• Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • It only takes one person to inspire a world of kindness. Based on the true story, #ABeautifulDayMovie in theaters this Thanksgiving.
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    Tom Hanks portrays Mister Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a timely story of kindness triumphing over cynicism, based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Tom Junod. After a jaded magazine writer (Emmy winner Matthew Rhys) is assigned a profile of Fred Rogers, he overcomes his skepticism, learning about empathy, kindness, and decency from America’s most beloved neighbor.
    Directed by: Marielle Heller

    Written by: Micah Fitzerman-Blue & Noah Harpster

    Inspired by the article "Can You Say. . . Hero?" by Tom Junod

    Produced by:
    Youree Henley
    Peter Saraf
    Marc Turtletaub
    Leah Holzer

    Tom Hanks
    Matthew Rhys
    Susan Kelechi Watson
    and Chris Cooper
    #MisterRogers #TomHanks #MatthewRhys #SusanKelechiWatson #ChrisCooper #OfficialTrailer #Sony
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  • KeeferJ 1995
    KeeferJ 1995 3 hours ago

    I know Tom Hanks is going to do great at doing the part of Mr. Rogers.

  • Abdoul
    Abdoul 4 hours ago

    Just last week i saw a documentary called "Won't you be my neighbor" and i really recommend it ❤️

  • TheCASimone
    TheCASimone 5 hours ago

    Totally crying here.

  • I'll get you Bish
    I'll get you Bish 6 hours ago


  • urotype
    urotype 8 hours ago

    Is there anyone that Tom Hanks can not inhabit when he takes on a part? It's very obvious to me, anyway, that he will have done Mr. Rogers and his legacy proud in this film.

  • Lil_Diablo909
    Lil_Diablo909 9 hours ago


  • Zack Buchanan
    Zack Buchanan 9 hours ago

    Dang now I'm crying 😭

  • Edro Septic
    Edro Septic 10 hours ago

    He doesn’t look like him. At all.

  • Itz GoblinZ
    Itz GoblinZ 10 hours ago

    No one can replace fred rogers.

  • Linda Costa
    Linda Costa 11 hours ago

    A great man. We need more like him in this world

  • Sophia Colvin
    Sophia Colvin 11 hours ago

    There isn’t heaven nor hell. There is only where mister Rogers when. And where me tigers didn’t.

  • Osiris
    Osiris 12 hours ago

    Bruh, I missed out on this when I was in AIT

  • Blackbird29
    Blackbird29 12 hours ago

    This looks amazing and I absolutely can not wait to see it. I just found out about it today and I'm glad they're making a movie about him. I would also like to see a movie about Bob Ross. I sure do miss Mr. Rogers

  • WeirdWhiteDog
    WeirdWhiteDog 13 hours ago

    Should have put a deepfake on the guy to make it more believable

    Also gekyume?!?!? 1:45

  • radio fuel
    radio fuel 13 hours ago

    Tom Hanks: Sometimes we have to ask for help, and that's okay.
    Me: *instant tears*

  • Danielzzz28
    Danielzzz28 13 hours ago


  • David Hues
    David Hues 14 hours ago +1

    I (with my family) owned a few bars, and lounges in NYC. Everyday at 5/6pm we would play a Johnny Costa jazz version of ‘Wont you be my neighbor’. It always fit in well with the ambiance; and never failed to make the entire room smile. It was a message from us to them: although they’re adults now, discussing business in a cutthroat world- they still need to be a neighbor to another, and allow another to be a neighbor to them. This went on for 20 years or so. One day in 2013 I sat at the bar while this song played, and nobody noticed it. It saddened me, because I know that in these times we needed Mr Rogers the most. In these times we all are in desperate need of a neighbor. The song no longer plays in our bars and lounges. But I encourage to let someone be a neighbor to you, and you in turn be a neighbor to someone else. You may not feel like much, but to someone who needs a friendly word, you can literally be the difference between life and death.

