This Will be ICONIC in the Future! | Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue at the Golden Globes 2020

  • Published on Aug 5, 2020
  • No editing needed to appreciate what Ricky's doing.

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  • santiago carreΓ±o

    Ricky is not even making jokes, just spitting facts and I love it

  • evilrslade

    He absolutely crushed them. The sense of fear and awkwardness in the room in palpable. Brilliant.

  • Marty Frolik

    This will NEVER get old. Thank you for your service, Ricky.

  • Cam Era
    Cam Era  +732

    I love his passion when he told them to not make a political statement if they won, because they knew nothing about the real world. Truly beautiful moment! πŸ˜‚

  • Justin R
    Justin R  +908

    Everyone dreams of doing this on their last day. Ricky had the balls to go out on top.

  • Otacon 656

    "If you do win an award tonight, do not use it as a platform for political speech. You're in no position to lecture the public about anything."


    Every few weeks I watch this and every time it’s brilliant. He does it so effortlessly .

  • thatguyjamalx

    This monologue really does age like a fine wine.

  • Duane McIntosh

    ricky is a hero, so glad he lived a full life before getting famous. hes so grounded and funny and just speaks the truth, while being absolutely hilarious

  • Alex Krok
    Alex Krok  +406

    This was brilliant, and anyone who wasn't laughing there is part of at least one of the problems Ricky mentioned. Not fun getting called out, but he's right, they'll do anything for reputation and money. It's telling when only like 20% of the people there actually laughed and agreed with him.

  • FΓ‘bio Rabin

    I can't tell how much I love this man! But he don't care πŸ˜‚

  • Michael Straubinger

    Everyone went real quiet when Ricky said β€œshut up, I know his your friend” 😳 really goes to show the people being celebrated at these events.

  • Caimen Kinder

    The cameraman deserves the whole credit. He knew exactly what he was doing.

  • Steven Johnson

    The looks on Tom Hanks' face as it progressively gets more and more brutally honest is priceless.

  • Travis Bickle

    Good God this is beautiful. He's destroying these people, a slaughter, straight massacre. What a guy.

  • Summer-Rae Tomlinson

    God this man is a legend.

  • Abraham O
    Abraham O  +586

    This honestly proves how shitty and over it people were with 2020. It brought out the truth about everything! I love this so much

  • Thomas Griffen

    Just want to remind comedians everywhere this is what you're supposed to do: speaking truth to power.

  • TrickTheHat

    I just LOVE seeing how uneasy everyone looks while Ricky just murders them with truth.

  • wefinishthis now

    Still to this day the greatest speech of all time.