Aliens Messages That Are So Bizarre We Cannot Even Begin to Grasp Them

  • Published on Feb 8, 2019
  • Incredible information about various types of communication with aliens, extraterrestrials, visitors, light beings, inter-dimensionals, hybrids, time travelers, off-world intelligences and other types of nonhumans. Aliens have demonstrated familiarity with advanced technologies and evolved mind control techniques far beyond our current scientific knowledge, which would be useful to know.
    There are many very important and compelling reasons why we should be interested in communicating with our interstellar, inter-dimensional and chthonic (underground or undersea dwelling) visitors to 3-dimensional planet earth.
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  • whatwouldjeebusdo


  • Tertius Carstens
    Tertius Carstens 3 days ago

    A lot of people ask: "Why hasn't SETI picked up any signals from ET civilizations?" This question might be in indication that we are alone in the cosmos. But who is to say ETs use the same radio signal technology as we do? Perhaps they operate on completely different communications technology that is undetectable by human tech.

  • Shamot Sesju
    Shamot Sesju 5 days ago

    The problem with this is that there are only so many variations of script & the human mind will intuitively create & respond to these. So maybe ETs are similar in this regard, maybe not.

  • DaStinger
    DaStinger 5 days ago

    The WASD on the alienware keyboard is because those are the most common keys used for movement in videogames, and the symbols signify up down left and right... pure sillyness some people get into with their conspiracies.

  • John Schoenfeld
    John Schoenfeld 8 days ago


  • Glenn Boyd
    Glenn Boyd 16 days ago

    There is always someone who hijacks the lecturn to change the subject. Opening doors, switching off lights, projectors, going way off tangent with the bible.

  • Zian Niculae
    Zian Niculae 16 days ago

    Voynich = Constelation

  • steven davis
    steven davis 17 days ago

    Aliens send message that we haven’t got a clue means , so what is the point of sending
    it , unless it wasn’t meant for us .

  • Pol Fartin
    Pol Fartin 21 day ago +1

    you can actually smell fish wafting from your screen.

  • Franco Dominguez
    Franco Dominguez 24 days ago

    i wnna investigate u w my cockie monster, the right translation is creepta repewt w me

  • finlanderxx
    finlanderxx 25 days ago

    Wasn't Voynich written in old Turkish language?

  • Han Lam
    Han Lam 26 days ago +1


  • Roy Ledford
    Roy Ledford 26 days ago

    I don't know what Mars' history (if any) contains but one thing is painfully obvious--MARS GOT CLOBBERED. Mercilessly...Irreversibly...relegated to a wasteland.

  • Almighty Yak
    Almighty Yak 27 days ago

    You had me until you showed the misinterpreted mars photos.

  • craig burbank
    craig burbank 27 days ago

    When I was in elementary school I saw videos or film strips about the letters they had to the letters and numbers as characters especially the letters and quite a few times they referred to the number seven as magic seven is Magic I remember this to this day I was wondering if the letter or excuse me the number seven has some kind of a connection with magic and the swastika looks like 4 number 7 and I've seen other squash stickers that have more more spokes to the wheel in a form of a different kind of swastika

  • Rick Brown
    Rick Brown 29 days ago


  • Jay Smallwood
    Jay Smallwood 29 days ago

    The wrong go wrong go thing is pretty obvious what it is. Pictogram of animals. Each one of those characters is a different animal that they had seen and they tried to write it down in catalog. This is all of course speculation but my opinion. And this opinion is based on just a quick observation.

  • Bryan Shaults
    Bryan Shaults 29 days ago

    Thier language is symbols of physics, clearly a race like Scientology, directions

  • cruciferousvegetable
    cruciferousvegetable 29 days ago

    Great idea for a video but what a disappointment.

  • Michael Warren
    Michael Warren Month ago +1

    This is too long and drawn out, I wish it would be compressed.

  • Angsty Lady
    Angsty Lady Month ago

    Hmm, it could be said that what is known as a Swastika is merely four 7's put together. Perhaps theres more to the original meaning of it being a symbol of peace. Seeing as there is a lot of conspiracy theories out there regarding the nazis and aliens, perhaps that's worth delving into.

