ITZY(있지) - DALLA DALLA(달라달라) @인기가요 Inkigayo 20190310

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
  • ITZY - DALLA DALLA #SBSInkigayo_EP993
    있지 - 달라달라 #ITZY #KeepYourDream
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  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky 14 days ago


  • your boi aspen
    your boi aspen 23 days ago

    who’s here after icy? slowly becoming my favs!!!

  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky Month ago


  • Rubber Ducky
    Rubber Ducky Month ago


  • Shalewa Koleowo
    Shalewa Koleowo 2 months ago +1

    For once I can actually say that the stylist is doing a great job on every outfit

  • Aurora Xhepa
    Aurora Xhepa 2 months ago +1

    omg this style reminds me of blackpink .... .... (*sigh) ummm.. i kinda miss boombayah !!!
    oh and also i hate those people that say "like if u agree"
    like if u agree
    i love myself

  • toaster19_3
    toaster19_3 3 months ago

    Peace sign~ so cute!

  • 박
     3 months ago


  • Alessio Franco
    Alessio Franco 3 months ago

    Yes Liaaaaaa✨✨✨

  • lucas yuqi
    lucas yuqi 3 months ago

    If I were a catechism I would not have worked🙄🙄🖤itzy 🖤😅💔💔

  • karla kitten b
    karla kitten b 3 months ago

    Ryujin es muy visual

  • Oscuridad_ #00100
    Oscuridad_ #00100 3 months ago

    wow se escuchan mas chicas me recuerda un poco a blackpink :v pero me incluyo me gusta ITZY UwU

  • marilyn and sofia show and i guess gordo

    Sorry itzy but I feel like they were just popular for a minute. The song got old to me I can’t stand to listen to it if it sounds mean but I’m just stating my opinion so no hate

    • TD MJ
      TD MJ 26 days ago

      Well to you. The song stayed on top 5 of every charts for 2 months. It even outcharted Fancy and Kill This Love in Korea. It's like the biggest hit by a GG in 2019 so far

  • Crystal Cruz
    Crystal Cruz 3 months ago +1

    Maybe it’s just me but I fell for LIA the first time I saw ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍

  • Po Me
    Po Me 3 months ago

    Anyone else notice how they changed the choreography because they were wearing skirts

  • andrea
    andrea 3 months ago

    my girls

  • Melanie TOreos
    Melanie TOreos 3 months ago

    i love these outfits ;v;

  • Tom Lin
    Tom Lin 3 months ago


  • enny abdulrauf
    enny abdulrauf 4 months ago

    Is Yuna is wearing braces or is it naturally like that

  • Maha
    Maha 4 months ago

    I miss them 💔

  • Gina Liu
    Gina Liu 4 months ago


  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _ 4 months ago

    they can't sing tho...

  • Sofía Obando
    Sofía Obando 4 months ago

    definitivamente yeji y yuna tienen mucho carisma 👌❤️️

  • Jisoo Can Step On Me
    Jisoo Can Step On Me 4 months ago

    My queens

  • 世界倉鼠
    世界倉鼠 4 months ago


  • Stan Talent Stan VAV
    Stan Talent Stan VAV 4 months ago

    i’m so down to stan them
    They’re so gorgeous

  • shoyru166166
    shoyru166166 4 months ago

    i like this song and dance and group very much for my first time seeing them. they are a little off pitch, but im sure theyll grow into it and be total perfection soon!

  • Ladan Mahgoub
    Ladan Mahgoub 4 months ago

    I tried to not jump into the bandwagon of itzy but damn this song is soooo good and I kind of regret only getting into it now

  • Mr. King Dice
    Mr. King Dice 4 months ago


  • 許淨明
    許淨明 4 months ago +1


  • Doaa pink
    Doaa pink 5 months ago

    *Chaeryeong* 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤

  • 李真好
    李真好 5 months ago

    yuna so cute

  • contextfree
    contextfree 5 months ago

    They are great performers

  • T彬俊奎賢凱
    T彬俊奎賢凱 5 months ago


  • Xherdann
    Xherdann 5 months ago

    0:02 You had one job cameraman

  • ほしふりそそぐ
    ほしふりそそぐ 5 months ago


  • lê
     5 months ago +1

    Yuna 🔥

  • Sumaiyah Jones
    Sumaiyah Jones 5 months ago +1

    On my way to the hospital to get my neck checked

    *(I attempted the choreography)*

  • Arely Sanz salazar
    Arely Sanz salazar 5 months ago

    No soy una hater pero por su culpa ya sale twice

  • fenix flames
    fenix flames 5 months ago

    Yeji is my bias she blow my mind

  • o o
    o o 5 months ago +1

    stop sleeping on Lia

  • Ayşesu Arslan
    Ayşesu Arslan 5 months ago +1

    Every time i watch itzy i feel sad for the other groups. This song hasn't any special things, girls are talented but i am not sure about facial expressions and stage presence but thats totally okay because they are rookies. They got 8 win, right? I have nothing against them i really wanted to stan them and got excited but i didn't feel sth different. 8 wins for this song. Not a bad song but i feel so bad for (g)i-dle. They wrote their own songs, in every comeback they try sth different. Senorita is not as energetic as Latata, and it's choreo and rap parts aren't as good as Hann but has a different vibe. It is so feminine and kind. They just got one win because of ITZY's debut. I don't think they deserve 8 awards for that debut song. I think its just because they are under JYP. It is how it works but i am sad.

    • TD MJ
      TD MJ 26 days ago

      Itzy deserve those 9 wins. Their stage presence is top tier and they're talented. The song was a hit in Korea too.

