• Published on Dec 5, 2017
  • THIS EPISODE: Mutiny occurs on our ship & Colby nearly falls into the Nile. Pleasant sailing occurs with random shenanigans, topped off by an exploration of an ancient temple at night.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Sophie Mendoza
    Sophie Mendoza 10 days ago

    Elton: it's a donkey you're only seeing one ear.
    Me: Elton omg bro it's a freaking donkecorn man I made that name up but what the heck man.🦄+🐴=donkecorn

  • Sydney Svoboda
    Sydney Svoboda 11 days ago

    you can count on uncle elton

  • Ebony Lincoln
    Ebony Lincoln 20 days ago


  • kale cabbage
    kale cabbage Month ago

    omg uncle eltons laugh I'm in love

  • Billie Ei-fan
    Billie Ei-fan Month ago

    also 6:40 State Farm..? Sorry eltion its...Allstate

  • Billie Ei-fan
    Billie Ei-fan Month ago

    2:46..Look at Colby's bootiful eyes tho

  • Teresa Sambuceto
    Teresa Sambuceto Month ago

    even better nickname for sam "captain small nipples'' XD

  • Kaylie
    Kaylie 2 months ago

    This video made me realize that Niall Horan was named after the Niall River

  • Elijah Fuller
    Elijah Fuller 2 months ago

    This temple is the temple of Luxor and it was built by king tut

  • TheMaskedMan37 7
    TheMaskedMan37 7 2 months ago

    Give the bananas to the dog that’s tied

  • Snoo T
    Snoo T 2 months ago

    0:00 Me going from a 71 in Social directly into finals

  • Teddy bear
    Teddy bear 4 months ago

    Why dose Elton have 2.3 million subs but only 387 thousand views lets get him some more views.

  • black.heart.loner
    black.heart.loner 4 months ago

    Colby's voice is so hot. I love his sick voice. 😂

  • Nidhi Patel
    Nidhi Patel 4 months ago

    Colby sounds so good with his voice gone

  • Yuliana Barreto
    Yuliana Barreto 4 months ago

    What song was used for this video?

  • Madison Glass
    Madison Glass 4 months ago

    Poor Colby

    WHY NOT 5 months ago

    ‘It’s a unicorn’- Colby Brock 2017

  • Samantha Marlow
    Samantha Marlow 5 months ago

    Heath sucks

  • hannahkatebell
    hannahkatebell 6 months ago

    Colby’s sick voice is so cute.

  • Cheyenne Sumner
    Cheyenne Sumner 6 months ago

    Every animal that Elton sees he has to play with it.

  • Ryan_ Playz
    Ryan_ Playz 6 months ago

    337 people listened to Colby. 😁

  • Brooklyn Hancock 30 (STUDENT)

    Colby look like the young Justin Bieder. And Sam look like m&m the singer

  • Prateeksha Sinha
    Prateeksha Sinha 6 months ago

    bitch come to INDIA...…..pls

  • Gacha Emma
    Gacha Emma 6 months ago

    I JUST realized that I DIDNT SUBSCRIBE

    UNKNOWN PERSON 6 months ago

    I love how Elton loves animals and when hey say “ there’s sheep and horses and I’m gonna play with them all” I just love him so much how he acts like a child when he sees animals because of how much he loves animals😂♥️♥️ ( forgot the other animals he names)

  • Luna Fox
    Luna Fox 7 months ago

    all the songs in your video fit you, Elton! im not joking!

  • Luna Fox
    Luna Fox 7 months ago

    i want that too, Elton! OMG!

  • Layla Balsink
    Layla Balsink 7 months ago

    captain bambie

  • Mehak Shakeel
    Mehak Shakeel 7 months ago

    What does TFIL stand for?

  • Amadrite
    Amadrite 7 months ago

    When Colby caught himself 😍

  • أروى
    أروى 7 months ago

    يك ليش ما كملتو

  • Travis Espinoza
    Travis Espinoza 7 months ago

    Elton why is there gay music

    N0_NAME_WEBBER 7 months ago

    I love Elton so much and I hate to say this, but his laugh annoys me so much.

