"The greatest" Muhammad Ali vs. "Smoking" Joe Frazier III - 1975

  • Published on Apr 18, 2019
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  • Mesut Ozil
    Mesut Ozil Day ago

    Surprised at how good the quality is lool

  • Amos Moses
    Amos Moses Day ago

    If Joe wasn't used those " SUBSTANCES"
    he would be knocked down before Round 7.
    Joe had really received so many punches All on his upper face .yet he survived !!!
    Thanks to those (SUBSTANCES )

  • mihaly csaby
    mihaly csaby Day ago

    ... köszönöm !

  • Shaikh Shaukat
    Shaikh Shaukat 2 days ago

    Super humans

  • Juma Namwano
    Juma Namwano 2 days ago

    Ali was % a good boxer

  • Fayyaz Hassan
    Fayyaz Hassan 2 days ago

    Ali is great boxer

  • Rafael Raya Rua
    Rafael Raya Rua 3 days ago

    Good legend. (please subscribe back, thanks)

  • Önder Günes
    Önder Günes 3 days ago

    Round 3..you can hear Smoking Joe Sounds like..HRRH..HRRH..HIIIRRHRR its recognized me on a Pittbull

  • ballhawk387
    ballhawk387 3 days ago

    Thrilla in Manila, indeed! The most savage co-beatings I'd ever seen in a fight. One can get a concussion just *watching* it. RIP, great warriors. You *deserve* some peace after this.

  • Alexander Calub
    Alexander Calub 4 days ago +1

    15 rounds of brutal slugfest.

  • Mark Pritchard
    Mark Pritchard 5 days ago +1

    Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali go together like bread and butter! Every single time! Fantastic fights!!


    outside fighter versus inside fighter,awesome

  • Grateful
    Grateful 6 days ago

    Rocky Marciano was the Greatest.

  • Peter Musundi
    Peter Musundi 6 days ago


  • eddie dustin
    eddie dustin 7 days ago

    This fights overrated as fuck

  • Bruce Scott
    Bruce Scott 8 days ago +3

    Tyson wouldn't have taken this kind of heat, let alone Ali and Frazier, PERIOD!!!

    • Sean Dako
      Sean Dako 7 days ago

      Is that what you call heat 🔥? Tyson blow will literally produce fire 🔥 no one between the two could contain let keep legend aside Mike Tyson at his peak will bury the two of them at their own peak too

  • Siberian Husky
    Siberian Husky 11 days ago +1

    Joe looks more fearless and furious., Ali looks like randomly throwing punches

  • Junias Nangolo
    Junias Nangolo 11 days ago

    For what

  • Cyrus Musyoki
    Cyrus Musyoki 12 days ago

    Something flew out of Frazier's face after a hard right hand from the GOAT....

  • Varma Maharaj
    Varma Maharaj 13 days ago +2

    Years ago I read an interview where frazier said he had hit Ali with punches that would throw down buildings but Ali refused to go down....who knows what would have happened had that 15 th played out

  • P puh6tfrz
    P puh6tfrz 14 days ago

    You can see what Ali's tactics were going into the fight - keep the guard high and don't get trapped on the ropes.
    But he seemed to forget that after round one which is odd.

    • P puh6tfrz
      P puh6tfrz 11 days ago

      @Naroulin 'Resting' on the ropes and letting Frazier hit him will wear Ali out far more quickly than standing in the middle of the ring and hitting Frazier.

    • Naroulin
      Naroulin 11 days ago

      It was hell in that ring, almost 42°C. Ali realized quickly that he couldn't keep that pace for 15 rounds. So he needed to rest in the ropes when he had to.

