• Published on Sep 14, 2019
  • Liverpool vs Newcastle United LIVE from the Anfield, covered on The Kick Off live stream by True Geordie and the lads.
    Another huge game in the Premier League means goals and highlights guaranteed! #TheKickOff #Liverpool #Newcastle
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  • Ashley McNally
    Ashley McNally 6 days ago

    Hugh is fucking useless on this. What was the whole point of his daft argument at the end?

  • Ylber Jaha
    Ylber Jaha 7 days ago

    Liverpool have a net spend of 100 mil in the last 5 years, teams like villa wolves Arsenal have out spent Liverpool spending over 200 million. City united have spent ridiculous amounts 😂😂😂.

  • Royale Wolf
    Royale Wolf 13 days ago

    I was there... for Newcastle boii 😁😁😁😬👌👌

  • Sunil Rathod
    Sunil Rathod 14 days ago

    Please do a video on Fousey tube fight !!!!

  • Sinead Brown
    Sinead Brown 15 days ago

    Every united fan in one that little muppet

  • JFD
    JFD 21 day ago

    Once Easter island head Hugh leaves I will actually enjoy this show

  • JFD
    JFD 21 day ago

    Once Easter island head Hugh leaves I will actually enjoy this show

  • snctm.
    snctm. 22 days ago

    Hugh cant do edgy like the godfather, Rory.

  • Dawa Dhendup
    Dawa Dhendup 22 days ago

    What a Hugh Loser shows having a platform doesn't always mean you are always bright

  • ThePhanTom
    ThePhanTom 24 days ago

    I think liverpool have maybe 2 players who aren't worth their price tag, ox and keita. And even ox was class before he was injured

  • Joshua Kekana
    Joshua Kekana 24 days ago +1

    So difficult to watch when you have Hugh not listening to anyone including himself, contradicting himself and blindly arguing with himself, and then making accusations of people when he hasn't got a clue what they've said or thought. At least get the facts right if you're going to do that. Good discussions and debates could've been had if Hugh took a breath and listened

  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans 25 days ago

    I love Hugh

  • astraldotjamie
    astraldotjamie 25 days ago

    i didn’t realise the game kicked off then they scored

  • annubis02
    annubis02 25 days ago

    *Liverpool sign Van Dijk and Alisson (seperate windows) for 135M*
    Hugh: "They spent a lot of money too"
    *Liverpool sell Coutinho, Ibe, Sakho, Solanke, Benteke for over 200m*
    Hugh: "It's Not Real!"

  • IIAlexx T
    IIAlexx T 25 days ago

    Net spend since 2017:
    Liverpool: £75 million
    Arsrnal: £275 million
    Hugh needs to use the facts if he's going to try and reduce Liverpools achievements financially. Arsenal turned down £60 million and Sterling for Sanchez and six months later took Mkhytarian. Liverpool got £150 million for Coutinho. That's the difference.

  • Luaine Dyers
    Luaine Dyers 26 days ago

    Hugh wizzy must get off the show he makes stupid arguments about liverpool he is really salty just because arsenal don't compete does not mean he must slag off other teams

  • finesse merchant
    finesse merchant 26 days ago

    Taa is useless

  • Callum Will
    Callum Will 26 days ago

    How many comments/likes do you have to get on this video to get rid of Hugh? He should either come on next video and address every fact he had incorrect in this video or just quit for good, bloke is a mess throws a tantrum like a school child

  • mufc187
    mufc187 26 days ago +1

    Vuj when a random man drives past on the street:
    "That's my guy"

  • Todd Mallender
    Todd Mallender 27 days ago

    Allison wasn't the best goal keeper in the world when we signed him, we couldn't have signed a good keeper in todays market without spening 40 million plus, hence Kepa going to Chelsea for 70 odd million. Klopps never bought a ready made super star at any club (maybe allison), VVD wasn't even a super star. Every took the piss when he joined for 75 million, with most people calling him an average CB in world football now he's favourite to win the ballon d'or a head of the greatest player to grace this planet. We're now arguably one of the best (if not the best) team in the world. Fulham came up and spent 120 million and look how that went. Every club spends football, just bitter people like this Hugh guy who can't accept Liverpool are becoming a fortress.

