10 Ridiculously Expensive Things Gordon Ramsay Owns

  • Published on Jun 15, 2017
  • top 10 Most luxurious items chef Gordon Ramsay from Kitchen Nightmares owns.
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    He’s a world famous chef and a television celebrity. He has restaurants all across the world and is best known for his fiery temper and expletive-laden rants. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Gordon Ramsay. We’ve already shown you some facts you didn’t know about this Scottish-born chef. Now it’s time to show you 10 ridiculously expensive things he owns. Naturally, you’d expect someone of Ramsay’s wealth to own property and we have a bunch of it, all starting with his London home. Of course, inside this home you’d expect to find a fully equipped and expensive kitchen. You won’t be disappointed. Across the pond, Ramsay has planted roots in the US with the purchase of a multi-million dollar LA home. Not one to take public transit, we’ll show you his car collection, beginning with his Ferrari F12. Time for a vacation? There’s always Ramsay’s new Cornwall vacation home which set him back several million dollars. Then there’s the chef’s love of football, or soccer as we know it. He may not own the whole team, but it made headlines in the UK when Ramsay bought shares in his boyhood team, Rangers F.C. There’s also Gordon’s second vacation home in Cornwall which he purchased as a backup while the original vacation home was being fully renovated. Back in the garage, his love of Ferrari is pretty obvious thanks to his ownership of two Ferrari LaFerrari’s, priced at over a million dollars each. Of course, celebrity is nothing without the bling and Ramsay has a few watches to talk about. We’ll keep it classy by looking at the Rolex that made the news. Finally, no discussion of Gordon Ramsay’s expensive things would be complete without going over his restaurant and entertainment empire. Spoiler alert: it’s worth quite a few dollars.

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  • TheRichest
    TheRichest  Year ago +656

    Everyday Things Only The Richest People Can Afford thexvid.com/video/A--Lp7J7jIg/video.html

    • B. 2605
      B. 2605 3 months ago

      The Golden steak that Mr.Beast bought.

    • Jacky Chai
      Jacky Chai 4 months ago

      TheRichest ghgiijb

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      Evan Jay 4 months ago

      His life?

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      maya benoit 7 months ago

      My virginity in a bottle

  • Game Zone
    Game Zone 14 hours ago

    His the world famous chief after all

  • Lionel Imran
    Lionel Imran 16 hours ago +1

    Rangers fc "world famous soccer club"😂😂😂😂

  • I, Promize
    I, Promize Day ago

    When did Ramsey really strike it rich? I know in 1999 he opened his first restaurant and still by 2000 he was deep in debt, driving a VW GTI and had a decent home. Yet 2 years later with still only one restaurant he spent 4.2 million on that London house. Anyone know??

  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Why Ramsay not interested cricket ?
    Cricket birth place was England.
    We influenced by British
    Nostalgic way

  • Waqas Arif
    Waqas Arif 2 days ago

    Info about his wealth is totally crap. Just go google...

  • Enoon Mohamd
    Enoon Mohamd 2 days ago

    Waow he has his owne payd vacation waow

  • Enoon Mohamd
    Enoon Mohamd 2 days ago

    Ass soon asss you posted this he solde it

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 4 days ago

    So he bulldozed an older house and rebuilt one? Doesnt he realize he gonna die one day lol

  • Isaiah Rayco
    Isaiah Rayco 5 days ago


  • Ciprian Ion
    Ciprian Ion 5 days ago

    He literally hates frozen food...why he has a fucking freezer in his home then?

  • Mostafa Bouziane
    Mostafa Bouziane 5 days ago +1

    Oh Ramsay you could donate some to charity and maybe get in some ones good books for a change

  • DJ vlogzzz
    DJ vlogzzz 7 days ago +1

    The richest now sounds like the poorest

  • MR redneck Og
    MR redneck Og 8 days ago

    “There is however a Juul in this crown” errrmmm

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  • Shah Keyell
    Shah Keyell 10 days ago

    The most super expensive thing is his effort. nobody can buy it.

  • azd at
    azd at 11 days ago

    He doesn't just make tons of delicious foods, but also tons of money

  • Skippy Farnsworth
    Skippy Farnsworth 14 days ago

    But does The Gordon Ramsay own a full set of Moe Cason knives?....

  • luciano Linhares
    luciano Linhares 16 days ago

    I had no Idea he was so rich dude

  • Robert S550stang
    Robert S550stang 17 days ago

    I should have been a chef .... fuck !!!!!!!

  • Cinnamon Toast
    Cinnamon Toast 23 days ago

    Hmmm... Does Gordon Ramsay even had a eyebrow...
    coz it's not visible but how?

  • Nikki Boo
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  • Nero Angelo
    Nero Angelo 25 days ago

    I can't become rich unless I know how to make scallop.

