10 Funniest Relationship Prank Texts | The 10s (React)

  • Published on Mar 2, 2019
  • 10 Funny Relationship Prank Texts read by Teens and Adults
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    Content featured:
    Mother of Kids:
    It Hurts
    Yes I Would
    Im Baby
    Left the Chat
    Dont Ask Another Guy
    Inside Reasons
    First Off
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    10 Funny Relationship Prank Texts | The 10s (React)
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Comments • 2 506

    REACT  3 months ago +273

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    • Ej Hooker
      Ej Hooker 27 days ago

      I need a gf💗❤️😊😘😘😘😘💙

    • Ej Hooker
      Ej Hooker 27 days ago

      Holly Street hi💙😘

    • clear sky
      clear sky Month ago

      Can't I nine

    • Rose malunado
      Rose malunado 2 months ago

      REACT I don have a significant other.....😭😂😂

  • Johannes Gabriel
    Johannes Gabriel 2 hours ago

    is it that hard to wear the jacket like a normal human?

  • EpicGamer 22
    EpicGamer 22 7 hours ago +2

    Socal media sucks

    COME AT ME 13 hours ago +4

    Jillian is smart

  • Nebyeleul Demeke

    It's like a power play. Nothing is going down but you check them, just in case.

  • Getrekt TV
    Getrekt TV Day ago +3

    Troy looks like Troy from Masterchef Jr

  • Faze Ur Mad
    Faze Ur Mad Day ago +5

    4:21 🤔🎤👀

  • Prince Angoissé
    Prince Angoissé Day ago +2

    Your thumbnails are really disastrous @REACT

  • Strawbbs
    Strawbbs 2 days ago +6

    10:30 and that's how I broke up

  • Glittery Hippo 10/28
    Glittery Hippo 10/28 2 days ago +4

    Animal Crossing is my all time favorite game Tori don’t feel bad.

  • Hailey Le
    Hailey Le 2 days ago +13

    I love Tori’s contact name for Eric🥰🥰🥰

  • Lily Villalobos
    Lily Villalobos 2 days ago +1

    I feel you tori I love animal crossing!

  • mark traquena
    mark traquena 2 days ago +3

    5:43 I can’t😂

  • cya bot
    cya bot 2 days ago +5

    I’m lonely AF

  • TS64
    TS64 2 days ago +4

    It's hard for me to judge when a girl likes me. It's a mixed bag when I get it right, I've gotten it right a few times, but the last two times I guessed, they back fired hard.

  • Shahad Mohammed
    Shahad Mohammed 3 days ago +1

    Omg wow i have hair

  • Drew Rensch
    Drew Rensch 3 days ago +3

    2:56 “👀”

  • Vive la resistance
    Vive la resistance 4 days ago +5

    Well my romance life in a nutshell "eww go away!?!" And "go away you freak!". 😅😂😂😭😭😭

  • Vive la resistance
    Vive la resistance 4 days ago +4

    Well no one likes me lol

  • giovanni ortega
    giovanni ortega 4 days ago +7

    7:28 chick fil a order 😂😂😂

  • Karissa Vera
    Karissa Vera 4 days ago +2

    If someone sends one where they say I’m bob yes choose that I was the person confused btw

  • Infamous Bear
    Infamous Bear 4 days ago +5

    4:38 did I leave the stove on?

  • Daniel Murcia
    Daniel Murcia 5 days ago +5

    By 8:02 I'm Nikki Crossing something:

    Labib come on we know who's your bae. Just please say it loud and proud. This feels like Chandler and Monica's early days as couple!!!!! Weeee knoooow, weeeee knooooow

    • MEMENG
      MEMENG 2 days ago

      @Daniel Murcia yeah, same feel

    • Daniel Murcia
      Daniel Murcia 2 days ago

      @MEMENG I can totally believe it's her. That profile pic on the chat totally feels like it's her

    • MEMENG
      MEMENG 5 days ago +3

      Is Bae are mikaela?Pls answer
      ( Just guessing)

  • NG Konochi
    NG Konochi 5 days ago +7

    Wait Brittany and Labib are a couple

  • pataylortot boi
    pataylortot boi 5 days ago +22

    me:*sends to mother* Is there something you want to tell me?
    Mom:like what?
    me: You know...
    mom: well i guess you already know...
    you were a mistake.😪😐
    me: WAIT WHAT

    • Kade Millirons
      Kade Millirons 5 days ago

      That actually happened to me when I did the change

  • Alivia
    Alivia 6 days ago +20

    Should I tell my crush I like him?