  • Sam Magee
    Sam Magee 27 days ago +1

    Hugh doesn’t have a clue man, Alisson and Van dijk were bought with the money they made off coutinho, it’s all about their net spend, the fact he said Liverpool have spent 900 million is ludicrous, get the bitter arsenal fan off this

  • UltimaRed
    UltimaRed 27 days ago

    I like Hugh a lot but he did make me turn this off live, not saying he's a bad guy or bad about talking about the sport (he's not) but this was a bad game for him.

  • Illiterate Barbosa
    Illiterate Barbosa 27 days ago

    That Vuj fella is a tit. No two ways about it.

  • SportsGamePredicts
    SportsGamePredicts 27 days ago +1

    Statman Dave over Hugh anyday

  • Mike V
    Mike V 27 days ago

    How did we finance the purchase of Van Dijk and Keita? Does this guy forget we sold Coutinho for 140 million? How much did Arsenal spend on Aubameyang, Lacazette & Pepe hmmmmmm? 185 million alone on 3 players

  • Mike V
    Mike V 27 days ago

    What a muppet that dude is. First of all he doesn't talk any sense and he's actually the one who is insecure!

  • Ur Ur
    Ur Ur 27 days ago

    Hugh has no clue what he's talking about. FSG only spend money when they make a big profit.

  • Jacob North
    Jacob North 27 days ago

    2:16:05 just look at loz's face, looks so sick of hughs bullshit

  • T-roy
    T-roy 27 days ago

    I used to think that I liked Hugh, but he's been weirdly serious and combative this season. Doesn't help when he's talking absolute nonsense too.

  • weeb eviscerator
    weeb eviscerator 27 days ago

    Hugh is a cumbrain asshat.

  • Rusal Tamang
    Rusal Tamang 27 days ago

    Get Hugh out of this pls!!!!!

  • Dave Smith
    Dave Smith 27 days ago

    The disappointment when you realise vuj is on this weekend -,-

  • Owen-Reece Manickum
    Owen-Reece Manickum 28 days ago

    Hugh is a hollow hothead. Absolute joke of a 'debater'

  • nina lunch
    nina lunch 28 days ago

    Owen and ‘nostalgia’ should never be mentioned in the same sentence.
    Albeit a great player - Nostalgia is something he has never understood or ever will !

  • D Cunningham
    D Cunningham 28 days ago

    ok, actually lawrence, not hugh, is notorious for interrupting people when they don't agree with his points. hugh's point was actually quite clear to anyone who isn't a liverpool fan. the comments below confuse net spend with money out of pocket and other people who are not liverpool fans understand that the money spent by man city and liverpool was integral to their reinvestment city's comes from ownership, liverpool's comes from global earnings. lawrence's point which wasn't actually a response to hugh's point was also correct in that la liga structured their league broadcasting payouts to benefit barcelona and real madrid against the rest of the league, but that doesn't mean that in performance epl isn't in danger of becoming a two horse race every year like bundesliga or la liga due to differences inherent between clubs in the top tier.

  • jigga that
    jigga that 28 days ago

    Hugh just proved how upset some fans are because liverpool won the champions league. Now they want to belittle liverpool fans for not winning the league.

  • Alex 445
    Alex 445 28 days ago

    Have a look at net spend you pleb hugh

  • Super Dan
    Super Dan 28 days ago

    Who's the guy with blonde in his hair? He was so annoying the whole time, making noises into the mic, only talking when other people are talking, and he has the analysis of a 9 year old. I could just listen to the actual broadcast is I wanted to hear incoherent mumblings. Maybe leave him off next time.

