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  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
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  • King Cid
    King Cid  3 months ago +579

    Let’s Get This Video To A Million Views ASAP 💫 Share With Your Family & Friends !!
    50,000 Likes For Part 3 😴

    • JayBy_ TheWay
      JayBy_ TheWay 11 days ago

      I like that. Let me know I’ll put the gloVes 🧤 on

    • Chris Simpson
      Chris Simpson Month ago

      +Tony Tun Tun anytime

    • Tony Tun Tun
      Tony Tun Tun Month ago

      Lets catch a round

    • Chris Simpson
      Chris Simpson Month ago

      +Donovan Lee me too and not being disrespectful but 💯

    • Chris Simpson
      Chris Simpson Month ago

      Can you come to Stl. Ill fight you maybe some more niggas will wanna fight too... Lemme know

  • Tamariland TrazkyJAY

    2:07 the fart😂😂

  • Jaimes Waters
    Jaimes Waters 5 days ago +1

    Man come square up wit me all dem soft😂

  • A.V Linton
    A.V Linton 6 days ago

    Light skin nigga with them hands tho

  • Topgun2045
    Topgun2045 7 days ago

    Best intro

  • Red Gasx
    Red Gasx 7 days ago

    Bro actually got squabbles

  • Rachel Oyekan
    Rachel Oyekan 8 days ago


  • Himmarshee Street Live

    This man got the Miami Beach Police Department on board with his prank!!!!
    Let us repeat that in case you didn't grasp the gravity of what he just did.
    This man got the Miami Beach Police Department on board with his prank!!!!

  • ebk jojo15
    ebk jojo15 15 days ago +1

    I love the boxing shit🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • samuel salians
    samuel salians 18 days ago

    So we all just gonna ignore the fart at 2:06

  • Katie Daniels
    Katie Daniels 23 days ago +2

    I love you King Cid your just so funny cute and you can fight 😘

  • venxe
    venxe 24 days ago

    He made that man stumble

  • Dean Hooper
    Dean Hooper 24 days ago

    Mannnn u need to stop ddg will take you too school

  • Raymond Sena
    Raymond Sena 27 days ago

    Thats not a boxing

  • Kristian Carter
    Kristian Carter 27 days ago

    This video deserves way more views and likes for that 🔥ass intro... GOAT shit💪🏽💪🏽

  • mayito leon
    mayito leon 28 days ago

    Best intro cuzzz!!

  • Jordan P
    Jordan P 29 days ago

    Video is 🔥 as fuck 🤘🏿🤘🏿

  • NeckCracker
    NeckCracker Month ago +1

    Bro someone just farted 2:05

  • Angel Vargas
    Angel Vargas Month ago

    2:07 someone farted🤣🤣🤣

  • David B
    David B Month ago +1

    😂😂 the intro

  • Spilling the Tea
    Spilling the Tea Month ago

    All this boxing gonna turn Cid to the next Mayweather

  • Josue fontanezz
    Josue fontanezz Month ago

    Tall dude look like he scared to hit him

  • omar kanyi
    omar kanyi Month ago

    "King Cid in the building but they're outside"😂😂😂

  • FBF x SellOuT
    FBF x SellOuT Month ago

    2:04 someone walked past and farted 😂

  • Loko Loko
    Loko Loko Month ago

    I wish a TheXvidr would come at me with the camera !! I’ll box your shit

  • Loko Loko
    Loko Loko Month ago


  • itsurmombro
    itsurmombro Month ago

    Anyone know the song at 0:41

  • Its Silxnt
    Its Silxnt Month ago

    Ay bro when u punch don't bring it down when u bring it back just bring it straight back to block and I bet u never gonna lose

  • Ricky Barrientos
    Ricky Barrientos Month ago


  • Finau Lolohea
    Finau Lolohea Month ago

    nigga I’d really beat yo ass

  • JMS
    JMS Month ago

    What’s the outro song name? Ik is kodak but idk what song

  • SB100
    SB100 Month ago

    I ain't gone lie cid got some hands

  • 你能God of War
    你能God of War Month ago

    2:07 fart😂😂

  • Jake McDonnell
    Jake McDonnell Month ago

    Can’t box for shit

    MIKE PERLAZA Month ago

    C'mon guys! People don't know how to fight xD XD XD

  • Katrece Mercer
    Katrece Mercer Month ago

    He’s clearly taking some lessons there is a difference in the 1st one and this ine

  • Elite Supreme
    Elite Supreme Month ago

    That intro was cold 🥶 💀💯

  • Ra'Tyler Jenkins
    Ra'Tyler Jenkins Month ago +8

    Seeing None Boxers Fight Is Heart Breaking😭

  • Sky Tagovailoa
    Sky Tagovailoa Month ago

    Kome to las Vegas 💪🏽😤🇦🇸🇹🇴

  • Quisothename
    Quisothename Month ago

    bro why that car want so much attention my nigga

  • Steve Davis
    Steve Davis Month ago

    He bad☺

  • Fumi Adewale
    Fumi Adewale Month ago +1

    The Cars in the back would be freaking me out

  • Nati Tesfaye
    Nati Tesfaye Month ago

    I didn’t know homeboy had hands like that

  • Bradley Johnson
    Bradley Johnson Month ago +1

    Yo that intro was cold dawg💯🥶😂

  • weirdo
    weirdo Month ago

    I got cluck baited HARD

  • Spongebob Nigga
    Spongebob Nigga Month ago

    You punch like a girl wtf is that Technique if u tried this in the UK my nigga u would get socked

  • Bat Reviews
    Bat Reviews Month ago

    My dude sound like the young Kodak 💯💯🤫

  • Devin Bauer
    Devin Bauer Month ago

    And fuck all these clowns in the comments all y’all be saying “they can’t fight “ but y’all be the first one to get dropped

  • Devin Bauer
    Devin Bauer Month ago

    Y’all from Miami? I been lived here before I just moved back
    I know how to fight still got lots to learn though no money for a gym rn and nobody to really train or spar with here
    Hit me back if y’all see this.

