  • Bobby Murphy
    Bobby Murphy Month ago

    Awwwww very nice sir!!!

  • Randy Farrell
    Randy Farrell Month ago +28

    Hoovies Girlfriend/fiance/soon to be wife: Can you show me the features?
    Hoovies: Well I'm not Doug deMuro..
    LMAO 😂😂🤣

  • Natasha Minor
    Natasha Minor Month ago

    Red convertible SMG is the perfect Christmas gift! Wait and see someday what Hoovie buys his daughter when she starts driving, I think her first car will be a safe one like a Volvo but a hoopty mobile lol

  • blackls400
    blackls400 Month ago

    How to know you're getting laid tonight ... buy your girlfriend an AMG convertible

  • Paco Ramirez
    Paco Ramirez Month ago +3

    Great Husband , bit of a lunatic but great lol

  • Tyrant Sun
    Tyrant Sun Month ago

    master builder Toblerone Hershey many thanks

  • Dear John
    Dear John Month ago

    What year is it?

  • Steinar Andersen
    Steinar Andersen Month ago

    And........ she will never know the car intimately (its an accessory to her). Hoovie will be pointing out how to use the car..... until the next car. As for the being jumped on & carried "fail", hopefully the night time gymnastics go better. :D

  • Jim Morrison
    Jim Morrison Month ago

    Me so hooooorny. Me want Doug Demuro boom boom long time.

  • PHILMKD1995
    PHILMKD1995 2 months ago

    *Looks all over the states for a red covertible SLK55 AMG for Christmas*
    *Finds the last one in red*
    I see red, I see red, I see red!

  • PHILMKD1995
    PHILMKD1995 2 months ago

    That's a cute GF.

  • Dakota Valdes
    Dakota Valdes 2 months ago

    Havent finished watching the video i hope you just got a nice low millage one and paint it

  • Nahar
    Nahar 2 months ago

    The wife is cool man! Good stuff!!

  • Rik Paul
    Rik Paul 2 months ago

    Tera bhi katega :P