  • Robert Neeley
    Robert Neeley 14 days ago +4

    🥊💯Rest In Power Mr. Smokin Joe Frazier and May your soul be blessed and placed above the heavens on judgement day. You were one of the all time Great boxing Champion ( Fighter);who had the heart of a true boxing warrior. Thank you Joe for allowing me too live upstairs in your boxing gym and assisting me with money at times when I didn’t have it. Also for being a caring person and allowing me too train inside your boxing gym. I will miss you Joe, but never will I forget you. You were a God sent too me in my life. OneLove too you Mr. Smokin Joe💯🥊✊🏿🖤✊🏿

  • markzzzzzzable
    markzzzzzzable 15 days ago

    If I remember right Ali was not coming out for the 15th round. Joe Frazier's trainer threw in the towel because he was worried about his fighter. Ali told Dundi that was it he wasn't coming out. Ali got lucky because he was behind on the cards.

    • Hani_Aldhishi
      Hani_Aldhishi 13 days ago

      Who* corrected

    • Hani_Aldhishi
      Hani_Aldhishi 13 days ago +1

      It's impossible for ali to not go for the last round if you really believing that you're not known how is mohamed ali just think about how he still standing on holms fight with all the problems he had like the Parkinson disease sign and the medicine that he took with all of that refused to go down until his trainer stopped the match

  • Sosdo Dodo
    Sosdo Dodo 15 days ago +2

    Ali the great really joe was finished but make him self he can continue what a punish of punches he got crazy

    • P puh6tfrz
      P puh6tfrz 14 days ago

      Could you say that in English, please?

  • Gemini 0557
    Gemini 0557 17 days ago +3

    Where I live in the Philippines at that time. Some appliances store offered to the public almost all TVs just for public viewing. There wasnt people on the streets including cats and dog
    s. Lol

  • Damir Akimov
    Damir Akimov 24 days ago

    кыргызча жазгылааа

  • Putul Barbhuiya
    Putul Barbhuiya 28 days ago +1

    Muhammad Ali great

  • trooper44481
    trooper44481 29 days ago +4

    The greatest vs The Bravest. Joe never walked a step back , didn't embrace Ali not even once and didn't take any "break" against the ropes. Lov'em both.

    • james Gibson
      james Gibson 4 days ago

      Muhammad Ali is the "BRAVEST" he fought "EVERYBODY", FEAR NONE!! ENDURE THE HARDEST PUNCHES & still found a way to win. Ali is the "GREATEST & BRAVEST"!!

    • Soekarno Ir
      Soekarno Ir 19 days ago

      Bayu vi

  • Bùi Ấm No
    Bùi Ấm No Month ago

    Đen như trâu

  • Mehraj Khanday
    Mehraj Khanday Month ago +3

    Ali has great technics

  • fine viken
    fine viken Month ago +5

    Joe's greatest undoing was that he hated and was jealous of Ali. He could not live with the fact that Ali was better than him in so many ways! #ripboth #aligoat

  • Ibnhu Jm
    Ibnhu Jm Month ago +1

    dari indonesia mana suaranya. apa cuman gue sendiri yang nonton😅

    QZ GAMING Month ago

    Muhamad Alli..👎👎👎🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Your Papa Your Mama
    Your Papa Your Mama Month ago +12

    *Joe Frazier, one of the underrated boxers in boxing history*

    • joe jones
      joe jones 3 days ago

      @Önder Günes Nah, in all fairness Joe really wasn't an Uncle Tom. Although he did insist on calling Ali "Clay," Ali called him a Tom just as a counter attack. But there wasn't any indication that he was a sycophant to whites.

    • Önder Günes
      Önder Günes 3 days ago

      Never underraded..Smoking Joe was a Uncle Tom yes but never a underraded Boxer. He was Champion..win against the greatest by the Fight of the century...Ali fear him...No No way..Joe Frazier its a Legend men..

    • joe jones
      joe jones 28 days ago

      Not really. He's usually in the top 10 of all time great heavyweight champs in almost all polls.

    • CineManiacs
      CineManiacs Month ago

      Your Papa Your Mama underrated by who???

  • Ismail Nader
    Ismail Nader Month ago

    اسلوب فريزر سيء حاط راسو بالارض تلحس بعضك

  • Mauro Petrogalli
    Mauro Petrogalli Month ago

    hard bone Frazier, great cashier, nice meeting this !!

