Schfifty Five

  • Published on Nov 14, 2006
  • A video describing the complexity of the number 55; back when the internet was good.
    I do not take credit for this video, Animation and music credit goes to 'Group X'. I simply recorded it and uploaded it for your viewing pleasure
    This is not my video!
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Dorfnasen
    Dorfnasen 2 days ago

    A masterpiece

  • an innocent loli
    an innocent loli 4 days ago

    The weird side of youtube not again godamnit

  • That_RightWing_Goth _Bitch

    I remember driving my mom insane singing this song all the time😂
    Oh TheXvid... What happened to you? You used to be so funny 😭

  • Josh Feuer
    Josh Feuer 5 days ago

    Ahhh good times. Reminiscing

  • Nathan021318
    Nathan021318 6 days ago


  • Earth 3009
    Earth 3009 7 days ago


  • LAnonHubbard
    LAnonHubbard 11 days ago

    Never heard of this before until I saw this video:

  • Shabo Zakomac
    Shabo Zakomac 11 days ago

    This takes me to the old days of

  • Luan I'm in the Logan's


  • Troy Blackmoon
    Troy Blackmoon 12 days ago +1

    Soooooo good

  • Jacob Washington
    Jacob Washington 13 days ago

    Only people with 55 IQ will understand.

  • Stepix
    Stepix 13 days ago

    2019 anyone? i just found out about this and Group X , gonna check them out

  • Chavo Guerrero
    Chavo Guerrero 13 days ago

    Thanks reddit

  • Steven Madara
    Steven Madara 13 days ago +1

    10/10 power spell used in mk ultra card game
    10/10 power as in works every time on every person we've mk ultra'd
    Must include swifty five song cia handbook says it page 55

  • doki doki fan boy
    doki doki fan boy 15 days ago

    Neini five

  • Amber M.
    Amber M. 15 days ago

    still funny in 2019

  • YouTube Person
    YouTube Person 15 days ago


    THE BEAST GAMING 17 days ago

    I watched this when it first came out now after like 13 years I'm back

  • Bake Smash
    Bake Smash 18 days ago

    Oh yeah

  • Andy Kapsar
    Andy Kapsar 19 days ago

    this harkens back to when ebaumsworld and trogdor were the epicenters for gifs and stupid videos

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 21 day ago +1


  • Anophis
    Anophis 21 day ago

    Stupid catchy

  • Alex Archer
    Alex Archer 22 days ago

    My Moms ex-husband Bill loves this song

  • James Hossler
    James Hossler 23 days ago

    Schfourteen teen.

  • sarahmayj
    sarahmayj 24 days ago +1

    This is still my favourite video on the internet after all these years

  • Psy Duck
    Psy Duck 25 days ago +1

    How the fuck do you manage to be a toned down mix of Tenacious D, System of a Down and Pewdiepie all at the same time? AND STILL BE FUCKING AWESOME??

  • meh mes
    meh mes 26 days ago

    I almost choked because of this video

  • jim bean
    jim bean 26 days ago

    still waiting for group x to headline coachella

  • slaY Sub
    slaY Sub 27 days ago

    Wtf has the internet cum 2.cuz it be amyzing

  • Paul Berube
    Paul Berube 29 days ago +1

    2019. Lets fucking GO

  • jeon KimTae
    jeon KimTae Month ago +78

    Came to this video after seeing a scam video cuz I didnt know what it was lol

  • snowflake5921
    snowflake5921 Month ago +7

    I am mad that I am now discovering this.

  • Dragonsoul 289
    Dragonsoul 289 Month ago

    Haven't seen this in so long

  • Hugh G. Rekshun
    Hugh G. Rekshun Month ago

    Ahhhh been a long time, schfifty five.....a long time.

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M. Month ago

    Oh hell yes

  • Crackerz GD
    Crackerz GD Month ago +1

    This video is shooo good.

  • Bethy 715
    Bethy 715 Month ago

    Omg what is this and how come I’ve never heard of it before?? 😂😂 this came out when I was four

  • Stop-Robot-Voices ! A

    What the fuck in the whole entire weird planet we live is this?!!!

  • Plant Powered Muscle
    Plant Powered Muscle Month ago +1

    The days before we had smartphones... Good times.

  • marn200
    marn200 Month ago +1

    I came from this

    • Tom M
      Tom M 28 days ago

      Same here. IRLRosie rocks!

  • SilverS Gaming
    SilverS Gaming Month ago +6

    I just liked a comment with 999 likes.

    Reality can be whatever I want.

  • tippy toed
    tippy toed Month ago

    *My IQ 55* 😪

  • Jefree Garcia
    Jefree Garcia Month ago

    Ok. Its 55. ⌐╦╦═─😂

  • loveya ok
    loveya ok Month ago +1

    Why does he sound like Mr. Salt from Blue's Clues?!? 😂😂😂

  • Charles Kruger
    Charles Kruger Month ago

    Still relevant! and a better love story than twilight

  • Fizza Batool
    Fizza Batool Month ago

    It's 2019 and I'm still here

  • Ivan Chan
    Ivan Chan Month ago


  • Enrique VA
    Enrique VA Month ago +1

    Wow, this is old

  • Guitarfollower22
    Guitarfollower22 Month ago +1

    Last time I listened to this I was in elementary school, my god time flies

  • TJ Hall
    TJ Hall Month ago +2

    1:10 “5 + 5 is fifty fifty fifty!!!”
    Must’ve been the early days of common core...

