(Un)Helpful Guide to Day6

  • Published on Jan 16, 2018
  • Thank you for watching this Guide :) I will make better videos in the future, just deal with this nonsense for now.
    -Most of these videos are not mine and I give full credit to Owners!
    -Some Music by Day6( you won’t regret it):
    I wait: thexvid.com/video/O3nFopIjmjI/video.html
    I smile:thexvid.com/video/g4V36AfI4Ng/video.html
    I need somebody: thexvid.com/video/87a47NhL8VM/video.html
    Be lazy:thexvid.com/video/J__4ghV-qa0/video.html

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  • KPOP379
    KPOP379  7 days ago +6

    For y’all that asked for the songs (hope this helps!):
    0:00 - thexvid.com/video/4feUSTS21-8/video.html
    0:17 & 1:10 - thexvid.com/video/8YiM6guoBD8/video.html
    4:11 - thexvid.com/video/BS7tz2rAOSA/video.html
    5:15 - thexvid.com/video/g4V36AfI4Ng/video.html
    5:26 & 15:24 - thexvid.com/video/EwLMA5XYnKI/video.html
    7:34 - thexvid.com/video/4RJWqIEo_Tc/video.html
    10:25 & 15:18 - thexvid.com/video/7b1j-T4MwyI/video.html
    10:43 - thexvid.com/video/daoMYJv8i0c/video.html
    11:10 - thexvid.com/video/ObboG8Pvewo/video.html
    11:10 (MV) - thexvid.com/video/BS7tz2rAOSA/video.html
    11:34 - thexvid.com/video/Mi5LSZods3Y/video.html
    13:52 - thexvid.com/video/NAW0idSQ6Zs/video.html
    16:22 - thexvid.com/video/4RJWqIEo_Tc/video.html
    17:42 - thexvid.com/video/D7c7rBv-FUU/video.html

  • Kimberly Gomez
    Kimberly Gomez 2 hours ago

    Y’all I screamed when Jae said he listened to fall out boy😤✊

  • Ryo.
    Ryo. 11 hours ago

    Me: I wanna join their fandom, this YoungK guy is pretty cool tho, i think he's my bias.
    Me: okay, he's my bias.

  • lee Anj
    lee Anj Day ago

    Wonpil looks like Xiaojun (??)

  • KpopTrash _
    KpopTrash _ Day ago

    i'm stanning, bye.

  • Marianna Gamboa
    Marianna Gamboa Day ago

    Does anyone know the song Young K is dancing to in 8:47 ?

  • Stephanie Ch
    Stephanie Ch 2 days ago +1

    WoonPil remembers me V because both has square smile ❤️❤️

  • tasla khalisha
    tasla khalisha 3 days ago

    Its really helpful for me 💝 Thank u so much!

  • Jaime Williams
    Jaime Williams 3 days ago

    Liking these dudes. Jae is now my bias. Lmao. Barely got to the others and he's numero uno!!!! Lets see if that changes.

  • Gabrielle Hernandez
    Gabrielle Hernandez 5 days ago

    4:16 hold up... this guy in the yellow tshirt
    Seriously look like astro's eunwoo and Sanha 😱😱

  • Ryz Febriani
    Ryz Febriani 5 days ago

    it's really helpful for peoples who want to know more about day6.
    And from this vid i think i've found my bias lol

  • ony agnes
    ony agnes 6 days ago

    Im a fresh meat in the fandom, please help me senpai

  • na jaemin's future wife ᄏᄏ

    Dowoon what are you talking about :(((

  • na jaemin's future wife ᄏᄏ

    Dowoon: "i like drum, i love drum, i'm drum" ok ._.

  • crazygirl2359
    crazygirl2359 8 days ago

    What’s the song Jae sings at 5.40?

    • Suki Kirai
      Suki Kirai 8 days ago

      The song is Day6 - I Loved You :)

  • Lainey N.
    Lainey N. 8 days ago

    Super helpful!! I loved it!!

  • nam sein
    nam sein 8 days ago +1

    I'm already a DAY6 trash but I can't help myself going back to this video

  • Nathalie shane aure
    Nathalie shane aure 9 days ago

    omg they are so cutieee❤uwuuu i can't stop laughing at dowoon part

  • Kate Garsha
    Kate Garsha 9 days ago

    *I found more crackheads to stan*

  • хлебная корочка

    song at 10:39 please?????