  • Micheal Corbin
    Micheal Corbin 25 days ago

    Leave it to Ramsey to buy a mansion in a smog Bowl

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    cOoking Ninja 28 days ago

    The legendary chef one my best chef... god bless...

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    was ein dummes gelaber

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    Staffie Friday Month ago

    The hooker he was sleeping with was expensive

  • Andrew Rand
    Andrew Rand Month ago

    He deserves this man he’s worked his ass off to where he is today

  • Benjamin Whyte
    Benjamin Whyte Month ago

    ALL THAT MONEY WON;T MEAN SPIT TO ' GOD ' come judgement day , so I say this to you Gorden Ramsay how about a gift two a old ex cowboy of $300,000 after all too you that would be like a night on the town , for you and friends .regards Benjamin

  • Annie_B Harmon
    Annie_B Harmon Month ago

    Scotland's Finest right there the now, He is Gorgeous and Brilliant 😘

  • J130 G810
    J130 G810 Month ago

    I built the extraction canopy over Ramsays range cooker in his home big bugger on its own at 3m x 2m

  • NotSureIfPug
    NotSureIfPug Month ago

    “Rangers fc...... soccer.....” you wanna know what the ‘f’ in ‘fc’ stands for?

  • Kent Brian Cabrillos
    Kent Brian Cabrillos Month ago +1

    All 11 things he own is " F U C K I N G R A W"

  • Pradeep Soni
    Pradeep Soni Month ago +2

    Yeah even I have the cars...

    In *NFS*

  • Che James Does Bleach

    The Tour de France is a bicycle race that Ferrari did not take part in 😂

  • Exe
    Exe Month ago

    Pricey kitchen? Seriously channel? Who would say that the best chef in the world has a big and expensive kitchen. Wow. Guess what.. big youtubers have big rooms with computers and cameras and a lot of expensive stuff.. but pssst.. it's a secret

  • Jasper Rowell
    Jasper Rowell Month ago

    His second house and his holiday house are worth more than his main house

  • Cameron Renwick
    Cameron Renwick Month ago

    And yet his only brother is homeless.
    I'm not impressed by people who live beyond their needs.
    A shame he can't afford to give.

  • MakeYoutube GreatAgain

    His salt and pepper

  • Sari Ho
    Sari Ho Month ago

    400k dollar per episode omfg....wow

  • Richard Belliveau
    Richard Belliveau Month ago

    He payed his dues...works his ass off... he is a world class chef...so good for him....i say right on Gordon.

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    Ulti737fs Month ago


  • tony johnsena
    tony johnsena Month ago

    uhuh his cooking capability the only reason people watch him is two hear him insult people and make funny ass jokes

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    Yhonatan Goldberg Month ago

    I got the question right let’s go NY

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    Ramsey is a show off.

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    Frenkz No Fear Month ago +1

    Then he should buy that pentagon or white house

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    Anne Skinner Month ago

    I feel like Ramsay is one of those people whose dark secrets wont come out after he dies. Everyone already knows hes an asshole boss 😂 hes never gonna lose his fame

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    JazzyLand _x Month ago

    Pretty surprised his attitude wasn’t on the list...

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    why did i think that it would be set of forks or something?

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    There's nothing ridiculous in it nonsense channel 🙄🙄🙄 he is a hard working person so he deserves it 👍👍👍😎

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    R Velazquez Month ago

    Gordon should curse this narrator out for being a fuckin Moron. It clearly is million, not billions.

  • •Sister Shook•
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    Gordon stalker!

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    chocolate barbie Month ago

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    Gordon is using lamb sauce as fuel for his cars😂😂

  • imaloner4 ps4
    imaloner4 ps4 Month ago +154

    “My kitchen cost more then your rent”

    -Gordon Ramsay

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      Cost more than my networth

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      Your profile scares me

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      Anne Skinner
      Idk if you realised it was a meme

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      More like "my kitchen costs more than your house" that farmhouse size sink was worth my rent lmao

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    If you earn it, I guess you can spend it how you want.

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    Hey I live in cornwall

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    11: he owns chefs.

  • TrapTombstone
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    You can see he wears lots of Bdddddeitling watches.
    *shows a pic of a black Rollie Sub as she says this*

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    New York

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    I hate how they show a 458 for the f12 in the interior pic. And also skip over the LaFerarri

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    He made $20,000 from NINOOOOOOOO

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    If i was him id buy a tesla

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    For the price of the houses, I kinda expected them to look better on the outside.

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    He is a useless chef and always high on something, he is happy with all his money thats all he cares about, he is very rude

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    Las Vegas

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    After watching this has just made me realise how poor I am,But I am in good shape and my health is very good and they do say money cannot buy health,Maybe I am Rich after all.

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