I Surprised My Girlfriend with a Rare Mercedes SLK55 AMG for Christmas

  • Published on Dec 26, 2018
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Comments • 6 115

  • PlayStationRIHSKY
    PlayStationRIHSKY 2 days ago

    12:17 xD

  • Kev Ster
    Kev Ster 14 days ago

    How much did u pay for your girlfriend? 2 buffalos and 500,000 baht?

    MADSKATES 17 days ago

    People who are making fun of his wife kinda ridiculous she’s been in America since 2008 he met her here in like 2015 I can see people saying something if he met her in her home country and brought her here but she was already here she was living here had a job and a house and already had a life she didn’t need him to be here she just started liking him started dating and now are married like most couples in America it’s the same thing

  • R. G.
    R. G. 17 days ago

    Underrated until you take it on the drag strip hehe car easily in the mid 13s seconds! looks can be deceiving 👌🏻

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 19 days ago

    I know amg are fast. but don't act like like if it was a Lamborghini😂😂

  • Kaleem
    Kaleem 19 days ago

    Divorce in 3 years.

  • Discord Trihard
    Discord Trihard 22 days ago

    Race mixer, disgusting

  • User Anonymous staten island

    Dude cant even hold up a petite sexy girl lol

  • Ron Andersson
    Ron Andersson 23 days ago

    Is she still around? A tip... gifts never work...(for you🤫)

  • Y G
    Y G 23 days ago

    He has the yellow fever.

  • Simons Tescfai
    Simons Tescfai 23 days ago

    I’m not Doug demuro

  • 2 demons attached
    2 demons attached 25 days ago

    This is the first video in the group titled,
    "I bought my wife/girlfriend a car and I am filming the surprise to show how amazeballs rich I am"
    that is genuinely heartwarming and isn't just an ego boost session!
    Nice colour BTW. Bonus points for buying the only 2 seater drop top sports car that is acceptable for a man to drive without being mistaken for a woman's hair dresser.
    Greets from Liverpool UK 👏

  • A Balakrishnan
    A Balakrishnan 25 days ago

    7:58 subtitles say (music)

  • goldfox177
    goldfox177 25 days ago

    Oh a Benz endless money pit

  • Michael
    Michael 26 days ago +2

    I married a Chinese girl too (Asian - same thing).
    Big Mistake.

  • Jay DKB
    Jay DKB 28 days ago

    @12:10 this video became absolutely worth watching:)

  • HereFishyFishy
    HereFishyFishy 28 days ago +1

    I bought my wife as well. 😂

  • frits duwel
    frits duwel Month ago

    this one is not made in China

  • abc
    abc Month ago +1

    Asian girls will go for any white guy regardless of how ugly he is. They have a inferiority complex.

  • B Unit
    B Unit Month ago


  • al milhouse
    al milhouse Month ago

    Did hoovie buy her?

  • zbillster
    zbillster Month ago

    That night, she'll pretty much have to.

  • IKNeukkechsVanYoutube Yiutube

    I also bet you she did allot of sucky sucky 5 dollaas for that hahahhahaha

  • IKNeukkechsVanYoutube Yiutube

    I bet you guys he bought the Asian girl in pataya Thailand 😂🤣

    • Dom MM
      Dom MM 29 days ago

      So she's also a hooptie :V

  • Mr. H
    Mr. H Month ago

    You do know they already have a daughter together?
    Lots of trashy, racist, prejudice, and horrible comments. Unnecessary and uncalled for.

  • Cole Wildenhus
    Cole Wildenhus Month ago

    Ann can get it. Would

  • rob thoreux
    rob thoreux Month ago

    "I'm not Doug DeMuro, I don't know all the features". Neither would Doug. I've watched his channel and stopped on the 70's Eldorado. He couldn't educate himself on the interior tail light blowout indicators. If he's going to review cars and their features, he should do his homework. Enjoy your channel though. Thanks.