    • M T
      M T 8 days ago


  • хлебная корочка

    song at the beginning please??

  • Sunshine uwu
    Sunshine uwu 11 days ago +1

    Brian? YoungK? *Han jisung dad.*

  • Candy
    Candy 11 days ago +1

    pretty sure i just fell in love with them

  • steorra kingdom
    steorra kingdom 12 days ago +5

    whispers: *JYP*
    me: chokes on my nutella sandwich

  • Pishbol 84
    Pishbol 84 14 days ago +1

    4:25 oH MY GOD. FALL OUT BOY

  • i purple you
    i purple you 14 days ago

    **We will make Jae not hungry,Thank You**
    12:30 Oh Hourse
    I Like Drum,
    I Love Drum...
    I'm Drum

  • 이지성Jay Jay
    이지성Jay Jay 14 days ago

    Brian is the youngest K

  • Lunar Berry !
    Lunar Berry ! 14 days ago

    Omg they are so fluent in English!!
    Btw I only heard one of there songs so don’t expect me to think...

  • minsung's child
    minsung's child 15 days ago +2

    seungmin brought me here

  • Hyunjin_Lover 황현진
    Hyunjin_Lover 황현진 16 days ago +1

    Dowoon's deep voice tho

  • Eian N.
    Eian N. 16 days ago

    listened to their music probably 3 months ago, and listened to it again today (have some of the color coded lyric vids downloaded on my phone)
    i really wanna try stanning them, this seems helpful wwwww (sorry im accustomed to Japanese culture since i grew up listening to utaite, so stanning korean groups is difficult for me)

    jae's voice is lovely, never knew he was a shtposter especially on twitter HAHAHAHAH

  • StrayKidsXGot7 Twice
    StrayKidsXGot7 Twice 17 days ago +1

    Is this video trying to make me bias dowoon cause its working hahahaha

  • Hazel Campbell
    Hazel Campbell 17 days ago

    ok but, (im not trying to hate here) jae reminds me of jennxpenn...

  • Rose Sasha
    Rose Sasha 17 days ago

    Dowoon: wonpil, your eyes are black like a black
    Wonpil: awe

  • Banana
    Banana 18 days ago +1

    I'm screwed for choosing a bias aren't I....

  • g zp
    g zp 19 days ago

    Suddenly the intro song matched the random dance

  • RolleRare and YallehCorn

    IS JAE THE VISUAL?!? I always thought it was young k xDDDD

    • M T
      M T 19 days ago

      The official visual is Wonpil but all of them are visuals imo

  • Oohapeki 9497
    Oohapeki 9497 21 day ago

    The way Dowoon talk...My stomach cramp because of laughing so hard

  • can I be emo and part of the ARMY?

    4:22 my Emo ass woke when Jae said fall out boy

  • aijuwon pet
    aijuwon pet 21 day ago


  • 칼라 아미
    칼라 아미 21 day ago +2

    any stays here?

  • 칼라 아미
    칼라 아미 21 day ago +1

    any young ones here?

  • 칼라 아미
    칼라 아미 21 day ago +1

    any armys here?

  • soda.
    soda. 21 day ago

    ffFfFFFfFF i LoVE THeM ALL sO MUCh

  • koalix
    koalix 24 days ago

    idk why y'all say these aren't helpful, they're helpful af

  • miles
    miles 24 days ago

    I’m not really a fan of Korean Boybands (anymore), but this 👏 band 👏 has 👏 good 👏 music 👏

  • Christie Herrera
    Christie Herrera 24 days ago


  • Hoseok Yoongi
    Hoseok Yoongi 24 days ago


  • sameyntuh
    sameyntuh 25 days ago

    That maknae/dowoon is Mah bias starting now HAHAHAHAHA

  • Hayden Hell Yeah
    Hayden Hell Yeah 25 days ago +1

    Hey guys, so uhm could anyone tell me the name of the songs Wonpil sings at 11:34 and 11:38??? Thankyou veri much. Xxx

    • Hani nana
      Hani nana 20 days ago

      Hayden Hell Yeah you were beautiful

    • Hayden Hell Yeah
      Hayden Hell Yeah 20 days ago

      +Hani nana thankyou, do you also know the one at 11:18??

    • Hani nana
      Hani nana 20 days ago +1

      I know its late but if you want to know its day6-better better

  • Got7Wifeu Andrea
    Got7Wifeu Andrea 25 days ago

    Brian performing with mark and jackson is a whole package ..