  • Mikey Maloto
    Mikey Maloto Month ago

    Bruh this nigga literally got no hands🤣 got rocked by a scrub

  • Theresa Medel
    Theresa Medel Month ago

    You so fuckin sexxxxy 😩😍😋😋😋

  • Highland Park Nick
    Highland Park Nick Month ago +1

    30 seconds in ; tough 💯💯

  • Dalton Roche
    Dalton Roche Month ago

    I swear the fuck down someone farts at 2:07 😂

  • Aldo Acuña
    Aldo Acuña Month ago +1

    That’s a big ass mouth piece he wearing.. then I remember he has braces so he probably wearing two.

  • koa jordan
    koa jordan Month ago +3

    Best video out you don’t see nobody else street boxing and having a fast and furious shoot in the back round

  • Mav Lee
    Mav Lee Month ago

    hey norio its me yo nigga zay from Cleveland high in cali. Whassup man. Yessuh

  • jalan johnson
    jalan johnson Month ago

    He was fighting Biggs’s that can’t fight

  • Kayden Buckley
    Kayden Buckley Month ago

    Try me with the gloves on 5 years of mma boxing and a street fighter

  • Eduardo Saavedra
    Eduardo Saavedra Month ago

    How many ounces are the pink gloves? They look heavy, unless you just punch slow.

    • Ricegumroasts
      Ricegumroasts Month ago

      Eduardo Saavedra there definitely 10 oz but yea he gets tired quick

  • Bob John
    Bob John Month ago

    Shame it’s not original content that you are blowing up on

    OUTCAST Month ago +32

    My manz made sure he fought every race😂

    TRIXZEE BTW Month ago

    Cid clearly not for real

  • 18 21
    18 21 Month ago

    this some different shit

  • Tea Hoodie
    Tea Hoodie Month ago

    Bruh I thought this nigga would be good

    BIG POPA SHREK Month ago

    7;44 where did he learn how to fight

  • Hunter Debenedetti
    Hunter Debenedetti Month ago

    Learn how to box then make a video 🤣

  • iain hurley
    iain hurley Month ago

    That intro deserved my follow. good shit

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago


  • micro
    micro Month ago


  • Uknow Uhatethis
    Uknow Uhatethis Month ago

    You need to hit niggas harder them shits was weak bro

  • the 5th survivor
    the 5th survivor Month ago +1

    Yo you good at boxing why u dont box start training

  • Takota Ash
    Takota Ash Month ago +16

    Bro their boxing while cars are doing donuts in the background😂😂

  • Suavey Clicko Ent
    Suavey Clicko Ent Month ago

    Trae young out here throwing dem bitches 😂🔥

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez Month ago

    Box ddg

  • Kendrick Todd
    Kendrick Todd Month ago +1

    Hardest beggining bro 🤟🏾🤟🏾

    TREY23THA BEAST Month ago

    Had me fasho fooled

  • Jackdajacksmoka
    Jackdajacksmoka Month ago

    How tf you get arrested and Charlie zelenoff still roaming freely around the world?

  • Jackdajacksmoka
    Jackdajacksmoka Month ago

    How tf you get arrested and Charlie zelenoff still roaming freely around the world?

  • Yung Cj
    Yung Cj Month ago

    Nice hands

  • callme mil
    callme mil Month ago +9

    My boy cid got hands👊👊💪

  • Marquise Blxck
    Marquise Blxck Month ago

    You’re a good street fighter. Yo head be all in the air tho lol 😂

  • miloo miloo
    miloo miloo Month ago +11

    Lol man i was cracking up all night , video was lit but u punch like my little sis man

  • Max Britz
    Max Britz Month ago

    Lit ass intro fam

  • GlimmTF
    GlimmTF 2 months ago +1

    4:50 “Get that nigga he light skin”😂😂😂

  • Robert Brambila
    Robert Brambila 2 months ago


  • JZ Dose
    JZ Dose 2 months ago

    No body paying attention to the cars 😂😂

  • TurnUpTi
    TurnUpTi 2 months ago

    6:49 when I heard the music n I saw the dreads I knew shit was about to go down

  • Devin Robinson
    Devin Robinson 2 months ago

    Yo how much power that 350 pushing bro?

  • craig devin
    craig devin 2 months ago

    I can knock this guy out in seconds he doesnt even know how to throw a punch lmao

  • Ken 4rm Charlotte
    Ken 4rm Charlotte 2 months ago

    He said hit that nigga he light skinned 🤣😂

  • Nick Baldonado
    Nick Baldonado 2 months ago

    At least know how to box if you gonna lie these kinda videos

  • Wavyy God
    Wavyy God 2 months ago

    Lean into ya punches more

  • Wavyy God
    Wavyy God 2 months ago

    Intro was to heat best one 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Cuhrupt SZN
    Cuhrupt SZN 2 months ago

    cid got dem hoes 😂

  • Yiongarto Beitopert
    Yiongarto Beitopert 2 months ago

    Man if they’d just throw jabs and not fucking haymakers they’d be better

  • Rexo Rex
    Rexo Rex 2 months ago

    The guy with the dreds had me dying

  • Marc White
    Marc White 2 months ago

    Great channel, I subbed.

  • 5AMURA1 dEaD
    5AMURA1 dEaD 2 months ago

    Box Bruhman

  • Chris Roa
    Chris Roa 2 months ago

    I give him props 4 boxin bigger dudes💪🏽

  • Kohl White
    Kohl White 2 months ago

    4:52 why niggas always gotta bring they color into it😂