  • That bitch
    That bitch 6 days ago +33

    On Tori’s phone Eric’s name is “the love of my life” ahhhhhhh

  • Hallen Falls
    Hallen Falls 7 days ago +17

    So when I was 11 and a half I had a crush on this boy and at the end of the year after school finished when we pass to the next grade I decided that I will tell him how I feel
    And this is what I said “hi I used to like you but now I don’t”
    And I instantly regretted it
    A few years later when I turned 12
    He’s friends found out I liked to play the same games they play (minecraft) so I ended up playing with them then in one of the games he mentioned my confession and I was like “NONONONO!” I was so embarrassed at my mistake!
    But now we’re ok just ok nothing more nothing less just friends that like to play games together along side others

    I still regret telling him I have feelings for him
    I still love him people think he’s weird and unattractive but to me he’s funny he’s playful and I love playful men!
    Sorry if this comment is so long
    Also I have a Chanel now and I hope he doesn’t see what I post (stories embarrassing stories!)

    • Hallen Falls
      Hallen Falls 7 days ago +1


      I guess, dude i made a little mistake!

    • Oculus 2307
      Oculus 2307 7 days ago +2

      Hallen Falls So.. it takes you a few years to age a couple months?

  • Līva Lapiņa
    Līva Lapiņa 8 days ago +3

    My didn't work... 😭

  • J Mehta
    J Mehta 8 days ago +27



    • MEMENG
      MEMENG 4 days ago

      @Faisal Al Naama yup

    • Jack Brian
      Jack Brian 6 days ago +1

      The real questions

    • Faisal Al Naama
      Faisal Al Naama 6 days ago +4

      J Mehta mikaela

    • MEMENG
      MEMENG 6 days ago


  • Ink0logy Y0
    Ink0logy Y0 8 days ago +14

    I texted my bestfriend if he has something to tell me and he said...
    oh wait you know?
    me : yes i know..
    Him: oh well now that you know, i don't have to worry about getting you a new box of cookies

  • Tally's Life
    Tally's Life 8 days ago +14

    I asked my boyfriend if there is something he wanted to tell me and he told me he is taking me shopping 😭 wtf he’s so cute!

    • Jack Brian
      Jack Brian 6 days ago +1

      Or he's covering for something

  • LiCk My PuSsY aNd My CrAcK

    2:50 yeah...I’ve been there

  • Krybaby Gacha
    Krybaby Gacha 9 days ago +6

    Chase is da best

  • Turtle Master
    Turtle Master 10 days ago +16

    I just did. He said no but sorry. And he would like to be better *FRIENDS* . Im- I'm okay....

  • TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81
    TheOneAndOnlyDrowlf81 12 days ago +11

    5:57 That is Scott. No doubt about it! To logical, Scott. Never change. :)

  • fortnite memes 1
    fortnite memes 1 12 days ago +11

    I did it but i dont have twitter but the text was
    Me:u got something to tell meh?
    Braylin: ye
    Braylin:wana go to the movies

  • nada Bukhari
    nada Bukhari 12 days ago +11

    They should have texted.
    “We need to talk.”

  • Erin Macie
    Erin Macie 12 days ago +2

    u know what u should do next do another one of these videos and make them text either i want a baby if they are boys or i am pregnant if they are girls

  • Anyah b
    Anyah b 12 days ago +7

    That blonde boy kinda looks like Tfue

  • Zazanzia
    Zazanzia 12 days ago +5

    It didn't work... she is sitting right next to me... i think she's onto me.

    • fortnite memes 1
      fortnite memes 1 12 days ago

      Ha same Braylin was acrost the street from me i usaually just walk to her lol she onto meh

    • Zazanzia
      Zazanzia 12 days ago

      @Outright Blissanity Ok guys, I'm pretty sure she's onto me! What do i do!?

    • Outright Blissanity
      Outright Blissanity 12 days ago +2

      Him sitting here trying to be sneaky made me laugh so hard. He legit sent the text to smh.

  • No Life
    No Life 13 days ago +15

    He said “just break up with him” I’m dead lmao

    WHITEBOII808 13 days ago +3

    Jayka looking like a snack 🥵🔥

  • Royal Win United
    Royal Win United 14 days ago +5

    Do guess the blackpink song in 3 senconds

  • paula subirón
    paula subirón 14 days ago +28

    I love how Tori has Eric's name😍😍😍

    • paula subirón
      paula subirón 12 days ago +2

      @CayCay 119 I know that's why I have said that.

    • CayCay 119
      CayCay 119 12 days ago +1

      paula subirón yea they are dating

  • ClassyFallz
    ClassyFallz 14 days ago +27

    I told my crush I liked her in person. She didn’t say anything. Later i found out she had a crush on me.

  • Zaadh.M Khaalid
    Zaadh.M Khaalid 15 days ago +10

    Troy Looks like Tfue

  • itspranaya
    itspranaya 15 days ago +41

    jayka texting her mum instead of a bf is literally me.

