Top 5 Genius Ideas! You may need this!

  • Published on Jun 1, 2019
  • Top 5 devices for your woman! She'll be surprised!
    Friends, my name is Vanya! I am the author of the channel HandCraft.
    On this channel I present everything that I have done with my own hands.
    Creative ideas, useful tips !
    We turn simple things into unique ones! Subscribe, it will be interesting! #craft #wood #diy
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  • HandCraft
    HandCraft  2 months ago +37

    Which one did you like better ?

    • محمد اکبری احمد ابادی
      محمد اکبری احمد ابادی Day ago

      سلام از این برنلمه خوب شما👍

    • محمد اکبری احمد ابادی
      محمد اکبری احمد ابادی Day ago

      سلام تشکر از این برنامه خوب شما

    • Faris Mizan
      Faris Mizan 3 days ago

      Just the first and second.
      The rest is not interesting.

    • Fey Lee
      Fey Lee 12 days ago

      Definitely the candle and matches holder and the nutcracker.
      Just a word of advice, don't do the click bait thing. It makes people annoyed and they're not going to subscribe.
      While I enjoy watching fabrication just for the pure pleasure in the process, I'm very disappointed that you don't show the thumbnail. Do I know how to make it? Absolutely, it's very simplistic but I expected to see it being done.

  • Suenette Edwards
    Suenette Edwards 14 hours ago

    You, sir, are working in genius mode!! Very good!! You have creativity oozing out of your pores!

  • Mother fucker Jones
    Mother fucker Jones 18 hours ago


  • rahim rami
    rahim rami Day ago

    👎🏻Bad vidéo

  • David Evans
    David Evans 2 days ago

    The best idea was the soft clamp jaw inserts.

  • Rock Fossil
    Rock Fossil 2 days ago

    6.6M views that’s the genius part

  • Ken Waid
    Ken Waid 2 days ago

    Hey I made a similar nutcracker but attached a blade from a handheld pencil sharpener. It could even crack macadamia nuts, and those are pretty much the hardest nuts to crack.

  • Billy Swain
    Billy Swain 2 days ago

    The thumbnail has nothing to do with the crappy content.

  • Roberto santiago
    Roberto santiago 2 days ago

    Parabéns show 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Zaed HAMAD
    Zaed HAMAD 2 days ago

    معلم شغلك زي الخرة العرب اشطريا هامل

  • Paulo R M.
    Paulo R M. 3 days ago

    Lots of bullshit.

  • Cristiano Dos Santos Santos

    Muito obrigado pelas dicas topiiiiii

  • Stephen Nicholas
    Stephen Nicholas 3 days ago

    So ugly though? Dam that knife holder using drainage pipe ha ha Thought the last one was going to be one of those boot removers you have by the door.
    Think you should seal the surface, or it won’t be very hygienic next time.

  • Raymond Eutsler
    Raymond Eutsler 4 days ago


  • Marcus Johnson
    Marcus Johnson 5 days ago


  • rahul obe
    rahul obe 5 days ago

    Why?? Just why?!?

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 6 days ago +2

    Razor all stupid I don't know what he smoking

  • Donald Massaro
    Donald Massaro 6 days ago

    One is very dumb you can roll out the dough and cut it straight with a knife and already been done by the time you made that

  • me me
    me me 7 days ago

    what a waste of my time..... junk made

  • Malcolm Gregoire
    Malcolm Gregoire 7 days ago

    It might be nice if you described what you are making in the beginning.

  • CL Arteaga
    CL Arteaga 8 days ago


  • ascott
    ascott 9 days ago

    All but the first is really cool.

    CSC HUBLI 10 days ago

    Did not show the displayed product

  • Rashed Newaz
    Rashed Newaz 11 days ago

    I like your circular saw.🐈

  • Sandy Knight
    Sandy Knight 12 days ago

    Need to know measurements n directions only one understandable is the one that was a knife holder good idea

  • Robert Byerly
    Robert Byerly 12 days ago +2

    Just waisted 10:26 of my life plus time for comment.

  • jerry baker
    jerry baker 12 days ago

    Litter scooper?

  • German
    German 12 days ago

    #1 with a knife Is More Easy to cut

  • oNilson Sevilha o
    oNilson Sevilha o 13 days ago

    Genial, gostei. Parabéns

  • luis hernandez
    luis hernandez 14 days ago

    Genius waste of time!!

  • DrDobbe
    DrDobbe 15 days ago

    I hate when they do this!! I clicked on it to see the item pictured, and that item (in this case a scoop) is not even shown on the video!!! 😡WHY would you put something on that's not on the video?? In this case it's probably because the non pictured item is WAY more interesting and useful than anything that's actually ON the video!! Sorry, thumbs down for false advertising!! Send me the video of the make of the cover item and I'll delete this post! Deal?

  • azam asif
    azam asif 15 days ago

    Yes ideas

  • mister awesome
    mister awesome 15 days ago

    is it possible to block channels?