  • Dannunaki
    Dannunaki Month ago

    Rongorongo doesn't look like a language. It looks like pictograms or petroglyphs describing mitosis, and the developemental stages of growth for plants and animals.

  • Art Garrelli
    Art Garrelli Month ago

    Space is Bs,,,

  • dave walters
    dave walters Month ago

    that teacher is not a real klingon

  • Yvona Herbe
    Yvona Herbe Month ago

    It is supposed to be messages from the aliens when does that start

  • Sparkitus Maximus
    Sparkitus Maximus Month ago

    TheXvid sucks!

  • JCKnuckles
    JCKnuckles Month ago

    Geeeez you could at least put her name up in the details!!

  • Kerry B.
    Kerry B. Month ago

    WAY too many ads here...every minute or two. No one wants that.

  • Thomas Soares
    Thomas Soares Month ago

    The Earth's magnetic field is generated by Byrkeland currents from the Sun: Electric Universe model - Wallace Thornhill

  • andrew raymond
    andrew raymond Month ago

    Really ? How stupid is it for this woman to be talking about Crypt, Klingon and Alien languages, yet she can't pronounce the word 'Latin' and a few basic English words, correctly. 'says' is NOT 'sez'. 'Isaac' is NOT 'i zik', it is 'i zak'. 'director' is NOT 'durrector', it is 'di rector', di is a prefix which rhymes with 'hi'. 'them' is NOT 'thum'. She should really study basic English first, before trying to 'teach' anyone else anything about another language. How can anyone believe what she 'sez'. Just really DUMB. NO CREDIBILITY ! And anyone who disagrees with these comments probably also speaks bad English.

  • Clark Clifford
    Clark Clifford Month ago

    OK, emissions are going not make carbon dating work? vs. Carbon dating is inaccurate and they're having problems explaining that.

  • ome emo
    ome emo Month ago


  • Curt B
    Curt B Month ago

    The Swastikas in the SW are likely to be the Pueblo peoples migration symbol which was given by Maasaw, who may have been extraterrestrial. Have you ever looked at the 4 corners monument from above? (GoogleEarth) What do you make of it? It looks very similar to some of the symbols in this video.

  • G Reporter
    G Reporter Month ago

    That's the transformer language that looks Chinese.

  • The DJI Man Tony
    The DJI Man Tony Month ago

    to many adverts worst than sky could not watch

  • Peter Smitt
    Peter Smitt Month ago

    I hate Amazon. The same stupid commercial over and over!

  • Gary Hubbard
    Gary Hubbard Month ago +1

    Languages art form ?

  • Gary Hubbard
    Gary Hubbard Month ago +1

    Can't fit in the brain 🤪

  • tysdaddy970
    tysdaddy970 Month ago +1

    If I ever get to be as smart as yall and can find the alien.....sssssss will be terminated by my mind and if it gets in I may not let it out and just teach it a lesson on why people who have been wronged constantly have a short need for clues and bs. But I can tell ya go for the eyes. Well an eye is all that needs to been terminated immediately. Hostile my intuition tells me so....Ebe are just AI program that is running and cant be shutdown or is running a genocide test and is from our dumbass smart scientists who think it's okay to mess with people. I will find the source of this little mind is very important and Devine design has got you all wondering what is going on. Dont read the language....if you have respect you face to face and do business or your a secret snake......look at my content I'm real and not happy how yall lie and manipulate these people who cant hardly understand that they can be undo the dummy they made and go see what is not impo6if you have faith. My brain is the torch.....

  • Thoth Ahura Mazda
    Thoth Ahura Mazda Month ago

    Once aliens or other terrestrial beings are confirmed people will identify as trans (fill in the blank) and demand bathrooms and pronouns its ma'am. When somebody is stupid does not mean you have to be stupid too to make them feel better but if you want to apease them go ahead see how long you can tolerate being a moron.

  • The Nordic Alien
    The Nordic Alien Month ago

    Oh wow wow wow .... Few years ago I was outside getting some sun and I started to see these symbols what she called doted lines ...

