10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Gordon Ramsay Owns

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • top 10 Most luxurious items chef Gordon Ramsay from Kitchen Nightmares owns.
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    He’s a world famous chef and a television celebrity. He has restaurants all across the world and is best known for his fiery temper and expletive-laden rants. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Gordon Ramsay. We’ve already shown you some facts you didn’t know about this Scottish-born chef. Now it’s time to show you 10 ridiculously expensive things he owns. Naturally, you’d expect someone of Ramsay’s wealth to own property and we have a bunch of it, all starting with his London home. Of course, inside this home you’d expect to find a fully equipped and expensive kitchen. You won’t be disappointed. Across the pond, Ramsay has planted roots in the US with the purchase of a multi-million dollar LA home. Not one to take public transit, we’ll show you his car collection, beginning with his Ferrari F12. Time for a vacation? There’s always Ramsay’s new Cornwall vacation home which set him back several million dollars. Then there’s the chef’s love of football, or soccer as we know it. He may not own the whole team, but it made headlines in the UK when Ramsay bought shares in his boyhood team, Rangers F.C. There’s also Gordon’s second vacation home in Cornwall which he purchased as a backup while the original vacation home was being fully renovated. Back in the garage, his love of Ferrari is pretty obvious thanks to his ownership of two Ferrari LaFerrari’s, priced at over a million dollars each. Of course, celebrity is nothing without the bling and Ramsay has a few watches to talk about. We’ll keep it classy by looking at the Rolex that made the news. Finally, no discussion of Gordon Ramsay’s expensive things would be complete without going over his restaurant and entertainment empire. Spoiler alert: it’s worth quite a few dollars.

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    Everyday Things Only The Richest People Can Afford thexvid.com/video/a--lp7j7jig/video.html

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    Wadsworths are a Wiltshire Brewery, he lives near WANDSWORTH COMMON.Your video is tasreless in the extreme.Sohe likes cars and can afford them Good Luck to him .Cornwall is theWest Country not the South coast.

  • 함자Hamza
    함자Hamza 8 days ago

    Ridiculously?? Just let the man be happy ffs he deserves it more than many people

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    15 Gordon ramsay ingredients
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    Edit: my dad is actually a billionaire so we own a mansion in LA and a Ferrari

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