    • Dhxtymic
      Dhxtymic 4 months ago

      They stage presence is powerfull... They deserve these wins, i dont stan itzy, but they really deserve these 8th wins.

    • Ayşesu Arslan
      Ayşesu Arslan 5 months ago

      @MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily so what? i didn't say anything against that or offensive, whats your point?

    • MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily
      MySoulYourBeats #JYPfamily 5 months ago

      Excuse me dear .. but if you want gidle win just go to their mvs and start incressing their views or buy their album .. and if you dont but all jyp stans go to itzy mv to help them its because we are a real familly sorry not sorry

    • Yellow Mesh
      Yellow Mesh 5 months ago

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 here we go again using the big3 privilege as an excuse...
      Baek yerin came back with a song after 4 years of hiatus and got 3RAK. Do not use the big3 privilege, when jyp has top mark artists to back it up. No privilege but TALENT

  • Keith Lund
    Keith Lund 5 months ago

    Congratulations to ITZY on getting the triple crown at Inkigayo, and 8 wins overall! They had an outstanding debut, one for the history books. They broke three girl group records. They have the most wins for a debut, were the fastest to win their first music show award, and the fastest to achieve a triple crown. Congratulations! 😍🎉

  • R.Rodriguez0309
    R.Rodriguez0309 5 months ago

    and to think we might have to wait till ends of may or june for their comeback!!! i can't wait for their comeback

  • Laura Yvonee
    Laura Yvonee 5 months ago

    Mis pobres oidos v':

  • Seriously? Bruh
    Seriously? Bruh 5 months ago


  • forever army
    forever army 5 months ago +1

    is it just me or i rather have the colorful camouflage pants, sneakers, fishnets rather then the school girl plaid skirts ? 😔 like i love the little “tomboy” look they had in their debut stage .

  • Aaron Ricketts
    Aaron Ricketts 5 months ago +1

    I adore them but I hope Lia gets to sing in a more comfortable pitch next time. She seems to have a little trouble at the beginning of her part in the chorus. JYP not every main vocal has to sing super high!

  • d i a m o n d
    d i a m o n d 5 months ago

    this is the first i’ve ever watched all of a group’s performances & i already miss this era lol

  • reyes jk100
    reyes jk100 5 months ago


  • som0506
    som0506 5 months ago

    can't move on with her smile 0:03 💕💕💕

  • Dionesa Rosal
    Dionesa Rosal 5 months ago

    I'm excited in today's MAMA 2019, SMA 2019 and other live performance because of them
    RYUJIN bias here

  • Orn Ariya
    Orn Ariya 5 months ago +1

    IS THAT LIA REAL VOICE !! 3:10 I mean her pre-debut voice ! Woahhh slay !!!!

  • Hailey Song
    Hailey Song 5 months ago

    채령 이쁨 주위 😍⚠️

  • jef marquez
    jef marquez 5 months ago

    Fuck the thumbnail... why they gotta do chaeryeong like that!?

  • got minhyuks kookies
    got minhyuks kookies 5 months ago

    im sorry but!!!!! yeji is so attractive!!!!! stop lying queen aHh

  • Maria Fernanda
    Maria Fernanda 5 months ago

    Se dieron cuenta que itzy se a presentado más que txt

  • Nina
    Nina 5 months ago

    they did that

  • Kaitlynn Danielle
    Kaitlynn Danielle 5 months ago

    they look so tired, i hope they rest ahaha

    JUNGHOESEOK 5 months ago +1

    Am i the only one that noticed Lia can’t hit any of the notes?

    • mamihc
      mamihc 5 months ago

      No hate but I think so too

  • Jay Evans
    Jay Evans 5 months ago

    why did they have to keep cutting away during chaeryeongs parts.. :(

  • sinana CG7
    sinana CG7 5 months ago

    Sabes que el girl group será bueno, cuando los fanchants son por más mujeres que hombres

  • nati
    nati 5 months ago

    ajjsjdjd they're really good time to stan🤙🏼🤙🏼 can someone tell em who the girl with red hair is and the one w/ ponytail is please!?

  • Genevieve
    Genevieve 5 months ago

    They look tired

  • Caitlyn Baduria
    Caitlyn Baduria 5 months ago

    I'm gonna miss their performances, but I'm looking forward to their first comeback and future videos!!! Fighting!!!!!✊

  • Mateo Arango
    Mateo Arango 5 months ago +1

    We have been slayed by them so often with Dalla Dalla wbk. Can we get a Want It? stage plz???

  • Limiale
    Limiale 5 months ago

    Las chicas son muy cutes, la canción pegadiza... Pero alguien más noto el playback? Porque no puedo creer que esta empresa sigue grabando hasta las respiraciones para que parezca que no es palyback, pero la sincronización de la boca de las chicas y su respiración no concuerdan!! Jajajaj igual con el paso del tiempo van a aprender a sincronizar sus labios con la grabación, como twice xD

  • ダライラニ14世
    ダライラニ14世 5 months ago


  • Sau
    Sau 5 months ago

    3:04 👄

  • Just Saph
    Just Saph 5 months ago

    they're so stable omg

  • SaltyAsian
    SaltyAsian 5 months ago

    Let's all wear long sleeves and not tell Ryujin 😂

    ANA BARCENAS QUEZADA 5 months ago

    1:10 yeji fellin herself

  • Harry Beaver
    Harry Beaver 5 months ago

    it´s literally a slut anthem. don´t care about love and family. be a slut and fuck around. disgusting.

  • Jojo Cresanto
    Jojo Cresanto 5 months ago +2


  • butterfly
    butterfly 5 months ago +1

    How high is Lia.
    Why is she shorter than other.