  • Donna L. Davidson
    Donna L. Davidson Month ago

    Was all the background noise in the room or added afterwards?

  • Eric Lawlor
    Eric Lawlor Month ago +3

    1987 Predator Movie has weird alien writing in it and I also purchase strange original painting called "First Contact" from Goodwill very strang alien type symbols script etc

  • Tina Moore
    Tina Moore Month ago +1

    If we live in a holographic universe as science is prooving, which I believe is true, would the hologram not be programed. These are codes to activate programs within the fields creating our reality. So writing a code on the Earth, Crop Circle, information is being activated or restored/corrected.
    I think everything is conscious. We understand these codes, be it unconsciously currently.
    I have heard the Egyptian symbols were created by the frequency of the thing. Like passing a frequency over a taunt skin with sand on it; a geometrical form is created. The early Egyptians studied the frequency of objects that bring the object being into creation. Goes back to we live in a hologram. Everything physical is programed to be seen in a certain way. We see, feel, hear, taste, and smell frequencies. You speak the frequency, the item is created. (Creation stories)
    We are advanced souls living in a make belief holographic world. We forgotten who we are and why this world was created, because we are choosing to experience our experiment.

    JOE DIRT Month ago


  • Eric Lawlor
    Eric Lawlor Month ago

    Sounds a lot like a wizards spell.

    • Raymond Briant
      Raymond Briant Month ago

      S p e l l s spelled is spelling. Children in schools learn their spells and gain lessons. All occult wizardry...used to obfiscate mostly and not to crown

  • Ruth Clark
    Ruth Clark Month ago

    Thanks, very true brilliant.

  • Cliff Diving Monkeys

    0382884751169730821743883208911274387238202376611082304765284259.... :-/

  • themadghost
    themadghost Month ago

    Scarfing..., I already know what they have to say to humanity..., scarfing....

  • daveogarf
    daveogarf Month ago

    Not only brilliant, but GORGEOUS, Nancy!

  • Justin Boughton
    Justin Boughton Month ago


  • Anonymous Alien
    Anonymous Alien Month ago +3

    Thank you for sharing UAMN/MUFON!
    Nancy - I'd like to add that your team would benefit from having more geneticists and getting further into the language of gene expression... I believe the true universal language code is A/C/T/G (physical structure/space) & U (temporal/time) & epigenetic factors (experiential). I'd like to share my interpretation on this and if you'd like to collaborate, please contact me!

    • Anonymous Alien
      Anonymous Alien Month ago

      More specifically: the herpesviruses! they are the cipher: bi-directional open-reading frames & latency characteristics... indicators of communication! please contact me to discuss this further. Thank you for your message!! 🙌👍👋

  • Caroline Hirst
    Caroline Hirst Month ago

    I watched a You Tube video that was quite interesting about the Voynich Manuscript, it’s called The Knowledge of the Forever Time.

  • Vamp Lover
    Vamp Lover Month ago

    D-Wave Computers, will blow the doors wide open for the NWO to succeed to levels of stargate travel!

  • Vamp Lover
    Vamp Lover Month ago

    Including the run way 3 feet under the dirt, Denvers airport is an outline of a swastika, of which has an esoteric meaning of stargate travel, I.E. through actual sunspots

  • Vamp Lover
    Vamp Lover Month ago

    A living language that preforms task once written upon a paper as thereby being set inside of an odd energy field, would have to be mono-atomic and have installed within in the properties of their mass energy that can also that mass energy source only be placed inside of an 'exotic powder' I.E.; David Radius Hudson rediscovery -- of what was found located at certain pyramid sites. Living language has to have a hidden energy source and unlimited. I won't say anymore...

  • Preston Brice
    Preston Brice Month ago

    Did this chick really bring up star track Klingon language

  • Dandelion Entertainment

    ☞🔛 Movies coming soon!