  • Ashish Zachariah
    Ashish Zachariah 15 days ago +4

    Imagine have a girl

  • Afomia
    Afomia 16 days ago +23

    5:27 “I cannot believe I just had an argument with my girlfriend bc I said I wouldn’t fancy her if she didn’t have skin” I died💀

  • Stella Lee
    Stella Lee 16 days ago +9

    Brittany's man is so damn sweet

  • D3Ad3ye 8
    D3Ad3ye 8 16 days ago +4

    That guy looks like tfue

  • Freckles_Flips
    Freckles_Flips 16 days ago +16

    But like I can’t participate because I’m single 😥

    • Alexa Wall
      Alexa Wall 11 days ago

      Text your mom, like one of the women in this video did.

    • Sakura UwU
      Sakura UwU 14 days ago

      Do it on ur best friend?

  • Subscribe for The N-Word Pass

    im just being honest but Jayka looks cute 😏

  • Leja Balt
    Leja Balt 17 days ago +2

    Tori looks like my riding instructor :o

  • John Cloois
    John Cloois 17 days ago +5

    No skin...

  • Dan Jimenez
    Dan Jimenez 17 days ago +20

    I legit wanna do this but i just remember i dont have a gf😅

    • Sakura UwU
      Sakura UwU 14 days ago +2

      Do it on ur best friend?

    • sleepyash
      sleepyash 14 days ago +1

      Oof same I ďont have a bf ;^;

  • Mr. Santiago
    Mr. Santiago 17 days ago +9

    Not even going to lie, Jayka is mad fine 🥵🤤.

    • Pizza Panda
      Pizza Panda Day ago +1

      Mr. Santiago since she's 16 you are 16 huh. Sure

    • Mr. Santiago
      Mr. Santiago 14 days ago +1

      Shoruzen same age

    • Failsafe
      Failsafe 15 days ago +1

      shes like 16 chill lmao

  • marjomsp
    marjomsp 17 days ago +31

    4:21 *We will, we will rock you!*

    • marjomsp
      marjomsp 16 days ago

      @mia nquyen lol xD

    • Yay Woop
      Yay Woop 16 days ago +1


    • mia nquyen
      mia nquyen 17 days ago +2


  • RS P
    RS P 17 days ago +5

    There's a disease called EBS where the patient have fragile skin

  • MisfitPanda
    MisfitPanda 18 days ago +32

    5:39 " I love you for inside reasons"
    He's going to sell her kidneys/organs on the black market

    • Richard Michael
      Richard Michael 17 days ago +1


  • Commando PhAz3
    Commando PhAz3 18 days ago +2

    Damn homie and tfue in the same video. Wow

  • Iris Doeven
    Iris Doeven 18 days ago +11

    Always hated animal crossing 😂 I was like “whaaaaa, no wait fair enough people can have their own opinions” 😂😂

  • Alex Peña
    Alex Peña 18 days ago +11

    im a girl (btw im in my dads account) And i told my crush i liked him and he said he liked me back then its been two months since we were dating💖

    • BluxePupxies !
      BluxePupxies ! 8 days ago +1

      Alex Peña awesome !

    • Alex Peña
      Alex Peña 17 days ago +2

      @Visual Wraith No one cares about your opinion. I was just saying no need to be harsh...

    • Visual Wraith
      Visual Wraith 18 days ago +1

      Jose Rodriguez no one cares.

    • sunny yang
      sunny yang 18 days ago +2

      Jose Rodriguez congrats

  • Amandine
    Amandine 18 days ago +11

    TORIC= goals. Definitely the bests. Their squad w/ Tom and Brandon is the best. Love from France!

  • TheKillerBoss YT
    TheKillerBoss YT 19 days ago +12

    4:20 BOOM BOOM POW

  • Noah Wilson
    Noah Wilson 19 days ago +14

    It’s would be awkward if they said yes and said there true feelings abt u😬

  • Mung-Hua
    Mung-Hua 19 days ago +8

    "here's a jolly rancher" deaddddd

  • why is this in my recommendations

    What if someone said, "Is there something you want to tell me?" and their boyfriend/girlfriend said, "Yeah, I want to break up with you." Most awkward breakup ever.

  • Sabrina?
    Sabrina? 20 days ago +16

    4:21 *We will We will Rock You*

  • Sofia Vogelius
    Sofia Vogelius 20 days ago +21

    9:00 the name Tori gave Eric😭🥰

    • Random Person
      Random Person 18 days ago +1

      puppygal1128 it says My boyfriend and love of my life

      I'm pretty sure

    • puppygal1128
      puppygal1128 18 days ago

      I can't read it 😭 what does it say?