  • Purity Nicula
    Purity Nicula 26 days ago +3

    Am i the only one who thinks Sungjin looks like an older verison Jungkook

  • Tessia Alexis
    Tessia Alexis 27 days ago

    Bro I was laughing so hard at jae's tweet's omg 😂

  • Izza Cyowtchu
    Izza Cyowtchu 27 days ago

    I literally download Vlive everyday Day6 announces they'll go live or when it's one of the members birthday. #swag

  • ella
    ella 28 days ago

    Omg I think my life just got 100% better now that I’m stanning these guys, before I got into Kpop I was always into the alternative-rock kinda music and now I’ve been blessed with these five crazily talented yet funny and cute guys omg

  • Linge van Schooten
    Linge van Schooten 29 days ago

    I like drum,
    I love drum,
    I am drum

  • Remember ME
    Remember ME Month ago

    I searched for other groups to stan and they seemed to be good stan-material and I'm not disappointed

  • JiminStoleMyFreakingJam ?!

    Can anyone help meh please??

  • I love The Kpops
    I love The Kpops Month ago

    so what does everyone use for the automated voice thing

  • Shirley Ganyana
    Shirley Ganyana Month ago +1

    Woonpil really look like mingming from Qin chun you ni (idol producer china 2).

  • AI1 : All In One
    AI1 : All In One Month ago


  • Ana Renteria
    Ana Renteria Month ago +1

    Ok... I have to day that I love their songs, but they r just so cute, I love dowoon heis so cutee, I'm new at this so don't kill me pls ;-; (Actually I'm Army :u) I love this video

  • Lolli_Gone_Wrong
    Lolli_Gone_Wrong Month ago

    the opening I was like oh my fav sing... oh OH

  • yenifer arlin
    yenifer arlin Month ago

    I'm in. I love these kids and their music, call me MyDay

  • Aesthetic Navy
    Aesthetic Navy Month ago

    *"There where six members but that is for another time-"*
    Oh okay- what?

    • Aesthetic Navy
      Aesthetic Navy Month ago

      +MyDay _2705 Oh okay

    • MyDay _2705
      MyDay _2705 Month ago +1

      Aesthetic Navy his name is Im Junhyeok you can see that in Congratulations MV there were six members but in Letting Go MV there’s five. Many fans suspect he left because there were rumors going around that he was dating a fan and in JYP the contract says that you can’t date for at least 3 years after debut (or something like that). He left after the incident because he felt that he was dragging his team down. If you search around there’s a vid of his last concert with Day6 where the Korean fans were giving him the silent treatment while screaming for everyone else. That honestly hurt my heart 😭. Many MyDays think that Letting Go was meant for Junhyeok as there are many clues throughout such as an empty keyboard that was seen whenever they played together and scenes of Wonpil surrounded by empty keyboards. But last I heard from him, he’s now a solo artist and many MyDays are supporting him! Please go support him as well!!!

  • Fuzzymoon Beam
    Fuzzymoon Beam Month ago

    lol im 1.30 into this and it's hilarious A+ quality content

  • KPOP379
    KPOP379  Month ago +3

    YALL WE GOT TO 400k I’m honestly so shook. I didn’t think I’d even hit 2k views. Thank you for enjoying it. STAN TALENT STAN DAY6🤠

  • Ryung
    Ryung Month ago

    Thank you I can’t wait to stan them with everything I have

  • Nini
    Nini Month ago

    im a my day and wow

  • Jorja Lee
    Jorja Lee Month ago


  • ItS_yA_hOpE Im HoPeLeSs

    I wonder if day 6 is *inspired* by bts

    • ItS_yA_hOpE Im HoPeLeSs
      ItS_yA_hOpE Im HoPeLeSs 20 days ago

      +Hani nana i dont know but there make up and there backround looks alot alike to....i think...

    • Hani nana
      Hani nana 20 days ago

      ItS_yA_hOpE Im HoPeLeSs can I know why?

  • King Croq
    King Croq Month ago

    This is basically the only korean music i listen to. Since it's rock music. I'm not a pop person at all, so to see that there's a cool korean rock band is awesome! Rock on DAY6

  • Homo Luv
    Homo Luv Month ago

    I wish 2 songs per month again :-;

  • Anne Chavez
    Anne Chavez Month ago

    5:35 another finger added to my list

  • Park Yoonjae
    Park Yoonjae Month ago

    can we talk abt how dowoon almost licks the mic when singing??