  • Greg Santos
    Greg Santos Month ago +1

    Thrilla in Manila is title of this bout.

  • Gary Walker sr
    Gary Walker sr Month ago +2

    Man I cant even get into it any all that bullshit UFC kicking & street fighting no rules man get outta here with that mess

    • ballhawk387
      ballhawk387 3 days ago

      Right. Far more intense and relentless action than UFC fights. Thing about the boxing rules and 16 oz gloves is that they enabled this sort of action, which could never happen without the gloves.

    • Gary Walker sr
      Gary Walker sr Month ago

      Anymore I loved Muhammed Ali Joe Frazier George Foreman Kenny Norton Jerry Quarry 0scar Bonevena George Chuvalo Earnie Chavers real fighter

  • Erick Angima
    Erick Angima Month ago +7

    This guy smoking Joe Freizer... RIP legends

  • Frank Galligan
    Frank Galligan Month ago +7

    Ali’s grimaced look and scorn for Frazier still in the 14th round ,as he invented new ways for ahead to turn,is scary.Ali is king of the world!

  • Yoel Roja evia
    Yoel Roja evia Month ago


  • NKG 12345
    NKG 12345 Month ago +4

    Joe was nothing but a stubborn boxer he just keeps on coming no matter what, he was ready to run Ali down but just that Ali is nothing but a hard rock, two great men with all respect

    • Charles Choong
      Charles Choong Month ago

      1950s Chinese movies

      MrAMYJACK Month ago +1

      I was just ready to comment NKG and I see " two great men with all respect ".
      That is what I thought.

  • christorpher84
    christorpher84 Month ago +2

    ALI couldn't eat hard period

    • vonholland64
      vonholland64 Month ago

      christorpher84 he could when he wanted. He had bad Hands

  • Shaynel Ahmed
    Shaynel Ahmed Month ago +1

    In the months before he died, Ali hallucinated this fight repeatedly......

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago

    1legende m h

  • fez gondal
    fez gondal 2 months ago +5

    a Loin ( M - A ) hunting crazy mad Buffalo its looks like this to me

  • Mohajir21 Skadi
    Mohajir21 Skadi 2 months ago +1

    Tanti colpi preso ma non cade .un mostro!!

  • Mohajir21 Skadi
    Mohajir21 Skadi 2 months ago +2

    Joe freezer no pugile di professione.sempre testa giù e poi colpisci giù parte intimi.ALI poteva fermare match subito anche se perde

  • Steve Gasparutti
    Steve Gasparutti 2 months ago +4

    Perfect fight between the two perfect boxers in their style. Tyson could hit like Joe, but just look how quick and hard Joe hits. These were the best

  • James Dickason
    James Dickason 2 months ago +2

    Ali--the greatest dirty boxer of all time. And he always got away with it.

  • ABHS
    ABHS 2 months ago +5

    Present boxers can only take a few punches and fall down , never get up . Present boxers hv no stamina .

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap 2 months ago +4

    Rest in peace, Champs....

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap 2 months ago

    Guts and Glory......

    • Shaynel Ahmed
      Shaynel Ahmed Month ago

      Mike Tyson said recently, (crying), that Ali was ready to DIE. that he ( Tyson) was never at that level. Even see Ali v Holmes, Ali refused to be knocked down. He would have died standing up.

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap 2 months ago +3

    The heavyweights today stink on ice......these two were Giants.

  • Lord Burlap
    Lord Burlap 2 months ago +4

    The air conditioning system in this arena had broken down......this coupled with television lights made the temperature over 100 degrees.....amazing....notice also, that their gloves seemed sunken in, almost water logged because of the intense heat.....

  • jeff murray
    jeff murray 2 months ago +8

    Just a brutal fight. I've never seen a heavyweight bout that comes close to the intensity of this one.