  • Mairiam Ibrahim
    Mairiam Ibrahim 8 months ago

    this video is so soothing it makes me want to go back

  • Elyssa Main
    Elyssa Main 8 months ago

    0:59 and you would fall off. Bareback isn’t easy, ESPECIALLY if you don’t know how to ride

  • Emma Muscato
    Emma Muscato 8 months ago

    I'm learning about the nile river in school

  • Irishrose98
    Irishrose98 8 months ago

    Who else gasped at the beginning when Colby fell omg🤭🤭🤭

  • Emma M.
    Emma M. 8 months ago

    5:33 COLBYYY YESSSSS ( you'll thank me later)

  • Cloe Brown
    Cloe Brown 8 months ago

    1:23 is me after failing a test I thought I passed

  • JustAnotherTeenageGirl
    JustAnotherTeenageGirl 9 months ago

    colby sound hotter with his voice gone😂😭❤

  • Sara the Alien
    Sara the Alien 9 months ago +2

    Colby's got some good reflexes. if it were me on that plank and it was moved from underneath my feet, i would have planted in the water, no question about it x'D

  • Aalyha Sierra
    Aalyha Sierra 9 months ago

    Does colby brock have a girlfriend

  • Angelica P
    Angelica P 10 months ago


  • Aerial Walls
    Aerial Walls 10 months ago

    Who else loves Elton's laugh/cackle?!?!?!

  • Eliah Pierce
    Eliah Pierce 10 months ago

    like boys and cats

  • Hi Smith
    Hi Smith 10 months ago

    Captain Bambi I’m here for service

  • Malia Beal
    Malia Beal 11 months ago

    i’m so late on this video

  • Malia Beal
    Malia Beal 11 months ago

    wow i love u

  • Cleo Andreea
    Cleo Andreea 11 months ago

    So breathtaking I always wanted to visit Egipt

  • radwa Mohamed بنت
    radwa Mohamed بنت 11 months ago

    Egypt is very beautiful 💛💜

  • Julie Khun
    Julie Khun 11 months ago

    I have a way for you guys to save more on your trips!!!

  • Diesel
    Diesel 11 months ago

    Jesus fucking Christ enough with the fucking music and bullshit! You people make a great explorer video of a so called scary place and you add some techno or love song pop bullshit that has no place on a video about those subjects stop doing this please for the love of God.

  • Hisham.MrEtsh Etsh
    Hisham.MrEtsh Etsh 11 months ago

    wow great vedio about egypt i love that great guyes

  • Natalie jk
    Natalie jk Year ago

    I want to go to Egypt now

  • Maha Nasef
    Maha Nasef Year ago

    The Nile is so beautiful

  • Mariah H
    Mariah H Year ago

    That part in the soundshow when they were walking toward the building with like the two huge walls on either side reminded me so much of the never ending story!

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper Year ago

    I like the angle wings

  • Izzy Geisz
    Izzy Geisz Year ago

    Elton I love your laugh

  • It's Ya Girl, Libby

    "Banana disabilities"😂😂😂

  • HaMo Fawaz
    HaMo Fawaz Year ago

    I love you Egypt 😊❤

  • Danielle Gitrey
    Danielle Gitrey Year ago


  • Natalie J
    Natalie J Year ago

    When the camera is pointed to Colby I'm always smiling and Tae!!!!


  • Katelyn Mc
    Katelyn Mc Year ago

    Did anyone else get SUPER mad at heath for kicking the board from Colby?

  • Crazy_pineapple Lol

    The fat one is annoying! Buuut I love u Colby, Sam,and Elton y’all are the best! Y’all should also bring Cory more

  • Madison Hildebrand

    Colby’s shirt looks like lances from voltron

  • Liv_diys
    Liv_diys Year ago

    Colby’s eyes❤️😫❤️😫❤️😫😍😍😍😍

  • Jaena Ingrid97
    Jaena Ingrid97 Year ago

    I like Elton's hair tho.. 😐😂❤️

  • Дарья Истомина

    captain Bambi :D

  • Queen Stargirl
    Queen Stargirl Year ago

    "You make fun of people with banana disabilities!"
    -Colby, 2017

  • Tina Carson
    Tina Carson Year ago

    My only complaint, I wish these videos were labeled in the title. Like 1, 2,3 etc. I’m watching out of order and rather watch in order.

  • Shadat Hussain
    Shadat Hussain Year ago

    5:27 damnnnnn. ♥️♥️

  • Cheyenne Paslawskyj

    5:31 omg Colby

  • Life with Aagelinu and Crystal

    I love eltons laugh

  • Life with Aagelinu and Crystal

    I pove eltons laugh

  • TotalNotaRussianSpy

    Why was there a German flag behind them on the boat