  • Maria Elio Ambjørndalen

    They keep mentioning "if Manchester United had gotten Klopp while he was available ..." but Man United actually tried to; Klopp turned them down once he got the phone call and that was before Liverpool had reached out to him if I'm not wrong

  • vashishlv
    vashishlv 28 days ago +1

    Does Hugh even know where he was going with his argument?

  • Ian Leo
    Ian Leo 28 days ago

    Hugh, shut the fuck up

  • Rat with a Blem
    Rat with a Blem 28 days ago

    Nah HughWizzy is done out here.

  • TopMmaWear TMW
    TopMmaWear TMW 28 days ago

    Who made Hugh a united expert? Cringey

  • Modified
    Modified 28 days ago

    Hugh can’t accept the fact

  • Marcus Chalk
    Marcus Chalk 28 days ago

    Hugh was chatting rubbish

  • Jack Beardsley
    Jack Beardsley 28 days ago

    What a load of rubbish Hugh is chatting about Liverpool

  • It is Football not Soccer!

    Hugh Manchester United.... Manchester city... and chelsea have spent more than Liverpool in both net spend and total. 4th and arsenal are not far behind in 5th.

  • Daniel O Neill
    Daniel O Neill 28 days ago

    The guy that was late is an utter moron

  • Critical Path Gaming
    Critical Path Gaming 28 days ago +1

    Fuckin hell Hugh was bad enough as a guest but having him on permanently is a terrible decision. Id rather listen to Michael Owen and Robbie Savage talk about football than this clown.

  • Ben Truman
    Ben Truman 28 days ago

    Hugh bro no-one 'attacked' you

  • TheNuovaman
    TheNuovaman 28 days ago

    This is the first time I've ever watched this show. I'm afraid it will be the last after listening to that idiot who clearly knows nothing about football facts. Hugh is it? If that's the standard of this show, It's not for me.

  • Eamonn Conroy
    Eamonn Conroy 28 days ago +1

    Hugh is one of those ppl who are never wrong but when challenged starts ranting and raving

  • LuckyBoy
    LuckyBoy 28 days ago +2

    Hugh's point is baseless and embarrassing. Liverpool had to sell in order to spend.
    Premier League 5 yr net spend:
    MNC -601M
    MNU -437M
    ARS -265M
    EVE -225M
    BRI -206M
    WOL -205M
    BOU -175M
    AST -160M
    WHM -159M
    LEI -129M
    NEW -121M
    WAT -118M
    CHE -112M
    LIV -100M
    TOT -95M
    CRY -75M
    BUR -54M
    SHU -37M
    SOU -22M
    NOR +28M profit

  • Chris Garland
    Chris Garland 28 days ago

    That fella is a proper divvy can’t hack how boss the reds are ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Rick Thatcher
    Rick Thatcher 28 days ago +1

    Hugh is a mug

  • Gfresh844
    Gfresh844 28 days ago

    What people seem to ignore is that Keane when he got injured in that Leeds vs United game tried to hack Haaland, which is why Haaland was screaming at Keane while he was on the floor. That's why I don't think Keane had justification for a grudge and retaliate the way he did. It would have been different story had Haaland done that for no reason.

  • mk46HD2
    mk46HD2 28 days ago

    Hugh Wizzy is a clown

  • pineapplefilms
    pineapplefilms 28 days ago

    Hugh is a smart guy although his point is absolute nonesense, the man kept going on about it just to defend his point. Human reaction and a human mistake, no need to be saying he should leave just because of it.

  • Irish Gamer
    Irish Gamer 28 days ago

    Man hugh was complaining about liverpool spending money someone needs to tell him arsenal have spent more than liverpool since klopp came in. Hes complaining about us been too good like we haven't even won the league yet. Did he say the same thing when arsenal and united were dominating the league I guarantee he didn't. The guy needs to let people finish their side of there argument. Seems he has anger problems it was uncomfortable to watch at one point.

  • Parnoor Sandhu
    Parnoor Sandhu 28 days ago

    Leave hugh alone lads