  • Sablon76
    Sablon76 Month ago +1

    Language is a very interesting subject. It appears that we have made more and more complex yet more descriptive languages throughout time. Yet the most complex of languages is also the simplest. Its appears that the languages have become more descriptive to lose the understanding of the words in their original context and at the same time attempting to make them more understandable. English is not a happenstance of history thats for sure. Its the most descriptive and versatile language that we have created. This was most likely not a coincidence. The higher languages of the ancients are simple yet very complex and with the English language there can be a bridge built to understanding that wasnt there before now.
    Earth has a great deal of crystal within its mantel. Crystals have strange properties with frequencies of all kinds. Could it be possible that the crystals play an important part in how the earth works?

  • Charles Marquardt
    Charles Marquardt Month ago +2

    Self activating software has been also discussed by Linda Moulton Howe . Cool !

  • Nick qfn
    Nick qfn Month ago

    nbhhv k;;o uuhdydh lldkdo

  • antony kulik
    antony kulik Month ago

    What garbage ....of coarse it is hoaxed.... I'm sure alien languages exist but they haven't been leaked yet

  • aforementioned_beat

    Oh man! Look at those cavemen go.

  • Paul Oguinn
    Paul Oguinn Month ago +1

    They knew in ancient "Shumer" of far away planetoids, that only orbit 35,000 years. And, they still don't know what light is today!!!???

  • mikemotorbike
    mikemotorbike Month ago +1

    If they are indeed real, then the symbols are a function of effective causality, poetically inspired by the experincer. You have to be 'in the know'. They are not in themselves impactful, except as they inspire recognition, remembering , or awareness. Experiencing the concepts in they inspire as they are read in a certain order would provide the impetus for a particular action, depending on your consciousness. Directions for activating the principles intended for the devices operation. Like Reiki?

    FREE ALIEN Month ago

    Perhaps the bracketed ones are blood types

  • lyricessence
    lyricessence Month ago

    Please post the name of the speaker EACH TIME you upload a video.

  • cand jim
    cand jim Month ago

    Makes me wonder about the Reiki symbols and their applications in healing!??

  • Matt Walker
    Matt Walker Month ago

    the caret launguage is a simple form of japanese i have a certificate from karate with my name in a simple japanese and its exactly the same

  • jimhsan1
    jimhsan1 Month ago

    If you want to tell truth from CGI etc. there's complete instructions in the old testament and gospels. I've tried it with diverse topics and it checks out 100%. I found you will get nowhere trying to talk to these visitors; you have to go directly to their "management" whose name is "Yahweh". This isn't religion, it's a user's manual. I have some serious mobility problems, but I'd be delighted to give some classes in how to do this. It works, and the material does exactly what it claims to do; it even has instructions for creating a portal for voice communication. Did no one look into this because it's too obvious???

  • Luna Azul
    Luna Azul Month ago

    We can see far far away with Hubble 🤔 why can’t we see Mars and everything on it 🤥 someone is not telling us the true 🤓 simple like that 🤪

  • the therorist
    the therorist Month ago +1

    "constructs" is the word you morons are looking for....mental mathematical constructs

  • Dan Anthony
    Dan Anthony Month ago

    If human where exterminated and only animals left , the earth would be a way better off place.

  • Joy Shiho Ch. Inamoto

    for me some of these caret characters look exactly like, as フ, ワ, ヲ, シ, リ katakana characters (there are 48 characters in Japanese katakana system)...

  • chilled sama dio
    chilled sama dio Month ago

    Aliens ain't real

  • S S
    S S Month ago

    Snake oil is still for sale
    And kool aid still kills

    BLACK PROJECT Month ago

    Whether bad or evil in the end it just leads to knowledege, not because it is just the law but, because it is the plan.

  • gabriel3gbass
    gabriel3gbass Month ago

    linda moulton howe broke this years ago... who is this presenter???????

  • Kevin Burdick
    Kevin Burdick Month ago +2

    First of all carbon dating never did work carbon dating is a farce

  • Jack Foobar
    Jack Foobar Month ago

    Very instructive.

  • Shovon Sarkar
    Shovon Sarkar Month ago

    It's like language is a piece when you can set it in a certain way..... Of course in certain conditions as well.... 😦

  • Christine Walsh
    Christine Walsh Month ago

    it is interesting when you cn tell the person speaking has really researched what she is talking about. I'm glad I caught this show.