  • The Change
    The Change Month ago

    Are you selling the Equus

  • Bryan Montero
    Bryan Montero Month ago +2

    That’s really cool of you mate! You guys look like a happy couple. Blessings ⚡️

  • Jon J
    Jon J Month ago

    He's going to the Weezard the way she drives

  • Greg Brady
    Greg Brady Month ago

    Don't buy cars for your hookers

  • Daniel Lightfoot
    Daniel Lightfoot Month ago

    Omg I laughed so hard at the beginning, your face 💀

  • Riley Lund
    Riley Lund Month ago

    Mmm someone better have gotten laid that night😉

  • Gerry Jimenez
    Gerry Jimenez Month ago

    Them Asian Ladies know how to find them rich white boys, ill give them that; all while white women in the US are turning into leftist triggered monsters, 🤷🏻‍♂️ o-well...

  • jim nielsen
    jim nielsen Month ago

    Great car! I loved your feet in the air when you fell!

  • D S
    D S Month ago

    Man she would get da bitness

  • Corbyn Payne
    Corbyn Payne Month ago +1

    How can I possibly trust the financial advice of any man stupid enough to get married.
    Plus she’s fucking ugly. Come on bro...

  • netrioter
    netrioter Month ago

    I had David Bowie playing in my head when she tackled him..omg

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Month ago

    Hope she is worth it

  • George Pulliam
    George Pulliam Month ago

    She's hot

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago


  • Cevair Zufer
    Cevair Zufer Month ago

    I bought a red MB.

  • The World Is Mine
    The World Is Mine Month ago

    I know you dont need the content Hoov but.. can u straight pipe it will be funny to see how many tickets she get for a daily

  • J D
    J D Month ago +1

    I guess hoovie buys everything not jus cars 😂

  • Jay Mallea
    Jay Mallea Month ago

    Sugar daddy hoovie

  • Narada
    Narada Month ago +1

    Did you give a bitch you're not even married to a rare car? you're more stupid than a simp I guess you don't know women, do you? lol the vjay is never yours its just your time to get it so don't be mad or sick when she cheats on you having the next dude driving what your dumb ass gave her just remember it's his time now for the vejay your time is over damn fool

  • Alan Russell
    Alan Russell Month ago

    I think she likes it too.

  • Matt Peña
    Matt Peña Month ago

    How did I know you had a Asian wife. I wanna work for you, your the type of man I wanna work for, your doing it man, your doing it.

    FTN PPG Month ago

    RX 350 and RX 450 Hybrid.
    Best girl cars.
    Get them a leased bmw down the line with the money you save on repairs.

  • swpdisciple
    swpdisciple Month ago

    Wow, MGTOW has made it to the comments section of a car vid. Kinda good, kinda bad lol

  • SaleenDriver
    SaleenDriver Month ago +1

    Pretty young lady. How in the hell did you do that?

  • Chud Dusanz
    Chud Dusanz Month ago +2

    That lady just floored a cedes on high hills. She's a treasure beyond contestation!

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    Money cant but me love

  • YS Entertainment
    YS Entertainment Month ago

    "I'm not Doug Demuro" 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm a big fan of the Doug Scores though.

  • Sparkplug Barrens
    Sparkplug Barrens Month ago

    She's really cute! :)

  • Bryan Taylor
    Bryan Taylor Month ago

    You know you can paint cars right. . .

  • Captain Fiesta
    Captain Fiesta Month ago

    can anybody explain me why everyone says that amg doesnt make thier engine handbuild anymore but they still claim it? im lost

  • Retro Game Bookcase Reviews

    Asian women and a mercedes . I see no issue here

  • HandyMan101
    HandyMan101 Month ago

    Whatever you do don’t marry her.

  • Billy Shields
    Billy Shields Month ago

    How come we never See Doug’s wife?.....mmmmmmmm, (scratching chin like Doug) maybe he doesn’t wanna be filmed?