Sleeping In The Kitchen | Season 3 Ep. 4 | HOTEL HELL

  • Published on Jun 13, 2016
  • Gordon discovers where Karen sleeps.
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    Last season of HOTEL HELL saw Gordon Ramsay sleeping on stained mattresses, taking cold showers in moldy bathrooms and confronting hotel ghosts. This season he was back for more. Season Three of HOTEL HELL kicks off with award-winning chef and hospitality expert Gordon Ramsay traveling the country and delving deep into the inner workings of each business - from their management practices, staff chemistry and morale to cleanliness, food and décor - as he attempts to get these establishments on the right track. He will tackle a hotel owner who hoards clothing in the locked closets of the guests’ rooms; a historic inn, where shocking rumors about the owners have left their rooms empty; and a family-built castle, that has fallen on the shoulders of the ex-wife. Some owners will work with Ramsay to address the issues he’s identified, while others will refuse to take the advice they sought out, and face the consequences. In the end, it will be up to the owners and their staff to work together to keep their hotels open.
    Sleeping In The Kitchen | Season 3 Ep. 4 | HOTEL HELL
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Comments • 83

  • National Autistic Socialism

    This woman is so easily noticeable as a witch.

  • Jim Weaver
    Jim Weaver Month ago +1

    Just love the comments on this particular person .
    Totally reflects how different people view someone who is not all there.
    Some rude some not if anything this is a great case study on how people see someone who has completely lost it.

  • DJdevil319
    DJdevil319 Month ago

    Crack head
    N somehow has a business

  • S B
    S B Month ago


  • Maniachael Productions
    Maniachael Productions 2 months ago +1

    “You sleep on a board....”

  • XxConstant AnxietyxX
    XxConstant AnxietyxX 4 months ago

    She lives in her hotel.

  • Maryammm
    Maryammm 5 months ago

    So she sleeps with her shoes on, with the same clothes every night? DISGUSTING

  • Hi Y
    Hi Y 5 months ago +4

    I feel kinda bad for the witch. :(

  • theresa837008
    theresa837008 7 months ago +2

    sounds like Fecal incontinence.

  • Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks

    0:08 “My bed. I sleep here, like this”
    **sleeps normally**
    Wow! Thanks woman! I never knew how you sleep until I saw this video!

    • Evelyn Howard
      Evelyn Howard 3 months ago

      It's prob the only thing she does normally lol

  • boris the wolf
    boris the wolf 7 months ago +5

    0:13 *roasting time*
    She looks like the witch from the Disney movie brave

  • Khadijah Muhammad
    Khadijah Muhammad 8 months ago +16

    She's so soft spoken. It's very off putting

  • Sazid Rahman
    Sazid Rahman 9 months ago +3

    I absolutely feel sad for her. I want to stay with her and help her.

    • Lemon Lady
      Lemon Lady 5 months ago

      Sazid Rahman go get a job there then less typing more action

  • Queenofawesome25
    Queenofawesome25 10 months ago +31

    This woman needs a caregiver or someone to watch her something isn't right with her if she's having accidents on the floor often enough for staff to notice apparently she went back to her old ways after this episode she needs to give up the hotel and settle down in a retirement home.

  • Master 3
    Master 3 10 months ago +20

    She seriously needs a clinical Psychologist

  • Tawana Scott
    Tawana Scott Year ago +4

    This lady is crazy

  • Ben P
    Ben P Year ago +8

    She’s crazy

  • Kori Emerson
    Kori Emerson Year ago +3

    Season 3 episode 3

  • Lourdemya Anessa Blanc

    I really hate her voice.

  • Paul Coffield
    Paul Coffield Year ago +15

    Her and her blonde-haired helper are fruit loops. If you watch the whole episode, it's just one shocker after another.

  • TwistedFerret
    TwistedFerret Year ago +179

    She is clearly not well. Someone needs to help her..

      OUIJA GHOST 2 months ago +3

      She has nice voice she should do audio books

    • Joshua Martin
      Joshua Martin 2 months ago

      She isn't all there. She's mentally sick

    • Evelyn Howard
      Evelyn Howard 3 months ago +12

      I agree. Unlike the other innkeepers on the show she doesn't seem mean or arrogant, just funny in the head

  • Elinia Tollea
    Elinia Tollea Year ago

    I'd love to watch more of her. She's very interesting.