    TEM XXI Month ago

    Shifty five

  • Amber Kilby
    Amber Kilby Month ago

    Still digging this shit in 2019!!

  • dank meme
    dank meme Month ago

    Anyone in 2019??

  • Bentlee Cameron
    Bentlee Cameron Month ago

    I thought in 1:07 he said "mine are cute"

  • ThePresident2040
    ThePresident2040 Month ago +2

    This is still relevant 13 years later

  • Ahooper11
    Ahooper11 Month ago

    Albino black sheep 1999 lol

  • Drifter Gaming
    Drifter Gaming Month ago +1

    Schfifty Five: My I.Q. after watching this

  • Sgt James Byrd
    Sgt James Byrd Month ago

    I can't believe it's been 12 years since this released, it's even crazier to think I watched this for the first time in year 9 (age 13) and I'm now 25 (26 next month)

  • Tasia Wheaton
    Tasia Wheaton Month ago


  • Amet Sinanov
    Amet Sinanov Month ago

    I cant stop laughing at this i spit soda from laugh

  • Jayla Wright
    Jayla Wright Month ago

    shfifty five (=

  • Wesley K.
    Wesley K. Month ago +1

    LiteCoin hit schfifty-five today!!

  • Graves Broderick
    Graves Broderick Month ago

    My dad put this on a mixtape for me when I was 5! Those were the days.

  • gдЯdΞn
    gдЯdΞn Month ago


  • kboogie 324
    kboogie 324 Month ago

    A simpler time

  • Foolish Professional


  • We Smoke Bitcoins
    We Smoke Bitcoins Month ago

    Is this the I just wan't bang bang bang guy?

  • - CrazyGameZ
    - CrazyGameZ Month ago

    2019? xD

  • Christopher Lehman
    Christopher Lehman Month ago

    What the fuck????

  • Dat Burd
    Dat Burd Month ago

    It’s been 500 years...

  • UndyingMouse956
    UndyingMouse956 Month ago

    My friend Justin showed me this about 6 years ago I believe and I still remember it haha.

  • Mechanicaldude
    Mechanicaldude Month ago


  • Aquatic Crystal
    Aquatic Crystal Month ago +1

    This is the point when i am about to DIE

  • It is Ya boi
    It is Ya boi Month ago

    What did I just watch?

  • Ari Ocean
    Ari Ocean Month ago


  • Im swas and I sound like a horse

    Where's you're ugly badass girlfriend when you need her?

  • Miggy 7264
    Miggy 7264 Month ago

    The memories

  • Pordan Jederson
    Pordan Jederson Month ago +1

    Let's get *_shwifty_*

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin Month ago

    The joke few remember :(

  • jzamacona00
    jzamacona00 Month ago

    Albino black sheep 4eva

  • Jonathan DiNovo
    Jonathan DiNovo 2 months ago

    billie ingrams

    • 99thecakeisalie
      99thecakeisalie 2 months ago


  • luc lachapelle
    luc lachapelle 2 months ago

    Anyone else just realizing how weird this video is?

  • Kaitlynn Yellowhorse
    Kaitlynn Yellowhorse 2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  • Jorn Vallis
    Jorn Vallis 2 months ago

    Ebaum's world.

  • crs stan
    crs stan 2 months ago

    you are so funny

  • KaiserSoldat
    KaiserSoldat 2 months ago

    *This guy knows how to count schfifty five!*

  • Pavel Pichardo
    Pavel Pichardo 2 months ago

    Watching in 2019

  • Taylor Doyle
    Taylor Doyle 2 months ago +1

    I'll tellu wat shaws.

  • Gerik 88
    Gerik 88 2 months ago

    i saw this back in 2001

  • Mak-Donald’s
    Mak-Donald’s 2 months ago


  • nbarrager Productions
    nbarrager Productions 2 months ago

    TheXvids algorithm keeps bringing up videos from almost ten years ago

  • Jrottin _
    Jrottin _ 2 months ago

    this shits older than me

    SANIC GOTTA GO FAST!!! 2 months ago

    Ahh the good ol days before pewdiepie

  • coosooguy
    coosooguy 2 months ago

    Is this public domain yet???

  • ADL Anti-Definition League

    Why is it 1999 again

  • odiumimbues
    odiumimbues 2 months ago

    faster than you can say poopty peupty pants.

  • drgibs347
    drgibs347 2 months ago

    Holypoop a new song from the guys who did the "all I want is bang bang bang" song

  • John Ferrier
    John Ferrier 2 months ago

    It's amazing how well this song has held up over the years... It's still so beautiful.

  • nibu nibu
    nibu nibu 2 months ago


  • Sardar Tedars
    Sardar Tedars 2 months ago

    is anyone 2019