  • Redstone336 Mario909
    Redstone336 Mario909 14 hours ago

    Inspired by Mr. Rogers’s Neighborhood

    JAMES ACOSTA 15 hours ago

    Why does this give me a horror movie vibe I feel like it’s gonna have a crazy twisted story (that’s messed up)

  • Tim O'Brien
    Tim O'Brien 15 hours ago

    Mentioned this in other MR Rogers You Tube pages. I loved watching his show growing up & sometimes I have trouble sleeping as a adult. Back when the show was still on (& very early in the morning I seem to remember, If I was awake I'd watch an episode & fall asleep soon after. The world became a colder place since the show ended & he left us. Part of me really wants to see this movie but I know I won't want it to end & go back to a MR Rogersless wold. We really need a MR Rogers in todays world !!

  • jmgfx4161
    jmgfx4161 16 hours ago +1

    Kleenex prices are going to sky rocket!

  • Dominick Follano
    Dominick Follano 16 hours ago

    We really need this movie. Maybe it will remind us about what it means to be human again.

  • JTJ
    JTJ 17 hours ago

    To creepy to see Tom Hanks playing Mr. Rodgers... to creepy for me to make believe this one.. sorry

  • spille
    spille 18 hours ago

    Mr Rogers was a ray of light down humanity's unlit well

  • Jose Mendez
    Jose Mendez 20 hours ago +2

    Im almost in tears

  • DR!P
    DR!P 20 hours ago +3

    Even though Tom doesnt really look and sound like Fred, I know he did Rodgers justice.

  • Sportscar509
    Sportscar509 21 hour ago

    Who are the 3K+ ppl who clicked the thumbs down on this? Did they not have a childhood?? I feel badly for each and every one of them.

  • jvaldez5
    jvaldez5 21 hour ago

    It’s 2019. We all need Mr Rodgers message more than anything else. He would know the exact words to say after a tragedy.

  • Chinchilla Master
    Chinchilla Master 23 hours ago

  • 789Productions
    789Productions 23 hours ago

    We want a Jim Henson movie.

  • that dead meme
    that dead meme Day ago +2

    *This better get 100% rotten tomatoes*

  • PedloProductions
    PedloProductions Day ago +2

    I’m a 24 year old man and I just teared up! The world needs Fred Rogers now more than ever

  • Surr3al
    Surr3al Day ago

    Me: starts video

    *Instantly starts crying*

  • Anna Kavanaugh
    Anna Kavanaugh Day ago +1

    just waiting for Bob Ross's movie to come out: "Everybody Needs a Friend"

  • :://::[AlleyCat] ::://::://::

    They picked a perfect match

  • Khuê Nguyễn
    Khuê Nguyễn Day ago

    This is the most wholesome comment section I’ve ever seen

  • Khuê Nguyễn
    Khuê Nguyễn Day ago

    This is the most wholesome comment section I’ve ever seen

  • Khuê Nguyễn
    Khuê Nguyễn Day ago

    This is the most wholesome comment section I’ve ever seen

  • Khuê Nguyễn
    Khuê Nguyễn Day ago

    This is the most wholesome comment section I’ve ever seen

  • Ian-John Coughlan

    I was so waiting for the serial killer twist!

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo Day ago

    Perfect cast

  • Luka Pešun
    Luka Pešun Day ago

    why am I crying?

  • Gabriel Noguez
    Gabriel Noguez Day ago

    ok let's be honest . who else cried at the subway scene ??😌😢

  • wb wam
    wb wam Day ago

    He's really trying hard

  • TheMainZane
    TheMainZane Day ago +1

    I smell Oscar

  • Chelsea York
    Chelsea York Day ago +2

    This made me cry i used to watch him all the time when i was little im 22 now ❤❤❤😭❤

  • gamerfirewarrior5277

    Who’s cutting onions???? I’m tearing up badly here

  • Namaste Reciprocity

    I whole heartedly approve of this production



  • Admiral Skellington

    As beloved of an actor as Tom Hanks is, I just don't feel he is right for this role. His voice is far too recognizable much like in Saving Mr. Banks. I would have personally liked to see Sam Neill as Mr. Rogers. He almost has a replica of his smile and facial expressions.