      CURTIS MCNEIL Month ago

      There first fight was good too. It was a classic. This one they were older and neither one of them could move like in the first one so it made the exchanges even better. Some more good Heavyweight Championship fights to check out would be the Holmes vs Norton fight June 1978 and the Bowe vs Holifield Fight Nov. 1992. They were good fights with sustained action throughout. This one though is hard to beat I don't think either one of them was ever the same after this fight.

    • Shaynel Ahmed
      Shaynel Ahmed Month ago +3

      That's because there is not another one this brutal. This was not a boxing bout. This was war. See the Modern Martial Arts Master Ali v Frazier 3. It left me traumatised.

  • Let there be Peace On God's Earth

    Imagine if Ali wasn't deprived of those years when they jailed him for not wanting to fight in the Vietnam war.
    Shame on them despite that he made America great.
    God rest your soul champ you are the greatest.

    • Gold 1792
      Gold 1792 8 days ago

      @Bruce Scott I know. That's basically what I said.

    • Bruce Scott
      Bruce Scott 8 days ago

      @Gold 1792 ...Ali never went to jail. He won every appeal.

    • April Teetzel
      April Teetzel Month ago +1

      Regardless Ali got fuc*ed over and robbed of his best years because he was man enough to stand up for what he believed in. The G.O.A.T. R.I.P. CHAMP!!!!🥊🥊🥊🥊

    • عمر هاتف عمر
      عمر هاتف عمر Month ago +1

      Let there be Peace On God's Earth j

    • Let there be Peace On God's Earth
      Let there be Peace On God's Earth Month ago +1

      @The Spy Asked the question on Google 7 weeks mentioned.
      No worries he was a great man that any country would be proud to have him as one of their citizens.

  • Majid Mohammed
    Majid Mohammed 2 months ago +6

    Ali the greatest

  • Saad Malik
    Saad Malik 2 months ago +1

    2:07 & 2:23 Reason why he is GOAT

  • ct
    ct 2 months ago +5

    Frazier, always attacking..., awesome.

  • SESS sion
    SESS sion 2 months ago +2

    They just don't make fighters like these guys anymore.,

  • venugopal cholleti
    venugopal cholleti 2 months ago +1

    After seeing face of frazier Ali started slow hitting

  • Johnpaul Kane
    Johnpaul Kane 2 months ago +4

    Today heavy weight boxing is nothing more than WWE. Fake wrestling.

  • Jeffrey Collier
    Jeffrey Collier 2 months ago +9

    The greatest and smoking joe

  • Barney Miller
    Barney Miller 2 months ago +2

    Joe was hurt a few times

    • Barney Miller
      Barney Miller 15 days ago +1

      maximiliano monopoli they both should have retired after this fight

  • Hrvoje Santek
    Hrvoje Santek 2 months ago

    Aaaaaaaaaaaa wat

  • Stanley Roberts
    Stanley Roberts 2 months ago +4

    Joe was like a machine til that 14 round, he just kept coming no matter what Ali thru at him.

  • CF Grand Wizard
    CF Grand Wizard 2 months ago +5

    One of the best heavyweights title fight of all times, if not the best

  • hendri p
    hendri p 2 months ago +11

    Ali always in my heart

  • Keston Lal
    Keston Lal 2 months ago +2


  • Monster truck madness Alyas

    Joe hit by a train

  • Monster truck madness Alyas

    Joe classless street fighter Muhammed Ali ring master

    • Elik Danford
      Elik Danford 23 days ago +1

      Nice what a showdown we'll they are both dead now

    • Stan Huskey
      Stan Huskey Month ago +1

      ali was a muslum master pos.

  • krishna mahender
    krishna mahender 2 months ago +5

    The muhammad Ali great boxer of Legend

  • Roberto Quin
    Roberto Quin 3 months ago +8

    Fraser is the devil
    Ali a piece of rock

  • 이승주
    이승주 3 months ago

    대단한 알리 그리구
    여우같은 조프레이져
    알리의펀치가 포먼