  • Sandee Dee
    Sandee Dee Month ago

    A Turkish man along with his two sons, may have deciphered the Voynich manuscript.

  • Todd Bearden
    Todd Bearden Month ago

    I hate to be the burden of bad news but that's so-called swastika that you're seeing it Roswell is not a swastika at all. It's backwards so therefore it's just a bunch of lines and does not resemble a swastika

  • Robert Lima
    Robert Lima Month ago

    Question ? Are we involved in some sort of interdimensional combat with multi-dimensional entities if so -- how long have these conflicts been in existence and do they have an outcome. Or do they evolve into into a one dimensional universality .And what does that look like ?.......!!!

    • Raymond Briant
      Raymond Briant Month ago

      Yes we r involved .... And you r interdementional entity also. Long long time this been going on. Many souls lost...many

  • ian ball
    ian ball Month ago

    ET 's do not use writtern language but they show symbols in your mind as if you know what they mean. So we should know. Don't try to read it with your eyes , try to memorise it and see it in your mind and it will make sense. Looking exactly with your eyes distorts the meaning. You will be supprised what you read. We can all do this. Its natural believe it or not. Use telepathy between two people and send the symbols mind to mind. Write the meaning not what you see. Everything is connected. I know a lot of the truth but theres no way i can afford to put this in a book. I should but its not just words i need to put in it. Infact i would love to do a very simple experiment but i will not get a chance to do it with out the right funds. We all know the answers we have just out it to the back of are minds. Its in there . All info we will ever need to know. It some times takes a few people together say 3 . A 1/3 of the info each and you will get an answer to what ever you want to know. Ie 3 people have 1/3rd of the info. Its like 3 people want to know the same thing but think of it in 3 different ways.

  • ian ball
    ian ball Month ago +1

    The swazstiker is a symbol for the galaxy. There world wide but came from korea in the 1st place. The germans used it and knew it showed that it was a symbol for the galaxy. Are 's or andromida. Its one they could see. Or could it be where are ancestors came from. You have to look at the other symbols where these are found. There even in the US too. Most older native indians will tell you what they are and where to see them. I have seem them my self world wide.

    • NaDopros
      NaDopros Month ago

      @ian ball
      Swastika... Is not spelled that way.

  • LetUs ShowGG
    LetUs ShowGG Month ago +2

    Matrix language really looks like Japanese ... might just be me

  • Anonymous Let’s be real

    Sucesss.... Klingon 👽👋

  • R V
    R V Month ago

    Excellent presentation! Very interesting.

  • edward derouchie
    edward derouchie Month ago

    Ya da ya da ya da

  • Shyann1
    Shyann1 Month ago

    I absolutely adore this woman :) I enjoyed listening to her. She's down to earth yet, intelligent...usually the two don't meet LOL
    Thankx for this treasure !!

    • NaDopros
      NaDopros Month ago

      She's as ugly as scheiss, though. Maybe, she is a scheisster, too.

  • John Schoenfeld
    John Schoenfeld Month ago

    I wonder if some alien species are charging admission to come here to see such a primitive one fumble around

  • John Schoenfeld
    John Schoenfeld Month ago

    Well as far as functionality anyway.

  • John Schoenfeld
    John Schoenfeld Month ago

    It is magic exactly. They are called runes.

  • Joe Bigs
    Joe Bigs Month ago


  • rogierrainbow
    rogierrainbow Month ago +8

    voynich manuscript was a old version of ottoman writing ,and as the turkish people were in europe in the second half of the middle ages it's not so strange that this book turned up in europe but definitely not a hoax as they were herbal etimologi in a poetical saga about medical plants and how to prepare them .but maybe this documentation is old and she couldn't knew about the facts that they now have translated many of the scriptures of this manuscript.

  • Buysome Bitcoin
    Buysome Bitcoin Month ago

    I did not in no uncertain terms expect to see info about the Klingon language in this vid. Mythi!!!

  • Offhisrocker
    Offhisrocker Month ago

    dis information?

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay Month ago

    This is all hooey