  • Angel yescas
    Angel yescas Day ago

    Dam I actually liked this show i remember that this show appeared on PBS but then Daniel tigers neighborhood ruin it because it didn’t feel the same

  • 80s Freak
    80s Freak Day ago

    Tom Hanks is great but I would have liked to see someone less known. Because I just see Forest Gump dressed like Mr. Rogers

  • - WassabiGuy3224 -

    Tom Hanks?

    Huh. Ok. That’s acceptable.

  • Jimenez
    Jimenez Day ago +1

    Tom Hanks got some big shoes to fill!

  • opsquash
    opsquash Day ago

    The trailer made me cry. Who knows what the movie will do to me?
    (I mean it in the best way possible)

  • CBU2221990
    CBU2221990 Day ago

    Get these superhero movies out of the way & make more movies about Bob Ross & Steve Irwin

  • Fallout _Dark
    Fallout _Dark Day ago

    Please won’t you be my neighbor?

    The question everyone answers

  • Grace Bolton
    Grace Bolton Day ago

    Tom Hanks is like the worlds best actor ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • MatthewTheTNT
    MatthewTheTNT Day ago

    Who disliked this?

    • Meme Necromancer
      Meme Necromancer Day ago

      MatthewTheTNT someone who mr Rogers would still love and accept the same.

  • DRBTM studio
    DRBTM studio Day ago

    Tom hanks as mr Rodgers is the best thing ever

  • DaVeganZombie
    DaVeganZombie Day ago

    This is the pinnacle of wholesome.
    If you read this: be the Neighbor that Mister Rodgers knows you can be.

  • Jeff McClure
    Jeff McClure Day ago

    If theres an A-list actor out there that encapsulates everything that Mr. Rogers was to the world it would absolutely be Tom Hanks, what a perfect casting choice

  • Coot Yee
    Coot Yee Day ago

    I’m so proud of this neighborhood

  • Fart smeller
    Fart smeller Day ago

    We need to airstrike more villages

  • Sharjeels Alis
    Sharjeels Alis Day ago +1

    Im not crying, you are

  • Jennifer H
    Jennifer H Day ago

    I am so excited to see this movie. Once I saw the puppets in the box, I got a lump in my throat. I will need an entire box of Kleenex to get through this movie. Tom Hanks is going to be nominated for another Oscar for his portrayal of Fred Rogers.
    Sony - please make a movie about Bob Ross. Happy Little Trees are needed in this world!

  • Lewis Johnson
    Lewis Johnson Day ago

    Youtubw Kids is garbage and it ruined TheXvid for adults.
    We need a 2019 Mr. Rogers revolutionize children’s entertainment

  • Nicholas Blanco
    Nicholas Blanco Day ago

    Why does this look like a bad snl skit lmao

  • I FEEL NoThiNg!
    I FEEL NoThiNg! Day ago

    Wow, Who else but Tom Hanks?
    The king of sad and depressing movies. 👍

  • Zimmit's FunHouse Adventure

    What kinds of soulless dead-inside monsters from another dimension would downvote this??
    These people need to watch some Mister Rogers.

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans Day ago +1

    0:51 "please don't run my childhood". 😢
    So much emotion in just a trailer, I'm not ready for the movie 😭

  • Shadowskully
    Shadowskully Day ago +3

    So *_THAT'S_* why a lot of Fred Rogers videos keep showing up in my recommendations

  • Ms Lydia G.
    Ms Lydia G. Day ago

    They picked an awesome person to play Mr. Rogers.

  • Vier Sterne Deluxe Records

    This is a movie I definitly will go into. The trailer gave me tears in my eyes. I knew about mr rogers only since starding of this month. Here in Germany we most of the time get them a Half year to a year later. Some cinemas do English Screenings. I hope they do this with this movie. Translate this would Destroy the feeling.

  • James Hilton
    James Hilton Day ago

    Who tf would dislike this???