  • Mymy Kisses
    Mymy Kisses Year ago +14

    Awww I feel bad for her :(

  • lostways27
    lostways27 Year ago +4

    This takes the cake now. I thought she was nuts, but know its 1000%

  • Sakura Blu
    Sakura Blu Year ago +39

    Now I feel bad for this poor woman

    • Toonix
      Toonix 3 months ago +1

      well i mean the rest of the room is dusted

  • Muhammad was Persian

    In other videos of her i commented and written that the food is disgusting but I knew she is a nice person because she seem so calm and I love that about her God bless her for being so nice. We all make mistakes. Thank God she has a place to sleep and owns a restaurant and hotel at least she earns some money. Her place looks lovely but the food is just not for me. ❤

  • Zane Propatier
    Zane Propatier Year ago +8


  • Jadeygirllisa Williams

    I like her 🙂

  • Stephanie kolinda
    Stephanie kolinda Year ago +5

    Did she sleep with her shoes on,how weird?

  • Kristina Bartlett
    Kristina Bartlett Year ago +32

    Someone seriously needs to help this woman. Stop monetizing off her and her unfortunate mental state. Christ.

  • paperchain 123
    paperchain 123 Year ago +9

    This woman is unreal

  • Alice Hodgkinson
    Alice Hodgkinson Year ago +301

    This episode just keeps on giving.

  • Guilmon470
    Guilmon470 Year ago +4

    It looks like Gordon had a really fun time taping this episode. :)

  • Chris Wright
    Chris Wright Year ago

    She is one fucked up mess i feel sorry for the workers if i was them i'd walked out and not return she's not fit to run a hotel at all. #ScrewLoose.!!

  • xKalemx
    xKalemx Year ago +29

    I met miss Karen in a shop in England she’s very nice very chatty and she is a bit of an oddball she’s like someone out of the 1920s with her ways of doing things

    • YAYAYA
      YAYAYA 7 months ago

      @Big Todd she said she met her in england, not that she lives in england

    • Big Todd
      Big Todd Year ago +5

      ZervoX She lives in USA not England

    • Uriah Major
      Uriah Major Year ago +1


  • David Johnson
    David Johnson Year ago +166

    Staff said she had diaorrhea and did it on the floor, with her disgusting habits no wonder, but if I got the job there, I would have quit the moment I saw that. Wear a nappy or something. She shouldn't be running a hotel when she needs pension care.

    • Lawliet
      Lawliet Year ago +2

      David Johnson wtf

    • Vally
      Vally Year ago +18

      David Johnson she's old and she needs to be in an old persons home not living by herself

  • Lizzy Watkins
    Lizzy Watkins Year ago +14

    omg hahah this was my favorite episode it was so funny

    • Electro music
      Electro music Year ago +2

      Kiwi Grayson yeah I just TheXvidd the season and episode number in the title and he did clear out a room and bathroom for her

    • kikikungfu kakes
      kikikungfu kakes Year ago +3

      Mossloft Sid you find it? I started looking too. I was wondering if he made her a room or something or attached a tiny room and bathroom on the side. Poor lady.

    • Electro music
      Electro music Year ago +3

      Lizzy Watkins I’m going to try and find this episode

    • Stephanie kolinda
      Stephanie kolinda Year ago

      Me too

    • Zak Xander Van Laudrup Dam
  • LanRaye Dd
    LanRaye Dd 2 years ago +2

    Yeah really crazy,all are disgusting from owner to.....😲, but so lucky Mr.Ramsay zmade a Big change

  • Cierra Rouse
    Cierra Rouse 2 years ago +195

    She has mental issues...

    • Aileen Crane
      Aileen Crane 2 days ago

      Angel Lee she clearly does. Serving disgusting food like that to people, unsanitary rooms. She SLEEPS in her office and keeps her clothing in guests rooms?! That’s outrageous. And then she actually got sick and had diarrhea on the floor of one of the guest rooms. This lady is so far gone.

    • National Autistic Socialism
      National Autistic Socialism 4 days ago

      She is a witch

    • Piano Girl
      Piano Girl Year ago +1

      Cierra Rouse Kinda like my Grade 10 Science teacher

    • Angel Lee
      Angel Lee Year ago

      Wtf why? No she doesn't.

  • Funky
    Funky 2 years ago +299

    I met that woman in real life. She's kinda looney still, and reverted to her old ways.

  • Zachary O'Neal
    Zachary O'Neal 3 years ago +2

    first comment