  • Yasmin Yusoff
    Yasmin Yusoff 22 days ago +88

    Producer: ok text your boyfriend
    Teen: *texts her mom*
    Me: why is that so relatable

  • Ella Perez
    Ella Perez 22 days ago +49

    The video: “Awww he loves her for her bones”
    Me: *literally dies*

  • shadow The hedgehog
    shadow The hedgehog 22 days ago +12

    10:24 yeah about that I’m alone good luck with the challenge though 👌😂

  • Mario1611
    Mario1611 22 days ago +10

    I hope these women also paid after getting the date. #Equality

    • 345 wer
      345 wer 14 days ago


    • Long live Jahseh
      Long live Jahseh 20 days ago

      Nadia Medina thank u

    • Nadia Medina
      Nadia Medina 20 days ago +1

      Long live Jahseh he means the women pay for the meal and stuff

    • Long live Jahseh
      Long live Jahseh 20 days ago

      Shaheer Khan I’m so lost is this like a third waver thing

    • Shaheer Khan
      Shaheer Khan 20 days ago

      Long live Jahseh there there child

  • NobethZ3
    NobethZ3 23 days ago +33

    Bold of you to assume I have a significant other

  • Brian Flores
    Brian Flores 25 days ago +18

    Troy looks like young tfue from fornite

  • Holmesy87
    Holmesy87 25 days ago +25

    "we want people to text their significant others"
    Me, single: Oh...

    MALECISMYOTP 26 days ago +23

    1:48 that rhymes

  • Wood Duck
    Wood Duck 26 days ago +6

    I love labibs reactions

  • SweetJaz
    SweetJaz 26 days ago +8

    Is no one talking about the fact that girl sent her screenshot of the convo to the person she screenshoted???

    • gembum
      gembum 26 days ago

      That's not a screenshot... That's a function to show that's the msg she's responding to

  • Jade the Rat
    Jade the Rat 26 days ago +2

    My friends did this to me

  • ew madsTM
    ew madsTM 27 days ago +12

    yesterday i hit my friend with the “we need to talk.”
    im lucky im still talking now.

  • Lali Star
    Lali Star 27 days ago +15

    Hm, maybe I should text him...
    *Comes to realization that I don't have my crushes insta, snap, or number 😭😭😭*

  • Saara tyagi
    Saara tyagi 28 days ago +35

    Guy's message:I love you for inside reasons
    Tori:Awww so he loves her for her bones

  • Jamie Draper
    Jamie Draper 28 days ago +18

    Look at Tori's name for Eric

    • Caz SuperfruityPTX
      Caz SuperfruityPTX Day ago

      puppygal1128 Eric’s is or was at the time “Tori the best girlfriend and fanny pack w” I’m guessing the rest said wearer. He tweeted some messages he and Tori sent about getting Mac Donald’s once’s and that’s what his contact name for her was and maybe still is

    • puppygal1128
      puppygal1128 18 days ago

      I want to see what Eric calls Tori 😆

    • s.s x
      s.s x 22 days ago

      I know right it's so cute

  • LexiPapaya
    LexiPapaya 28 days ago +15

    I asked my crush to a dance once...

    *_He legit said no 7 times and hid under a table._*

    • LexiPapaya
      LexiPapaya 26 days ago

      the gloomy kid I never said it was, and I wasn’t even making a joke in my comment

    • the gloomy kid
      the gloomy kid 26 days ago

      It's not like your comment was any better.

    • LexiPapaya
      LexiPapaya 26 days ago

      the gloomy kid Either way, it wasn’t a good joke

    • the gloomy kid
      the gloomy kid 26 days ago +1

      Dude, it was a jokeee

    • LexiPapaya
      LexiPapaya 26 days ago

      the gloomy kid What exactly does that have to do with anything? He didn’t even know I had a TheXvid account, and this is the first time I’ve ever said it

  • MeowFox :D
    MeowFox :D 28 days ago +21


  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 28 days ago +10

    eric and tori? wack bro

  • Andi 423
    Andi 423 29 days ago +11

    At 3:32 does she really say BROTHER?

  • Yazmin Kemp
    Yazmin Kemp 29 days ago +29

    I think that Eric and tori are cute together

  • Aline Schneider
    Aline Schneider Month ago +37

    eric's name on tori's phone tho 😭💕💕💕💕 babes

  • mercy
    mercy Month ago +22

    I miss having a girlfriend but I’ve never had one who actually loved me and I’m too drunk to care rn lol

  • SwiftyShadow
    SwiftyShadow Month ago +5

    Is that Tfue?😂😂

  • serious
    serious Month ago +9

    Brittany's relationship is so cute

  • mikaela covers
    mikaela covers Month ago +26

    Eric and Tori are the best couple out there i swear

  • Reina Van Leeuwen
    Reina Van Leeuwen Month ago +8

    All of these couples are goooooaaaallllssss

  • Poodiepie Guy
    Poodiepie Guy Month ago +5

    9:18 I feel u I love it too

  • military wife
    military wife Month ago +18

    eric is goals