    • KPOP379
      KPOP379  Month ago

      Park Yoonjae SKSKBDKSBS

  • Mint Gamer
    Mint Gamer Month ago

    Wonpil's voice is fuckin' awsome

  • Stray kidsZ Stay
    Stray kidsZ Stay Month ago

    April 14,2019 is the day i finally stan Day6 wohoooo

  • Multifamdom FLY
    Multifamdom FLY Month ago

    song name at 11:17??? and at 11:33 17:07

    • M T
      M T Month ago

      "You Were Beautiful", "Better Better" and day6's english version of "Well Done Again My Friend"

  • Kawaii Yuki-chan
    Kawaii Yuki-chan Month ago

    I.....I honestly don't know who to Bias.....THEY ALL HAVE MY HEART!

  • alexarocks99
    alexarocks99 Month ago

    I'm here because I listened to I Need Somebody for the first time on a playlist and I fell in love, so I wanna know more about these beautiful talented boys. My bias.... is Brian lol

  • Mar2d2 *
    Mar2d2 * Month ago

    I didn't know until yesterday that krock was a thing. especially not a thing I needed in my life. I'm an idiot. I'm just glad I found it. thanks for the vid. anybody have other suggestions for more groups like this?

  • ; broken hearts ;
    ; broken hearts ; Month ago

    13:25 wonpil: *[gay panic]*

  • ; broken hearts ;
    ; broken hearts ; Month ago

    art6 umh yeah

  • Waiyii
    Waiyii Month ago

    what's the song at 13.53?

    • M J
      M J Month ago +1

      Dance Dance- DAY6

  • Hawau Touray
    Hawau Touray Month ago

    yoooo I always saw the vid of the guy breaking the glass but I had no idea it was Day6 LMAO cause I just started standing them like today

  • snowr felix
    snowr felix Month ago

    i actually just began stanning day6 and holy wh-what? Ch-chicken l-little is the ViSUAL? Why did I think Brian-- I mean Young K was the visual fOR THW LONGEST TIME!?

    • M T
      M T Month ago

      Actually, Wonpil is the official visual (but that doesn't really matter since all of them are handsome)

  • I love kookies and mochi Cuz it has sugar

    Dowoon's voice feels so calm. I can listen to it all night long. I think his voice will be my cure everytime i panic.

  • dabin cross
    dabin cross Month ago

    Ok this how long I will/ I literally took long stan
    Stray Kids: between 3-5 days
    Twice: within 2 months
    Day6: maybe between 3-7 weeks ( ? )
    Got7: as long Hwang HyunJin stans them....likely 8-10 weeks ( ? )
    Itzy: 3-7 days
    Boy Story: 2-4 days
    J.Y Park ( JYP ) : uhhh maybe never?
    I stan JYP Nation

  • Thiqqq sisters
    Thiqqq sisters Month ago

    fetus day6's fashion reminds me of fetus BTS' fashion lmao

  • Diana Vargas
    Diana Vargas Month ago +1

    I just found them coz of Seungmin

    HELLOKTH Month ago

    i have no... *no bias*

  • notcypher
    notcypher Month ago

    Why does Brian reminds me so much to Junmyeon?.... Like, they could be siblings

  • SmallMix
    SmallMix Month ago +1

    I feel like Dowoon's voice DOESNT FIT HIS FACE

  • Mokshita Kotte
    Mokshita Kotte Month ago

    Dowoon invented English. PERIOD

  • Mokshita Kotte
    Mokshita Kotte Month ago

    Dowoon invented English. PERIOD

  • Tannah LEWCZUK
    Tannah LEWCZUK Month ago

    When Dowoon died of embarrassment, I felt the pain. Oof.

  • Just Meg
    Just Meg Month ago

    Jackson gif got me😂🤣

  • Vebby Wang
    Vebby Wang Month ago

    what is the tittle of the first song wonpil sang?

    • Vebby Wang
      Vebby Wang Month ago

      +M T thankyou 🙏

    • M T
      M T Month ago

      "You Were Beautiful"

  • Sue Sumali
    Sue Sumali Month ago

    Dowoon speaking English just reminds me of Leeteuk. 😆

  • Lu Murillo
    Lu Murillo Month ago

    I'm new with this band, name of the fandom?