  • Huerta Cero
    Huerta Cero 16 days ago +1

    I invite you to watch in this video:
    Which lasts for a few seconds ... is a useful idea

  • Richard Bennett
    Richard Bennett 17 days ago +2

    Watching videos like this one it's almost impossible to figure how to do it

  • ExperiencedGhost
    ExperiencedGhost 17 days ago

    0:50 if you use your fingers that fast with a woman.... she'll never leave you!
    8:11 that's actually the first good idea I've seen since long! Very useful. I'll make that myself for sure. Yes even if I'm gonna separate from my ex-girlfriend very soon. I'll look forward to that! I'll use two plates for myself, just for the fun of it.
    9:50 Trouble is, who still uses matches these days?

  • Terry Byrd
    Terry Byrd 18 days ago +5

    No thumbnail project? FAIL!

  • Maynard
    Maynard 18 days ago +1

    So where is the gadget made with the white PBS pipe ?

  • Maynard
    Maynard 18 days ago +1

    Pine is not good wood to use as a cutting board. Pine is too soft & will give off lots of splinters.

    • ExperiencedGhost
      ExperiencedGhost 17 days ago

      You can use a normal cutting board and cut it to give it the right shape and glue it on the wood. Just an idea.

  • Wiki Tweaks
    Wiki Tweaks 19 days ago

    This person should be held accountable for wasting too much wood and time

  • Israr Ahmad
    Israr Ahmad 19 days ago

    Pagal admi time west

  • Danko Rzeźnik
    Danko Rzeźnik 20 days ago

    Eight hours of work, eight seconds of use ...

  • Elisabete Santos
    Elisabete Santos 20 days ago

    Sensacional. Super criativo.

  • TheFalconJetDriver
    TheFalconJetDriver 20 days ago +7

    putting screws into wood after the adhesive has cured is like closing the barn doors after the horses get out.
    the glue joint is stronger than the screws.

  • Lill Nova
    Lill Nova 21 day ago

    Brilliant! - very creative!

  • Curtis Weston
    Curtis Weston 21 day ago

    inventions for handy husbands who dont cook

  • Rukmal Ranaweera
    Rukmal Ranaweera 22 days ago +4

    You have all the hi tech machines but making nothing useful! Wasted my time!

  • redhorn ,sms
    redhorn ,sms 22 days ago


  • Nur Tas
    Nur Tas 22 days ago

    Ссуки рекламщики!!!

  • R 1900
    R 1900 23 days ago

    Lol so cool

  • Gerhard Fehling
    Gerhard Fehling 24 days ago

    Dissen Kram brüch kinn Mensche

  • arturo orozco
    arturo orozco 24 days ago

    estupendo. me suscribo

  • Auke de Jong
    Auke de Jong 24 days ago +1

    I wish I just had the last 10 minutes of my life back (Seinfeld)

    • David Pack Sr
      David Pack Sr 2 days ago

      I set my speed to 2 and only lost 5 minutes.

  • Iury Rezende
    Iury Rezende 24 days ago

    Man, the handcrafting part is really nice to watch, but the ideas are total crap.

  • kylibindinamik
    kylibindinamik 25 days ago +1

    ???? Вообще то молодец что не сидиш на диване .

  • sai baba
    sai baba 25 days ago +1


  • Susan Alsaran
    Susan Alsaran 26 days ago

    Hmmmm, yummy bisphenol-A

  • robert cairns
    robert cairns 26 days ago

    a complete waste of time, hundreds of pounds worth of tools and machinery to make useless tatt.

  • ahmed hani
    ahmed hani 27 days ago

    Although all what he did is not useful .. but he is clever.. he just need some one guide him to good ideas

  • Gurmeet Singh The Unforgettable


  • Ummed RAJPOOT
    Ummed RAJPOOT 28 days ago


  • Catchme Dude
    Catchme Dude 29 days ago

    are you call those Genius Ideas! lol.....

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd Brothers Month ago


  • vidville vid
    vidville vid Month ago


  • D. Viswanathan
    D. Viswanathan Month ago

    Wow fantastic ideas...I appreciate son

  • Karsten Akselsen
    Karsten Akselsen Month ago


  • Itxaso Armendariz
    Itxaso Armendariz Month ago

    Fantástico,saludos de Jose

  • Mauricio Wilson
    Mauricio Wilson Month ago

    mmmmmh.... ¡¡¡ áaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhh....!!!

  • Ali Diab
    Ali Diab Month ago


  • Khalid Khan
    Khalid Khan Month ago

    I just waste my time while wayching the video

  • Suhail khan
    Suhail khan Month ago

    Good idea suhail

  • Franz Otto
    Franz Otto Month ago

    nicht schlecht deine Projekte, nur der Sinn deiner Arbeit bleibt mir verborgen
    not bad your projects, only the meaning of your work remains hidden to me

  • C
    C Month ago

    I invented something that can do the same job as all these *genius* inventions. It has a handle with a metal sharp bit attached that's sharpened on one side and has a pointy tip. I call it a knife.

  • belalia ahmed
    belalia ahmed Month ago

    believe me this guy is stupid !!! thnx 4 sharing your stupidity dude